Chloe Woodruff wins WORS finale

The Wisconsin summer is over and racers from the Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) came out for their final event of the 2013 season this past weekend. The Wigwam Challenge in Sheboygan, Wisconsin has been the closing race for several years of WORS, and it gives riders one last chance to earn points, goof off or just see their friends before the winter. A favorite of many, the Wigwam Challenge offers an array of terrain including roots, slick quarry rock, sand and mud.


As many racers are shifting gears from cross country to cyclo-cross racing, the Wigwam Challenge still draws a respectable field of racers in the elite men's race. Local Pro racer, Brian Matter (RACC/Trek/Gear Grinder) came out for one last chance to earn series points. Even after racing cyclo-cross the day before, Matter performed with his typical awe-inspiring speed.

Of course, the race was not his alone as Cole House (Cashcall Cycling Team/616) came out to show what he was capable of doing. Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin) came to conclude his best season to date with another punch on his "frequent podium card". House attacked at the start to grab the hole shot premium and continued to push hard throughout the race commenting that he "never felt real good" but was just riding his own race. Maloney tried to outrun House for the hole shot but had to settle for second. Maloney then hung on the wheel of Matter fairly comfortably for much of the race. As Matter pulled away from Maloney, he took the lead away from House and had a few bike lengths on him for a lap or two until a slip on a root slowed him down.

House saw his opportunity and took the lead back. Matter chased him down into the sprint finish but in the end House took the win for his third year in a row. Matter grabbed the second place points while Maloney took third place for the second time in his pro career.


The elite women's field came up to the line with series leader Abigail Strigel (Honey Stinger/ Bontrager) standing next to Chloe Woodruff (Crankbrothers Race Club). Woodruff had come up from Prescott, Arizona to host a women's race clinic the day before (sponsored by Sheboygan Bicycle Company) and stayed to race with the fastest women in WORS.

Cooper Dendel (Border Grill p/b Quick Stop) also showed up to complete her eighth WORS race and therefore earn enough points for overall series placement. Woodruff took the lead from the start giving Strigel a much wanted competitor to chase down.

Woodruff used her skills and speed to buy time on each lap, eventually winning with a three-minute gap. Strigel's hard effort bought her a similar three-minute gap over third place, Cooper Dendel. Dendel's finish took her from ninth place overall in the series all the way up to second while Strigel could not be passed in points as she has had the top spot locked up for a few races already.

The 2013 WORS season will wrap up with a formal awards banquet on October 19, 2013. The series will return again in May 4, 2014 with the Iola Bump and Jump in Iola, Wisconsin.

