Bourque wins women's downhill

Mulally fastest man

New York's Whiteface Mountain lived up to its billing as a wild ride this past weekend. The Whiteface 5K featured a lot of rocks and even more roll as 202 competitors in 19 classes attempted to become one of the few to crack the eight-minute barrier racing down the mountain. With the downhill portion of the Gravity East weekend also counted as the final event of USA Cycling's new Pro Gravity Tour national series, an east vs. the nation was expected but never materialized as the home field advantage saw Gravity East regulars on top of the podium.

On Sunday, things got more serious as both the speed and the consequences for failure increased significantly. Whiteface served as the eighth round of the 11-race Gravity East Series. It's also the longest downhill course in the east, and one of the longest and fastest in North America. With the inaugural Pro Gravity Tour title also on the line, it was 'game on' from the start of the day. The pro seeding runs saw New York veteran World Legend Jurgen Beneke (unattached) run an 8:18 to take the first seed ahead of Dave Trumpore (Evil Bikes) and Neko Mulally (Specialized Team America).

It was a beautiful day with sunshine and cool, autumn-like, temperatures. Throughout open practice, it was clear that the track was getting consistently better, and faster. Giant Bicycles had planned to give a bonus to fastest rider through Whiteface's infamous speed trap. Unfortunately, the speed gun broke down, causing officials to change plans and award the $200 to the best amateur time - and make just about everybody ask the question, "Why don't speed guns ever break down when they’re pointed at my car?"

Compounding the ignominy was that the bonus was won by a rider who isn't even close to being old enough to get a speeding ticket. Fourteen-year old Gravity East regular Richard Rude Jr. (Santa Cruz Allride) had people shaking their heads in disbelief when he came down the mountain with a time of 8:17.80, two-tenths quicker than Jurgen Beneke's pole-winning pro seeding run. When the dust had settled at the end of the day, it was realized that Rude's time would have placed Richard in 10th in the men's pro field and was quick enough to win his class by over 48 seconds.

First in the hot seat for the pros was none other than the consummate Pro Gavin Vaughan (Sinister Snowfire) with a time of 8:19. Vaughn sat in the hot seat awhile before some astounding times sent him back to the pits. First to break the eight-minute mark was Jason Memmelaar (Hayes/Manitou/SunRig) with a 7:58. Memmelaar's time was quickly smashed by Jurgen Beneke's 7:52.

Then Gerrit Beytagh (Morewood Bikes) clocked an amazing time of 7:50. Finally, as all eyes watched the mountain, Neko Mulally came in with a record time of 7:48.15 to win the US$2,000 dollar first-place portion of the men's pro purse.

Series leader Chris Heath(Manitou/Hayes) from Colorado was the fastest of the visiting ProGRT riders. He grabbed sixth to clinch the overall for the men's ProGRT champion's.

Women's race

In the pro women's race, the first to sit in the hot seat was Massachusetts native and well-known northeast pro Karen Eagan (Sam Adams Brewery). Eagan held on to the hot seat as rider after rider was unable to eclipse her time of 10:05.50.

She stayed there until top seed Dawn Bourque (Rhino BikeWorks) of New Hampshire blew away the competition with a 9:41.29 to capture the win and the US$500 women's first prize. Jennifer Wolf (Vixen Racing) was the only ProGRT series regular to show for the women's race. Unofficially, Wolf scored enough points to take over the runner-up position in the final ProGRT standings as Darian Harvey had already clinched the season title following her win at Windham Mountain. Final points are still being calculated for the ProGRT women's series.

Going chainless

Following the official race, 39 riders got "pumped" and went back to the top for the chainless race. Some took the race more seriously than others; Richie Rude showed up at the start with two none-drive side crankarms, eliminating his chainring and bashguard. For the second year in a row, the win was grabbed by none other than Moorewood Bikes own Gerrit Beytagh. Beytagh grabbed the win with a time of 8:03.73, smashing second place finisher Jurgen Beneke's time of 8:24.72. Rounding out the top three was Heikki Hall with an 8:30.03.

Next Gravity East round

The next Gravity East weekend will take place at Blue Mountain Resort in Danielsville, Pennsylvania, on September 26 and 27. The double-header weekend will feature not only the Gravity East Downhill, but also a round of the Gravity East Dual Slalom series on the Neko Mulally-designed slalom course at Blue Mountain.

