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Bianchi reveals the Belkin team issue Infinito CV bike

Cycling News
January 29, 11:01,
January 29, 13:07
Second Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, January 29, 2014
The Belkin team issue Bianchi Infinito CV is black and celeste

The Belkin team issue Bianchi Infinito CV is black and celeste

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Vanmarcke to use the vibration-dampening bike in the cobbled Classics

Bianchi has released photos of the Belkin team issue Infinito CV bike that Sep Vanmarcke, Lars Boom will use in the cobbled Classics.

The Infinito CV frame includes Countervail, a patented material developed between Bianchi and US company Materials Science Corporation (MSC), and exclusively used for cycling applications by Bianchi. Termed ‘Vibration Canceling Composite Technology,’ the key feature is a viscoelastic carbon layer embedded between standard carbon layers at critical areas of the frame and fork.

Bianchi’s use of Countervail is designed to cancel vibration before it reaches the rider, not through a suspension movement, but by viscoelastic damping. This does not make the frame more flexible but reduces muscle fatigue and so increases energy savings, Bianchi claims.

The bike was first spotted at last year's Tour of Flanders and was officially presented before Paris-Roubaix. Bianchi has become the Belkin bike sponsor for 2014 and so Vanmarcke and Boom will get to ride the innovative bike and feel the benefits of the Countervail vibration damping technology. Vanmarcke finished second behind Fabian Cancellara at Paris-Roubaix despite suffering a knee injury at Tirreno-Adriatico.

The Belkin team issue Bianchi Infinito CV has a celeste and black colour scheme with touches of Belkin's green team colour. The bike is fitted with Shimano components and FSA seat posts, bars and stems.

Vanmarcke tested his bike at the team's recent pre-season training camp in Spain.

“I was really eager to test my Infinito CV after as I was impressed by the innovative technology developed by Bianchi and since my first ride I noticed the difference: you cycle smoother over any surface. It will be a great support for me and the team at the classics,” Vanmarcke said in a press release from Bianchi.

Click here to see the full photo gallery of the Bianchi Infinito CV.

Philip Skousen 7 months ago
That is one butt ugly color scheme.
bianchi1885 7 months ago
I disagree.
Cance > TheRest 7 months ago
I tend to agree with Philip Skousen on this one. There's nothing wrong with the bianchi turquoise colour, in fact its a classic colour in cycling history, but mixed with belkins green, it looks stupid. The contrast between turquoise and light green is not a good one. They should either pick the bianchi turquoise or the light green colour and combine it with black.
Nate Tovornik 7 months ago
I agree. The turquoise is beautiful by itself, but there is far too much clash. I think the team's colors of who's riding the bike should take precedence over who the bike manufacturer is.
Scott Van Maldegiam 7 months ago
Dampening? Is it a feature of the bike to always be wet? The word is "damping" which you used correctly everywhere else in the article except the sub-title. It is annoying that this word is used incorrectly so often and yes, I am taking it out on you.
BrandyMStirling 7 months ago
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bobki123 7 months ago
Colour scheme? The green is hardly obvious.
Ajones 7 months ago
Not convinced with the explanation... wish bike industry could release actual information and evidence of their products attributes..