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Minnaar defeats series leader Atkinson in Tahoe

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Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) races to a victory.

Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) races to a victory. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Cedric Gracia demonstrates his roller skaing technique

Cedric Gracia demonstrates his roller skaing technique (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Mitch Ropelato races to fifth.

Mitch Ropelato races to fifth. (Image credit: Ryan Cleek)
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Men's podium at the US Pro GRT #3

Men's podium at the US Pro GRT #3 (Image credit: Ryan Cleek)
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Women's podium at the US Pro GRT #3

Women's podium at the US Pro GRT #3 (Image credit: Ryan Cleek)
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Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner (Transitions) lead the US Pro GRT series after three rounds.

Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner (Transitions) lead the US Pro GRT series after three rounds. (Image credit: Ryan Cleek)
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Jill Kintner (Transitions) on her way to winning US Pro GRT #3.

Jill Kintner (Transitions) on her way to winning US Pro GRT #3. (Image credit: Ryan Cleek)
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Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) puts in a race-winning run.

Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) puts in a race-winning run. (Image credit: Ryan Cleek)
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Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) gets to take home the big check.

Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) gets to take home the big check. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) topped the elite men's podium.

Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) topped the elite men's podium. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) accepts his medal.

Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) accepts his medal. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate) on the podium.

Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate) on the podium. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate)

Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate) (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate) rolls around on the ground before each race - a new ritual to combat the curse of crashing in the rainbow jersey.

Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate) rolls around on the ground before each race - a new ritual to combat the curse of crashing in the rainbow jersey. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Steve Peat now dirties his jersey before the start of each race.

Steve Peat now dirties his jersey before the start of each race. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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World Champion Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate)

World Champion Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate) (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Cedric Gracia (Brigade) rides to a podium spot.

Cedric Gracia (Brigade) rides to a podium spot. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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There were places to catch some air on the course in Tahoe.

There were places to catch some air on the course in Tahoe. (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)
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Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate)

Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) (Image credit: Kathy Sessler)

Santa Cruz Syndicate's Greg Minnaar bagged another win this season at Northstar in Lake Tahoe at the US Pro GRT downhill. He was joined on the podium by Bryn Atkinson (Transitions) in second, Syndicate teammate Steve Peat in third, Cedric Gracia (Brigade) in fourth and the young Mitch Ropelato in fifth.

Racers faced a dry, dusty course, something they hadn't seen since the Fort William World Cup. The altitude was also something they hadn't dealt with lately.

As the practice days wore on, by the time the elite men raced down the hill, the four-minute course was rough and beat up.

After partaking in his new race ritual of rolling on the ground before the start to dirty his jersey in an effort to fight the curse of crashing in the rainbow jersey, Steve Peat set the fastest race run time of 4:06.5, two seconds faster than the fastest time in seeding.

However, Bryn Atkinson bumped Peat from the hot seat when he crossed the line with a stunning 4:03.3

Minnaar was next and came down absolutely smashing the times set by Atkinson and Peat, with a staggering 3:59.9 for the win

"The altitude was killer and so were the course conditions. I felt like I was riding through my mom's makeup bag!" said Minnaar. "I knew it would be a physical race and I knew I had to pedal hard. I can feel it now and it was definitely well worth it."

Hacking with lung burn from the altitude, Peat said "It's been a swell weekend sucking thin air! I haven't raced a proper race in the US in years. I'm stoked to come back to the states and do a race here."

In the women's race, Jill Kintner (Transitions) clocked the fastest time of 4:29.7. She was followed by Kathy Pruitt, 7.8 seconds later. Veteran racer Leigh Donovan was third at 15.5 seconds, with Jacqueline Harmony hot on her heels a fraction of a second later. Rachel Bauer rounded out the top five with a time 17.2 seconds off Kintner's.

