Nimke claims fourth kilo world title

D'Almeida back by half a second for silver, Van Velthooven gets bronze

Stefan Nimke (Germany) claimed the world title in the kilo for the fourth time, stopping the clock in a time of 0:01:00.082.

Nimke, 34, was last man out of the gate and was nearly half a second faster than the silver medalist Mickael D'Almeida of France. New Zealander Simon van Velthooven was 0:01:00.543 third.

The German won his first world title in the event in 2003 in Stuttgart, and then again in 2009 Pruszków and at last year's titles in Apeldoorn. It was the third time that D'Almeida has finished runner-up in the event (2008, 2010).

"It means an enormous amount to me because this is my last world championship in the sprint discipline, maybe even for my general sporting career, you never know what's to come, but I've been saying after the Olympics I'll stop with sprint. Hence this will be my last appearance in the world championship," Nimke said.

"In that respect, it's a golden finish beating my own personal record, setting new German record, world champ title.

"I started my career here in Australia in ‘97 in Perth as third in 1000m, and today I'll end my sprint career at the world champs, again in Australia, again in the 1000m sprint, and this time as number one."

Full Results
1Stefan Nimke (Germany)0:01:00.082 
2Michael D'Almeida (France)0:01:00.509 
3Simon Van Velthooven (New Zealand)0:01:00.543 
4Francois Pervis (France)0:01:01.106 
5Teun Mulder (Netherlands)0:01:01.365 
6Quentin Lafargue (France)0:01:02.009 
7Joachim Eilers (Germany)0:01:02.119 
8Hugo Haak (Netherlands)0:01:02.162 
9James Glasspool (Australia)0:01:02.165 
10Steven Burke (Great Britain)0:01:02.180 
11Miao Zhang (People's Republic of China)0:01:02.203 
12Yudai Nitta (Japan)0:01:02.623 
13Juan Peralta Gascon (Spain)0:01:02.704 
14Bernard Esterhuizen (South Africa)0:01:02.915 
15Kamil Kuczynski (Poland)0:01:02.930 
16Adrian Teklinski (Poland)0:01:03.468 
17Filip Ditzel (Czech Republic)0:01:03.525 
18Puerta Zapata Fabian Hernando (Colombia)0:01:03.554 
19Lucas Liß (Germany)0:01:04.216 
20Qi Tang (People's Republic of China)0:01:04.354 
21Francesco Ceci (Italy)0:01:04.557 
22Alex Frame (New Zealand)0:01:04.794 
23Muhammad Edrus Md Yunos (Malaysia)0:01:05.280 
24Alexander Quincy (Trinidad and Tobago)0:01:05.850 
25Angel Ramiro Pulgar Araujo (Venezuela)0:01:06.333 
26Ho Ting Kwok (Hong Kong, China)0:01:06.924 
DNSSeiichiro Nakagawa (Japan)  

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