Breschel crowned Danish Champion

Saxo Bank works over the competition

Matti Breschel (Team Saxo Bank) won the elite men's 196km Danish National Road Championships in Sønderborg in southern Denmark on Sunday. Breschel and his 12 Saxo Bank teammates were out to defend their team's win by Nicki Sørensen last year.

Breschel was part of a large group that formed early in the race. Also there were his teammates Alex Rasmussen, Frank Høj and André Steensen They managed to stay in the front until 128 kilometres into the race, when the trio of Jens-Erik Madsen (Capinordic), Kasper Schjønnemann (Team Concordia) and Chris Anker Sørensen (Team Saxo Bank) joined them and brought the break's participation up to 32 riders.

Thomas Just (Team Concordia) and René Jørgensen Designa Køkken) escaped off the front of the leaders at 140km, which caused the lead group to splinter. Team Saxo Bank sent several riders to join them and immediately went to the front to drive the pace.

With 26km to go, only ten riders remained in the break - five were Saxo Bank riders. Chris Anker Sørensen, Breschel, Høj and Brian Vandborg (Liquigas) then escaped off the front. With 10km to go, the four men had a 50-second lead, which seemed like it would be enough to hold until the end.

On the final lap, Breschel and Sørensen launched a crucial attack which left Høj alone with Vandborg, who had to chase the Team Saxo Bank duo single-handedly.

On the last hill, Sørensen did what he does best and tried to drop his teammate Breschel, but Breschel hung on for the win and the national title.

1Matti Breschel (Den) Team Saxo Bank4:42:29 
2Chris Sörensen (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:00:04 
3Frank Hoj (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:00:13 
4Brian Vandborg (Den) Liquigas  
5Martin Pedersen (Den) Team Capinordic0:01:48 
6René Joergensen (Den) Team Designa Kokken  
7Nicki Sörensen (Den) Team Saxo Bank0:01:50 
8Alex Rasmussen (Den) Team Saxo Bank  
9Martin Mortensen (Den) Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team0:01:59 
10Christopher Juul Jensen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens0:02:05 
11Philip Nielsen (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling0:02:52 
12Mathias Lisson (Den)0:02:55 
13Allan Johansen (Den) Team Designa Kokken0:03:13 
14Rasmus Guldhammer (Den) Team Capinordic0:03:14 
15Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Team Saxo Bank  
16Lars Ulrich Sörensen (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling0:03:21 
17Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Den) Team Capinordic  
18Michael Morkov (Den) Team Saxo Bank  
19Anders Lund (Den) Team Saxo Bank  
20Troels Ronning Vinther (Den) Team Capinordic0:03:29 
21Daniel Foder (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling0:03:34 
22Jesper Nielsen (Den) Team Stenca Trading0:04:42 
23Christian Ranneries (Den) Team Energi FYN  
24Lars Frydenlund Jensen (Bel)0:04:45 
25Andreas Frisch (Den) Bluewater - Cycling For Health  
26Ricky Jørgensen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens0:04:51 
27Nicolaj Olesen (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling0:04:54 
28Michael Reihs (Den) Team Designa Kokken  
29Morten Brink (Den) Team Designa Kokken  
30Michael Kaiser (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling  
31André Steensen (Den) Team Saxo Bank  
32Niki Ostergaard (Den) Team Capinordic  
33Kaspar Larsen Schjonnemann (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling  
34Michael Johansen (Den) Bluewater - Cycling For Health0:04:58 
35Thomas Guldhammer (Den) Team Capinordic  
36Lars Ytting Bak (Den) Team Saxo Bank  
37Jacob Nielsen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens0:06:46 
38Morten Hoberg (Den) Team Capinordic0:07:36 
39Michael Tronborg Kristensen (Den) Team Designa Kokken  
40Jakob Bering (Den) Team Stenca Trading  
41Soren Petersen (Den) Team Stenca Trading  
42John Ebsen (Den) Team Stenca Trading0:07:53 
43Christian Moberg Jörgensen (Den) Team Energi FYN  
44Jan Almblad (Den) Bluewater - Cycling For Health0:09:11 
45Thomas Just (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling0:09:13 
46Jens-Erik Madsen (Den) Team Capinordic0:10:07 
47Lasse Bochmann (Den) Team Saxo Bank  
48Jacob Frederik Kollerup Jensen (Den) Bluewater - Cycling For Health0:11:14 
49Thomas Vedel Kvist (Den) Quick Step-Innergetic0:12:06 
50Thomas Riber Sellebjerg (Den) Team Capinordic0:12:11 
51Nikola Aistrup (Den) Team Capinordic0:13:28 
52Rasmus Christian Quaade (Den) Bluewater - Cycling For Health0:13:46 
53Michael Berling (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens0:18:40 
54Kasper Linde Jorgensen (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens0:18:42 
55Daniel Vest Stenkjaer (Den)  
56Daniel Vestergård (Den) Team Stenca Trading0:19:16 
57Kasper Jebjerg (Den) Team Designa Kokken0:19:17 
58Michael Larsen (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling  
59Simon Lerbech Jensen (Den) Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling  
60Mads Meyer (Den) Team Energi FYN  
61Jesper Morkov (Den) Team Energi FYN  
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