Pieters wins Healthy Ageing Tour

Soet takes solo victory in final stage

Aafke Soet (WNT Rotor Pro Cycling) won the final stage of the Healthy Ageing Tour in Groningen on Sunday. The Dutchwoman attacked a decisive breakaway in the closing kilometres to take a solo victory. Mieke Kröger (Team Virtu) was second and Christine Majerus (Boels Dolmans) was third.

Amy Pieters (Boels Dolmans) won the overall title ahead of teammates Chantal Blaak, Majerus and Anna van der Breggen.

To say it was a successful week for Boels Dolmans would be an understatement. The team won four stages at the five-day, six-stage race. Van der Breggen won the opening time trial, Pieters won stage 2, and they won the stage 3b team time trial and Blaak won stage 4.

Pieters led the overall classification by 22 seconds ahead of teammates Blaak and 42 seconds ahead of van der Breggen heading into the final stage.

The stage 5 circuit race was held in Groningen where the peloton completed 14 laps around Vismarkt for a total of 94.3km.

A lead group emerged with Lisa Brennauer (Wiggle High5), Christine Majerus (Boels Dolmans), Winanda Spoor (GRC Jan Van Arckel), Jeanne Korevaar (WaowDeals) and late-bridgers Trixi Worrack (Canyon-SRAM), Mieke Kroger (Virtu), Natalie van Gogh (Parkhotel), Karlijn Swinkels (Ale Cipollini), Soet and Tatiana Guderzo (Hitec).

The leaders still held a 45-second lead ahead of the main field as they raced through the start-finish line for the final lap.

Soet, 20, made several attacks in the final 10km before the winning move stuck and she crossed the line with what has become a highlight win in her career. 

