Wallace wins final Canada Cup downhill round

Uyesugi descends to women's victory

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Wallace (Can)0:03:15.16 
2Remi Gauvin (Can)0:00:02.28 
3Forrest Riesco (Can)0:00:05.45 
4Mckay Vezina (Can)0:00:06.72 
5Adriano Digiacinto (Can)0:00:07.19 
6Nick Geddes (Can)0:00:07.38 
7Dean Tennant (Can)0:00:07.82 
8Jamie Biluk (Can)0:00:08.06 
9Zander Geddes (Can)0:00:09.09 
10Lee Jackson (Can)0:00:09.70 
11Jeffery Bryson (Can)0:00:09.98 
12Bryden Rigets (Can)0:00:10.11 
13Robert Venables (Can)0:00:10.82 
14Stuart Dickson (Can)0:00:11.52 
15Ken Faubert (Can)0:00:11.62 
16Matthew Nielsen (Can)0:00:11.71 
17Lachlan Mckillop (Aus)0:00:14.78 
18Kirk Mcdowall (Can)0:00:15.06 
19Anthony Evans (Can)0:00:15.65 
20Jordan Hodder (Can)0:00:16.55 
21Spencer Graf (Can)0:00:17.11 
22Regan Hogelie (Can)0:00:17.47 
23Ryan Schepf (Can)0:00:18.13 
24Bas Van Steenbergen (Can)0:00:18.17 
25Cody Ratte (Can)0:00:18.23 
26Daniel Banks (Can)0:00:18.53 
27Chris Barlin (Aus)0:00:19.09 
28Branden Ostoforoff (Can)0:00:19.35 
29Ben Porteous (Can)0:00:19.61 
30Grant Lestock-Kay (Can)0:00:20.12 
31Mike Trickett (Can)0:00:21.17 
32Dexter Robson (Can)0:00:22.15 
33Braeden Onciul (Can)0:00:23.07 
34Cameron Storcheski (Can)0:00:26.02 
35Jonathan Widen (USA)0:00:26.03 
36Jordan Bromley (Can)0:00:26.87 
37Jake Grob (USA)0:00:27.81 
38David Tronnes (Can)0:00:27.89 
39Andre Volard (Can)0:00:28.09 
40Benjamin Yeager (Can)0:00:28.63 
41Justin Dale (Can)0:00:35.92 
42Neil Mcginnis (Can)0:00:37.06 
43Philippe Ricard (Can)0:00:37.19 
44Nick Chappell-Moss (Can)0:00:40.24 
45Trevor Leblanc (Can)0:00:42.71 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Danice Uyesugi (Can)0:03:51.43 
2Kristen Courtney (Can)0:00:02.30 
3Miranda Miller (Can)0:00:02.32 
4Vaea Verbeeck (Can)0:00:08.28 
5Jaime Hill (Can)0:00:08.47 
6Jaime Rees (USA)0:00:15.04 
7Katherine Short (Can)0:00:20.43 
8Lindsay Trimble (Can)0:00:28.05 
9Diane Mccullagh (Can)0:01:32.95 
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