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International Cycling Classic 2009

Date range:
July 10-26, 2009

July 17, Tour of Holy Hill: Hartford, WI 140km

Thomson claims second stage win

Daniel Carruthers
July 18, 2009, 20:31 BST,
July 20, 2009, 0:05 BST

Sulzberger remains in overall lead

The Tour of Holy Hill was won in convincing fashion by in-form Jay Thomson of South Africa's MTN Energade team. The course was held in beautiful country-side over an 8.1-mile circuit that had rolling hills, several sharp climbs and very few flat sections. It is a course designed to weed out the weaker riders and the strongest prevails. The course finished next to Pike Lake where some riders were seen enjoying a swim after the racing. The Pro men's field contained over 70 riders and they raced 11 laps in the middle of a hot day for a total of 140 kilometres.

Since there were no sprinter's jersey points up for grabs in this race, the riders were gunning for overall honours. Several attacks went flying up the road from the gun, and an early move of four riders edged clear of the field. However, as the MTN Energade team did not have any representation up there, they were forced to take the initiative and set a steady tempo on the front of the field. This was a good move since it minimized the gap and they deployed the strategy of riding hard on front to make it look as if the catch would be made. However, just before this happened, MTN Energade launched Thomson to bridge across the gap on his own. According to MTN this move was done "to entice racing in the main field, but no one responded".

In the closing laps, Team MTN Energade was policing the front of the peloton to ensure any late attacks would not be successful. The breakaway of nine riders had split into two groups, with four escaping up the road, consisting of Andrew Bradley (Gourmetfein), Toby Marzot (Team Mountain Khakis), Reid Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies) and Jay Thomson (Team MTN). Thomson was the strongest of the four and took the win easily while Bradley and Marzot came in second and third respectively.

Yellow jersey holder and Australian national champion Bernard Sulzberger (Fly V Australia) won the sprint for fifth place over strong Taiwanese rider, Chun Kai Feng (Team Exustar). Ricardo Van Der Velde (Garmin-Slipstream) came in 7th while first local riders Duan Dickey (Iowa city Cycling Club) and Mathew Busche (ISCorp Cycling Team) were in the breakaway and finished 8th and 9th respectively. Sulzberger said that "it was not the best for us to have Jay up the road, but it was okay since I finished in the next group in fifth so he did not gain too many points on me. Plus, Dekker finished further down and Christoff, the other South African, did not finish so it was an okay result for me."

Ben Kersten, who is riding well in support of his Fly V Australia team, said, "It was a hard day out there. One hundred and forty kilometres and 11 times over those steep hills was difficult and I did a lot of work to help protect Bernie's series lead."

