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Olheiser, Igoe fastest in masters time trial


Men - Open - Masters - 75-79
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Ellefson (Veloproject.Com)0:34:37
2Robert Alt (Columbia Cycling Clu)0:00:01
3Richard Reynolds (Summit Velo)0:00:53
4Frederic Schmid (Bicycles Outback/Mag)0:01:44
5Peter Murphy (Masters Cycle Racing)0:01:48
6Thomas O'Rourke (Cadieux Bicycle Club)0:02:04
7David Shanks (Unattached)0:02:18
8Kurt Eickelmann (Southern Sierra Cycl)0:03:04
9Richard Simons (Midwest Masters Cycl)0:04:43
10Edward Wang (Unattached)0:05:39

Women - Open - Masters - 55-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Arrietta Clauss (Madcity Velo Club)0:29:50
2Ann Marie Miller (Century Road Club As)0:01:22
3Margaret Thompson (Team Hammer Nutritio)0:01:49
4Elizabeth Tyrell (Somerset Wheelmen)0:02:04
5Barbara Grabowski (Steel City Endurance)0:02:56
6Jane Geisse (Lake Effect Cycling)0:04:05
7Diane Ostenso (Planet Bike)0:04:42

Women - Open - Masters - 60-64
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marie DeRosa (VO2 Maxout.Com)0:35:23
2Kay Tsui (HPC)0:00:29
3Malonnie Kinnison (Sublime Athletics Ve)0:02:43
4Jo Johnson (Team Drt/Deep Blue)0:03:02
5Teresa Knight (Southern Cycling Ope)0:03:42
6Sandra Davis (Jackson Spokes)0:04:51
7Alison Gase (Rapid Wheelmen)0:06:57

Women - Open - Masters - 65-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julie Lockhart (Northeast Bicycle Cl)0:38:53
2Nancy Brown (Joyride Bicycles)0:02:29
3Elena Patterson (Unattached)0:07:14

Men - Open - Masters - 65-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jim Fox (Team Hammer Nutritio)0:30:19
2James Conway (Blue River Bicycle C)0:00:56
3Richard Shaffer (South Mountain Velo)0:01:08
4Palle Terslin (Team RPM)0:01:17
5S Durward Higgins (Scenic City Velo)0:01:20
6Richard Shields (Team Hammer Nutritio)0:01:33
7James Dlouhy (Unattached)0:01:38
8Michael Patterson (Unattached)0:01:42
9Monty Maughan (Foss1L Racing/Fossil)0:02:00
10Kenneth Benusis (Black Hills Domestiq)0:02:45
11Marcel Bastide (Unattached)0:03:00
12Gary Carr (Big Shark Bicycle Co)0:04:05
13Dale Harless (Cycle U)0:04:13
14Ira Wikel (North Atlanta Riding)0:04:20
15Gerald Lauchle (Susquehanna Valley V)0:04:26
16Mount Davis (Unattached)0:04:34
17Michael Williams (Unattached)0:05:33
18maurice john (Unattached)0:05:35
19Philip Martin (Stark Velo)0:06:03

Men - Open - Masters - 70-74
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Meyers (Unattached)0:31:09
2Scott Tucker (Schwab Cycles Racing)0:00:03
3Kenneth Rosskopf (Fulton Flyers Cyclin)0:02:04
4Robert Schulte (Unattached)0:03:14
5George Carter (Unattached)0:05:25
6Charles Fetzer (Unattached)0:05:39
7Henry Banta (National Capital Vel)0:05:50
8Thomas Bridges (Favata's Trt Bicycle)0:06:39
9Lawrence Miller (Capital Bicycle Raci)0:07:40
10Tomasz Radzikowski (Unattached)0:11:00

Men - Open - Masters - 85-89
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Francis Underwood (Unattached)0:53:38

Men - Open - Masters - 80-84
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carl Grove (Unattached)0:33:49
2Link Lindquist (Team Velosport Club/)0:07:18
3Donald Werling (Unattached)0:10:45