Race note: Minnaar's teammate Josh Bryceland stayed home for this event to recover from his crash in Leogang where he suffered a concussion and an impact to his AC shoulder joint.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate)0:03:59.98
2Bryn Atkinson (Transition Racing)0:00:03.34
3Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate)0:00:06.61
4Cedric Gracia (Santa Cruz/Oakley)0:00:07.36
5Mitch Ropelato (Ex Drinks)0:00:07.49
6Mikey Sylvestri (Specialized Allride)0:00:07.52
7Eliot Jackson0:00:10.34
8Kevin Aiello (GT Bikes)0:00:11.05
9John Swanguen (ODI X Fusion)0:00:11.80
10Logan Binggeli (KHS)0:00:12.25
11Lars Sternberg (Wa Transition Racing)0:00:12.62
12Jared Rando (Giant)0:00:13.27
13Chris Heath (KHS Factory)0:00:14.07
14Graeme Pitts (Team Geronimo Banshe)
15Scott Papola (Evil Fox Shox)0:00:15.01
16Kirt Voreis (Specialized Allride)0:00:15.24
17Cody Eichhorn (Team Geronimo)0:00:15.26
18Tim Krentz0:00:15.35
19Jon Wilson (Northstar Giant Fox)0:00:17.17
20Ben Furbee (WTB Fox)0:00:17.44
21Ryan Condrashoff (ODI X Fusion)0:00:18.97
22Kieran Bennett (DRD Tomac)0:00:19.15
23Waylon Smith (Mongoose Nema)0:00:20.47
24Leland O Connor (Slo To The Bone)0:00:20.69
25Amado Stachenfeld (Amadomtb Dot Com)0:00:20.74
26Mike Haderer (Corsair Bikes)0:00:20.80
27Jonathan Widen (All Mtn Cyclery)0:00:20.82
28Sean Mc Clendon (ODI X Fusion)0:00:20.91
29Brian Buell (Team Geronimo Banshe)0:00:22.09
30Erik Nelson (Commencal Usa)0:00:22.25
31Evan Powell (Yeti Fox National)0:00:23.15
32Charlie Sponsel (Evil Bikes)0:00:23.23
33Mark Clemens0:00:23.68
34Naish Ulmer (KHS Spy Optic Dark)0:00:24.08
35Cameron Zink (Tld Mavic Corsair)
36Kyle Thomas (Evil Bikes Alpinestar)0:00:24.57
37Duncan Riffle (Giant)0:00:24.73
38Nathaniel Lewis (Slo To The Bone)0:00:24.84
39Brad Oien (ODI X Fusion)0:00:25.32
40Lear Miller (Demon Dirt)0:00:25.58
41Kevin Albert (Thunder Bringers)0:00:25.88
42Ryan Andrews (Vans Protec Carine)0:00:26.25
43Robin Baloochi (DRD Tomac)0:00:26.37
44John Keep (DRD Tomac)0:00:26.61
45Brad Benedict (Specialized)0:00:27.39
46Casey Coffman (Transition Gamut WTB)0:00:27.61
47Michael Buell (Team Geronimo Banshe)0:00:27.65
48Blake Carney (KHS)0:00:28.54
49Nic Hadley (Go Ride Dot Com Turn)0:00:29.45
50Steve Hlebo (Abs Sc)0:00:29.50
51Dean Abrams0:00:30.70
52Alfonso Garcia (Rocky)0:00:31.01
53Jimmy Amaral (Point One Racing)0:00:31.45
54Craig Harvey (Z Racing Brigade)0:00:31.92
55Daniel Cortina (Cortina Bikes)0:00:32.36
56Ben Kubas (Canfield Bros Tai)0:00:32.62
57Matt Condrashoff (Oakland Republic)0:00:33.33
58Taylor Cuisinot (Xtreme Outfitters)0:00:35.30
59Forest Belluzzi (WTB Point One Frame)0:00:35.56
60Ryan Delong (Another Bike Shop)0:00:36.81
61Jesse Trask (Another Bike Shop)0:00:37.98
62Dante Harmony (Amc Canfield Hayes)0:00:39.33
63Evan Gilsdorf (Dh Zone Elka Suspens)0:00:42.99
64Jordan Lopez (Northstar Giant Fox)0:00:43.65
65John Hauer (X Fusion)0:00:46.36
66Matt Adams (Bike Works Brady Air)0:00:52.15
67Phillip Wiering (Evil Maxxis)0:01:02.34
DNFEvan Bissell

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jill Kintner (Wa Transition Racing)0:04:29.76
2Kathy Pruitt (Jamis)0:00:07.78
3Leigh Donovan (Intense Tangerine)0:00:15.48
4Jacqueline Harmony (Vixen Racing All Mtn)0:00:15.85
5Rachel Bauer (Banshee)0:00:17.16
6Joanna Petterson0:00:19.52
7Jennifer Wolf (All Mtn Cyclery)0:00:26.38
8Gabriella Williams (Z Racing Brigade)0:00:31.40
9Addie Stewart (Go Ride Hayes Harlot)0:00:42.05
10Joy Martin (Vixen Racing)0:00:50.76
11Sondra Williamson (Specialized)0:00:52.62
12Ana Rodriguez (Staats Brothers Bike)0:00:55.53
13Melissa Buhl (KHS Bicycles)0:04:39.74
DNFLizzy English (Northstar Tahoe)