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aafke Soet (Ned) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team2:23:58 
2Mieke Kröger (Ger) Team Virtu Cycling0:00:07 
3Christine Majerus (Lux) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
4Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team  
5Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Wiggle High5  
6Natalie Van Gogh (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:00:10 
7Trixi Worrack (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing0:00:11 
8Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) Hitec Products-Birk Sport  
9Winanda Spoor (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel  
10Karlijn Swinkels (Ned) Netherlands0:00:20 
11Kirsten Wild (Ned) Wiggle High50:00:28 
12Emilie Moberg (Nor) Team Virtu Cycling  
13Lorena Wiebes (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
14Amy Pieters (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
15Monique van de Ree (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team  
16Anna van der Breggen (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
17Amalie Dideriksen (Den) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
18Lisa Klein (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing  
19Chantal Blaak (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
20Kaat Hannes (Bel) WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen  
21Lucy Garner (GBr) Wiggle High5  
22Anouska Koster (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team  
23Susanne Andersen (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport  
24Roxane Knetemann (Ned) Netherlands  
25Danique Braam (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel  
26Femke Markus (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus  
27Christina Malling Siggaard (Den) Team Virtu Cycling  
28Evy Kuijpers (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel  
29Ilona Hoeksma (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg  
30Maaike Boogaard (Ned) Netherlands  
31Riejanne Markus (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team  
32Alice Barnes (GBr) Canyon-SRAM Racing  
33Ganna Solovei (Ukr) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:00:35 
34Mylene De Zoete (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel  
35Janieke Kalsbeek (Ned) Team Drenthe  
36Minke Bakker (Ned) Restore Cycling  
37Pernille Mathiesen (Den) Denmark  
38Trine Schmidt (Den) Team Virtu Cycling  
39Amber Van Der Hulst (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team  
40Christa Riffel (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing  
41Skylar Schneider (USA) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
42Simona Frapporti (Ita) Hitec Products-Birk Sport  
43Elise Maes (Lux) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team  
44Kirstie Van Haaften (Ned) Restore Cycling0:00:41 
45Laura Massey (GBr) Torelli-Kuota-Brother  
46Marjolein van 't Geloof (Ned) Netherlands  
47Nicole Steigenga (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team  
48Bente Van Teeseling (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel  
49Grace Garner (GBr) Wiggle High5  
50Natalie Grinczer (GBr) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team  
51Céline Van Houtum (Ned) WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen  
52Louise Norman Hansen (Den) Team Virtu Cycling  
53Nienke Wasmus (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team  
54Tanja Erath (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing  
55Line Marie Gulliksen (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport  
56Barbara Guarischi (Ita) Team Virtu Cycling0:00:47 
57Gabrielle Pilote-Fortin (Can) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:00:49 
58Lea Lin Teutenberg (Ger) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team  
59Eri Yonamine (Jpn) Wiggle High50:01:00 
60Rhona Callander (GBr) Torelli-Kuota-Brother0:02:25 
61Michelle Lauge Quaade (Den) Denmark0:02:30 
62Sanne Bouwmeester (Ned) Team Drenthe0:02:56 
63Nicole Clerx (Ned) Team Drenthe0:04:34 
64Anna Potokina (Rus) Servetto-Stradalli Cycle-Alurecycling0:07:19 
65Loes Adegeest (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus  
66Argiro Milaki (Gre) Servetto-Stradalli Cycle-Alurecycling0:10:59 
67Paulien Koster (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus  
68Ingrid Moe (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport0:11:54 
69Esther Van Leeuwe (Ned) Restore Cycling  
70Kseniia Dobrynina (Rus) Servetto-Stradalli Cycle-Alurecycling0:12:49 
DNFCorinna Lechner (Ger) Germany  
DNFArianna Pruisscher (Ned) WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen  
DNSAnnina Jenal (Aut) Maxx-Solar LINDIG Team  
DNSCarolin Schiff (Ger) Maxx-Solar LINDIG Team  
DNSGudrun Stock (Ger) Maxx-Solar LINDIG Team  
DNSBeate Zanner (Ger) Maxx-Solar LINDIG Team  
Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Winanda Spoor (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel3 pts
2Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Wiggle High52 
3Mieke Kröger (Ger) Team Virtu Cycling1 
Sprint 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Winanda Spoor (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel3 pts
2Christine Majerus (Lux) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam2 
3Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team1 
Sprint 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Natalie Van Gogh (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg3 pts
2Winanda Spoor (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel2 
3Aafke Soet (Ned) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team1 
Young rider
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aafke Soet (Ned) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team2:23:58 
2Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team0:00:07 
3Karlijn Swinkels (Ned) Netherlands0:00:20 