Women - Open - Masters - 70-74
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patty Puz (DC (Durance Cyclewor)0:42:06

Men - Open - Masters - 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Timothy Mitchell (CCB International)0:29:39
2Jonathan Jacob (Indianapolis Cycling)0:00:24
3Matthew Weeks (Carbon Racing)0:01:03
4Sam Krieg (Krieg Cycling)0:01:05
5Eneas Freyre (Fastar/Targetraining)0:01:20
6Yip Tsang (Zmotion Racing Team)0:01:30
7Nathan Smith (Kryki Sports/Lenovo)0:01:56
8Tom Burke (Midwest Cycling Grou)0:02:14
9Bain Foote (Herring Gas Cycling/)0:02:26
10Joshua Roeser (Flat City Cycling Cl)0:02:48
11Joshua Whitmore (Globalbike Racing/Te)0:03:01
12Kris French (Panther Pb Competiti)0:03:10
13Eric Jones (Unattached)0:03:16
14Timothy Unkert (Unattached)0:05:28
15Michael Edlin (Unattached)0:05:38
16James Freeman (Bike Clicks/Team Lou)0:07:41
17Mathew Davis (Team Las'Port)0:10:22
18Linden Ferguson (Unattached)0:11:39

Men - Open - Masters - 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Olheiser (Tristar Cycling Team)0:28:58
2Gregory Strock (Kentucky Flyers Cycl)0:01:23
3Benjamin Blaugrund (Team Hotel San Jose/)0:02:03
4Ladd Lumpkin (South Carolina Sport)0:02:23
5Mike Fawell (HPC/HPC/List)0:02:24
6John Hart (Friends Great Smokie)0:02:34
7Jason Jeansonne (Friends Great Smokie)0:02:50
8Jason Bentley (Team Brain And Spine)0:03:07
9Ryan Jenkins (Carolina Masters /Ca)0:03:07
10Ryan Shanahan (Speedway Wheelmen)0:03:08
11Grant Baldwin (North Georgia Cyclin)0:03:46
12Matthew Segur (Mix1)0:03:56
13Chad Weisgram (River Valley Cycling)0:04:25
14Micah Fritzinger0:04:29
15Dan Korienek (Leadout Racing)0:04:35
16Robert Binkley (Scenic City Velo)0:04:37
17Thomas Rieber (Metro State College-)0:05:10
18Nathan Roberson (Scheller's Racing Te)0:07:05
19Donald Parr (Bike Clicks/Team Lou)0:09:05

Men - Open - Masters - 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Richard Feldman (Durance - Colnago)0:29:49
2Christopher Lyman (Team Specialized Rac)0:00:06
3Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo)0:00:42
4Jeffery Otto (River Valley Cycling)0:01:02
5Paul Deninger (Unattached)0:01:11
6Nico Toutenhoofd (Team Hotel San Jose)0:01:12
7Paul Thomas (Rideclean)0:01:19
8Dan Martin (Team Bicycles Plus/S)0:01:32
9Grant Potter (Zmotion)0:01:36
10Daniel Casper (Grandstay Hotels)0:02:18
11Kurt Spoerle (Zipp Factory Team)0:02:20
12Matthew Heitmann (Panther PB Competiti)0:02:24
13Greg Cousins (Morgan Stanley Cycli)0:02:44
14Gary Aspnes (TWZ Masters Cycling)0:02:51
15Dirk Pohlmann (Kentucky Flyers Cycl)0:02:55
16Daniel Logan (River Valley Cycling)0:03:36
17Michael Oriley (Unattached)0:04:11
18Walter Warwick (Unattached)0:04:15
19James Kruse (Men Of Steel Racing)0:04:45
20Eric Barnett (Peloton Sports Group)0:05:22
21Rick Laliberte (River Valley Cycling)0:06:39
22Edward Kendrick Sr (New Orleans Bicycle)0:07:42

