Timmerman tops the field in story

Under 23 racer Luke Keough takes second overall

Ryan Timmerman (Richard Sachs-RGM-Radix) proved to be the toughest through the storm in the elite men's race during the opening day of the Downeast Cyclo-cross Weekend.

Unlike the women's race, the men's race was, in fact, a repeat of the weekend in Vermont with Timmerman powering away from the field on the first lap, creating a gap of 15 seconds and never looking back. Behind Timmerman was a serious battle between Luke Keough (Team Champion System) and Derrick St. John (Garneau/Club Chassures/Ogilvy).

Behind them was a powerful group with Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart) and bikereg.com/Joe's Garage/IF riders Jerome Townsend and Justin Lindine.

With two to go, St. John had faded and it seemed that the podium would be sealed but Josh Dillon (Richard Sachs/RGM/Radix) put on a charge of epic proportions, blowing through seemingly comfortable gaps into third position on the road. As Dillon passed Lindine, there was still a minute up the road to Keough, but Dillon was seeing red and closed into within mere bike lengths at the finish with an emphatic third.

The Masters was a race among three giants in the field. Westwood Velo's national champion Roger Aspholm and Corner Cycle's dynamic duo, Johnny Bold and Kevin Hines took off from the gun and left the rest of the field in their wake. Knowing the Corner Cycle riders to be stronger handlers and with the course rapidly deteriorating, Aspholm put the pressure on early in the race and at one point, it looked like he may have had Bold on the verge of falling away.

After his spot of bother, Bold returned with a vengeance, regaining the pair at the front and riding away from Aspholm with his teammate. The last three laps had Bold and Hines matching each other move for move, extending their lead over Aspholm.

At the finish, the pair crossed the line together, hands in the air with Bold crossing first and pulling on the leader’s jersey. Aspholm maintained his third place to keep him in second in the overall standings.

The Under 19 juniors race was quickly sorted out as the Joshua Lehmann show, with the Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving racer riding away from everyone. The chase was led by Jesse Keough (Corner Cycle) and Tommy Goguen (Minuteman Road Club) with Keough dropping Goguen with two to go. When it all finished, Lehmann had over a minute on Keough with Goguen over two and a half minutes back.


