Wiggins to target Hour Record in 2015

"I'll only do it once" says former Tour winner

Former Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky) has confirmed that he will take on the Hour Record next year, telling BBC Sport that, “it will give me something to get out of bed for in the winter.”

Wiggins is currently competing at the World Championships in Spain, where he has targeted gold in the individual men’s time trial. He finished second in 2013.

On the eve of the time trial the Team Sky rider told the BBC that when it came to the Hour Record: "I want to prepare for it properly.”
Trek Factory Racing’s Jens Voigt beat the long-standing record distance of 49.700km set by Ondrej Sosenka in 2005 to raise the bar to 51.115km.

"I want to have a go at the one hour record next year after what Jens did last week," Wiggins said.

"I was a bit surprised by Jens's decision to do it but what he did was fantastic and fully deserved. I could just go and do it next week but if I do it, I'll only do it once."

Wiggins may face challenges from Fabian Cancellara, Tony Martin and Taylor Phinney, who have all expressed varying degrees of interest in targeting the record. Wiggins, of course, has enjoyed major success on the track with Olympic titles at two Games.

Wiggins has turned his attention away from grand tour racing and confirmed that he will no longer race for the overall classification in three-week races. He has yet to formalise his plans for next season but he is expected to sign a new contract with Team Sky with a programme that will carry him until the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.


Hour Record Results (* "best human effort", ** previous record, *** to be ratified)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Boardman (Manchester, UK)* September 7, 199656.375 
2Tony Rominger (Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux)* November 5, 199455.291 
3Tony Rominger (Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux)* October 22, 199453.832 
4Miguel Indurain (Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux)* September 2, 199453.040 
5Graeme Obree (Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux)* April 27, 199452.713 
6Chris Boardman (Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux)* July 23, 199352.270 
7Graeme Obree (Hamar, Norway)* July 17, 199351.596 
8Francesco Moser (Mexico City)* January 23, 198451.151 
9Jens Voigt (Grenchen, Switzerland ) September 18, 2014 ***51.115 
10Francesco Moser (Mexico City)* January 19, 198450.808 
11Ondrej Sosenka (Moscow, Russia) July 19, 2005 **49.700 
12Chris Boardman (Manchester, UK) October 27, 200049.441 
13Eddy Merckx (Mexico City) October 25, 197249.431 
14Ole Ritter (Mexico City) October 10, 196848.653 
15Ferdi Bracke (Olympic Velodrome, Rome) October 30, 196748.093 
16Roger Rivière (Vigorelli, Milan) September 23, 195947.347 
17Jean Nuttli (Vienna) November 16, 200247.093 
18Roger Rivière (Vigorelli, Milan) September 18, 195746.923 
19Jean Nuttli (Vienna) December 15, 200446.642 
20Ercole Baldini (Vigorelli, Milan) September 19, 195646.394 
21Jacques Anquetil (Vigorelli, Milan) June 29, 195646.159 
22Fausto Coppi (Vigorelli, Milan) November 7, 194245.798 
23Maurice Archambaud (Vigorelli, Milan) November 3, 193745.767 
24Frans Slaats (Vigorelli, Milan) September 29, 193745.485 
25Maurice Richard (Vigorelli, Milan) October 14, 193645.325 
26Giuseppe Olmo (Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan) October 31, 193545.090 
27Maurice Richard (Sint-Truiden, Belgium) September 28, 193344.777 
28Jan Van Hout (Roermond) August 25, 193344.588 
29Oscar Egg (Paris) August 18, 191444.247 
30Marcel Berthet (Paris) September 20, 191343.775 
31Oscar Egg (Paris) August 21, 191343.525 
32Marcel Berthet (Paris) August 7, 191342.741 
33Oscar Egg (Paris) August 22, 191242.122 
34Marcel Berthet (Paris) June 20, 190741.520 
35Lucien Petit-Breton (Buffalo, Paris) August 24, 190541.110 
36Willie Hamilton (Colorado Springs, USA) July 3, 189840.781 
37Oscar Van Den Eynde (Vincennes, Paris) July 30, 189739.240 
38Jules Dubois (Buffalo, Paris) October 31, 189438.220 
39Henri Desgrange (Buffalo, Paris) May 11, 189335.325 
40Frank Dodds (Cambridge University Ground) August 25, 187626.508 


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