Smith speeds to downhill victory

Laplante wins women's race


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steve Smith (Can)0:04:00.11 
2Tyler Morland (Can)0:00:01.87 
3Dean Tennant (Can)0:00:02.66 
4Matthew Beer (Can)0:00:03.11 
5Kyle Marshall (Can)0:00:06.93 
6Hans Lambert (Can)0:00:07.66 
7Andy Thibodeau (Can)0:00:08.34 
8Franck Kirscher (Fra)0:00:08.87 
9Jamie Biluk (Can)0:00:08.93 
10Tyler Gnitt (Can)0:00:09.06 
11Nicholas Geddes (Can)0:00:09.75 
12Rob Fraser (Can)0:00:10.42 
13Gavin Vaughan (USA)0:00:11.06 
14Benoit Rioux (Can)0:00:11.29 
15Tyler Allison (Can)0:00:11.91 
16Charles-Alexandre Dube (Can)0:00:13.12 
17Kenny Smith (Can)0:00:14.17 
18Stéphane Mailhot (Can)0:00:15.06 
19Félix Groizard (Fra)0:00:16.71 
20Yann Gauvin (Can)0:00:16.76 
21Dominick Menard (Can)0:00:16.86 
22Olivier Laprade (Can)0:00:16.97 
23Remi Gauvin (Can)0:00:17.13 
24Jeffery Bryson (Can)0:00:18.06 
25Alan Crisp (Aus)0:00:18.46 
26Guillaume Labrie (Can)0:00:18.48 
27Samuel Lagrange (Can)0:00:19.32 
28Max Horner (Can)0:00:19.76 
29Sidney Slotegraaf (Can)0:00:19.79 
30Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Can)0:00:19.90 
31Jonathan Allard (Can)0:00:20.62 
32William Viens (Can)0:00:20.88 
33Marc Poirier (Can)0:00:21.14 
34Harold Woolnough (Can)0:00:22.16 
35Vincent Poliseno (Can)0:00:23.12 
36Dylan Morley (Can)0:00:23.35 
37Kyle Sangers (Can)0:00:23.42 
38Luke Stevens (Can)0:00:24.16 
39Matt Zdriluk (Can)0:00:25.36 
40Caleb Cambern (USA)0:00:25.53 
41Brad Zdriluk (Can)0:00:26.32 
42Christian Pradella (Can)0:00:26.71 
43Robert Venables (Can)0:00:27.10 
44James Jeannet-Chipman (Can)0:00:27.86 
45Chayse Marshall (Can)0:00:28.14 
46Benoit Labelle (Can)0:00:28.83 
47Joey Jenkins (Can)0:00:28.90 
48Simon Poirier-Giroux (Can)0:00:29.00 
49Justin Brown (Can)0:00:29.25 
50Mathieu Lagrange (Can)0:00:29.48 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anne Laplante (Can)0:05:10.35 
2Lauren Rosser (Can)0:00:01.48 
3Rebecca Mcqueen (Can)0:00:08.62 
4Vaea Verbeek (Can)0:00:10.91 
5Lisa-Marie Lacroix (Can)0:00:21.42 
6Kristen Smart (Can)0:00:23.34 
7Claudia Paquin (Can)0:00:45.58 
8Alexandra Lacroix (Can)0:00:56.75 
9Terri Howard (Can)0:00:59.41 
10Veronique Desjardins (Can)0:01:22.60 
11Valerie Goyette (Can)0:01:38.24 
12Maxime Bergeron (Can)0:02:00.56 
DNSEmily Fisher (Can)  
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