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Continental GP5000 Transparent tyre review

Is Continental’s ‘Transparent’ GP5000 the ultimate all-round road tyre for tan wall fans?

Continental GP5000 Transparent
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Our Verdict

As light, tough, tenaciously grippy and quietly super fast as the outstanding standard GP5000 but with a retro aesthetic edge if the limited sizing suits you


  • Deceptively super fast
  • Excellent traction
  • Light
  • Tough enough


  • Pricey
  • 25 and 28mm only

Skinwall tyres are all the rage right now but most of them are slightly more fragile than the full black versions they’re based on. The Continental GP5000 Translucent tyres are every bit as tough and ride transforming as the standard version if you’ve got the cash and only need a 25mm or 28mm version.


While tubeless tyre tech is definitely gaining a foothold on the road, lots of riders still prefer the familiarity of an inner tube. Our Transparent samples were 97g lighter than the tubeless GP5000 TL version we tested and with Conti’s 28mm ‘Wide’ innertube weighing 143g, that’s still a lighter combo once you’ve added 60ml of sealant. It’s also 30g lighter than the previous GP4000II in the same size.

Unlike the tubeless tyre it fits without levers if you work it round properly and it blows up to exactly 28mm on 22mm internal width rims.

Continental GP5000 Transparent

Continental's Active Comfort Technology noticeably reduces road vibrations (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

While you’ll always hope from an immediate game-changing performance shift from any new premium price tyre, the key thing to understand with the GP5000s of any type is that they can feel massively underwhelming at first. That’s due to the very obvious effect of the Active Comfort Technology component of the tyre construction that dramatically quietens the vibration and buzz you normally associate with speed.

Cross-check your velocity with power readings, roll downs or just pals on a group ride though and it’s clear that these are seriously rapid tyres. The reduced vibration means they hold speed particularly well on rougher surfaces too and the Black Chili rubber compound and laser-cut tread also make them extremely surefooted whatever the weather. Add in impressive wear life, cut resistance and puncture proofing from the rubber mix and Vectran under layer and the GP5000 is our benchmark all-rounder in whatever colour you choose. You only get the Transparent option in 700c x 25mm or 28mm though, whereas the black wall tyres come in 700c x 23, 25, 28, 30 or 32mm, as well as 650b x 25 and 28. Top performance costs top dollar too.


A brilliant benchmark all-round road tyre with exceptional speed, grip and decent durability, now in a brown wall option in the two most popular sizes.

Tech specs: Continental GP5000 Transparent tyre

  • Weight: 233g (28c, actual)
  • Colours: Tan wall
  • Size: 25mm, 28mm (tested)
  • Price: £59.99 / $84.99
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