Elite / Under 23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs - Rgm Watches - Radix)0:55:36 
2Luke Keough* (Team Champion System)0:00:12 
3Josh Dillon (Richard Sachs - Rgm Watches - Radix)  
4Justin Lindine (Bikereg.com / Joe's Garage / IF)0:01:10 
5Derrick St John (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy)0:01:28 
6Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart)0:02:19 
7Jerome Townsend* (Bikereg.com / Joe's Garage / IF)0:02:49 
8Jake Keough (Team Champion System)0:03:01 
9Gavin Mannion* (Hot Tubes Junior Development Team)0:03:32 
10Ian Brown (River City/Tonicfab.com)  
11Kirt Fitzpatrick (Sexual Camel)0:03:59 
12Todd Wheelden (Kona/OA/Cyclemania)0:05:06 
13Shaun Adamson (Juventus)0:05:43 
14Michael Broderick (Kenda-Seven-Notubes)0:05:51 
15Rickey Visinski (Echappe Equipment Elite Team)0:06:01 
16Nathaniel Ward (Bikereg.com / Joe's Garage / IF)0:06:34 
17Davy Yeater (River City Bicycles)0:07:06 
18John Burns (Bikeman.com)0:07:37 
19David Wilcox (Geekhouse Bikes / Boston Rock Gym)  
20Michael Jenks (Highland Park Hermes P/B Kim's Bike Shop)0:07:50 
21Pete Smith (Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy)0:08:11 
22Zach Adams* (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)0:08:31 
23Nick Keough* (Team Champion System)0:08:51 
24Greg Whitney (Back Bay Bicycles / Espresso Royale Caffe)0:08:43 
25Adam Sullivan (Cycle-Smart / NCC)  
26Matthew Green* (Spooky Bikes)0:09:41 
27Kevin Sweeney (International Bicycle Center)0:10:15 
28Pierre Vanden Borre (Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy)0:10:38 
29Corey Piscopo (Moots)0:11:55 
LappedKevin Wolfson (IF/Lionette's Cycling Team)  
LappedCort Cramer (Svelte Cycles)  
LappedMichael Rea (American Flatbread Cycling P/B GMBC)  
LappedRyan Kelly (Noreast Cycling)  
LappedJames Newton (Minuteman Road Club)  
LappedGreg Montello (IF/Lionette's Cycling Team)  
LappedTom Gosselin (Peak Performance Multisport)  
Junior men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joshua Lehmann (Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving Racing Team)0:40:44 
2Jesse Keough (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)0:01:38 
3Tommy Goguen (Minuteman Road Club)0:02:47 
4Ryan Packard (Quadcycles Junior Team)0:02:59 
5Curtis White (Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team)0:03:51 
6Aaron House (Housatonic Wheel Club)0:05:33 
7Nate Morse (Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team)0:06:55 
8Kellan Humphries (Bikeman.com)0:12:15 
9Ian Moore (Bikeman.com)0:12:47 
Junior men 10-14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Austin Vincent (Clnoonan/Kam/Coast To Coast)0:30:21 
2Peter Goguen (Minuteman Road Club)0:00:28 
3Cooper Willsey (Whites Bikes/GMBC/Catamount)0:08:40 
LappedKevin Goguen (Minuteman Road Club)  
LappedGreg Gunsalus (Team Fuji)  
Cat. 3 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Burbidge (Claremont Cycle Depot)0:41:22 
2Collin Huston (Cl Noonan/Coast To Coast/Kam)  
3R. Michael Mckittrick (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)  
4Cary Fridrich (Embrocation Cycling Journal)  
5Josh Austin (Noreast Cycling)0:00:56 
6Richard Brooks (Nantucket Velo)  
7Christopher Laflamme (Southern Maine Cycling Club)0:01:09 
8Evan Huff (Cycle Smart / NCC)0:01:34 
9Eric Goodson (Boston Road Club)  
10Trevor Eide (Noreast Cycling)0:02:01 
11Colin Rowan (Corner Cycle)  
12Michael Wissell (Back Bay Bicycles/ Espresso Royale Caffe)0:02:13 
13Nicholas Mashburn (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)  
14Chris Haeni (Minuteman Road Club)0:02:37 
15Stephen Wright (Minuteman Road Club)0:03:09 
16John Gibbons (NEBC / Cycle Loft / Devonshire Dental)  
17Ryan Littlefield (Base36/SMCC/Gorham Bike & Ski)  
18Timothy Young (Noreast Cycling)0:03:24 
19Zach Magoon (Bikeman.com)0:03:30 
20Cosmo Catalano (Cyclocosm.com)0:03:36 
21Lee Peters (Watts Up Racing)0:03:55 
22Kyle Smith (Embrocation Cycling Journal)0:04:19 
23Morgan Hiller (Clnoonan/Kam/Coast To Coast)  
24Jeffrey Bramhall (The Geekhouse Factory Squadron Pb Boston Rock Gym)0:04:42 
25Jason Moriarty (Colavita Racing Inc.)  
26Todd Jakubek (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:04:58 
27Christian Eager (Maietta Factory Racing)  
28Ethan Parsons (Joe's Garage)0:05:08 
29Robert Mayer (Cambridge Bicycle Www.Iglebike.com)  
30Gregory Vigneaux (Spin Arts/Gearworks Cyclery)0:05:17 
31Robert Poole (Bikebarnracing.com)0:05:40 
32Gregory Brown (Cape Cod Cycling Club C4)0:06:04 
33Jeff Ziegler (Team Wheelworks)0:06:09 
34Peter Abdu (Claremont Cycle Depot)0:06:15 
35Steven Hopengarten (Team Wheelworks)0:06:25 
36Patrick Cafferky (UVM Cycling)0:06:44 
37Matthew Casserly (BU)0:06:55 
38Jeremy Jo (Team Wheelworks)0:07:05 
39Chuck Nguyen (Bikeman.com)  
40Scott Glowa (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)0:08:29 
41John Menard (Asu Cycling)  
42Patrick Snoop (Verge Sport Test Pilot)0:08:44 
43John Fennel (International Bicycle/Global)0:08:58 
44Mike Zanconato (Zanconato Racing)0:09:45 