Elite veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dan Krenicki0:04:21.91
2Mike Fucci (Canfield Bros)0:00:06.36
3Dan Hoofman0:00:06.54
4Joe Picchiottino0:00:08.67
5Sean Tracy (Thunderbringers)0:00:10.56
6Matt Johnston (Mjs Cannon Ball)0:00:11.49
7Quinton Spaulding (KHS Bicycles)0:00:12.55
8Joel Baty (GT Bikes)0:00:14.04
9Chris Canfield (Canfield Brothers)0:00:14.53
10Rick Goldrup (Ideal Fox Racing)0:00:18.89
11Nelson Diaz0:00:19.31
12Michael Town (Santa Cruz)0:00:21.64
13Donald Morehouse (Northstar Giant)0:00:23.56
14Chuck Valenzuela (KHS Marzocchi)0:00:26.55
15Pete Roman0:00:28.32
16Willy Galinato (Zvorsky Rcg Brigade)0:00:30.58
17George Naisbett0:00:30.83
18Ryan Widen (All Mtn Cyclery)0:00:36.50
19Tom Secor (ODI Southridge)0:00:50.33
20Stacy Kohut (R One Tld)0:02:00.48
DNFBruce Custer (Zrb Intense)

Cat. 1 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitch Ropelato0:04:13.61
2Bryson Martin (Marzocchi Oakley Com)0:00:05.69
3Kyle Warner (Thunderbringers)0:00:09.01
4Brad King (DRD Tomac)0:00:11.29
5Alex Amaral (Point One Racing)0:00:12.57
6Nate Furbee (Fox WTB Marks)0:00:13.42
7Ian Keller (Synaptic Training)0:00:13.62
8Trevor Trinkino (Yeti Rpm)0:00:14.53
9Jake Payne0:00:14.88
10Evan Powell0:00:15.18
11Teddy Benge (Team Geronimo)0:00:15.45
12Parker De Gray (Cannon Ball Racing)0:00:16.07
13Chris Ravina (WTB)0:00:16.28
14Andy Proctor (Yeti Rpm)0:00:16.56
15Logan Kemp (Cr1 Point One)0:00:16.89
16Austin Aldrich (Specialized Allride)0:00:17.30
17Anthony Marino (Marzocchi ODI )0:00:19.60
18Austin Benge (Backbone)0:00:19.85
19Lucas Cowan (Bike Works)0:00:20.45
20Steven Baldock0:00:20.68
21Casey Solari (Northstar Giant)0:00:20.80
22Kiran Mackinnon0:00:21.09
23Ryan Hockett0:00:22.12
24Kyle Hillard (Brady Air Racing)0:00:23.03
25Khaner Smith (Ride Sfo)0:00:24.27
26Adam Ransavage (Evil Bikes)0:00:24.53
27Alex Couture (Giant Bicycles)0:00:26.69
28Greg Rea Jr (Northstar Giant Team)0:00:28.02
29Samuel Pensler (Grom Racing)0:00:28.92
30Arbor Johnson0:00:31.23
31Chris Gabel0:00:31.41
32Josh Nevelson0:00:33.30
33Justin Wyche (Yeti Fox)0:00:35.47
34Brian Roark0:00:37.45
35Brant Havro0:00:37.61
36Colby Benge0:00:38.22
37Matt Houtvager0:00:39.79
38Jack Hill (Lifecycle Dh Coalition)0:00:41.19
39Rhys Ewing (Downhill Coalition)0:01:02.20
40Andrew Beck0:01:08.21
41Brett Neighbors0:01:12.35
DNFCody Womack
DNFAdrian Chow Daniel

Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Nash (Canfield Brothers)0:04:21.09
2Evan Geankoplis0:00:02.20
3Josh Brown (Santa Cruz Bicycles)0:00:03.90
4Tom Doran (Slo To The Bone)0:00:04.21
5Timothy Mangini (Chumba Racing)0:00:06.76
6Conner Bloum0:00:07.08
7Kristian Atkins (Z Racing Brigade)0:00:07.63
8Jason Hillard (Brady Air Racing)0:00:07.75
9Evan Ames (WTB Scb 661)0:00:08.21
10Nathan Avery (Mountain High Freeride)0:00:09.53
11Cody Johnson0:00:10.08
12Kendall Stock0:00:10.88
13Zasho Donner0:00:11.66
14Ryan Quinn (Ucsb)0:00:12.26
15Troy D Elia (Foes D)0:00:12.47
16Jeff Bowers (Specialized)0:00:13.21
17Owen Raybould (Slo To The Bone)0:00:14.16
18Teague Card (The Path)0:00:15.41
19Greg Hermansen0:00:16.37
20Josef Duller (Slo To The Bone)0:00:16.45
21Joshua Cleveland (Or Downhill Coalition)0:00:17.26
22Steven Ruud (Frame Wrap Eak)0:00:17.45
23Brian Zimmerman (Oakland Republic)0:00:18.96
24Johnny Muldoon (Canfield Brothers)0:00:20.76
25Luke Wronski (The Path)0:00:21.02
26Daniel Orellana (Rocky Mtn)0:00:22.20
27Dan Troyan0:00:22.25
28Justin Johnson (Cn Velocity Cycles)0:00:24.57
29Daniel Brisbon (Slo To The Bone)0:00:24.59
30Ben Jones (Great Basin Bicycles)0:00:24.70
31Travis Elquist (Mtn High Freeride)0:00:24.84
32Stephen Flood0:00:26.18
33Ian Ferguson (Slo To The Bone)0:00:26.31
34Jesse Ransavage (Dirt Corps)0:00:28.00
35Justin Small0:00:28.30
36Casey Sanchez (Northstar)0:00:30.87
37Traver Joehnck (Momentum Coaching)0:00:31.08
38John Clark (Banshee Bikes WTB)0:00:31.12
39Erik Hatch0:00:31.86
40Jonathan Card (Cove Bikes Empyrean)0:00:32.20
41Nate Riffle (Giant Bicycles)0:00:33.25
42J Baxter Roberson0:00:33.59
43Davis Souza (Northstar Bike)0:00:34.12
44Sante Pelot (Fox Shox)0:00:36.82
45Justin Vorhees (Thunderbringers)0:00:39.56
46Rafer Willenberg (Uc Irvine)0:00:43.62
47Cody Chapman (Transition Bikes)0:01:18.81
48Colby Solari (Northstar Giant)0:01:19.19
49Jacon Sorensen (All Mtn Cyclery)0:01:40.84
DNFKris Morehead
DNFMark Hesser (Slo To The Bone)
DNFManel Machado (Xtreme Outfitters)
DNFMarshall Eames (WTB Santa Cruz Fox)
DNFTravis Alvarez (Brady Air Racing)
DNFMatt Collins
DNFQuinn Depperscmidt (Mtn High Freeride)

Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brandon Duquesnel (Active Force Foudation)0:04:36.75
2John Hlebo (Abs Risse Racing)0:00:02.79
3Ryan Cleek (Mba)0:00:06.80
4Graham Wagner (Brothers Bikes)0:00:07.20
5Chuck Mccarty0:00:14.79
6Brian Damschen (50 50 Racing)0:00:15.54
7Juan Catano (50 50 Dh Racing)0:00:17.39
8Bill Hane0:00:20.23
9Jon Houde (The Hub)0:00:29.71
10Evan Chute (Co Rpm Yeti Development)0:00:31.52
11Josh Walters (Another Bike Shop)0:00:47.12
12Stephen Zvorsky (Z Racing Brigade)0:03:26.91
DNFGabe Monroe (Mtn High Freeride)

Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Ryland (Team Jackass Racing)0:04:45.96
2Patrick Tidd (Oakland Republic)0:00:00.36
3Jerry Vines (Dark Horse)0:00:08.07
4Jim Kropa (Oaklyn Records)0:00:08.27
5Sean Martin (Dh Reno)0:00:09.33
6Jeff Williamson0:00:12.10
7Mario Gallardo (Oaklyn Republic)0:00:18.60
8Tom Cleveland0:00:22.39
9Ali Mortezaei (Dark Horse Racing)0:01:23.82

Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cierra Smith (Specialized Allride)0:05:01.62
2Robyn Embrey (Enviro Reuts Exo)0:00:16.19
3Mary Moncorge (Time Kali Santa Cruz)0:00:22.96
4Paula Santerior0:00:24.61
5Adrienne Garbiel0:00:34.41
6Mollie Sitkin0:00:39.08
7Annemarie F Hennes (Family Cycling)0:00:51.36
8Kelly Johnson (Chainsmoke Racing)0:00:56.74
9Bridgette Le Ber (Mom And Dad)0:01:13.17
10Erica Phillips0:01:24.05
DNFKatherine De Carlo
DNFHeather Mcfadden (Loeka)

