Guthrie wins junior men's cross country for Canada

New Zealand's Peters and Canada's Caron round out top three


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evan Guthrie (Can) Canada - A1:25:22 
2Dirk Peters (NZl) New Zealand0:01:07 
3Antoine Caron (Can) Canada - A0:01:51 
4Andrew L'esperance (Can) Canada - A0:04:41 
5Mitch Bailey (Can) Canada - A0:05:07 
6Zach Mcdonald (USA) United States Of America0:05:48 
7Nicolas Tremblay (Can) Canada - A0:05:49 
8Jeremy Martin (Can) Canada - B0:07:25 
9Seth Kemp (USA) United States Of America0:09:38 
10Eric Emsky (USA) United States Of America0:09:51 
11Steven Noble (Can) Canada B0:10:41 
12Nicolas Prudencio (Chi) Chile0:11:38 
13Patrick Chartrand (Can) Canada - B0:12:18 
14Adrian Retief (NZl) New Zealand0:13:36 
15Brendan Johnston (Aus) Australia0:14:07 
16Wesley Lamberson (USA) United States Of America0:14:33 
17Brae Patten (USA) United States Of America0:15:16 
18Russell Finsterwald (USA) United States Of America0:16:22 
19Carlos Enrique Moran Manzo (Mex) Mexico0:16:54 
20Jesus Eduardo Martinez Aguilar (Mex) Mexico0:18:06 
21Conor Corbett (NZl) New Zealand0:22:44 
DNFTyler Allison (Can) Canada - A  
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