Dyball takes U23 title

Haas and Lewis round out podium

Ben Dyball claimed the biggest win of his career, soloing 9 kilometres to take the Australian under-23 green and gold jersey in Buninyong. The 21-year-old won by 400m ahead of Nathan Haas (Genesys Wealth Advisers) and Jo Lewis (Trek-Livestrong)

"I couldn't believe I won," Dyball said after the race. "When we started to spray the champagne, that's when the feeling stuck in."

On the first lap of twelve, a group of twelve broke free from the peloton. They were; Phillip Grenfell, Aaron Donnelly, Stephen Hall, Alex Carver, Kane Walker, Ben Grenda, Kevin Hawes, Scott Law, Nick Aitken, Geoff Straub, Adiq Othman and Sean Boyle. Over the next two laps, their advantage increased to in excess of five minutes.

Dean Windsor, Jackson Wardrop and Craig Hutton broke free from the peloton to try and bridge to the leaders, but with a two minute deficit, the trio found it hard. Brodie Talbot then launched an attack from the peloton to catch that group, but was unsuccessful in his attempt.

Over the next couple laps, the peloton edged closer to the breakaway and with 40km to go, the advantage was just one minute and forty-five seconds. Straub could sense the break was going to be caught and he attacked to get some valuable king of the mountain points to secure that jersey. He was off the front for a lap and the break group shattered featuring only Grenda, Aitken, Walker and Othman.

Grenda, the under-23 criterium winner, kept attacking that group to try and break free but despite his best efforts, he was brought back every time. On the bell lap, the break was caught and with Jayco AIS leading the reduced peloton.

It was there that Dyball made his move, attacking at the feed station on the climb.

He increased that advantage out to fifteen seconds as the peloton split up. Over the next 4km, he moved that advantage out to over twenty seconds and in the last 5km held it. The chase group tried their best to catch him, but heading into the final straight, he had approximately a four hundred metre advantage and cruised to the line. Haas sprinted out of the group to take second with Lewis settling for third.

Dyball was ecstatic taking victory and hopes it will now open up doors as he develops his career.

"Hopefully this win takes me somewhere and gives me more opportunities. It's going to be great wearing this jersey in Europe."

"On the last lap all I was thinking was I wanted to get to the end without getting caught. I never thought I had the win until the end. I started to cramp in the final hundred metres," he said.

Nathan Haas and Jo Lewis (both 21) rounded out the podium.

"I think this was a really good result for me. Getting a second place today is a good sign ahead of the time trial and I'm going to go into that race on Tuesday with confidence," Haas said.

Jo Lewis wanted to win the race, but regards third place as a good result.

"I'm a bit disappointed, but to come third place in the national championships is quite a good result. I came here to win but it didn't end up like that," Lewis described.

Twenty-one year old Geoff Straub was the king of the mountains winner and twenty year-old Sean Boyle claimed the sprint jersey.



