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Gippsland gets 70 percent bigger

Cycling News
July 28, 2009, 7:21 BST,
July 28, 2009, 8:24 BST
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Leigh Howard is the Victorian Cyclist of the Year

Leigh Howard is the Victorian Cyclist of the Year

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Record field for Australian race

The fifth Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland has attracted a record field of 143 cyclists from all Australian states and New Zealand. Tour director John Craven said he was thrilled by the field size, up 70 percent on last year.

“It’s not only the numbers, it’s the quality which will make this tour a great spectacle,” Craven said.

World omnium champion Leigh Howard, Beijing Olympian Jack Bobridge, Melbourne Commonwealth Games gold medallist Sean Finning, Victorian road champion David Pell and top New Zealanders Jeremy Yates and Brett Tivers head the entries.

Geelong’s Leigh Howard, 19, last year went on to triumph in the Scody Cup after winning the Paynesville criterium in the Gippsland tour. He is among the favourites to win the 2009 event.

“I think people sometimes underestimate how hard these events are,” Howard said. “They come back from overseas expecting to dominate and get a lesson. The intensity of the racing is quite incredible and it will be a very tough challenge to win the Tour of Gippsland.”

The five-day tour will start on Wednesday, July 29, with a testing 51km stage from Traralgon to Boolarra.