Men - Open - Masters - 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brendan Sullivan (Iron Data Racing)0:30:20
2Kevin Metcalfe (Team Specialized Rac)0:00:12
3Todd Robertson (Skins Racing)0:00:20
4Craig Roemer (Team Specialized Rac)0:00:27
5Jonathan Bold (Corner Cycle)0:00:41
6Jonathan Card (Unattached)0:01:00
7Mark Swartzendruber (Scarlet Fire)0:01:07
8Robert Garwood (Final Kick Racing)0:01:09
9James Gotsick (Unattached)0:01:18
10Simon Walker (Suburban Health Spor)0:01:18
11Ralf Warmuth (Highland Park Hermes)0:01:41
12Francis Manfred (Mob Squad (Motivated)0:01:46
13Blain Reeves (Zmotion Racing Team)0:02:05
14Scott Kuiper (Better Cycling Of Lo)0:02:18
15Peter Wimberg (Queen City Wheels)0:02:19
16James Parker (St Paul Bicycle Raci)0:02:40
17Bob McCall (High Desert Cycling)0:02:43
18Curtis Tolson (Kentucky Flyers Cycl)0:02:49
19Craig Cozza (UPMC Cycling Perform)0:03:06
20Gregory Berlind (Unattached)0:03:22
21Stephen Spanbauer (Better Cycling Of Lo)0:03:31
22Gene Fowler (Hilton Head Cycling)0:03:31
23TIM STONE (Team Ion-United Heal)0:03:32
24David Keire (Mesa Cycles Shop And)0:03:38
25Daniel Leberger (High Desert Cycling)0:04:18
26Raife Snover (Zmotion Racing Team)0:05:01
27Glen Alden (Queen City Wheels)0:05:27
28Gregory Francken (Team Wisconsin/Team)0:05:39
29Douglas Deaton (Team Dayton Bicyclin)0:06:29
30Curtis Jackson (Team Ville)0:07:50
31Paul Bedell (Unattached)0:10:19
DNFMark Pinchak (Unattached)
DNFCarter Faber (Skins Racing)
DNFJose Mendez (Bike America Racing)
DNFScott Cole (Morgan Stanley Cycli)

Men - Open - Masters - 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thurlow Rogers (Amgen-Ubs Elite Mast)0:30:41
2John Novitsky (VOS Racing)0:00:38
3Gary Painter (Ft. Wayne Outfitters)0:01:04
4Eugene Palumbo (Mix1)0:01:12
5Brian Batke (Carbon Racing)0:01:17
6Gerald Finken (St Paul Bicycle Raci)0:01:17
7Kevin Hines (Corner Cycle Cycling)0:01:45
8Roger Friend (Monticello Velo Club)0:02:01
9David Grice (Asheville Bicycle Ra)0:02:10
10James G Wenzel (Velo Voodoo)0:02:32
11Glenn Snyder (UPMC Cycling Perform)0:02:36
12Joseph Paulson (Vic'S Espresso / Pee)0:03:03
13David Beirne (Rideclean)0:03:05
14Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling)0:03:06
15jeff lamay (Unattached)0:03:20
16Paul McDonald (Lehigh Wheelmen Asso)0:03:22
17Elmer Colyer (River Valley Cycling)0:03:26
18Gary Dalton (Swamp Yankee Road Cl)0:03:52
19Timothy Perry (Team Las'Port)0:03:52
20Arthur Brown (Battley Harley-David)0:03:54
21Pascal Sauvayre (Unattached)0:03:55
22Chris Daffin (SVMIC Cycling)0:03:57
23David Hilton (PA Masters RC)0:04:17
24Derek Wilford (Spin)0:04:46
25Timothy Taylor (Jackson Spokes)0:04:55
26Michael Burri (Genesee Valley Cycli)0:05:00
27Mark Gowler (St Louis Cycling Clu)0:05:24
28Victor Siegfried (Evolution Cycling Cl)0:05:24
29John Hamilton (Main Line Cycling)0:05:48
30Patrick Flautt (Depaula Racing)0:06:17
31Marco Bonelli (Trisports Cycling/Ec)0:06:18
32Bruce Gordon (Indiana Masters Raci)0:06:20
33Thomas Dell (Coachchris/Tedveliko)0:06:51
34Steven Griffith (Zmotion Racing Team)0:06:59
35Kirk Morrison (AG3R)0:07:32
36Brian Blackwell (Rogue Racing Project)0:10:19
DNFPerry Seltz (Greenville Spinners)
DNFFrank LaRondie (Scheller'S Racing Te)
DNFGary Smith (Team Cannell Champio)