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Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cole House (Cashcall Cycling Team/ 616)1:59:59
2Brian Matter (RACC / Trek / Gear Grinder)0:00:01
3Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin)0:04:47
4Tyler Gauthier (Border Grill - Quick Stop)0:07:09
5Dallas Fowler0:07:16
6Ryan Krayer (Adventure212/Specialized)0:08:00
7Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:08:31
8Chris Peariso (Adventure212/Specialized)0:08:34
9Rick Mezo (
10Justin Piontek (Titletown Flyers)0:10:03
11Michael Michetti (LAPT)0:10:25
12Trevor Olson (Team 360)0:11:19
13Ben Senkerik (Wheel & Sprocket/Vision)0:13:15
14Gabriel Ion (Treadhead Cycling)0:13:53
15David Bender (JVC/Michael's Cycle)0:14:27
16Nathan Guerra (Vision Pro Cycling)0:15:49
17Ted Hanes (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:15:52
18Karl Tillman (Team 360 p/b Kickapoo)0:15:59
19Jeff Bender (Bluebear Outside/Morvelo)0:16:00
20Fletcher Arlen (Team Magnus)0:16:37
21Nikolai Anikin0:17:39
22Bill Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:17:45
23Scott Cole (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:17:56
24Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:18:06
25Michael Naughton (Wheel Werks/Gore)0:18:48
26Cory Samz (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:20:27
27Myles Beach (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:20:32
28Greg Jones (junk)0:21:03
29John Shull (Alberto's)0:22:04
30Tony Wagner (Sheboygan Bicycle Co.)0:22:40
31David Carew (Wheel & Sprocket)0:22:48
32Alex Applegate (Wolfpack)0:24:24
33Taylor Bogdanske (SixFifty / Wheel & Sprocket)0:24:27
34Carlos Haeckel (Alterra Coffee Team W&S)0:26:03
35Bryan Frazier (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:28:52
36Jerrod Collier (Treadhead Racing)0:31:10
37Jimmy Toombs (Erik's Bike and Boards)0:37:24
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Woodruff (Crankbrothers Race Club)1:52:34
2Abigail Strigel (Honey Stinger / Bontrager)0:03:00
3Cooper Dendel (Border Grill P/B QSBS)0:06:12
4Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder)0:08:16
5Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:13:55
6Michelle Peariso (Adventure212/Specialized)0:20:14
7Jeanne Hornak (Wheel & Sprocket Vision)0:23:32
8Sarah Agena (Twin 6/Cider Boys)0:27:07
9Karmen Woelber (Zoom Performance)0:37:16
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Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor McColl (Midwest Devod Composite)2:04:29
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Cat. 2 Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachael Jensen (RACC p/b Geargrinder)1:44:43
2Alexandra Christofalos (Activator Cycle Club)0:13:07
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Cat. 1/2 Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ronald Stawicki (Cafe de Arts)1:24:15
2Dan Szczepanski (BelGioioso / Titletown Flyers)0:04:01
3Scott Veldhuizen (Funk Cycles)0:07:36
4Terry Prewitt (Attitude Sports)0:08:10
5George Kapitz (Broken Spoke Cycling Team)0:08:36
6Shane Veldhuizen (Funk)0:12:49
7Michael Garner (MG Laser)0:14:07
8David Lunz (
9Steve Jeske (Pedal Moraine)0:34:42
10Thomas Kittredge0:35:03
11Jason Gosse (Anybody's Bikeshop)0:36:08
12Christopher Gabrielson (Twin Six / Baraboo Sharks)0:36:30
13Dan Tavela (Treadhead Cycling)0:37:40
14Jeff Steckbauer (Rib Mnt Cycles)0:37:50
15Allen Brunner0:44:42
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Cat. 1/2 Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karlene Olson (Team 360)1:37:55