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dawn Bourque (Rhino Bike Works)0:09:41.29 
2Karen Eagan (Sam Adams)0:00:24.21 
3Alexandra Lacroix (MTB)0:02:54.21 
4Jennifer Wolf (Vixen Racing)0:02:54.96 
5Stephanie Gobernat (Cutters Bike Shop)0:02:55.24 
Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neko Mulally0:07:48.15 
2Geritt Beytagh (Morewood Bikes)0:00:02.70 
3Jurgen Beneke0:00:03.95 
4Jason Memmelaar (Hayes/Manitou)0:00:10.13 
5Heikki Hall (e13)0:00:15.26 
6Chris Heath (Manitou/Hayes)0:00:15.61 
7Ivan Alejandro (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:20.79 
8Benjamin Moody (Rhino BIke Works)0:00:25.58 
9Gavin Vaughan (Sinister Snowfire)0:00:26.51 
10Yann Gauvin (MTB)0:00:31.52 
11Logan Binggeli (KHS Bicylces)0:00:34.45 
12Naish Ulmer (KHS Factory Spyoptic)0:00:35.20 
13Lars Tribus (Chumba/RockShox)0:00:36.78 
14Zachary Faulkner (Drummer/Evil)0:00:39.09 
15Samuel Mellen (Live Free or Die)0:00:48.35 
16Daniel Sims (Team E-Brake)0:00:50.39 
17Kyle Sangers (J & J)0:00:51.07 
18Tim Howland (Cannondale Factory)0:00:51.97 
19Vincent Tremblay (Divinci/Lessard Bike)0:01:00.68 
20Matty Komar (Morewood Bikes)0:01:05.13 
21James Jeannet-Chipman (Transcend Orange)0:01:18.58 
22Chris Higgerson (Voncoopery)0:01:18.96 
23Kevin Green0:01:33.37 
24Bryan Willis (Wachusett Brewery)0:01:36.84 
25Erik Gosselin (Team Drop)0:01:39.55 
26Sam Adams0:02:00.18 
27Justin Beers0:02:00.37 
28Taylor Rowlands0:02:12.52 
29Thomas Bubier0:02:36.55 
30Andrew Bressem (New England Bikes)0:02:43.43 
31Tom Kakamousias (Silent Divinci Racin)0:03:29.75 
32Paul Adams (Team Drop)0:05:50.05 
DNFQuinton Spaulding (KHS Bicycles)  
DNFMaxime Fortin Faubert (FH Racing)  
DNFBert Boyce (Sam Adams)  
DNFBrian Piper (e13)  
DNFJeffrey Cayley  
DNFLuke Snyder (Scott/Voncooper)  
DNFJames Rennie (Team E-Brake)  
DNFMatt Zdriluk  
DNFDavid Trumpore (Evil Bikes)  
Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joshua Miller0:16:50.21 
Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Becky Gardner (Beacon Bombers)0:14:29.73 
2Susan Del Pino (iRide/Oakley)0:00:18.79 
3Stacy Beneke (Old Worl Plastic)0:03:13.51 
4Kristine Koch (661/Spy/Fluid/SDG)0:31:43.52 
DNFVicki Koch  
Cat. 1 Junior men 14 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Bodycoat0:14:45.30 
Cat. 1 Junior men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Richard Rude (Santacruz Allride Ac)0:08:17.80 
2Logan James (Pedal the Peak/e13)0:00:48.34 
3Proft Luen (Sinister Bikes)0:00:57.38 
4Alistair Pimlott (Silent Divinci Racin)0:01:08.19 
5Logan Mulally (Specialized Team)0:01:10.14 
6David Milkiewicz (Team Plattekill)0:01:27.70 
7Simon Poirier Giroux (Sports aux puces)0:01:34.27 
8Marc Rousseau (Wachusett Brewery)0:01:34.36 
9Max Syron (Sinister/United Free)0:01:42.90 
10Peter Mcnulty (Team Drop)0:02:25.71 
11Max Hautaniemi0:03:31.05 
12Michael Gross (Team Drop)0:15:50.11 
Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Carpentier (Wentworth)0:09:14.87 
2Alex Moschitti (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:14.07 
3Geoff Ayr (Make Snow Not War)0:00:20.66 
4David Penn (Wachusett Brewery)0:00:28.11 
5Peter John Mihalick ( 
6Ryan Gardner (Beacon Bombers)0:00:45.29 
7Sky Nicholson (Sinister Snowfire)0:00:51.39 
8Sam Chipkin (Drummer Racing)0:01:06.98 
9David Klaver (Norco Grassroots)0:01:08.30 
10Brewster Kanis (Wachusett Brewery)0:01:10.92 
11John (Jack) Williams (Drummer Racing)0:01:12.50 
12Ryan Strang0:01:29.88 
13David Eypper (Wachusett Brewery)0:01:41.56 