1 Jay Thomson (Team MTN)    
2 Andrew Bradley (Gourmetfein)    
3 Toby Marzot (Team Mountain Khakis)    
4 Reid Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies)    
5 Bernard Sulzberger (Fly V Australia)    
6 Chun-Kai Feng (Team Exustar Taiwan)    
7 Ricardo Van Der Velde (Garmin-Slipstream)    
8 Duane Dickey (Iowa City Cycling Club)    
9 Matthew Busche (ISCorp Cycling Team)    
10 Robert Bush (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)    
11 Nick Frey (Ciclismo)    
12 Juan Van Heerden (Team MTN)    
13 Jorge Alvarado (Kahala La-Grange)    
14 Bryan Mcvey (Vision Quest)    
15 Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia)    
16 Carlos Vargas (Hotel San Jose/RGM Advisors)    
17 Andreas Muller (No Radunion)    
18 Ben Kersten (Fly V Australia)    
19 Hans Dekkers (Garmin-Slipstream)    
20 Wei-Cheng Lee (Team Exustar Taiwan)    
21 Mike Tettleton (Team Bearclaw)    
22 Hector Pastorino (ZMOTION)    
23 Ryan Baumann (Trek Livestrong)    
24 Juan Gaspari (ZMOTION)    
25 Michael Van Eerd (Team YRC Now MS)    
26 Phillip Mann (Ciclismo)    
27 Bennet Van Der Genugten (Kenda Pro Cycling presented by Spinergy)    
28 Jerome Townsend (Fitness Together/IF pb Lionette's)    
29 Andrew Baker (Team Mountain Khakis)    
30 Will Hoffarth (Team Mountain Khakis)    
31 Randy Reichardt (Natural Grocers p/b XP Companies)    
32 Oneal Samuels (Myogenesis.Com P/B United Healthcare)    
33 Matthias Schroger (Gourmetfein)    
34 Maxwell Anderson (Colavita Olive Oil)    
35 Steve Scholzen (Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.)    
36 Sean Sullivan (Hotel San Jose/RGM Advisors)    
37 Eric Bean (ISCorp Cycling Team)    
38 Alexander Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies)    
39 Culyar Conly    
40 Mac Brennan (Priority Health Cycling Team)    
41 (Unknown rider)    
42 Ian Mclead (Team MTN)    
43 Karl Menzies (Team OUCH Presented by Maxxis)    
44 Jonathan Bruno (IF/Lionette's Cycling Team)    
45 Bryce Mead (Jelly Belly Cycling Team)    
46 Brian Koeneman (Wheel & Sprocket)    
47 Calixto Bello (ZMOTION)    
48 Souza (ZMOTION)    
49 Christopher Mcgarity    
50 Sean Coleman (US Armed Forces)    
51 Howard Smith (2CC/Pony Shop)    
52 Levi Baker (Tyson Racing)    
Overall standings
1 Bernard Sulzberger (Fly V Australia) 146 pts
2 Hans Dekkers (Garmin-Slipstream) 112  
3 Jay Thomson (Team MTN) 111  
4 Andreas Muller (No Radunion) 111  
5 Jonathan Cantwell (Fly V Australia) 108  
6 Christoff Van Heerden (Team MTN) 98  
7 Carlos Vargas (Hotel San Jose/RGM Advisors) 88  
8 Joshua Carter (ABD Cycling Team) 85  
9 Chun-Kai Feng (Team Exustar Taiwan) 73  
10 Ricardo Van Der Velde (Garmin-Slipstream) 66  
11 James Stemper (Team Geargrinder) 57  
12 Chad Burdzilauskas (Kenda Pro Cycling presented by Spinergy) 51  
13 Robert Bush (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team) 47  
14 Chad Hartley (Team Geargrinder) 47  
15 Andrew Bradley (Gourmetfein) 41  
16 Juan Van Heerden (Team MTN) 41  
17 Andrew Dahlheim (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team) 38  
18 Hector Pastorino (ZMOTION) 36  
19 Toby Marzot (Team Mountain Khakis) 35  
20 Robert White (Team Geargrinder) 35  
21 Reid Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies) 33  
22 Michael Van Eerd (Team YRC Now MS) 31  
23 Will Hoffarth (Team Mountain Khakis) 30  
24 Duane Dickey (Iowa City Cycling Club) 25  
25 Oneal Samuels (Myogenesis.Com P/B United Healthcare) 24  
26 Matthew Busche (ISCorp Cycling Team) 23  
27 Juan Gaspari (ZMOTION) 22  
28 Zachary Davies 21  
29 Sean Sullivan (Hotel San Jose/RGM Advisors) 19  
30 Nick Frey (ciclismo racing) 19  
31 Spencer Beamer (Team Mountain Khakis p/b EP-NO) 18  
32 Ryan Freund (ABD Cycling Team) 18  
33 Nicholas Martinez (Now MS Society) 18  
34 Edgardo Richiez (Puerto Rico Cycling Team) 18  
35 Gustavo Rullo (ZMOTION) 18  
36 Cole House (BMC Racing Team) 17  
37 Ben Kersten (Fly V Australia) 17  
38 Andrew Crater (Wheel & Sprocket) 16  
39 Isaac Howe (Team Mountain Khakis) 16  
40 Jorge Alvarado (Kahala La-Grange) 15  
41 Anthony Bennett (Jittery Joe's U25 PB Kudzu.Com) 13  
42 Matthias Schroger (Gourmetfein) 13  
43 Mike Tettleton (Team Bearclaw) 13  
44 Bryan Mcvey (Vision Quest) 13  
45 Jason Short (RBM Matrix) 13  
46 Gabriel Acaba (Puerto Rico Cycling Team) 13  
47 Joseph Schmalz (Mercy Cycling Team) 12  
48 Jason Lowetz (Team Bearclaw) 12  
49 Alex Martinez (Kahala La-Grange) 11  
50 Curtis Gunn (Fly V Australia) 11  
51 Logan Loader (Team Mountain Khakis) 10  
52 Charles Huff (Jelly Belly Cycling Team) 10  
53 Jonathan Atkins (Team Latino) 10  
54 John (Jackie) Simes (Team Mountain Khakis) 9  
55 Wei-Cheng Lee (Team Exustar Taiwan) 9  
56 Andreas Graf (Gourmetfein) 8  
57 Chris Uberti (Panther/RGF Solutions PB Felt) 8  
58 James Flora (South Chicago Wheelmen) 8  
59 Ryan Nye (MVP Health Care Elite Cycling Team) 7  
60 Kevin Berger (Team Wheel & Sprocket) 7  
61 Clayton Goldsmith (Team Wheel & Sprocket) 6  
62 Matthew Brandt (Mesa Cycles Racing Team) 6  
63 Cory Hickman (Project 5 Racing) 6  
64 Danny Kam (Team Bearclaw) 5  
65 Ronnie Strange (Hotel San Jose/RGM Advisors) 5  
66 Heath Blackgrove (Hotel San Jose/RGM Advisors) 5  
67 Derek Laan (Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles) 5  
68 Nick Housley (Myogenesis.Com P/B United Healthcare) 5  
69 Derek Dixon (HDR P/B Lombardis Sports) 4  
70 Joe Lewis (Synergy) 4  
71 Jerome Townsend (Fitness Together/IF pb Lionette's) 3  
72 Robert Kelley (Team Bicycle Heaven) 3  
73 Ryan Baumann (Trek Livestrong) 3  
74 Max Taam (RD: Horizon Organic PB / MTN) 2  
75 Todd Yezefski (IF/Lionette's Cycling Team) 2  
76 Calixto Bello (ZMOTION) 2  
77 Connor Sallee (Williams Cycling) 1  
78 Craig Streit (Carlos OBriens Racing) 1