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Moseley tops stellar field at Pro GRT opener

Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) and Bryn Atkinson won the opening round of the US Pro GRT at Port Angeles, Washington this weekend.

The track was slick at times, narrow in places, and generally very fast. The local crowd too was supportive of all the World Cup stars that had made the trip to the opening round. Many made the trip directly north after racing the Sea Otter Classic the previous weekend in California.

In the women's race Moseley was up against a world class field and managed to edge out second placed Rachel Atherton (Commencal) by more than two seconds on the sub three-minute track. Melissa Buhl (KHS), the winner last week at Sea Otter, had to settle for fourth, while last weekend's Sea Otter dual slalom winner Jill Kintner (Transitions) finished third.

"It was great to be back racing in a US National Series!" said Moseley. "We've been made so welcome here in Port Angeles and the track was the perfect preparation for the World Cup season - flat out all the way."

"It was the first real test for me and the bike this year with a big women's field on a proper downhill, so I was happy to take the win ahead of Rachel. A great start to the season and a great start for the team with the boys all getting great results. Bring on Maribor!"

In the men's race Atkinson beat Justin Leov (Trek World Racing) and Luke Strobel. Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing) and Dan Atherton (Commencal) rounded out the top five.

"Fun weekend and bloody close racing! I felt good on the bike today, it was working damn good, and I felt so comfortable on the Maxxis High Rollers on the slightly slick conditions," said Leov. "It was super tight racing today and with a quality field, so I'm glad to have ridden well and more importantly to have got some quality time on the bike before the World Cups start.

"Congrats to Bryn (Atkinson) today, he rode super well. The crowd atmosphere here in the North West was awesome, I'll definitely be back!"

"Practice went well for me, and I felt really good on the bike," said Neethling. "Quali was solid but I knew I had a bit more. I had a pretty good final and pushed hard but knew I lost momentum in a spot or two. I'm very happy to be on the box with a stacked field heading into Maribor."

Full Results

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing)0:02:50.82
2Rachel Atherton (Commencal)0:00:02.25
3Jill Kintner (Transition Racing/Fox Shox)0:00:05.34
4Melissa Buhl (KHS Bicycles)0:00:12.44
5Jacqueline Harmony (Vixen Racing/All Mountain Cyclery)0:00:16.61
6Katie Holden (Race Face/Specialized/Sram)0:00:17.44
7Strand Katrina (Troy Lee Designs, Oakley)0:00:28.08
8Anka Martin (Crankbros)0:00:28.49
9Darian Harvey (Vixen Racing)0:00:28.56
10Dawn Fidler (Speedy Beaver Racing)0:00:28.92
11Jennifer Wolf (Power Bar/ Smith Optics)0:00:31.31
12Chelsey Stevens (The Bike Hub Racing)0:00:32.76
13Gabriela Williams (2 Racing Brigade)0:00:39.57
14Sondra Williamson (Specialized/Sram/Fox/661)0:00:39.70
15Joanna Petterson0:04:27.47
DNFMargaret Gregory (Don's Bikes)

