Van Dijk wins Le Samyne des Dames

Olds, Johansson battle for runner-up behind solo escapee

Dutch rider Ellen van Dijk (Specialized-lululemon) took a gusty solo victory in a frigid Le Samyn des Dames, putting more than three minutes into the chasing group over the final 35km of the race to give the team its first victory of the season. American Shelley Olds (Tibco) beat out Emma Johansson (Orica) from a small chasing group.

After the major teams kept the race together in the first part of the race, Van Dijk took advantage of a slippery cobbled climb to launch her successful move with 35km left to race. A crash in the peloton disrupted the chase, with Johansson and Elisa Longo Borghini (Hitec) the first to set off in pursuit of van Dijk.

Despite hitting the pavement, Olds bridged up to the pair, but the trio could scarcely close down a minute of the large gap to the leader.

Johansson was disappointed that Olds refused to do more work to aid the chase. “I told them it was all in,” Johansson said. “That if we didn’t chase hard now, it wasn’t going to happen. Elisa and I gave it a really good try, but it wasn’t enough. We couldn’t do it, and the gap to Ellen grew bigger.”

Van Dijk had plenty of time to savor her victory, and then 3:16 later Olds out-sprinted Johansson for second, while Longo Borghini claimed a dejected fourth place. Tiffany Cromwell (Orica-AIS) led home the main chasing bunch for fifth.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ellen Van Dijk (Ned) Team Specialized- Lululemon3:10:22 
2Shelley Olds (USA) Team TIBCO - To The Top0:03:16 
3Emma Johansson (Swe) Orica - AIS  
4Elisa Longo Borghini (Ita) Hitec Products UCK  
5Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Orica - AIS0:04:18 
6Anna Van Der Breggen (Ned) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team  
7Adrie Visser (Ned) Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team  
8Claudia Häusler (Ger) Team TIBCO - To The Top  
9Sofie De Vuyst (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team  
10Emily Collins (NZl) Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling  
11Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling  
12Carmen Mcnellis Small (USA) Team Specialized- Lululemon  
13Kaat Hannes (Bel) Lotto Belisol Ladies  
14Isabelle Soderberg (Swe) Cramo Go:Green  
15Martine Bras (Ned) Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team  
16Sungeun Gu (Kor) Orica - AIS  
17Jessy Druyts (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Bioracer  
18Celine Van Severen (Bel) Lotto Belisol Ladies  
19Jolien D'hoore (Bel) Lotto Belisol Ladies  
20Jade Wilcoxson (USA) United States  
21Mascha Pijnenborg (Ned) Team  
22Marion Rousse (Fra) Lotto Belisol Ladies  
23Kelly Druyts (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Bioracer  
24Hanna Nilsson (Swe) Cramo Go:Green  
25Kirsten Wild (Ned) Argos - Shimano  
26Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) Vienne Futuroscope  
27Loes Gunnewijk (Ned) Orica - AIS  
28Latoya Brulee (Bel) CyclelivePLUS-Zannata Ladies Team  
29Ann-Sophie Duyck (Bel) Lotto Belisol Ladies  
30Monique Van De Ree (Ned) CyclelivePLUS-Zannata Ladies Team0:04:28 
31Lucy Martin (GBr) Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team  
32Charlotte Becker (Ger) Argos - Shimano  
33Madeleine Olsson (Swe) Cramo Go:Green  
34Jacquelyn Crowell (USA) United States  
35Annelies Van Doorslaer (Bel) CyclelivePLUS-Zannata Ladies Team  
36Jessica Kihlbom (Swe) Cramo Go:Green  
37Chloe Hosking (Aus) Hitec Products UCK  
38Martina Thomasson (Swe) Cramo Go:Green  
39Sarah Inghelbrecht (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
40Amy Pieters (Ned) Argos - Shimano  
41Rotem Gafinovitz (Isr) Topsport Vlaanderen - Bioracer  
42Maaike Polspoel (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team  
43Loren Rowney (Aus) Team Specialized- Lululemon  
44Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeier (Ger) Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling  
45Romy Kasper (Ger)  
46Amy Roberts (GBr)  
47Mayuko Hagiwara (Jpn) Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling  
48Gracie Elvin (Aus) Orica - AIS  
49Emilia Fahlin (Swe) Hitec Products UCK  
50Pascale Jeuland (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope  
51Megan Guarnier (USA)  
52Linnea Sjöblom (Swe) Cramo Go:Green  
53Katie Colclough (GBr) Team Specialized- Lululemon  
