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MTB World Cup Cross Country #6, Eliminator #5 & Downhill #6 - Windham 2014

Date range:
August 8-10

August 09, Junior men downhill:

Vernon wins junior downhill World Cup at Windham

Sue George, Mountain Bike Editor
August 09, 2014, 20:24 BST,
August 10, 2014, 3:42 BST

Shaw and Vergier complete top three

Taylor Vernon (GBr) GT Factory Racing

Taylor Vernon (GBr) GT Factory Racing

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Taylor Vernon (GT Factory Racing) won the junior men's downhill World Cup in Windham, New York on Saturday afternoon. Vernon finished 0.844 seconds ahead of American Luca Shaw (SRAM/TLD Racing) and 1.632 seconds up on Loris Vergier (Lapierre Gravity Republic).

"I didn't think it was a winning run to be honest, but it's a fine line on this track where you can push or go too slow," said Vernon. "I loved the course. It's probably one of my favorites tracks this year - it was fast."

Marcus Hansson (W-Racing) set the early fast time and was later bettered by Thibault Laly (France) and Andrew Crimmins (Kona Factory Team).

Joshua McCombie (New Zealand) was riding well until he got a rear flat, then Max Warshawsky (Australia) stepped into the hot seat.

Neil Stewart (FMD Racing) dropped 2.25 seconds off Warsahwky's pace, and then Vernon leapt into the hot seat by going another 3.3 seconds faster.

The next rider down the mountain, Vergier rode well enough to finish third ultimately while fastest qualifier Shaw finished off the racing with a second fastest time.

"I had a great run. I knew I lost some time on the top yesterday so I was happy to hit that fast today. I didn't make any mistakes and kept it smooth. Second will do," said Shaw. "I went as hard as I could and left it out there."

"It's pretty awesome to race a World Cup on home soil. I wish there were more, but this was a good experience."

In the World Cup standings, Shaw leads Vergier 214 to 200 points, while Vernon is in third with 181 points.

Full Results

Junior men downhill
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Taylor Vernon (GBr) GT Factory Racing 0:02:31.800  
2 Luca Shaw (USA) Sram/TLD Racing 0:00:00.844  
3 Loris Vergier (Fra) Lapierre Gravity Republic 0:00:01.632  
4 Neil Stewart (GBr) FMD Racing 0:00:03.321  
5 Thomas Estaque (Fra) Lac Blanc/Scott 0:00:04.721  
6 Max Warshawsky (Aus) Australia 0:00:05.544  
7 Andrew Crimmins (Aus) Kona Factory Team 0:00:06.339  
8 Thibault Laly (Fra) France 0:00:07.467  
9 Connor Hamilton (NZl) New-Zealand 0:00:07.486  
10 Jack Almond (Can) Canada 0:00:07.771  
11 Benjamin Boutie (Fra) Lac Blanc/Scott 0:00:07.897  
12 Chase Nelson (USA) United States Of America 0:00:08.204  
13 Marcus Hansson (Swe) W-Racing 0:00:08.228  
14 Reece Wilson (GBr) Great Britain 0:00:08.265  
15 Loris Revelli (Ita) Italy 0:00:08.336  
16 Jack Iles (Can) Evil Vengeance Tour 0:00:08.482  
17 Shane Leslie (USA) United States Of America 0:00:08.537  
18 Demetri Triantafillou (USA) United States Of America 0:00:09.028  
19 Drew Carters (GBr) Great Britain 0:00:09.376  
20 Charlie Harrison (USA) United States Of America 0:00:09.567  
21 Frazer Mccubbing (GBr) Steve Peat Syndicate 0:00:09.965  
22 Carlos Alfaro Peralta (Per) Peru 0:00:10.041  
23 Bryan Pfeiffer (Fra) France 0:00:10.106  
24 Jackson Davis (Aus) Australia 0:00:10.279  
25 Benjamin Dengate (Aus) Australia 0:00:11.102  
26 Steve Marietta (Fra) France 0:00:21.162  
27 Joshua Mccombie (NZl) New-Zealand 0:00:36.282  
DNF Ferran Jorba Prats (Spa) Spain    
DSQ Matthew Mccorkell (Aus) Australia    
DNS Galen Carter (USA) United States Of America - B    
Junior men downhill World Cup standings with one round remaining
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Luca Shaw (USA) Sram/TLD Racing 214  pts
2 Loris Vergier (Fra) Lapierre Gravity Republic 200  
3 Taylor Vernon (GBr) GT Factory Racing 181  
4 Amaury Pierron (Fra) France 90  
5 Neil Stewart (GBr) FMD Racing 69  
6 Jack Iles (Can) Evil Vengeance Tour 68  
7 Aiden Varley (Aus) Australia 65  
8 Martin Maes (Bel) GT Factory Racing 60  
9 Alex Marin Trillo (Spa) Giant Factory Off-Road Team 55  
10 Thomas Estaque (Fra) Lac Blanc/Scott 40  
11 Laurie Greenland (GBr) Trek World Racing 40  
12 Steve Marietta (Fra) France 38  
13 Reece Wilson (GBr) Great Britain 34  
14 Ferran Jorba Prats (Spa) Spain 33  
15 Connor Hamilton (NZl) New-Zealand 32  
16 Benjamin Boutie (Fra) Lac Blanc/Scott 29  
17 Drew Carters (GBr) Great Britain 25  
18 Thibault Laly (Fra) France 22  
19 Loris Revelli (Ita) Italy 21  
20 Max Warshawsky (Aus) Australia 18  
21 Martin Lebl (Cze) Czech Republic 18  
22 Connor Sandri (NZl) New-Zealand 18  
23 Francisco Matias (Chi) Chile 18  
24 Frazer Mccubbing (GBr) Steve Peat Syndicate 18  
25 Andrew Crimmins (Aus) Kona Factory Team 16  
26 Ben Hill (Aus) Australia 16  
27 Marcus Hansson (Swe) W-Racing 16  
28 Adrien Dailly (Fra) France 15  
29 Keegan Wright (NZl) New-Zealand 14  
30 Andreas Kolb (Aut) Austria 12  
31 Joshua Mccombie (NZl) New-Zealand 12  
32 Mike Schaer (Swi) Switzerland 12  
33 Jack Almond (Can) Canada 10  
34 Maxime Ciriego (Fra) Roc Vtt Oz En Oisans 8  
35 Jacob Dickson (Irl) Orange Dirt World Team, O'neal 8  
36 Shane Leslie (USA) United States Of America 8  
37 Dan Farley (GBr) Great Britain 7  
38 Chase Nelson (USA) United States Of America 6  
39 Andrew Dorrit (GBr) MS Mondraker Team 6  
40 Bradley Swinbank (GBr) Steve Peat Syndicate 6  
41 Sam Herd (GBr) Perth City Cycles 6  
42 Dan Booker (Aus) Australia - B 4  
43 Bryan Pfeiffer (Fra) France 2  
44 Silas Grandy (Ger) Germany 2  
45 Benjamin Dengate (Aus) Australia 2  
46 Jackson Davis (Aus) Australia 1  
47 Jonathan Philogene (RSA) South Africa 1