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bryn Atkinson (Transition Racing)0:02:34.39
2Justin Leov (Trek World Racing)0:00:00.81
3Luke Strobel (MS/Evil)0:00:02.09
4Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing)0:00:02.32
5Daniel Atherton (Commencal)0:00:02.54
6Aaron Gwin (Yeti / Fox Racing Shox)0:00:02.67
7Dan Stanbridge (Dirt Norco Race Team)0:00:03.16
8Danny Hart (Giant Factory Team)0:00:03.76
9Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing)0:00:04.02
10Curtis Keene (Specialized/ Sram)0:00:04.79
11Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate)0:00:05.27
12Mitch Ropelato (Ex Drinks)0:00:06.57
13Ben Reid (Dirt Norco Race Team)0:00:06.68
14Jared Rando (Giant Factory Team)0:00:06.91
15Josh Bryceland (Santa Cruz)0:00:07.11
16Duncan Riffle (Giant Factory Team)0:00:07.22
17Steve Smith (MS/Evil/Redbull)0:00:07.38
18Brad Benedict (Specialized)0:00:08.97
19Mikey Sylvestri (Specialized/Allride Academy)0:00:09.20
20Dean Tennant (Dunbar Cycles/Sombrio)0:00:09.28
21Chris Heath (KHS Bicycles)0:00:10.42
22David Camp0:00:10.73
23Kyle Thomas (Evil Bikes National Team)0:00:10.90
24Bart McDaniel (Transition)0:00:11.00
25Logan Binggeli (KHS Bicycles)0:00:11.09
26Ryan Condrashoff (ODI/X-Fusion/Inttense Cycles)0:00:12.05
27Sean McClendon (ODI/X-Fusion/Intense Cycles)0:00:12.25
28Naish Ulmer (KHS/Spy Optics/Dart Timbers)0:00:12.60
29Jason Memmelaar (New Giant/HBG)0:00:12.81
30Graeme Pitts (Team Geronimo/Banshee Bicycles)0:00:13.39
31Joe Schusler (Yeti / Fox Racing Shox)0:00:14.37
32Colin Tobin (Transition Racing)0:00:14.40
33Kevin Aiello (GT Bikes)0:00:15.05
34Adam Morse (Vancooper/GT/HBG)0:00:15.11
35Eric Loney (Project 529)0:00:15.19
36Mikey Haderer (Corsair Bikes)0:00:15.29
37Waylon Smith (Mongoose/Nema)0:00:15.40
38Keith Thompson (Wheelsport East)0:00:15.51
39Phillip Wiering (Evil Bikes)0:00:15.56
40Evan Gilsdorf (Downhill Zone Racing/Elka Suspen)0:00:16.23
41Adam Mantle (Dunbar Cycles/ Sombrio)0:00:16.28
42Brian Buell (Team Geronimo/Banshee Bicyles)0:00:16.32
43Will Collins0:00:16.39
44Alexander McGuinnis (Team Krunk Shox.)0:00:16.42
45Nick Tuttle (GHY Bikes)0:00:16.67
46Forest Belluzzi (WTB/Framewrap/Point1)0:00:16.82
47Heikki Hall (e*thirteen / Commencal USA)0:00:17.54
48Preston Moore0:00:17.78
49Leif Lorenzen0:00:18.37
50Tyler Immer (Yeti/Fox Shox National Team)0:00:18.61
51JD Swanguen (ODI/X-Fusion/Intense Cycles)0:00:18.65
52Chris Boice (Yeti / Fox Racing Shox)0:00:18.89
53Andrew Cavalotto (Specialized SV Cycle Sport)0:00:18.98
54Ken Faubert (Dunbar Cycles)0:00:19.39
55Ryan Stayskal (Scotts Valley Cycle Sport)0:00:19.72
56Steve Wentz (Commencal USA/Solvista Race Team)0:00:20.05
57Taylor Cuisinot (Xtreme Outfitters)0:00:20.12
58Michell Whitley (X-Fusion/ Frame Wrap)0:00:20.27
59Jonathan Widen (Live Wire Energy, Cove Bikes)0:00:20.47
60Charlie Sponsel (Evil Bikes)0:00:20.69
61Amado Stachenfeld (
62Luciano Worl (Corsair Bikes/Atomlab)0:00:20.99
63Simon Garstin (
64Quinton Spaulding (KHS Bicycles)0:00:21.94
65Zeb Tingey (Big Tree Bikes)0:00:22.33
66Matt Thompson (Commencal USA/Solvista Race Team)0:00:22.38
67Kyle Marshall (Devinci/Nema/Kali/Straitline)0:00:22.89
68Dante Harmony (All Mountain Cyclery/Hayes)0:00:23.31
69TJ Sharp (Commencal USA/Solvista Race Team)0:00:24.22
70Tommy Tolarczyl (Jamis Bikes)0:00:24.45
71Ben Kubas (TAI Cycling Team/Genr8/Canfield)0:00:24.67
72Dean Abrams (Canfield Bros/ Manitou)0:00:25.00
73Jerry Knight (Big Tree Bikes)0:00:25.62
74Logan James (Team Krunkshox)0:00:26.83
75Daniel Cortina (CR1/Nema/MCG)0:00:26.96
76Michael Johnson (CRI/Engineering/661)0:00:28.11
77Craig Harvey (Z Racing Brigade)0:00:28.78
78Nathan Hoch (
79Alfonso Garcia0:00:29.72
80Joel Armstrong (River City/Specialized/Fox)0:00:30.04
81Michael Buell (Team Geronimo/Banshee Bicycles)0:00:31.53
82Bill MacEwen (Steed Cycles)0:00:33.22
83Chuck Valenzuela (KHS/Marzocchi)0:00:39.76
84Mitch Angus (Would like one)0:01:08.13
85Brad Olen (ODI/X-Fusion/Intense Cycles)0:02:37.26
86Robin Baloochi (DRD Tomac)0:03:02.89
DNFJared Hobbs (River City/ Specialized)
DNFJohn Keep (DRD Tomac)
DNSMichael Thomas (Morewood Bikes, Industry Nine)
DNSJohn Hauer (X-Fusion)
DNSTyler Gilsdorf (Downhill Zone Racing/Elka Suspen)
DNSJosh Stark (Cove Bikes/Downhill Zone)
DNSRob Venables (Dunbar Cycles)
DNSBryan Crum (Utopia/Sunline/Hoffman Racing)