4Lorena Wiebes (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:00:28 
5Amalie Dideriksen (Den) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
6Lisa Klein (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing  
7Susanne Andersen (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport  
8Femke Markus (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus  
9Maaike Boogaard (Ned) Netherlands  
10Mylene De Zoete (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel0:00:35 
11Minke Bakker (Ned) Restore Cycling  
12Pernille Mathiesen (Den) Denmark  
13Amber Van Der Hulst (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team  
14Christa Riffel (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing  
15Skylar Schneider (USA) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
16Kirstie Van Haaften (Ned) Restore Cycling0:00:41 
17Marjolein van 't Geloof (Ned) Netherlands  
18Nicole Steigenga (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team  
19Bente Van Teeseling (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel  
20Grace Garner (GBr) Wiggle High5  
21Céline Van Houtum (Ned) WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen  
22Nienke Wasmus (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team  
23Lea Lin Teutenberg (Ger) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:00:49 
24Rhona Callander (GBr) Torelli-Kuota-Brother0:02:25 
25Sanne Bouwmeester (Ned) Team Drenthe0:02:56 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam7:12:57 
2Wiggle High5  
3Team Virtu Cycling  
4Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team  
5Parkhotel Valkenburg0:00:03 
6Canyon//SRAM Racing0:00:04 
7GRC Jan van Arckel  
8Hitec Products - Birk Sport0:00:11 
9National Team Netherlands0:00:13 
10WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team  
11Regional Team SWABO0:00:54 
12Team Drenthe0:07:02 
13Restore Cycling0:12:07 
14NWV Groningen - UPlus0:17:43 
15Servetto - Stradalli Cycle - Alurecycling0:30:04 
Final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amy Pieters (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam11:20:09 
2Chantal Blaak (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam0:00:22 
3Christine Majerus (Lux) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam0:00:42 
4Anna van der Breggen (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam  
5Kirsten Wild (Ned) Wiggle High50:01:36 
6Lisa Klein (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing0:02:01 
7Trixi Worrack (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing0:02:18 
8Natalie Van Gogh (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:02:30 
9Riejanne Markus (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team0:03:13 
10Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Wiggle High50:04:44 
11Alice Barnes (GBr) Canyon-SRAM Racing0:05:20 
12Anouska Koster (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team0:05:22 
13Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team0:05:26 
14Amalie Dideriksen (Den) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam0:05:28 
15Lorena Wiebes (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:06:32 
16Trine Schmidt (Den) Team Virtu Cycling0:07:09 
17Roxane Knetemann (Ned) Netherlands0:07:15 
18Susanne Andersen (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport0:07:21 
19Pernille Mathiesen (Den) Denmark0:08:20 
20Monique van de Ree (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team0:09:14 
21Maaike Boogaard (Ned) Netherlands0:09:43 
22Skylar Schneider (USA) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam0:09:55 
23Mieke Kröger (Ger) Team Virtu Cycling  
24Barbara Guarischi (Ita) Team Virtu Cycling0:10:07 
25Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) Hitec Products-Birk Sport0:11:10 
26Simona Frapporti (Ita) Hitec Products-Birk Sport0:11:28 
27Femke Markus (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus0:11:48 
28Marjolein van 't Geloof (Ned) Netherlands0:13:44 
29Ilona Hoeksma (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:14:17 
30Emilie Moberg (Nor) Team Virtu Cycling0:14:52 
31Christina Malling Siggaard (Den) Team Virtu Cycling0:16:23 
32Winanda Spoor (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel0:17:43 
33Amber Van Der Hulst (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team0:17:53 
34Loes Adegeest (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus0:18:27 
35Danique Braam (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel0:18:31 
36Mylene De Zoete (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel0:18:57 
37Louise Norman Hansen (Den) Team Virtu Cycling0:19:02 
38Nienke Wasmus (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team0:19:30 
39Christa Riffel (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing0:19:41 
40Nicole Steigenga (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team0:20:20 
41Ganna Solovei (Ukr) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:20:50 
42Lucy Garner (GBr) Wiggle High50:21:06 
43Line Marie Gulliksen (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport0:21:30 
44Eri Yonamine (Jpn) Wiggle High50:21:43 
45Rhona Callander (GBr) Torelli-Kuota-Brother0:22:06 
46Evy Kuijpers (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel0:22:59 
47Minke Bakker (Ned) Restore Cycling0:24:12 
48Sanne Bouwmeester (Ned) Team Drenthe0:28:18 
49Kirstie Van Haaften (Ned) Restore Cycling0:29:20 
50Gabrielle Pilote-Fortin (Can) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:30:10 
51Kaat Hannes (Bel) WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen0:30:47 
52Elise Maes (Lux) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:30:55 
53Bente Van Teeseling (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel  
54Karlijn Swinkels (Ned) Netherlands0:31:13 
55Janieke Kalsbeek (Ned) Team Drenthe0:31:31 
56Natalie Grinczer (GBr) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:32:25 
57Aafke Soet (Ned) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:32:29 