Start list
1 Leigh Howard (VIC) Team Jacyo Ais    
2 Jack Bobridge (SA) Team Jacyo Ais    
3 Rohan Dennis (SA) Team Jacyo Ais    
4 Luke Davison (NSW) Team Jacyo Ais    
5 Glenn O’Shea (VIC) Team Jacyo Ais    
6 Michael Matthews (ACT) Team Jacyo Ais    
7 Adam Semple (WA) Team Jacyo Ais    
8 Sean Finning (VIC) Jayco/Vis    
9 James Langedyk (VIC) Jayco/Vis    
10 Johnathan Lovelock (VIC) Jayco/Vis    
11 Michael Gallagher (VIC) Jayco/Vis    
12 Eric Sheppard (VIC) Jayco/Vis    
13 Alexander Smyth (VIC) Jayco/Vis    
14 Trevor Griffiths (VIC) Jayco/Vis    
15 Jeremy Yates (NZ) Oex - Team Enterprise    
16 Eliot Crowther (NZ) Oex - Team Enterprise    
17 Al Dempsey (NZ) Oex - Team Enterprise    
18 Thomas Hanover (NZ) Oex - Team Enterprise    
19 Brett Tivers (NZ) Oex - Team Enterprise    
20 Andrew Ward (NZ) Oex - Team Enterprise    
21 David Pell (VIC) Savings And Loans    
22 Joel Pearson (NSW) Savings And Loans    
23 Timothy Roe (SA) Savings And Loans    
24 Steven Robb (VIC) Savings And Loans    
25 Michael Stallard (SA) Savings And Loans    
26 Jai Crawford (TAS) Savings And Loans    
27 William Dickeson (SA) Savings And Loans    
28 Hayden Brooks (QLD) Fly V Australia    
29 Scott Davis (QLD) Fly V Australia    
30 David Kemp (QLD) Fly V Australia    
31 Chris Pryor (QLD) Fly V Australia    
32 Darren Rolfe (QLD) Fly V Australia    
33 Chris Stack (SA) Team Skins    
34 Russell Gill (SA) Team Skins    
35 Tristan Jones (SA) Team Skins    
36 Lucien Keene (SA) Team Skins    
37 Matthew Benson (SA) Team Skins    
38 Andrew Roe (SA) Team Skins    
39 Nathan Earle (TAS) Praties    
40 Joshua Chugg (TAS) Praties    
41 Jeremy Hills (TAS) Praties    
42 Kyle Marwood (VIC) Praties    
43 Jason Rigg (WA) Praties    
44 William Clarke (TAS) Praties    
45 Ben Mather (TAS) Praties    
46 Brendan Brooks (NSW) Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti Plus    
47 Mitchell Pearson (NSW) Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti Plus    
48 Daniel Barry (NZ) Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti Plus    
49 Mathew Marshall (NZ) Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti Plus    
50 Hamish Presbury (NZ) Shortis Cycle & Tri-Avanti Plus    
51 Brendan Schultz (VIC) Titans - Race    
52 Miles Watson (NZ) Titans - Race    
53 James Ibrahim (VIC) Titans - Race    
54 Samuel Witmitz (VIC) Titans - Race    
55 Richard Lang (VIC) Titans - Race    
56 Nathan Elliott (VIC) Titans - Race    
57 Charles Howlett (VIC) Cycle City    
58 Rhys Gillett (VIC) Cycle City    
59 James Mowatt (VIC) Cycle City    
60 Jay Bourke (VIC) Cycle City    
61 Matthew Clarke (VIC) Cycle City    
62 Michael England (NSW) Team Budget Forklifts    
63 Cameron Hughes (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts    
64 Cameron Jennings (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts    
65 Craig McCartney (VIC) Team Budget Forklifts    
66 Peter Ladd (VIC) Team Budget Forklifts    
67 Cody Stevenson (NSW) Team Budget Forklifts    
68 Malcolm Rudolph (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts    
69 Stephen Rossendell (TAS) Champion Systems/Cannondale    
70 Bradley Norton (VIC) Champion Systems/Cannondale    
71 Ben Grieve-Johnson (TAS) Champion Systems/Cannondale    
72 Timothy Walker (TAS) Champion Systems/Cannondale    
73 Luke Ockerby (TAS) Champion Systems/Cannondale    
74 Nick Morgan (TAS) Champion Systems/Cannondale    
75 Danny Pulbrook (TAS) Champion Systems/Cannondale    
76 Nick Aitken (VIC) Team 2Xu - Arc    
77 Silas Fisher (VIC) Team 2Xu - Arc    
78 Kane Walker (VIC) Team 2Xu - Arc    
79 Peter Smith (VIC) Team 2Xu - Arc    
80 Jacob Sutherland (VIC) Total Rush    
81 (TBA) () Total Rush    
82 Damien Turner (VIC) Total Rush    
83 Gary Mueller (VIC) Total Rush    
84 Glen Peterson (VIC) Total Rush    
85 Michael Knoff (VIC) Total Rush    
86 Timothy White (VIC) Total Rush    
87 Christopher Klem (QLD) Dm Drafting    
88 Joel Lewis (QLD) Dm Drafting    
89 Joshua Hislop (QLD) Dm Drafting    
90 Sean Turner (QLD) Dm Drafting    
91 Steven Rankine (QLD) Dm Drafting    
92 Matthew Wood (QLD) Dm Drafting    
93 Evan Corry (QLD) Dixon Homes    
94 Tobias Boylan (QLD) Dixon Homes    
95 Peter Aquilina (QLD) Dixon Homes    
96 Ian Johnston (QLD) Dixon Homes    
97 Harry Rassie (QLD) Dixon Homes    
98 Damian Harris (VIC) Dixon Homes    
99 John Cornish (VIC) Prime Estate Buyers Agents    
100 Reece Stephens (VIC) Prime Estate Buyers Agents    
101 Rob Doyle (VIC) Prime Estate Buyers Agents    
102 Deon Locke (QLD) Prime Estate Buyers Agents    
103 Peter Braunsteins (VIC) Apollo Bicycles    
104 Samuel Beveridge (VIC) Apollo Bicycles    
105 James Henry (VIC) Apollo Bicycles    
106 James Herd (VIC) Apollo Bicycles    
107 Trent Williams (VIC) Apollo Bicycles    
108 Thomas Donald (VIC) Search2Retain    
109 Hugh Forrest (VIC) Search2Retain    
110 Hugh Singleton (VIC) Search2Retain    
111 Edward Bissaker (ACT) Suzuki-Canberra    
112 Sam Genge (ACT) Suzuki-Canberra    
113 Alastair Loutit (ACT) Suzuki-Canberra    
114 Mitchell Fay-Lovelock (ACT) Suzuki-Canberra    
115 Adam Phelan (ACT) Suzuki-Canberra    
116 Marc Williams (ACT) Suzuki-Canberra    
117 David Cripps (TAS) Lawson Homes    
118 Matt McDonagh (TAS) Lawson Homes    
119 Tom Robinson (TAS) Lawson Homes    
120 Will Robinson (TAS) Lawson Homes    
121 Joel Stearnes (TAS) Lawson Homes    
122 Michael Smith (TAS) Lawson Homes    
123 Stuart Payne (VIC) Loy Yang Power    
124 Stuart Grimsey (VIC) Loy Yang Power    
125 Paul Richards (VIC) Loy Yang Power    
126 Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC) Loy Yang Power    
127 Scott Liston (VIC) Loy Yang Power    
128 Luke Fetch (VIC) Loy Yang Power    
129 Ben Dyball (VIC) Lakes Oil    
130 Daniel Seagar (NZ) Lakes Oil    
131 Kris Johnston (ACT) Lakes Oil    
132 David Melville (QLD) Lakes Oil    
133 Ben Fleming (QLD) Lakes Oil    
134 Andy McNab (NZ) Work Ways    
135 Samuel Rix (VIC) Work Ways    
136 Peter Johnstone (VIC) Work Ways    
137 Tom Benham (TAS) Work Ways    
138 Brodie Talbot (NSW) Work Ways    
139 Angus Harding (TAS) Work Ways    
140 Daniel Braunsteins (VIC) Drapac Porsche    
141 Angus Morton (NSW) Drapac Porsche    
142 Tom Palmer (ACT) Drapac Porsche    
143 Robbie Williams (NSW) Drapac Porsche    


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