Cat. 1 Junior Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Remi Gauvin (PerformX / Evil Bikes)0:02:46.13
2Nicholas Geddes (Norco Factory Team)0:00:01.46
3Brad King (DRD Tomac)0:00:02.84
4Christian Wright (Ex Drinks Commencal Fox)0:00:03.78
5Justin Dale (Dunbar Cycles)0:00:05.42
6Jake Payne (Gt Bikes)0:00:05.43
7Cameron Porteous (Dunbar Cycles)0:00:05.58
8Brian Mullen (Drop N Zone Bike Works, Transitio)0:00:06.80
9Austin Aldrich (Allride Academy)0:00:06.91
10Alex Amaral (Point One Racing)0:00:08.16
11Tyler Allison (Trek, Nike, OGC)0:00:08.31
12Logan Kemp (Point One Mainstreet Crl)0:00:11.37
13Brian Guse (Evil Bikes)0:00:13.81
14Kole Wetherell (Project 529)0:00:14.32
15Mason Sowdon (Syndrome Racing)0:00:16.65
16Kevin Littlefield (Big Tree Bikes, sixisxone, sunline)0:00:16.95
17Andrew Widman (Fanatik Bike)0:00:17.53
18Alex Couture (New Giant MTB Team)0:00:17.57
19Jonathan Allyn (Big Tree)0:00:18.37
20Dustin Coker (Aloha Mountain Cyclery)0:00:18.83
21Blake Bryant (Mike's Bikes, SixSixOne)0:00:20.35
22Trevor Parson (Fanatik Bike Co.)0:00:22.62
23Rhys Ewing (Downhill Coalition / Life Cycle Bik)0:00:25.02
24Adam Ransavage (Evil bikes)0:00:30.57
25Austin Benge (Back Bone)0:00:30.96
26Jack Hill (Downhill Coalition/ Life Cycle Bike)0:00:38.68
27Sam Bowles0:00:45.67
DNSColby Benge
DNSKyle Warner (Specialized Thunderbringers)
DNSArbor Johnson (Team Getsum)
DNSJake Grob (Wheel Sport EAST!!!)

Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eric Swanson (Hazard's Cyclesport)0:02:54.06
2Alex Hansen (Project 529)0:00:01.55
3Matt Orlando (Fanatik)0:00:01.58
4Vaughn Larsen (Plunder)0:00:01.65
5Aaron McVay0:00:01.72
6Troy D'Elia (Foes Racing)0:00:02.26
7Kenneth Jorgensen (Alphanumeric)0:00:03.13
8Kristian Atkins (ZRB)0:00:03.54
9Steven Ruud (Frame Wrap)0:00:03.98
10Evan Geankoplis0:00:05.48
11Tim Mangini (Chumba, Fox Shox, Leatt, Kenda)0:00:05.89
12Eben Kiehl (Team Mukai/Troy Lee Designs)0:00:06.16
13Michael Nash (Canfield Brothers)0:00:06.61
14Kevin Swanson (Me Racing)0:00:06.66
15Ben Porteous (Dunbar Cycles)0:00:08.15
16Jesse Ransavage (Dirt Corps)0:00:09.04
17Kyle Nordby (Kirkland Bike Shop)
18Sam Burkhardt (Transition Bikes)0:00:09.17
19Evan Choltco-Devlin (Gravity R&D)0:00:09.66
20Derek Batchelder (Orange/Pow Gloves/Chromag)0:00:09.76
21Jesse Cottrell (Mountain High Freeride)0:00:09.77
22Nathan Avery (Mountain High Freeride)0:00:11.05
23Trevor Louviere (Go Huck Yourself)0:00:12.68
24Daniel Orellana (Rocky Mtn./Racing 905)0:00:12.72
25Josh Brown (Santa Cruz)0:00:13.76
26Daniel Mazuti (Big Tree Bikes)0:00:13.81
27Andrew Martin (Maxxis)0:00:14.01
28Willie Hobbs (661/Sunline)0:00:14.53
29Owen Dudley (DropNZone Bikeworks)0:00:14.88
30Scott Meredith (Bike Hub)0:00:15.33
31Evan Palmer (Drop N Zone)0:00:15.42
32Casey Hoffman (Hoffman Racing)0:00:15.68
33Luke Wronski (The Path Bike Shop)0:00:15.73
34Anthony Leonarduzzi (661)0:00:16.64
35Benjamin Anderson (Mongoose, Team Brasher, Spy Op)0:00:16.74
36Christopher Pascucci (Transition Bike Company)0:00:16.87
37Bryan Kieffer (Team Psycho)0:00:16.94
38John Clark (WTB/Hayes/MRP/Banshee/Crank)0:00:17.41
39Jimmy Vukelich (SLO To The Bone/ Gamut/ Utopia)0:00:18.10
40Joel LeCuyer0:00:19.21
41Tyler Rapp (661)0:00:19.68
42Alex Zbarazky (Dirty White BoyséRecycled Cycles)0:00:20.16
43Kevin Coates (Team SPONGE)0:00:21.35
44Eric Evans (Fanatik Bike Co./Club Roost)0:00:23.99
45Matt Shelton (Whatcom Trails/ Drop'n'Zone)0:00:24.66
46Jesse Huntington (Team Awesome)0:00:25.37
47Jess Kieffer (Team Psycho)0:00:25.67
48Jon Ross0:00:25.89
49Chris Lauber (Point One Racing)0:00:26.17
50William Floyd (The Bike Hub, Kim Floyd)0:00:28.24
51Aaron Nachtrab (Tonic Fab/ Team Robot)0:00:32.25
52Traver Joehnck (Momentum Coaching Group/661)0:00:32.51
53Soren Young (CR1 Engineering)0:00:33.75
54Joseph Nicholson0:00:36.92
55Michael Smith0:00:39.86
56Hans Eldridge (Himself)0:00:40.65
57Kris Christensen (Mojo Wheels)0:00:57.47
DNSChris Wamsley (Wheel Sport EAST)
DNSJason Sams (DropNZone/Prospect Street Cafe)

Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Marsh (Project 529/SRAM/RockShox)0:02:59.04
2Matt Patterson (Dirt Corps/Nema/Trek/Greggs)0:00:00.58
3R.D. Watters (Fanatik / Scwalbe/ Azonic/Oneal)0:00:01.50
4Jeff Rees (The Bike Hub)0:00:01.71
5Tyler Earnheart0:00:01.72
6Bryan Connolly (Kali Protectives/Team Dirtboner)0:00:02.54
7Tyler Bates (GHY Bikes)0:00:03.39
8Paul LaCava (Giant Bicycles)0:00:06.15
9Ben Storrar (Old Town Bicycle)0:00:08.56
10Leo Brock0:00:10.45
11Lance Canfield (Wyo Canfield Brothers)0:00:10.83
12Max Miller (POW Gloves)0:00:12.79
13James Gouin (Unattached)0:00:14.46
14Brett Tomky0:00:14.67
15Nicholas Franzen (Team DWB / Recycled Cycles)0:00:14.69
16Tristyn Duer (DirtCorps/Trek)0:00:16.14
17Rich Densmore (West Coast Racing)0:00:18.13
18Coy Miller (The Bike Hub)0:00:21.07
19Hall Kevin (Kona Grassroots/Team Indifference)0:00:22.07
20Jeff McAuley (Silverdale Cyclery)0:00:23.32
21Stephen Zvorsky (ZRacingBrigade/Intense)0:00:26.60
22Mike Garcia (Team Mukai/Marzocchi/Troy Lee)0:00:31.65
23Travis Erickson (GHY bikes/

Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Wall (Steamboat Coffe)0:03:00.05
2John Pitton (Fanatik/Logos)0:00:00.27
3Darrell Jamieson (Project 529)0:00:03.81
4Jim Karn0:00:05.17
5Kirk Linder0:00:12.94
6Jerry Southworth (Black Diamond FRT)0:00:14.01
7Mark Brent (Bones Over Metal)0:00:16.69
8Gavin Spaulding (Mon KHS Bicycles)0:00:29.06
9Todd Olson0:00:35.60
10Arnold Mukai (Team Mukai/Marzocchi/troy Lee)0:00:59.12
11Willy Galinato (Z Racing Brigade)0:01:14.35
DNSChris Bentley (Team TAI - FOX / FSA / 661)

Cat. 1 Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Angi Weston (Kona Grassroots/Team Indifference)0:03:37.33
2Kat Sweet (Dirt Corps, Trek, Gregg's Cycles)0:00:02.92
3Beth Hausam0:00:08.87
4Lisa Hong (Dirty White Boyz)0:00:18.56
5Jennifer Everhard (Team Group Health/Sound Velo)0:00:53.71

Cat. 2 Junior men 14 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dan Kruse (Dakine/Evil Bikes/Hurricane Racing)0:03:09.35
2Bret Gilkey (Mom and Dad)0:00:15.01
3Collin Matson (Oly Freeride)0:00:20.62
4Benjamin Jelinek (Arbys Racing)0:00:34.50
DNSNikolai Jelinek (Arbys Racing)

Cat. 2 Junior Men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brennan Walstrom (Cove Factory Team)0:02:53.36
2Phillip Teall (Sinskie Racing)0:00:10.82
3Ryan Hasert (Corsair)0:00:17.59
4Shane Wise (Fanatik)0:00:22.24
5Sanders Brodland (Skank Bate Racing)0:00:23.75
6Anders Cook (One Ghost Industries)0:00:34.52
7Kye Refvem0:00:36.83
8Travis Moroz (Black Diamond FRT)0:00:37.55
9Mitch Davis (Team TAI)0:00:39.09
10Sam Saimo (Dirt Corps)0:00:52.82
11Brad Kelley0:00:53.81
12Max Piltz (Alpine Hut)0:01:04.37
13Luke Cadle (661)0:01:16.95
14Eric Sibbald (Marty's Mountain Cycle/Jamis/UR)0:01:28.17
15Kevin Corbin (661)0:02:00.29

Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Wells (Plunder Racing)0:02:54.35
2Eric Auchman (Skank Bate Racing)0:00:00.85
3Jason Miller (Pedal!)0:00:07.86
4Clinton Overman0:00:09.86
5Manel Machado (Xtreme Outfitters)0:00:10.57
6Jack Russell (Plunder)0:00:12.09
7Maurus John0:00:12.16
8Scott Newton (Team Honey Badger)0:00:13.18
9Mitchell Lee0:00:14.98
10Frederick Stamm (Slo To The Bone)0:00:15.28
11Jeff Moceri0:00:15.58
12Jesse Schulte0:00:15.67
13Westley Laws (Team Awesome)0:00:15.95
14Jeremy Soltow (Balls Deep Racing)0:00:17.88
15Kelby Fischer (Gravity Guild)0:00:18.49
16Daniel Nilsson (Ingen alls)0:00:19.58
17Cory Yalowicki (Crazy Monkey Racing)0:00:20.53
18Steve Vidito (Drop 'N Zone Bike Works)0:00:21.90
19Ben Schepper0:00:23.74
20Kyle Muhonen (Team Sponge)0:00:24.42
21Alex Eley (Bike Tech, Maxxis)0:00:25.74
22Alastair Cox (Brashers Auto Auction)0:00:26.05
23Lance Heim (Gregg's Cycles)0:00:27.84
24Evan Marquardt (UW Sport Biking)0:00:28.71
25Bobby Terry0:00:28.78
26Matthew Scott (Grump Ventures)0:00:30.10
27Paul Schmierer (More Cowbell)0:00:31.96
28Mike Rice (Team Cycle)0:00:32.97
29Coburn Erskine (Jesus)0:00:35.06
30Daniel Jaffe (Recycled Cycles)0:00:37.15
31Chase Andrada0:00:38.64
32Bryce Timm (Bryce Timm)0:00:41.20
33Jared Narratil (Cyclepath)0:00:44.49
34Jeremie Zeller0:00:45.74
35Kyle McCarron (Crazy Monkey Racing)0:00:56.94
36Tim Lukko (Point One Racing)0:01:20.94
37Brent Van Fossen (Team Wolfpack)0:01:27.47
38Mac Laws (Fanatik Bike Co.)0:03:39.98
DNSBen Ducas
DNSToby Roberts (G.H.Y BIKES/

Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eric Brown (High Life Crew)0:03:05.06
2Ryan Finnegan (Gregg's Cycles)0:00:00.54
3Greg Satterfield0:00:04.84
4Pip Masion (DWB/Recycle Cycles/Intense)0:00:06.58
5Jason Willaford0:00:07.40
6Ted Davis (DWB/Recycled Cycles/Bones Over)0:00:11.40
7Kim Sturts (Recyled Cycles/DWB)0:00:12.56
8Andrew Knott (GHY Bikes)0:00:12.58
9Shawn Foley (Shawn Foley)0:00:14.04
10Casey Cox0:00:18.14
11Darin Matson (Oly Freeride)0:00:18.42
12Kevin Smith (Green Ninja)0:00:18.92
13John Henry (The Bike Hub)0:00:20.14
14Andrew Pickering (Dirty Birds)0:00:21.15
15Jeff Lane (Pants)0:00:23.40
16Brad Kelley (SixSixOne)0:00:26.00
17Joseph McGill0:00:26.75
18Brian Stone0:00:28.46
19Patrick Anderson (Dirtybird Racing)0:00:30.65
20Jacob Gates0:00:33.76
21Ben Dixon0:00:45.13
22Jose Contreras0:00:48.80
23Christia Hagel-Sorensen (Project 529)0:00:49.18
24Jeff Peterson (Dirtcorps)0:00:51.07
DNSAllen Levine

Cat. 2 Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andy Voight (Recycled Cycles/DWB Racing)0:03:10.19
2Dugan Crittenden0:00:01.90
3Preston Peterson (Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance)0:00:05.75
4Jason Gibb (Dirt Corp/Trek/Gregs/Atom Lab)0:00:08.81
5Jim McCracken (Dirt Corps, Trek and Gregg's)0:00:11.96
6Jim Shaver (TAI)0:00:17.29
7Daniel Veitch (Big Tree)0:00:17.80
8Pete Jelinek (Arbys Racing")0:00:26.25
9David Thoms0:00:33.93

Cat. 2 Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lindsey Harper0:03:28.42
2Kristi Pruitt0:00:02.58
3Ann Davis (Team TAI)0:00:25.22
4Jennifer Tell (Dirt Corps)0:00:34.14
5Sandy Densmore (West Coast Racing)0:00:41.53
6Rachel DeLateur (Joy Ride Bikes///GL6)0:00:41.70
7Bridgette Leber0:00:45.31
8Corrine Greve/Miller (The Bike Hub)0:00:45.42
9Julie Crittenden0:00:54.63
10Adrienne Bee Lane0:00:56.06
11Amanda Markell0:01:04.93
12Allie Packard (Drop n Zone bike works)0:01:14.58
13Yvonne Gillette (Black Diamond FRT)0:02:02.89
DNSDiana Miller
DNSHelena Kern

Cat. 3 Men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alexander Pfiffner0:02:58.56
2John Hansen (Sinskies Racing)0:00:03.33
3Conner Veitch0:00:13.51
4Chance Keso0:00:22.12

Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Halper (Aloha Mountain Cyclery)0:03:17.79
2Ron Chang0:00:00.57
3Edward Vergara (Green Line Six / Joy Ride Bikes)0:00:01.56
4Joe Pirelli0:00:01.96
5Garth Gourley (The Broken Spoke PT)0:00:04.19
6Pete Sexton (The Broken Spoke Bicycle Shop)0:00:11.35
7Nicholas Omta (UW sportbiking)0:00:19.11
8Tyler Zimmerman0:01:07.42

Cat. 3 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Raman Sarin (Project 529)0:03:34.15
2Dan Allyn0:00:11.82
DNSChad Parson (Parson Bros. Racing)

Men 50+ Open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bill Kieffer (Team Psycho)0:03:25.76

Cat. 3 Junior women 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adrianna Moroz (Black Diamond FRT)0:04:25.61

Cat. 3 Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christina Sarin (Project 529)0:04:44.00
2Stacy Bertsch0:00:35.73
3Dani Vergara (Green Line Six / Joy Ride Bikes)0:04:44.21

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