54Jessie Daams (Bel) Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team  
55Jamie Bookwalter (USA) United States  
56Jessie Maclean (Aus) Orica - AIS  
57Vera Koedooder (Ned) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team  
58Geerike Schreurs (Ned) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team  
59Kim Schoonbaert (Bel) Lotto Belisol Ladies  
60Emilie Moberg (Nor) Hitec Products UCK  
61Amanda Spratt (Aus) Orica - AIS  
62Alexandra Burchenkova (Rus) RusVelo  
63Trixi Worrack (Ger) Team Specialized- Lululemon  
64Laura Van Der Kamp (Ned) Team Futurumshop.nl0:04:50 
65Jasmin Glaesser (Can) Team TIBCO - To The Top0:05:51 
66Natalie Van Gogh (Ned)0:09:10 
67Kaat Van Der Meulen (Bel) Keukens Redant Cycling Team0:09:18 
68Lensy Debboudt (Bel) Keukens Redant Cycling Team  
69Chantal Blaak (Ned) Team TIBCO - To The Top  
70Kim De Baat (Ned) Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team  
71Roxane Fournier (Fra) BigMat-Auber93  
72Willeke Knol (Ned) Argos - Shimano  
73Jermaine Post (Ned)0:09:45 
DNFKristina Coolens (Bel) Autoglass Wetteren-Group Solar  
DNFAudrey Cordon (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope  
DNFThea Thorsen (Nor) Hitec Products UCK  
DNFRossella Ratto (Ita) Hitec Products UCK  
DNFRachel Neylan (Aus) Hitec Products UCK  
DNFAnja Geldhof (Bel) Napoleon Games St Martinus Cycling Team Kerksen  
DNFLarisa Jaspart (Bel) Napoleon Games St Martinus Cycling Team Kerksen  
DNFHannah Verhaeghe (Bel) Napoleon Games St Martinus Cycling Team Kerksen  
DNFEvelien Deltombe (Bel) Napoleon Games St Martinus Cycling Team Kerksen  
DNFJoyce Accoe (Bel) Napoleon Games St Martinus Cycling Team Kerksen  
DNFLisa Bogaert (Bel) Napoleon Games St Martinus Cycling Team Kerksen  
DNFDavina Beke (Bel) Napoleon Games St Martinus Cycling Team Kerksen  
DNFJasmien De Boeck (Bel) Autoglass Wetteren-Group Solar  
DNFMariska Breyne (Bel) Autoglass Wetteren-Group Solar  
DNFMarieke Blomme (Bel) Autoglass Wetteren-Group Solar  
DNFSarah Borremans (Bel) Autoglass Wetteren-Group Solar  
DNFJessica Allen (Bel) Vienne Futuroscope  
DNFMelanie Cattrysse (Bel) Autoglass Wetteren-Group Solar  
DNFAdeline De Vestele (Bel) Autoglass Wetteren-Group Solar  
DNFIne Vercammen (Bel) Keukens Redant Cycling Team  
DNFShana Van Glabeke (Bel) Keukens Redant Cycling Team  
DNFValerie Robert (Bel) Keukens Redant Cycling Team  
DNFValerie Demey (Bel) Keukens Redant Cycling Team  
DNFSylvia Debboudt (Bel) Keukens Redant Cycling Team  
DNFLaure Werner (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFLisa Vermeire (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFLiliane Leenknegt (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFTerry Fremineur (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFEveline Dergent (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFPia De Quint (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFJulie Verlinden (Bel) National Selection Belgium  
DNFNathalie Verschelden (Bel) National Selection Belgium  
DNFSara Verhaest (Bel) National Selection Belgium  
DNFDemmy Druyts (Bel) National Selection Belgium  
DNFKelly Van Den Steen (Bel) National Selection Belgium  
DNFNathalie Nijns (Bel) National Selection Belgium  
DNFLieselot Decroix (Bel) CyclelivePLUS-Zannata Ladies Team  
DNFMarissa Otten (Ned) CyclelivePLUS-Zannata Ladies Team  
DNFAnnelies Dom (Bel) CyclelivePLUS-Zannata Ladies Team  
DNFDaisy Depoorter (Bel) CyclelivePLUS-Zannata Ladies Team  
DNFSanne Bamelis (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFEvelyn Arys (Bel) Sengers Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFTessa De Moyer (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Bioracer  
DNFGilke Croket (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Bioracer  
DNFAnisha Vekemans (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Bioracer  
DNFNel De Crits (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Bioracer  
DNFMarijn De Vries (Ned) Lotto Belisol Ladies  
DNFMarieke Van Wanroij (Ned) Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team  
DNFPauliena Rooijakkers (Ned) Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team  
DNFNina Kessler (Ned) Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team  
DNFSofie Van Horik (Ned) Swabo Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFAshley James (USA) United States  