2April Dombrowski (SixFifty/Wheel & Sprocket)0:02:18
3Emily Osowski (Element Mobile)0:05:10
4Jennifer Whitedog (Bikes Limited Scenic Concepts)0:07:37
5Jenaiya Stolper (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:11:20
6Sondra Klipp (Janesville Velo Club)0:11:54
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Cat. 2 Comp men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Spiro1:48:20
2Stathy Touloumis (Albertos Sport)0:00:12
3Paul Roltgen (Brazen Dropouts)0:04:00
4Brett May (All Spoked Up-Vision)0:05:47
5Chris Fischer (Synergy)0:06:12
6Jason Ruesch (Rib Mountain Cycle)0:06:12
7Mike Sherven (Bikes Limited)0:07:06
8Carl Morse (Sixfifty)0:07:21
9Jason Balden (KS Engergy/Team Wisconsin)0:07:24
10Martin Reza (Vision Wheel and Sprocket)0:08:07
11Jonathan Kloppenburg (Spidermonkey Cycling)0:08:29
12Cole Jacobsen (Titletown Flyers)0:08:45
13Nick Crocker (Titletown Flyers)0:09:03
14Krystian Pac (RBIKES.COM / Diagrind)0:09:44
15Marek Kulesza (Treadhead Cycling)0:09:47
16Chris Harold (Activator Cycle Club)0:09:55
17Glen Stroik (Team Wisconsin)0:09:56
18Jason Gibson (Gear n Up)0:10:12
19Brett Edgerle (Fat Kats)0:10:27
20Jeremy Ostrowski (PSIMET Racing)0:11:07
21Martin Tank II (Wheel & Sprocket/ Vision)0:11:30
22Christopher Richmond (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:12:09
23Nathan Tock (Bikes LTD / Scenic Concepts)0:12:26
24Eric Weidman (Muddy Cup)0:13:40
25Peter Coenen (Northstar Endurance)0:13:46
26Brad Jalonen (Border Grill Quick Stop)0:14:29
27Shane Semrow (WORS)0:14:46
28Roger Lundsten (360 ORA)0:15:24
29Scott Nyland (Magnus)0:16:35
30Matthew Paterson (Team AttakTiks/ Wheel & Sprocket)0:16:48
31Andrew Wiesner (Titletown Flyers)0:18:30
32Todd Fletcher (Vision/Wheel & Sprocket)0:19:13
33Brian Paterson (Team AttakTiks/ Wheel & Sprocket)0:21:35
34Kenny Peterson (Eriks Bike + Board)0:22:33
35Chuck Girkins (Wadez Bike Shop)0:25:21
36Chris Fellows (J&R Cycles)0:34:29
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Cat. 2 Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Rupnow1:22:24
2Jason Mork0:03:20
3Daniel Feldmann0:03:36
4Aivis Lindems0:04:00
5Alex Dorschner0:04:02
6Roy Bailey0:04:23
7William Ringenoldus0:04:31
8Nathan Schneeberger0:04:32
9Scott Trierweiler0:04:33
10Preston Bernsteen0:05:12
11Payson Partridge0:05:12
12Justin Fredricks0:05:24
13Blake Mezo0:06:06
14Ted Kretzmann0:06:41
15Erik Beckman0:06:59
16Mike Roethel0:07:25
17Matthew Tucker0:07:31
18Jonathan Wollner0:07:41
19Justin Wentworth0:07:42
20Andrew Feldmann0:07:43
21Wally Kunstman0:07:52
22Caleb Swartz0:07:53
23Steve Ericksen0:08:22
24Nate Knowles0:08:39
25Mark Swim0:08:52
26Ben Leach0:08:55
27Michael Owens0:09:04
28Jacob Bons0:09:10
29Quentin Gniot0:09:26
30Chad Klaus0:09:34
31Jamie Prange0:09:46
32Kevin Schmitt0:10:01
33Ken Bozych0:10:15
34Ross Bomber0:10:19
35Brian Gill0:10:36
36Anthony Van Asten0:10:49
37Michael Giesen0:11:17
38Andrew Douglass0:11:23
39David Dokman0:11:40
40Jeff Wren0:11:47
41Bob Griswold0:11:48
42Scott Palmersheim0:12:07
43Jordan Boyea0:12:11
44James Grenier0:12:20
45Darrin Kolka0:12:23
46Ruben Valdez0:12:28
47Daniel Holtermann0:12:36
48Mark Schindel0:12:38
49Brad Tennis0:12:41
50James Day0:12:49
51Rich Baumgarten0:12:59
52Loren Darling0:13:12
53Jody Arlen0:13:18
54Jordan Danielski0:13:27
55Andrew Richter0:13:45
56Christopher McArdle0:14:01
57Jonathan Nehring0:14:07
58Ron Smith0:14:10
59Edward Piontek0:14:11
60Kevin Lisowe0:14:28
61Bill Styer0:14:35
62Robert Willmas0:14:47
63Don Freitag0:14:53
64Jeffrey Hatton0:14:58