Cat. 2 Men 14 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Rothwell (Roll Cats)0:05:15.85
2Jaren Perry0:00:49.08
8 Cat 2 Men 15-18
1Brandon Bohl0:04:35.11
2Luca Cometti (Marzocchi Suspension)0:00:00.14
3Mckay Vezina (Newbury Park Bike Sh)0:00:00.39
4Niklaus Dommen0:00:03.68
5Ryan Stevens (WTB)0:00:03.76
6Tyler Hansen0:00:07.75
7Bo Macarthur0:00:08.50
8Daniel Good0:00:10.64
9Nick Aguilar0:00:11.39
10Garrett Balthasar0:00:12.80
11Troy Ford0:00:15.27
12Conrad Culleney0:00:16.10
13Matt Sleutjes (Rockgardn Marzocchi)0:00:17.60
14Dylan Unger0:00:18.76
15Ryan Markwell0:00:25.36
16Sam Sabini0:00:28.27
17Wade Jarmel0:00:30.24
18David Fitz Randolph0:00:35.80
19Matt Moore0:00:36.65
20Jonathon Fisher0:00:40.24
21Derick Cash0:00:41.10
22Calvin Svoboda0:00:43.40
23Race Carrino0:00:44.81
24Nicholas Adams0:01:38.51
DNFDavid Higgenbottom (California Dirt)

Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Reynoso (Incycle)0:04:36.66
2Nick Simpson (Trailhead Cyclery)0:00:05.00
3Shane Connolly0:00:05.06
4Jc Munoz (Huk Dh)0:00:08.40
5Brent Van Fossen (Brents Garage)0:00:10.14
6Daniel Brady (Xtreme Outfitters)0:00:11.36
7Morgan Brewer (Oaklyn Republic)0:00:11.51
8William Fogelman0:00:12.33
9Eddie Mcdonald (Nevada Cycling)0:00:15.69
10Matt Robison (Dh Reno)0:00:17.37
11Tim Gould0:00:20.25
12Patrick Branch (Pb Media)0:00:21.87
13Aaron Kerson0:00:28.04
14Taylor Robinson (Team Dumped)0:00:38.00
15Bryan Learner0:00:50.41
16Zachary Gosser0:00:53.19
17Tim Lukko (Point One Racing)0:00:55.37
18Andrew Peters0:00:56.54
19Nick Echevarria0:01:08.03
20Travis Lindsey (Svcs Hit N Run)0:01:14.30
DNFCory Cuisinot (Xtreme Outfitters)
DNFJustin Boldrini
DNFJustin Balthasar

Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trent Daniels0:04:44.15
2Eon Jarvis (Staats Bikes)0:00:00.30
3Chad Gallagher (50 50 Racing)0:00:07.23
4Scott Varian (Oakland Republic)0:00:11.31
5Steve Bloum (Beyond Bikes)0:00:17.46
6Jason Yim0:00:22.83
7Michael Brill0:00:25.19
8Ian Longstreet0:00:25.27
9Travis Kaschalk (Hit N Run Designs)0:00:46.01
10Cody Drake (50 50 Racing)0:00:48.48
11Eric Sudhansen (Team Jackass Racing)0:01:14.97

Cat. 2 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ray Charles (Oakland Republic)0:05:01.44
2Ron Balthasar0:00:00.44
3Rob Wexler (Southridge ODI )0:00:01.50
4Michael Takahashi (Evomo)0:00:10.55
5Erik Zellner (Another Bike Shop)0:00:14.62
6Jason Wood0:00:17.04
7Chris Beratlis (Beratlisbikes)0:00:18.95
8Mark Varian (Oaklyn Records)0:00:20.38
9Mark Owen0:00:35.95
DNFRandy Robison

Cat. 2 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cathy Chevron0:05:22.66
2Andrea Napoli (Northstar)0:00:23.37
3Bonnie Miller0:00:31.69
4Roxanne Canent0:01:08.36
DNFLisa Bommer

Cat. 3 Men 14 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dominic Galli0:05:09.71
2Jared Smith0:00:30.99
3Joaquin Pastrana0:04:23.20

Cat. 3 Men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Calvet0:04:52.95
2Shawn Howe0:00:12.52
3Bryce Minor0:00:30.98
4Jack Zuercher0:00:36.16

Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Spencer Sasarita (All Mtn Cyclery)0:04:55.81

Cat. 3 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Parish Smith0:05:20.66
2Zachariah Seasly0:00:35.18

Cat. 3 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jamie Danesh0:05:30.42
2Pete Cordero0:00:27.80

Cat. 3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mary Pralinsky0:07:16.31

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