58Michelle Lauge Quaade (Den) Denmark0:32:59 
59Céline Van Houtum (Ned) WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen0:34:06 
60Grace Garner (GBr) Wiggle High50:34:49 
61Tanja Erath (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing0:35:02 
62Laura Massey (GBr) Torelli-Kuota-Brother0:35:17 
63Lea Lin Teutenberg (Ger) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:37:17 
64Ingrid Moe (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport0:37:59 
65Nicole Clerx (Ned) Team Drenthe0:38:53 
66Argiro Milaki (Gre) Servetto-Stradalli Cycle-Alurecycling0:42:23 
67Anna Potokina (Rus) Servetto-Stradalli Cycle-Alurecycling0:42:59 
68Kseniia Dobrynina (Rus) Servetto-Stradalli Cycle-Alurecycling0:46:50 
69Paulien Koster (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus0:47:22 
70Esther Van Leeuwe (Ned) Restore Cycling0:48:55 
Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Natalie Van Gogh (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg9 pts
2Winanda Spoor (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel8 
3Mieke Kröger (Ger) Team Virtu Cycling3 
4Danique Braam (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel3 
5Christine Majerus (Lux) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam2 
6Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Wiggle High52 
7Kirsten Wild (Ned) Wiggle High52 
8Amy Pieters (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam2 
9Anouska Koster (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team2 
10Aafke Soet (Ned) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team1 
11Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team1 
12Kaat Hannes (Bel) WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen1 
Point classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kirsten Wild (Ned) Wiggle High576 pts
2Chantal Blaak (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam63 
3Anna van der Breggen (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam59 
4Christine Majerus (Lux) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam59 
5Amy Pieters (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam58 
6Lisa Klein (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing47 
7Mieke Kröger (Ger) Team Virtu Cycling39 
8Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Wiggle High531 
9Alice Barnes (GBr) Canyon-SRAM Racing29 
10Trixi Worrack (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing25 
11Aafke Soet (Ned) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team25 
12Natalie Van Gogh (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg23 
13Lorena Wiebes (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg21 
14Riejanne Markus (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team20 
15Monique van de Ree (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team20 
16Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team18 
17Barbara Guarischi (Ita) Team Virtu Cycling18 
18Anouska Koster (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team17 
19Susanne Andersen (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport12 
20Maaike Boogaard (Ned) Netherlands8 
21Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) Hitec Products-Birk Sport8 
22Emilie Moberg (Nor) Team Virtu Cycling7 
23Winanda Spoor (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel7 
24Karlijn Swinkels (Ned) Netherlands6 
25Femke Markus (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus4 
26Amalie Dideriksen (Den) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam1 
27Roxane Knetemann (Ned) Netherlands1 
Young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lisa Klein (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing11:22:10 
2Jeanne Korevaar (Ned) Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team0:03:25 
3Amalie Dideriksen (Den) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam0:03:27 
4Lorena Wiebes (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg0:04:31 
5Susanne Andersen (Nor) Hitec Products-Birk Sport0:05:20 
6Pernille Mathiesen (Den) Denmark0:06:19 
7Maaike Boogaard (Ned) Netherlands0:07:42 
8Skylar Schneider (USA) Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam0:07:54 
9Femke Markus (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus0:09:47 
10Marjolein van 't Geloof (Ned) Netherlands0:11:43 
11Amber Van Der Hulst (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team0:15:52 
12Loes Adegeest (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus0:16:26 
13Mylene De Zoete (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel0:16:56 
14Nienke Wasmus (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team0:17:29 
15Christa Riffel (Ger) Canyon-SRAM Racing0:17:40 
16Nicole Steigenga (Ned) Swabo Ladies Team0:18:19 
17Rhona Callander (GBr) Torelli-Kuota-Brother0:20:05 
18Minke Bakker (Ned) Restore Cycling0:22:11 
19Sanne Bouwmeester (Ned) Team Drenthe0:26:17 
20Kirstie Van Haaften (Ned) Restore Cycling0:27:19 
21Bente Van Teeseling (Ned) GRC Jan van Arckel0:28:54 
22Karlijn Swinkels (Ned) Netherlands0:29:12 
23Aafke Soet (Ned) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:30:28 
24Céline Van Houtum (Ned) WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen0:32:05 
25Grace Garner (GBr) Wiggle High50:32:48 
26Lea Lin Teutenberg (Ger) WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team0:35:16 
27Paulien Koster (Ned) NWV Groningen - UPlus0:45:21 
Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Boels Dolmans Cyclingteam34:01:42 
2Canyon//SRAM Racing0:08:32 
3Waowdeals Pro Cycling Team0:09:35 
4Parkhotel Valkenburg0:14:38 
5National Team Netherlands0:19:57 
6Team Virtu Cycling0:21:11 
7Wiggle High50:25:51 
8Hitec Products - Birk Sport0:28:44 
9GRC Jan van Arckel0:53:18 
10Regional Team SWABO0:56:28 
11NWV Groningen - UPlus1:16:20 
12Team Drenthe1:24:04 
13WNT Rotor Pro Cycling Team1:29:13 
14Restore Cycling1:40:25 
15Servetto - Stradalli Cycle - Alurecycling2:09:26 
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