65Troy Sable0:15:01
66Peter Post0:15:03
67Jeff Greatens0:15:21
68Joe Vanderpuy0:15:23
69Davin Eberhardt0:15:27
70Jeff Swanstrom0:15:45
71Demetrius Banks0:16:34
72Steve Drecoll0:17:05
73Jerry Leair0:17:13
74Dave Reich0:17:28
75Gary Bender0:17:29
76Ryan Goemans0:17:43
77Jim Feuerstein0:17:45
78Warren Fowler0:18:06
79Jay Gunderson0:18:10
80Erik Backhaus0:18:30
81Zachary Geyer0:18:51
82Dennis Malmanger0:19:03
83Salvatore Virgilio0:19:11
84Bob Ferrara0:19:31
85Nate Gruenke0:20:30
86Casey Brauer0:20:52
87Steven Pirelli0:21:01
88Tye Seideman0:21:14
89David Dewitt0:21:32
90Paul Baltus0:21:57
91Jeff Beck0:22:14
92Michael Belden0:22:23
93Kenneth Pearson0:22:38
94Jesse Steinhoff0:23:17
95Elginn Cordes0:23:37
96Michael Wingertsahn0:23:57
97Matt Lemorande0:24:23
98Jim Splittgerber0:24:26
99Paul Langenberg0:24:34
100Mike Becker0:24:36
101Douglas House0:24:57
102Chad Hoppe0:25:23
103Andrew Schirpke0:27:08
104Troy Olm0:27:13
105Erick Braaksma0:27:22
106Eli Lipp0:27:35
107John Gretzinger0:28:34
108Matt Rodenkirch0:30:04
109Jason Lilyquist0:30:06
110Mike Bons0:30:42
111Frank Sniadajewski0:30:52
112Phil Taylor0:31:03
113Samuel Brandt0:31:20
114Joe Casey0:31:33
115Jimmy Splittgerber0:31:56
116Dan Phillips0:32:10
117John Senkerik0:32:37
118Shane Holcomb0:33:16
119Randy Johnson0:34:34
120Wade Flisram0:34:36
121Tim Black0:34:53
122Frank Lobello0:35:09
123Brian Coppock0:36:12
124Jack Schirpke0:36:38
125John Hocker0:38:17
126Matthew Forst0:38:23
127Paul Westberg0:38:35
128Travis Schirpke0:40:39
129Steve Strobel0:41:41
130Jim Lombardi0:41:46
131Peter Walton0:42:13
132Brett Werner0:42:44
133Jon Klahr0:43:24
134Brian Clesen0:44:25
135Alex Imhoff0:47:30
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Cat. 2 Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Keon1:43:37
2Leigh Langum0:02:56
3Amy Ancheta0:04:00
4Kelli Piotrowski0:04:15
5Becky Rands0:06:09
6Toni House0:06:17
7Kaitlin Splittgerber0:07:41
8Lynne Senkerik0:07:57
9Ann Holsen0:08:33
10Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe0:08:47
11Whitney Baker0:09:19
12Brittany Nigh0:11:08
13Lindsey Hamilton0:12:40
14Marlo Vercauteren0:22:05
15Barb Lothe0:25:01
16Cheryl Post0:27:17
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Cat. 3 Citizen men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bob Flicek0:49:06
2Kyle Busse0:00:12
3Derrick Reinke0:01:23
4Nick Desrochers0:01:27
5Greg Halverson0:01:41
6Dain Trittau0:01:59
7Brandon Smith0:02:32
8Dan Schierschmidt0:03:19
9Stone Vanamerongen0:03:28
10Cole McDicken0:03:29
11Jason Baer0:04:14
12Alex Pieper0:04:21
13William Darling0:04:32
14Jacob Ahles0:04:40
15Sam Komoroske0:05:14
16Matt Keon0:05:18
17Eric Zarwell0:05:31
18Jared Taylor0:05:58
19Andrew McDicken0:05:58
20David Rossow0:05:58
21Carver Hass0:06:04
22Curt Emerson0:06:25
23Chris Endres0:06:31
24Jeremy Condon0:06:40
25Mike Desrochers0:06:55
26Owen Reich0:07:20
27Rowan Norman0:07:21
28Mark Eben0:07:24
29Ethan HalversonRow 28 - Cell 2
30John Granger0:07:28
31Andrew Matthews0:07:52
32Jon Veldboom0:08:05
33Calhan Norman0:08:07
34Justin Lentz0:08:19
35Jason Huff0:08:21
36Brandon Phillips0:08:23
37Jack Davies0:08:24
38John Norman0:08:28
39Andrew Loose0:08:30
40Job Hammond0:08:34
41Sam Adams0:08:48
42Brian Smith0:08:50
43Jason Stauber0:08:56
44Shawn Richards0:09:02
45Shannon Chapwesk0:09:06
46Steve Lipski0:09:08
47Daniel Duhm0:09:16
48Roman Kosarzycki0:09:20
49Loren Beyer0:09:30
50Chris Wilkes0:09:31
51Brandon Wise0:09:34
52Jonathan Reik0:10:03
53Matthew Kletti0:10:10
54Mason Chapman0:10:19
55Bryon Anderson0:10:22
