Dahle-Flesjaa wins first race back after having a baby

Paulissen earns comfortable win in men's race

World Marathon Champion Roel Paulissen won the Gunn-Rita Marathon, which doubled as the Italian National Marathon Championships in Montebelluno. In her first race back after having a baby, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa won the women's competition.

The men's race featured 16 climbs. "It was a challenge to race 116km. It's different racing marathons as proper organization is important. The last 30km were especially not easy in heavy, wet clay soil, however I won by nine minutes," said a happy Paulissen.

"This gives me extra confidence going into the European Championships in two weeks in the Netherlands."

Paulissen defeated Leonardo Paez (TX Active-Bianchi), who was second. Paez was slowed by a mechanical at 28km, which forced him to have to repair his chain at 30km. But he made a determined comeback to finish ahead of Italian Mirko Celestino, who became national marathon champion.

Paez will head home to Colombia for a period of training before he returns for the World Marathon Championhips.

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå returned to racing to win the race named after her.

"When I arrived at the finish, I did not realize I had won right away, as I thought that the strong Italian riders were all ahead of me. I'm still completely surprised as I did not exopect such a result," said the Norwegian. On the demanding course, she profitted from her experience to properly pace herself.

Dahle Flesjaa is unsure of what she will race next. "First I have to see how I recover from this effort, and then I'll continue with my build-up. Within a few days, I should be able to judge which races are a realistic option and make sense."

Eva Lechner finished second at 1:21, and Roberta Gasparini was third, with the same time.



Elite men
1Roel Paulissen4:24:18 
2Hector Leonardo Paez Leon0:09:30 
3Mirko Celestino0:09:38 
4Mike Felderer0:09:40 
5Mirko Pirazzoli0:11:28 
6Massimo De Bertolis0:14:24 
7Gilberto Simoni0:14:58 
8Marzio Deho0:15:48 
9Enrico Franzoi0:19:00 
10Julio Humberto Caro Silva0:19:02 
11Johann Pallhuber  
12Iván Gutiérrez0:20:45 
13Juri Ragnoli0:23:21 
14Michele Casagrande0:26:02 
15Paolo Cesar Montoya Cantillo0:27:02 
16Johnny Cattaneo0:28:49 
17Pierluigi Bettelli0:29:08 
18Paolo Alberati0:30:42 
19Flavio Creuso0:34:07 
20Massimiliano Milan0:36:17 
21Johannes Schweiggl0:36:22 
22Nicola Dalto0:36:32 
23Simone Diviggiano0:38:09 
24Luca Ronchi0:44:04 
25Alexey Medvedev0:44:13 
26Ramon Bianchi0:46:16 
27Daniele Mensi0:46:58 
28Ivan Degasperi0:47:20 
29Federico Fuser0:50:08 
30Alberto Olla0:52:04 
31Federico Rizza0:56:22 
32Simone Colombo0:56:37 
33Marco Santinello1:01:52 
34Marco Trentin1:04:29 
35Diego Beltramo1:06:31 
36Manuele Spadi1:10:19 
37Alessandro Garziera1:12:14 
38Marco Bastianel1:28:44 
39Alessio Bisio1:28:49 
40Daniel Pozzecco1:35:38 
41Davide Finetto1:40:38 
42Davide Cecchin1:55:35 
43Nevio Cornaro2:02:24 
44Matteo Garbin3:16:57 
45Mirko Tessaro3:48:26 
Elite women
1Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa3:47:30 
2Eva Lechner0:01:21 
3Roberta Gasparini  
4Elena Gaddoni0:03:33 
5Elena Giacomuzzi0:08:45 
6Alessia Ghezzo0:13:58 
7Michela Benzoni0:21:58 
8Sandra Klomp0:27:49 
9Daniela Campuzano0:39:11 
10Francesca Lonardelli0:39:38 
11Nadia Tosi0:59:00 
12Ilenia Lazzaro1:12:28 


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