DNFKristin Mcgrath (USA) United States  
DNFJanel Holcomb (USA) United States  
DNFHeather Fischer (USA) United States  
DNFGeorgia Williams (NZl) BePink  
DNFIlaria Sanguineti (Ita) BePink  
DNFChiara Favaron Bissoli (Ita) BePink  
DNFDaniela Levi (Isr) BePink  
DNFSimona Frapporti (Ita) BePink  
DNFAlice Algisi (Ita) BePink  
DNFGiulia Donato (Ita) BePink  
DNFEsra Tromp (Ned) Argos - Shimano  
DNFMarlen Johrend (Ger) Argos - Shimano  
DNFJanneke Busser Kanis (Ned) Argos - Shimano  
DNFLisa Brennauer (Ger) Team Specialized- Lululemon  
DNFIna Yoko Teutenberg (Ger) Team Specialized- Lululemon  
DNFMirthe Wagenaar (Ned) Team  
DNFAurore Verhoeven (Fra) Team  
DNFJanine Van Der Meer (Ned) Team  
DNFAnouska Koster (Ned) Team  
DNFSarah Lena Hofmann (Ger) Team  
DNFLauren Kitchen (Aus) Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling  
DNFRochelle Gilmore (Aus) Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling  
DNFBeatrice Bartelloni (Ita) Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling  
DNFAmanda Miller (USA) Team TIBCO - To The Top  
DNFSamantha Schneider (USA) Team TIBCO - To The Top  
DNFRushlee Buchanan (NZl) Team TIBCO - To The Top  
DNFMirella Ehrin (Swe) Cramo Go:Green  
DNFLarisa Pankova (Rus) RusVelo  
DNFOlga Zabelinskaya (Rus) RusVelo  
DNFHanka Kupfernagel (Ger) RusVelo  
DNFElena Bocharnikova (Rus) RusVelo  
DNFMaria Mishina (Rus) RusVelo  
DNFElena Kuchinskaya (Rus) RusVelo  
DNFManon Souyris (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope  
DNFEmmanuelle Merlot (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope  
DNFSandrine Bideau (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope  
DNFYvonne Van Dam (Ned) Swabo Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFDomenique Van Santen (Ned) Swabo Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFStella Blom Visser (Ned) Swabo Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFSimone Van Der Star (Ned) Swabo Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFNina Van Tol (Ned) Swabo Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFHarriet Koorn (Ned) Swabo Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFCarolien Haers (Bel) Endura Lady Force  
DNFInes Klok (Ned) Endura Lady Force  
DNFWendy Venge (Ned) Endura Lady Force  
DNFNatasja Nieuwenhuizen (Ned) Endura Lady Force  
DNFTara Gins (Bel) Endura Lady Force  
DNFMichelle Geoghegan (Ita) Endura Lady Force  
DNFAlna Burato (Ned) BigMat-Auber93  
DNFFemke Verstichelen (Bel) Endura Lady Force  
DNFElodie Hegoburu (Ned) BigMat-Auber93  
DNFNoëline Delbove (Ned) BigMat-Auber93  
DNFSteffi Lesueur Mélodie (Ned) BigMat-Auber93  
DNFJamoneau (Ned) BigMat-Auber93  
DNFNatacha Deville (Ned) BigMat-Auber93  
DNFCiara Horne (GBr) Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  
DNFKayleigh Brogan (GBr) Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  
DNFJulie Leth (Den) Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  
DNFPenny Rowson (GBr) Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  
DNFEileen Roe (GBr) Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  
DNFEli Thorogood (GBr) Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team  
DNFBianca Van Den Hoek (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Powered By Math Salden  
DNFAafke Eshuis (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Powered By Math Salden  
DNFInge Klep (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Powered By Math Salden  
DNFLisanne Soemanta (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Powered By Math Salden  
DNFRozanne Slik (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Powered By Math Salden  
DNFNathaly Van Wesdonk (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Powered By Math Salden  
DNFIlona Hoeksma (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Powered By Math Salden  
DNFWinanda Spoor (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFEsther Holthuis (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFKirsten Peetoom (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFSilke Kogelman (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFCorine Van Der Zijden (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFChrisje Van De Berg (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFAshley Hellemons (Ned) Jan van Arckel  


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