56Alex Halfman0:10:38
57Todd Somers0:10:39
58Dylan Eggebrecht0:10:57
59Greg Niles0:11:04
60Max Fischer0:11:10
61Tony Young0:11:24
62Daniel Gretzinger0:11:31
63Edward Eigenberger0:11:48
64Dan Marchewka0:11:59
65David Verhoff0:12:04
66Blayne Vanderloop0:12:17
67Tim Liepert0:12:28
68Wade Tasche0:12:42
69Brian James0:12:45
70Ben Cleveland0:13:01
71Doug Rodenkirch0:13:31
72Tshengzoo Lor0:13:49
73Joe Halfman0:14:03
74Bruce Parker0:14:30
75Garrett Clasen0:14:39
76Derek Moran0:15:10
77Steve Caron0:16:05
78Keith Eggebrecht0:16:09
79Jim Weyenberg0:16:23
80Joe Woelfle0:16:31
81David Soerens0:17:40
82David Slickman0:17:41
83Dale Juedes0:17:57
84Matthew Lehner0:18:05
85Seth Neilsen0:18:22
86Demetrio Velazco0:18:30
87Levi Taylor0:19:08
88Ashton Brusca0:19:13
89Adam Fleming0:19:25
90Dennis Klinkert0:19:58
91Nicholas Gries0:21:01
92Colin Erskine0:21:46
93Robin Manning0:21:55
94Brance Modin0:22:20
95Tim Martin0:22:20
96Nate Reik0:22:31
97Dakota Smith0:22:39
98Raymond Tayone0:23:17
99Michael Kaspar0:23:20
100Tyler Sesvold0:23:30
101Todd Cleaveland0:23:54
102Albert James0:25:16
103Todd Nauert0:25:26
104Dave Pringnitz0:25:40
105Taylor Stoiber0:26:05
106David Berres0:26:59
107Emmanuel Mendoza0:27:40
108Zachary Loose0:31:55
109Scott Pfannkuch0:31:56
110Henry Kosarzycki0:36:13
111Andrew Collins0:38:52
112Andrew Ziolkowski0:40:17
113Nathan Otto0:44:13
114Ernesto Isip0:54:50
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Cat. 3 Citizen women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Allison Pieper1:00:23
2Bobbi Kolstad0:02:36
3Molly Duhm0:02:57
4Christina Flisram0:04:27
5Charity Desrochers0:05:23
6Leah Fletcher0:05:24
7Hanna Mork0:06:50
8Tara Michalski0:07:40
9Laura Granger0:08:52
10Wendy Lewin0:10:27
11Kim Biedermann0:12:46
12Ellie Thompson0:13:43
13Ivy Becker0:15:01
14Emelye Sturges0:15:50
15Courtney Schultz0:17:13
16Amy Dykema0:17:40
17April Knudson0:20:39
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Cat. 3 Junior men and women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hunter Schmitt0:21:52
2Mason Newman0:00:41
3Weston Verhoff0:01:00
4Jackson Jennings0:01:25
5Joey Jeschke0:01:28
6Christian Pieper0:01:36
7Nick Niemi0:02:00
8Joshua Caron0:03:21
9Brody Endres0:03:24
10Nickolas Duhm0:03:25
11Skyler Schmitt0:03:31
12Noah Chapman0:03:33
13Porter Thorpe0:03:35
14Camden Jackson0:03:42
15Dwight Eben0:03:44
16Jonah Whitedog0:04:21
17Alex Durocher0:04:31
18Sam Walters0:04:52
19Ben Komoroske0:05:19
20Katy McDicken0:05:54
21Alex Phillips0:05:54
22John Schmidt0:06:12
23Mason Huff0:06:33
24Rider Rainer0:06:36
25Dylan Waldner0:06:40
26Elliot Harold0:06:53
27Lorissa Thorpe0:07:05
28Griffin May0:07:08
29Reed May0:07:10
30Jacob Mork0:08:12
31Lauren Duhm0:08:13
32Henry Schwiesow0:08:22
33Stephan Liepert0:08:23
34Max Sludak0:08:26
35Collin Neuser0:08:40
36Lucas Fletcher0:08:49
37Justin Munzur0:09:08
38Samuel Keon0:10:20
39Brooklyn Waldner0:10:29
40Alison Roltgen0:10:32
41Julia Whitedog0:10:35
42Nick Georges0:10:48
43Colin Knowles0:10:48
44Karl John Tillman0:10:55
45Hunter Gengler0:10:56
46Ty Martin0:11:13
47Kendra Schmitt0:11:48
48Antonia Gengler0:12:27
49Will Knowles0:12:34
50Wesley Hennessey0:12:51
51Maya Beyler0:14:24
52Owen Roltgen0:15:10
53Jaden Kowalke0:16:08
54Brennen Huff0:16:40
55Trey Laudolff0:18:11
56Adrian Ganoza0:18:26
57Aryana Knudson0:19:19
58Miette Gosse0:20:16
59Grace Harold0:21:29
60Kirsten Waldner0:21:47
61Matthew Olesen0:21:57
62Thatcher Werner0:22:37
63Megan Lester0:22:43
64Macy Lester0:24:50
65Gavin Knudson0:25:01

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