45Gary Bavolar (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)  
46Paul Mcmahon (Seaside Cycle / Essex County Velo)0:10:09 
Cat 4 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Duncan Masland (Bowdoin College)0:36:45 
2Paul Magoon (Mathieus P/B Insight Central Maine Cycling)  
3Chris Esposito0:00:36 
4Daniel Homeier (Colby College)0:00:43 
5Jorge Martinez (Boston Triathlon Team)0:02:48 
6Christopher Gendron0:02:55 
7Ian Schon (Boston University)0:03:00 
8George Lowe0:04:30 
9Ben Goss  
10Nathaniel Smith (Linscott Real Estate Racing)0:05:07 
11Robert Morgan (Geekhouse Bikes)0:05:47 
12Louis Montgrain0:06:14 
13Theodore Paul (Hup United)0:06:56 
14Josh Garlich (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)0:07:01 
15Eric Whewell (Comprehensive Racing)0:07:47 
16Alexander Twombly (Bikes Not Bombs)0:08:12 
17David Shedd (SMCC/Base 36)0:10:57 
18Roy Bryant (SMCC / Gorham Bike)0:11:12 
19Liam Somers (Colavata)0:12:18 
LappedGeorge Thompson  
LappedRami El Rayess (Noreast Cycling)  
LappedKarl Geib  
Cat 1-3 Masters 35+ Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonny Bold (Corner Cycle)0:51:20 
2Kevin Hines (Corner Cycle)  
3Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo)0:01:12 
4John Foley (Gary Fisher 29Er Crew/Bicycle Concepts)0:03:05 
5Curtis Boivin (Planet Bike)0:03:26 
6Ryan Rumsey (Bikeman.com)0:03:38 
7Bill Shattuck (Bikebarnracing.com)0:04:01 
8Rob Hult (Gear Works / Spin Arts)0:04:07 
9Jeff Molongoski (Joe,S Garage)0:04:18 
10Steve Proulx (Stevens Racing)0:04:32 
11Jon Bernhard (CCB Racing)0:05:02 
12Aaron Millett (ECV)0:05:15 
13Matthew Myette (Zanconato Racing)  
14Peter Sullivan (Svelte Cycles)0:05:41 
15Todd Burns (Nantucket Velo)0:06:14 
16John Meerse (OA/Cyclemania/Pvc)0:07:38 
17Alan Starrett (Bikeman.com)0:08:23 
18Brant Hornberger (Bikereg.com)0:08:35 
19Robert Kramer (Ridley Factory Team)0:09:56 
20Gary Aspnes (Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.)0:10:33 
21Geoffrey House (Housatonic Wheel Club)0:10:50 
22Frederic Thomas (OA/Cyclemania)0:10:57 
23Brian Quigley (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:11:14 
24Christopher White (B.O.B. Cycling)  
25Carl Ring (NHCC/Team Nh - Seven Cycles)0:11:29 
LappedArt Davis (OA/Cyclemania)  
LappedJerry Chabot (Planet Bike)  
LappedJason Pettengill (Louis Garneau Custom)  
Cat 4 Masters 35+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Burns0:39:48 
2Aron Buterbaugh (OA/Cyclemania)0:00:43 
3James Willsey (GMBC/Catamount)0:00:56 
4Michael Brier (Refunds Now)0:01:08 
5Michael Zimicki0:01:50 
6Keith Kastelic (Team Solo)0:02:26 
7Peter Rhodes (On & Off Rhodes Cycling)0:02:37 
8Mike Golay (SMCC/Gorham Bike)0:02:43 
9Keith Limberg (Noreast Cycling)0:03:06 
10Ron Hines (Quadcycles)  
11Stefan Wawersik (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental)  
12John Witmer (GMBC/Catamount)0:03:57 
13Joe Parent0:04:04 
14Peter Barrett0:04:18 
15Timothy Metzger (Noreast Cycling)0:04:32 
16Daniel Landry (OA/Cyclemania)0:05:10 
17Michael Horrisberger (Linscott Real Estate Racing)0:05:35 
18Fred Delgrosso (Quad Cycle)0:06:08 
19John Sumner0:06:14 
20Sven Cole (Team Bikeman.com)0:07:09 
21Marc D'amour (Maine Cycling Club)0:07:52 
Masters 45+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Gunsalus (Team Fuji Clif Bar)0:47:09 
2Samuel Morse (Corner Cycle)0:01:30 
3John Mosher (Wheel Works)0:01:37 
4Don Seib (Bikeman.com)0:02:52 
5Tim Groesbeck (CCB)0:03:10 
6Paul Nyberg (Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.)0:03:59 
7Anders Larson (Bikeman.com)0:04:42 
8Eric Marro (Bob/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales)0:04:59 
9David Foley (Bob/Stonyfield Farm/Goodales Bike Shops)0:05:41 
10Keith Button (Noreast Cycling)  
11Wayne Barlow (Nh Cycling Club)0:06:23 
12Kevin Callahan (Bicycle Link/Mbrc)0:06:55 
13Paul Weiss (OA/Cyclemania Masters Cycling Team/Portland Velo)0:07:17 
14Charles Bourdages (Noreast Cycling)0:07:42 
15Paul Lynch (Bicyclelink/Mbrc)0:08:07 
16Michael Bradford (Naults Cyclery/Naults.com)0:08:12 
17Christopher Burke (Providence Velo Club/Planet Bike)  
18John Grenier (Team Fuji Fueled By Clif Bar)  
LappedEric Larsson (OA Centers For Orthopaedics/Cyclemaina)  
LappedStuart Boyd (ECV)  
Masters 55+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Sawyer (Gearworks - Spinarts)0:55:20 
2Barry Doubleday (Mass Bay Road Club)0:01:09 
3Gary Passler (Essex County Velo (ECV))0:01:52 
4Dave Beals (Nycross.com / Vo Max / Cbrc)  
5Richard Sachs (Rgm Watches - Richard Sachs - Radix)  
6David Goodwin (Northampton Cycling Club)  
7Terry Cowman (Cyclocrossworld/Plus3Network)  
8Dusty Adams (Mosaicsmalti.com)  
9Garabed Minasian (Bob Cycling/Stoneyfield /Goodales)  
10Jack Chapman (Naults Cyclery/Naults.com)  
11Jim Quinn (The Bicycle Link/Mbrc)  
12Jim Dowling (Maine Cycling Club)  
13David Holmander (Naults Cyclery/Naults.com. (NHCC))  
LappedHerbert Bates (Naults Cyclery/Naults.com)  
LappedDonald Snoop (Vicious Cycles)  
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