Men - Open - Masters - 55-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Anderson (Team Specialized Rac)0:32:03
2Gordon Paulson (Planet Bike)0:00:06
3Vic MIERA0:00:13
4Dennis Rainear (Team Nature'S Path/3)0:01:03
5Michael Newsome (Vic's Espresso / Pee)0:01:05
6Scott Sifferman (Ozark Cycling Club)0:01:09
7James Dickerson (Cody Racing/Cody Rac)0:01:11
8Peter Leousis (Triangle Velo)0:01:12
9Thomas Doughty (Amgen-UBS Elite Mast)0:01:17
10James (Jimmy) Day (Velo Del Norte)0:01:19
11Dean Sandoval (Vic's Espresso / Pee)0:01:23
12Eddie Morris (Amgen-UBS Elite Mast)0:01:24
13William Watkins (US Military Academy/)0:01:36
14Shannon Fox (Unattached)0:01:50
15RIchard Pearson (Team Kaos Cycling/Te)0:02:01
16John Spieker (Shore Velocity Cycli)0:02:15
17Brian Griffith (Cycle Funattic)0:02:21
18Dow (Skip) Rogers (UPMC Cycling Perform)0:03:06
19Ralph Antolino (A World Of Pain)0:03:11
20James Greenawalt (Southwest Cycling Cl)0:03:46
21Alex Collins (Canyon Velo)0:04:08
22Tim FITZGERALD0:04:22
23Jack Evans (Cumberland Cycles In)0:04:42
24Michael Ellis (UPMC Cycling Perform)0:05:22
25David Jarboe (Bike Clicks/Team Lou)0:06:15
26Duane Mulvaney (White Mountain Road)0:06:29
27Roger Hungerford (Buffalo Bicycling Cl)0:07:48
28Patrick McMullen (Queen City Wheels)0:08:04
29Herman Storms (Somerset Wheelmen)0:10:47
DNFDavid Lamy (Unattached)
DNFAndrew Hauck (Unattached)
DNFGregory McCrea (Gulf Coast Cycling A)
DNFTerence Martin (Indiana Masters Raci)

Men - Open - Masters - 60-64
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kenny Fuller (Cycles Veloce)0:32:26
2Ken Louder (Velosport Racing)0:00:41
3Bernard Sanders (East Coasters Bike S)0:00:51
4Stuart Ross (DC Velo Limited)0:01:24
5David Stevens (Veloproject.Com)0:02:08
6Michael Krywanski (Priority Health Cycl)0:02:11
7Dennis Hastings (Vic's Espresso / Pee)0:02:12
8Robert Kirk (Unattached)0:03:43
9Lloyd Rath (Mako/Mellow Motors/M)0:03:48
10Gary Hickey (Team Dayton Bicyclin)0:04:21
11Angelo Cilli (Iron Data Racing)0:04:22
12Randall Maddox (Greenville Spinners)0:04:36
13George Liolios (Summit Freewheelers)0:04:36
14Ralph Schmook (Tri Cities Road Club)0:04:46
15Scott Bulfinch (Joyride Bicycles)0:05:10
16James Hartnett (South Mountain Velo)0:05:25
17Phillip Davis (Jackson Spokes)0:05:46
18Michael Adsit (Skylands Cycling)0:06:14
19Douglas Fyffe (Unattached)0:07:29
20Bill Cole (Savannah Wheelmen/Os)0:08:49
21Frank Quinlan (Bicycle Shack Racing)0:10:44
DNFFrank Cornett (Depaula Racing)
DNFStephen Bennett (Colobikelaw.Com)
DNFSteven Lehman (Tri State Velo)
DNFHarry (Jerry) Fondren (Mesa Cycles Shop And)
DNFRobert Burke (Pact- Dish Network C)
DNFDan Meyer (Loon State Cyclists)
DNFDonald Sax (Unattached)