#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Dyball (Caravello CC)3:22:05 
2Nathan Haas (Vikings Cycling Club ACT)0:00:15 
3Joseph Lewis (Kooragang Open CC)  
4Rohan Dennis (Adelaide CC)  
5Thomas Palmer (Canberra Cycling Club)  
6Adam Semple (Melville Fremantle CC)  
7Stuart Smith (Leongatha Cycling Club Inc)  
8Patrick Lane (Carnegie Caulfield CC)  
9Luke Durbridge (Midland CC)  
10Paul Van Der Ploeg (Team Mount Beauty)0:00:49 
11Malcolm Rudolph (Fraser Coast Cycling Inc. )0:00:59 
12Jay McCarthy (Fraser Coast Cycling Inc. )  
13Ben Grenda (Launceston City CC)  
14Sean Boyle (Adelaide CC)  
15Dale Parker (Central Districts C.C. )  
16Adiq Othman (Malaysia)  
17Luke Fetch (Mornington Cycling Club)  
18Joshua Prete (Tableland Cycle Sports)  
19Reuben Donati (Byron Bay CC)  
20Lachlan Morton (Port Macquarie Cycling Club)  
21Eric Sheppard (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:04:06 
22Geoff Straub Armidale CC)0:04:42 
23Matthew Benson (Riverland C.C. )0:04:56 
24Cameron Bayly (Norwood C.C. )  
25Brian McLeod (Rockhampton Cycle Club)0:05:04 
26Sam Davis (Atomic Brooks Cycle Club)  
27James Hepburn (BCRI)  
28Brodie Talbot (Macarthur Collegians CC)  
29Nathan Elliott (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)  
30Peter Braunsteins (Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club)  
31Benjamin Hill (Canberra Cycling Club)  
32Jamie Lacey (Toowoomba Cycling Club Inc)  
33Clay Murfet (Launceston City CC)  
34Oliver Kent-Spark (Geelong Cycle Club)0:09:27 
35James Boal (Wangaratta Cycling Club Inc)  
36Sean Evangelista (Gold Coast Goldstars C C)0:09:56 
37Timothy Cameron (Vikings Cycling Club ACT)0:10:48 
38Alex Wohler (Gold Coast Goldstars C C)0:11:42 
39Phillip Grenfell (Randwick Botany)0:12:52 
40Kane Walker (Warragul Cycling Club Inc)  
41Scott McPhee (Central Districts C.C. )0:13:30 
42Mitchell Codner (St George CC)  
43Shannon O'Brien (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:14:09 
44Dylan Wallis (Norwood C.C. )0:14:48 
45Luca Giacomin (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)  
46James Mowatt (Carnegie Caulfield CC)0:15:09 
47Justin Vanstone (Balmoral Cycle Club)  
48Lachlan Ambrose (Central Districts C.C. )  
49Ben Cutajar (Gold Coast CATS Cycling Club)  
50Trent Morey (Carnegie Caulfield CC)  
51Craig Hutton (Bathurst CC)  
52David Abraham (Launceston City CC)  
53James Herd (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)  
54Stuart Mulhern (Dutton Cycles R R)  
55Danny Pulbrook (Hobart Wheelers)  
56Jonathan Lovelock (Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club)  
57Harry Rassie (Footscray Cycling Club Inc)  
58Stephen Bomball (Vikings Cycling Club ACT)  
59Benjamin Duncan (Lifecycle Cycling Club)  
60Jackson Wardrop (Gold Coast Goldstars C C)0:16:28 
61Samuel Beveridge (Latrobe City Cycling Club)  
DNFScott Cronly-Dillon (Manly Warringah CC)  
DNFMichael Hepburn (Ipswich C C)  
DNFAdam Phelan (Canberra Cycling Club)  
DNFNick Aitken (Leongatha Cycling Club Inc)  
DNFMichael Baker (MTBA)  
DNFDamien Howson (Central Districts C.C. )  
DNFAaron Donnelly (Illawarra CC)  
DNFThomas Robinson (Launceston City CC)  
DNFSamuel Spokes (Tamworth CC)  
DNFRhys Gillett (Ballarat-Sebastapol CC)  
DNFMichael Freiberg (Midland CC)  
DNFBrendan J Cole (Parramatta CC)  
DNFAndrew Christie (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)  
DNFNicholas Dougall (Ffast Cycle Club)  
DNFBrenton Jones (Warragul Cycling Club Inc)  
DNFLuke Knox (Bendigo & District CC)  
DNFFergus MacLachlan (Carnegie Caulfield CC)  
DNFCampbell Flakemore (Hobart Wheelers)  
DNFDaniel O'Keefe (Parramatta CC)  
DNFDavid Hampton (Macarthur Collegians CC)  
DNFEtienne Blumstein-Jones (Canberra Cycling Club)  
DNFKyle Bridgwood (Townsville Cycle Club)  
DNFMitch Brogden (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)  
DNFTrent Carman (Logan City Cycling Club)  
DNFAlex Carver (Lidcombe Auburn CC)  
DNFJames Crafter (Ballarat/Sebastopol C C)  
DNFJamie Crass (Bendigo & District CC)  
DNFLouis Evangelista (Gold Coast Goldstars C C)  
DNFAaron Eynaud (Blackburn Cycling Club Inc)  
DNFCallum Fagg (Hobart Wheelers)  
DNFJoel Finucane (Canberra Cycling Club)  
DNFLewis Fulcher (Horsham CC)  
DNFStephen Hall (Track Cycling W.A. )  
DNFJulian Hamill (Eastern Suburbs CC)  
DNFKevin Hawes (Port Macquarie Cycling Club)  
DNFChristopher Jehu (Colac Cycling Club Inc)  
DNFThomas Koep (Germany)  
DNFRichard Lang (Lidcombe Auburn CC)  
DNFScott Law (Illawarra Cycling Club)  
DNFAlastair Loutit (Canberra Cycling Club)  
DNFRyan MacAnally (Gold Coast Goldstars CC)  
DNFJason Moore (Norwood C.C. )  
DNFChristopher Pescott (Footscray Cycling Club)  
DNFMichael Phelan (Canberra Cycling Club)  
DNFJames Quinton (Vikings Cycling Club)  
DNFStephen Rackham (St Kilda Cycling Club Inc)  
DNFDean Sanfilippo (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)  
DNFDale Scarfe (Central Coast CC)  
DNFClive Silcock (Ballarat/Sebastopol CC)  
DNFJoel Stearnes (Launceston City CC)  
DNFJoshua Taylor (Kooragang Open CC)  
DNFMatthew Williams (Balmoral Cycle Club)  
DNFBlair Windsor (Bathurst CC)  
DNFPeter Loft (Launceston City CC)  
DNFJames Szollosi (Logan City Cycling Club)  
DNSRobert Heideman (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)  
DNSCameron Ivory (Hunter District CC)  
DNSLewis Rattray (MTBA)  
DNSJames Rendall (Albury-Wodonga CC)  

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