Rochette wins Canadian 'cross title

Ruby West wins U23 championship

Maghalie Rochette (CX Fever Specialized) won her second title in less than a week, when she took the Canadian Elite women's cyclo-cross championship on Saturday, in Peterborough, Ontario, after previously winning the Pan American title.

After snow and rain the previous day, riders woke to sun and bitterly cold winds on race day, taking the windchill value to -8C, with blowing snow squalls thrown in for good measure.

"It was cold out there," agreed Rochette, "but it was perfect for the Canadian national championships. It is a challenge riding in the cold - it's difficult for the breathing and you tighten up ... you just have to keep pushing hard because that is the only thing that will warm you up. The track was muddy, but it was so cold that it was starting to freeze; some turns were slippery mud, some were icy ... it was a challenge all race."

Rochette took the lead in the first kilometre and never looked back, eventually winning by over a minute. Behind, mountain bikers Jenn Jackson (AWI Racing p/b The Crank and Sprocket) and Sandra Walter (Liv Cycling Canada) battled for silver all race, with Jackson eventually pulling clear in the final lap.

Elite Women Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Maghalie Rochette (Can)0:45:48 
2Jenn Jackson (Can)0:01:34 
3Sandra Walter (Can)0:01:45 
4Catharine Pendrel (Can)0:02:17 
5Mical Dyck (Can)0:04:35 
6Jasmin Duehring (Can)0:04:49 
7Natasha Elliott (Can)0:04:50 
8Haley Smith (Can)0:06:09 
9Natascha Piciga (Can)0:06:18 
10Siobhan Kelly (Can)0:07:54 
11Helena Coney (Can)  
12Shantel Koenig (Can)  
13Alana Heise (Can)  
14Anna Schappert (Can)  
15Jodi Wendland (Can)  
16Emily Flynn (Can)  
17Jill Messier (Can)  
18Jenny Leblanc (Can)  
19Nicola Coles (Can)  
DNSCarolyn Smith (Can)  
DNSEvelyn Sifton (Can)  

U23 Women Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruby West (Can)0:38:41 
2Dana Gilligan (Can)0:01:37 
3Laurie Arseneault (Can)0:01:47 
4Sidney Mcgill (Can)0:01:59 
5Magdeleine Vallieres Mill (Can)0:02:12 
6Emilly Johnston (Can)0:02:41 
7Nicole Bradbury (Can)0:04:07 
8Holly Henry (Can)0:04:20 
9Maude Plouffe (Can)0:04:30 
10Kelly Lawson (Can)0:04:58 
11Katelyn Walcroft (Can)0:06:17 
12Mireille Larose Gingras (Can)0:06:57 
13Kaitlyn Shikaze (Can)0:07:35 
14Juliann Vanderhaegen (USA)0:08:30 
15Elizabeth Archbold (Can)0:10:14 
16Claire Steciuk (Can)  
17Carys Reid (Can)  
18Elizabeth Gin (Can)  
DNFTara Black (Can)  
DNSErica Leonard (Can)  
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