Women - Open - Masters - 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karen Appleby-Krieg (Idaho Cycling Enthus)0:35:43
2Colleen Cornelius (Promotioncycling.Com)0:00:51
3Krystal McNutt (Team Kenda)0:01:42
4Erica Hemmy (S3 Racing Team/S3 Ra)0:01:43
5Haley Juno-Galdes (Unattached)0:02:52
6Anne Donley (Unattached)0:03:53
DNFJanelle Renschler (The Gang Group)

Women - Open - Masters - 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenn Halladay (Bobs Bicycles Cyclin)0:33:42
2Catherine James (Team Kenda)0:04:00
3Nicole Johnson (Team Kenda)0:04:03
4Melissa Corliss (Team Dayton Bicyclin)0:04:44
5Trenna Adams (Wicked Cycling Inc)0:07:04
6Colleen Brown (Cadieux Bicycle Club)0:10:02
DNFLeslie Jennings (Unattached)

Women - Open - Masters - 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Igoe (Buffalo Bicycling Cl)0:33:29
2Cathy Cote (Atlantic Shores Velo)0:01:50
3Alaina Gurski (Cawes P/B Specialize)0:01:54
4Jennifer Maxwell (Team Kenda)0:02:38
5Anne Grabowski (Flat City Cycling Cl)0:02:41
6Traci Cummings (Buffalo Bicycling Cl)0:03:12
7Andi Smith (Alto Velo Racing Clu)0:03:35
8Sheila Lopez (Bike America Racing)0:03:43
9Deb Landon (Madcity Velo Club)0:04:28
10Joan Carlson (River Valley Cycling)0:04:38
11barbara walker (Queen City Wheels)0:06:01
12Olga Weeks (SCMIC Cycling)0:08:05
13Judith Kendrick (New Orleans Bicycle)0:08:16
14Jeanette Shires (Team Dayton Bicyclin)0:09:04

Women - Open - Masters - 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Terrie Clouse (Colobikelaw.Com)0:34:31
2Giselle Weekes (Greenville Spinners)0:00:56
3Connie Inks (Unattached)0:01:17
4Monica McDonald (Team Chiropractic Pa)0:02:23
5Jeanne Fleck (Velo Duluth)0:02:34
6Gina Kavesh (Union Bay Cycling/Bi)0:02:54
7Marni Harker (Team Kenda)0:03:29
8Monique Karlen (Team Kenda)0:03:55
9Bonnie Karas (Unattached)0:04:10
10Kim Wik (Team Affinity/Team I)0:05:03
11Lorna WatersTellez (Team Dayton Bicyclin)0:06:31
DNFKarin Berg (Amateur Cycling Club)

Women - Open - Masters - 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christine Schryver (Genesee Valley Cycli)0:33:56
2MaryAnn Levenson (Kalyrabella Nova Wom)0:01:34
3Leigh Thompson (Vision Quest Llc/Vis)0:01:42
4Marianne Holt (Carolina Bicycle Com)0:02:49
5Jane Fyffe (Unattached)0:03:13
6Beverly Enslow (Hammer Nutrition)0:03:17
7Sarah Sauvayre (Century Road Club As)0:03:29
8Beth Travers (Nashvillecyclist.Com)0:03:40
9Carol Johnson (Sound Velo Cycling C)0:05:03
10Christina Maddox (Greenville Spinners)0:05:51
11Teresa Camacho (Pista Elite)0:07:01
12Debra Cavender (Unattached)0:11:37
13Sherri Thompson (Rogue Racing Project)0:13:52

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