14Frederic Mignault0:01:44.90 
15Eric Allocco0:03:18.55 
DNFDavid Schoon (Wachusett Brewery)  
DNFChris Brown (Oakley)  
DNFOliver Levick (Drummer Racing)  
Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Schueler (Racers Edge)0:09:00.90 
2Marc Patrick Benoit (FH Racing)0:00:14.17 
3Donald Roberts (Voncooper DHD)0:00:22.19 
4Dominic Picotte (Passion Velo)0:00:28.19 
5David Bershefsky (Drummer Racing)0:00:40.71 
6Neil Snyder (Factory Voncooper)0:01:06.90 
7John Pentecost0:01:34.67 
8Hernane Alves (Team Brazil)0:01:37.57 
9Thomas Shomper0:02:04.02 
DNFTodd Nicholas (Gretna Bikes)  
Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jacob Dallegro (Sinical Racing)0:09:57.56 
2Dennis Laclair (Wachusett Brewery)0:00:15.37 
3Thomas Anderson (NEMA/Bike Loft)0:00:53.90 
4Douglass Wilson (Drummer Racing)0:01:06.30 
5George Ulmer (OMR)0:01:19.86 
6Reid Kiniry (Michelin)0:02:13.04 
7Paul Makowski0:02:48.70 
8Richard Rude (Cycle Center)0:05:33.11 
9Scott Sinclair (Cycle Solutions)0:05:41.05 
Cat. 2-3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Candace Ellicott (Tall Tree Cycles)0:12:40.59 
3Mel Frazier0:20:46.30 
4Anne Minor0:20:46.64 
5Jennel Ortiz (Team Martys)0:25:08.92 
Cat. 2 Junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damon Morin (Team Drop)0:09:37.37 
2Nugent Colby (Make Snow Not War)0:00:15.27 
3Dylan Conte (Team I-Ride)0:00:32.91 
4Sam Halton0:01:29.71 
5Michael Rousseau (Wachusett Brewery)0:01:53.36 
6Zack Taylor0:02:54.89 
7Nick Richer0:09:19.50 
DNFNicolas Konow  
DNFCurtis Kellogg  
Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mathieu Bouthillier (FH Racing)0:10:01.92 
2Ryan Conroy (GGGG-Unit)0:00:32.04 
3Alexander Kliesh (Knapps Cyclery/Oakley)0:00:40.22 
4Jake Goss0:00:56.32 
5Alex Mcandrew (Chucles Bikes)0:01:00.86 
6Kevin Cockerham (Sinical Racing)0:01:15.68 
7Eric Miller (Delta House)0:01:24.54 
8Joshua Kehs0:01:48.72 
9Kris Seipp (Team Martys)0:02:07.52 
10Steven Czaplicki (Knapps Cyclery)0:02:07.75 
11Roger Murphy0:02:23.52 
12Michael Gavagan (Brandywine)0:03:37.66 
DNFZach Dorfman (Team Vivid)  
DNFNicolas Poirier  
Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Eastman (Iride)0:09:50.25 
2Adrian Cieri (Rogue Racing)0:00:18.96 
3Luke Wenschhof0:00:35.47 
4Bill Frazer0:01:30.07 
5Jason Knecht (Iride)0:01:34.87 
6Ryan Thibault (Chi Bank Master Card)0:01:44.29 
7Etienne Tremblay0:02:57.09 
8Justin Breault0:06:32.77 
DNFBenjamin Weaver (Allied Milk)  
DNFJamie Pold (Phat Moose Cycles)  
Cat. 2 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Cosgrove (Tall Tree Cycles)0:10:56.94 
2Frank Endreson (Team Town Cycle)0:01:47.21 
3Mark Nassan (Leep Off Cycle)0:02:00.56 
4Keith Mckeever (Leep Off Cycle)0:02:31.90 
5George Bodycoat0:02:46.25 
6Patrick Driscoll0:02:54.70 
7Charles Morin (MMI)0:03:04.33 
Cat. 3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
Cat. 3 Junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Louis-Philippe Mclean0:10:03.75 
2Nick Gray  
2Gregory Ciraulo  
3Declan O'brien  
4Jason Wissler  
5Johnny Egan (Sugarbush)  
Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jon Obrien0:13:50.45 
2Jarris Goldeisen (Race Pace Bicycles)0:04:36.29 
DNFAlex Colby  
Cat. 3 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Bazzano (Beacon Bombers)0:15:07.99 
2David Gray0:00:00.90 
3Joaquin Canizales (Team Martys)0:02:37.84 
Cat. 3 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alan Daum0:14:23.53 


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