Lakata takes third national title

Schachl wins women's race

Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon) defended his marathon title at the Austrian National Championships this weekend. Lakata beat Heinz Verbnjak and Jakob Nimpf. Monika Schachl won the women's title ahead of Maria Osl and Nina Duftner.

The national championships event was run in conjunction with the KitzAlp Bike event in Kirschberg.

Lakata started the 88km race with 3,800m of climbing on the offensive at the front.

"I wanted to make it clear that I intended to retain the title," he said after his win. "I wanted to ensure that should I have a mechanical, there would be a time cushion there to help me."

Lakata, 31, competed the three laps in 4:15:28. He led from start to finish and had a 15:47 advantage on the second placed Verbnjak and the third placed Nimpf.

"I am very happy. For the third time in my career, I have won the national title. It is an amazing feeling. It wasn't an easy race, but everything worked perfectly for me, the bike, my preparation... everything. It was a great day!"

Elite men
1Alban Lakata (Aut)4:15:28 
2Heinz Verbnjak (Aut)0:15:48 
3Jakob Nimpf (Aut)0:16:42 
4Silvio Wieltschnig (Aut)0:24:14 
5Michael Binder (Aut)0:33:19 
6Martin Kellermann (Aut)0:33:21 
7Bernd Tauderer (Aut)0:36:09 
8Armin Neurauter (Aut)0:40:32 
9Daniel Geismayer (Aut)0:42:49 
10Johannes Holas (Aut)0:46:04 
11Andreas Gatterer (Aut)0:49:35 
12Gerhard Kaufmann (Aut)0:50:04 
13Thomas Schaberreiter (Aut)0:55:11 
14Karl Schaberreiter (Aut)0:58:18 
15Gerald Bauer (Aut)1:03:54 
16Jürgen Kaindl (Aut)1:10:37 
17Andreas Kirchberger (Aut)1:11:15 
18Johannes Reiser (Aut)1:14:19 
19Ingmar Birchenfrid (Aut)1:45:12 
20Andy Aufschnaiter (Can)2:17:39 
DNFPeter Unterwaditzer (Aut)  
DNFThomas Strobl (Aut)  
DNFJörg Randl (Aut)  
DNFRichard Zinthauer (Aut)  
DNFEduard Trausmuller (Aut)  
DNFChristian Müller (Aut)  
DNFGuido Thaler (Aut)  
DNFKarl Markt (Aut)  
DNFHubert Ellinger (Aut)  
DNFDaniel Fankhauser (Aut)  
DNFFrederick Thoni (Aut)  
DNFDaniel Rubisoier (Aut)  
DSQGeorg Koch (Aut)  
Elite women
1Monika Schachl (Aut)5:33:44 
2Maria Osl (Aut)0:14:09 
3Nina Duftner (Aut)0:21:10 
4Ruth Hagen (Aut)0:36:39 
5Verena Krenslehner (Aut)0:44:19 
6Beate Hauser (Aut)0:45:46 
7Lisi Untorbuchschachnor (Aut)0:46:34 
8Theresia Kellermayr (Aut)0:48:11 
9Nora Bernhard (Aut)1:24:02 
DNFStephanie Wiedner (Aut)  
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