Curd wins four cross world championships

Beerten and Marth earn silver and gold medals

In the women's four cross world championships race, Anneke Beerten (Netherlands) and Katy Curd (Great Britain) dueled for the title, with the latter having the better end.

The women's final turned out to be a perfect example on how to efficiently use some areas on the course to overtake. Right from the start, Beerten and Curd were leading it out and battling for the title. Both favorites opted for the pro line with bigger jumps to put an uncatchable lead in between them and the other riders Steffi Marth (Germany) and Helene Fruhwirth (Austia).

Beerten, looking like the safe winner went for the safe line, when Curd headed for the big berm. With perfect riding technique she pulled ahead of Beerten before the last corner and held on to her lead on the finish straight. German Marth took third with Austria's Fruhwirth placing fourth.


Elite women four cross
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katy Curd (Great Britain)  
2Anneke Beerten (Netherlands)  
3Steffi Marth (Germany)  
4Helene Valerie Fruhwirth (Austria)  
5Lucia Oetjen (Switzerland)  
6Dana Elena Schweika (Germany)  
7Julia Lackas (Germany)  
8Tanja Hendysiak (Germany)  
9Monica Hrastnik (Slovenia)  
10Cara Murray (Great Britain)  
11Jessica Schmulbach (Germany)  
12Natalia Piwowarczyk (Poland)  
13Zarja Cernilogar (Slovenia)  
14Elizabeth Fowler (Great Britain)  
15Kay Heather (Great Britain)  
16Clare Curtis (Great Britain)  
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