Gagne and Sin win cross country

Bromont hosts lastest round of Canada Cup

Elite men
1Raphael Gagne (Can)1:53:52 
2Andrew Watson (Can)0:01:03 
3Matthew Hadley (Can)0:04:51 
4Peter Glassford (Can)0:05:36 
5Julien Fillion (Can)0:06:24 
6Derek Zandstra (Can)0:07:32 
7Stefan Widmer (Can)0:07:34 
8Cody Canning (Can)0:07:40 
9Mark Leisham (NZl)0:08:32 
10Adam Morka (Can)0:09:24 
11Andrew Blair (Aus)0:10:56 
12Benoit Simard (Can)0:11:03 
13Daniel Sessford (Can)0:11:18 
14Craig Richey (Can)0:11:41 
15Kyle Douglas (Can)0:13:18 
16Olivier Bordeleau (Can)0:16:11 
17Steve Caillé (Can)0:16:24 
18Thomas Skinner (Can)0:16:49 
19Brian Bain (Can)0:19:06 
20Jonathan Boucher (Can)0:20:26 
21Sébastien Cadieux-Duval (Can)0:20:36 
22Félix Cote (Can)0:21:35 
23Ryan Atkins (Can)0:22:28 
24Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can)0:22:40 
25Gino Ricci (Can)0:22:44 
26Shane Hollingshead (Can)0:23:25 
27Charles Blanchette-Lévesque (Can)0:24:22 
28Frédéric Forgues-Lapointe (Can)0:26:28 
29Justin Middleton (Can)0:26:54 
30Pierre-Louis Chamberland (Can)  
31Mathieu Bélanger Barrette (Can)0:27:53 
32Zachary Hughes (Can)0:28:50 
33Luc Dairon (Can)0:29:15 
34Simon Marchand (Can)0:30:34 
35Mathieu Boily-Tremblay (Can)0:31:54 
36Neil Schiemann (Can)0:33:34 
37Pierre-Yves Nadeau (Can)0:34:48 
38Pascal Dumaresq (Can)0:37:14 
39François-Charles Dumas (Can)0:40:07 
40Imad Elghazal (Lib)0:40:21 
41Patrick Mimeault (Can)0:42:58 
DNFLuc Boily (Can)  
DNFSimon Lalancette (Can)  
DNFMark Batty (Can)  
DNFJacob Mcclelland (Can)  
DNFFrancis Morin (Can)  
DNFHaydn Boucher (Can)  
DNFZach Winn (Can)  
DNFGuy Vankrimpen (Can)  
DNFNicolas Maltais (Can)  
DNFMarc-Andre Daigle (Can)  
DNFSimon Happy (Can)  
DNFJerome Samson (Can)  
DNFCameron Jette (Can)  
DNFLeni Trudel (Can)  
DNFEric Batty (Can)  
DNFOlivier Robidoux (Can)  
DNFLouis-Rémy Marier (Can)  
DNFMatthew Paziuk (Can)  
DNFVincent Meunier (Can)  
Elite women
1Amanda Sin (Can)1:52:18 
2Nicola Leary (NZl)0:11:54 
3Caroline Villeneuve (Can)0:11:56 
4Josiane Mathieu (Can)0:13:22 
5Joanna Harrington (Aus)0:15:00 
6Kathleen Villeneuve (Can)0:15:34 
7Cindy Montambault (Can)0:17:03 
8Stéphanie Lacoursière (Can)0:19:40 
9Marie-Claude Surprenant (Can)0:21:00 
10Marie Allaire (Can)0:21:34 
11Catherine Vipond (Can)0:26:55 
12Joanna Wall (Aus)0:27:23 
13Cassandre Olivier-Lapierre (Can)0:36:30 
14Therese Rhodes (Aus)0:39:34 
DNFAndréanne Pichette (Can)  
DNFMikaela Kofman (Can)  
DNFKelly Hall (Can)  
DNFRebecca Beaumont (Can)  
DNFKarine Travaillaud (Can)  
DNFSarah Moore (Can)  
DSQMarie-Helene Premont (Can)  
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