Gwin becomes first American to win US Open downhill

Aaron Gwin (Trek World Racing) en route to winning the US Open of Mountain Biking downhill

Aaron Gwin (Trek World Racing) en route to winning the US Open of Mountain Biking downhill (Image credit: Matt DeLorme)

Trek World Racing topped the podium at the US Open of Mountain Biking downhill race. Aaron Gwin won ahead of Steve Smith (Devinci Global Racing) and Justin Leov (Trek World Racing). Gee Atherton (Commencal) and Andrew Neethling (Giant Factory Off-Road Team) rounded out the top five of the elite men's race.

With the added competition from world class riders, qualifying was a very tight affair. There was also the added note of caution for the top riders because unlike the World Cups, there are no protected riders at the US Open, so any mechanical or large crash will put you out of the final, as Neko Mulally learned.

Neethling qualified fastest ahead, but on the day of finals, times dropped by a dramatic six seconds, and it was Gwin who not only won the event for the first time, but became the first American to win the US Open in its nine-year history. Smith was less than a second behind in second.

Jill Kintner (Transition/Red Bull) won the elite women's race ahead of Melissa Buhl (KHS Bicycles) and Joanna Petterson (Specialized). Jacqueline Harmony (All Mountain Cyclery) and Miranda Miller (SantaCruz/SRAM/Pinkbike) took fourth and fifth.

Full Results

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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jill Kintner (Transition/Red Bull)0:02:49.16
2Melissa Buhl (KHS Bicycles)0:00:02.41
3Joanna Petterson (Specialized)0:00:11.01
4Jacqueline Harmony (All Mountain Cyclery)0:00:11.93
5Miranda Miller (SantaCruz/SRAM/Pinkbike)0:00:12.42
6Anne Galyean (East Coast Gravity/Kovachi Wheels)0:00:18.69
7Rebecca Gardner (Kona Beacon Cycles)0:00:19.04
8Vaea Verbeeck (Intense cycles-Fox racing shox-Mavic)0:00:19.85
9Karen Eagan (Back Bay Bicycles/Five Ten/Sinister)0:00:34.34
10Bridgette Leber (Turner/Dark Horse Racing)0:02:05.04
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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aaron Gwin (Trek World Racing)0:02:19.35
2Steve Smith (Devinci Global Racing)0:00:00.82
3Justin Leov (Trek World Racing)0:00:02.84
4Gee Atherton (Commencal)0:00:02.91
5Andrew Neethling (Giant Factory Off-Road Team)0:00:04.48
6Duncan Riffle (Giant Factory Off-Road Team)0:00:06.21
7Cody Warren (DRD X-Fusion Intense)0:00:06.29
8Richie Rude (Yeti Fox National Team)0:00:07.17
9Eliot Jackson (Yeti Fox National Team)0:00:09.20
10Marc Beaumont (GT Bicycles)0:00:09.52
11Mitch Ropelato (SPS North America)0:00:09.76
12Jason Memmelaar (DRD X-Fusion Intense)0:00:09.79
13Tyler Immer (Yeti Fox National Team)0:00:09.86
14Chris Del Bosco (Cove Bikes/Oakley)0:00:10.78
15Kyle Sangers (Perform X)0:00:11.59
16Brad Benedict (Specialized Gravity)0:00:11.99
17Jd Swanguen (DRD X-Fusion Intense)0:00:13.06
18Evan Turpen (Transition Bikes)0:00:13.26
19Matthew Beer (Intense/Fox Shox/NRG Enterprises)0:00:13.49
20John Keep (Turner DarkHorse Racing)0:00:14.19
21Andrew Mitchell (Dunbar racing)0:00:14.52
22Dean Tennant (Dunbar Cycles/Devinci/Elka)0:00:14.55
23Logan Binggeli (KHS Bicycles)0:00:14.74
24Matt Zdriluk (Primary - Trek)0:00:15.69
25Chris Heath (KHS Bicycles)0:00:16.00
26Reid Dressler (GROM / Specialized)0:00:17.36
27Kyle Warner (Canfield brothers / Trucker clothing)0:00:17.62
28George Ryan (Jamis/Pro-Tec/Vans)0:00:18.24
28David Klaassenvanoor (ODI Southridge)Row 28 - Cell 2
30Joey Schusler (Yeti Fox National Team)0:00:18.91
31Zach Faulkner (Drummer Racing/Specialized/Andy's)0:00:19.10
32Heikki Hall (by the hive / e*thirteen)0:00:19.48
33Ken Faubert (Dunbar cycles)0:00:19.54
34George Brannigan (Devinci Global Racin)0:00:19.91
35Rob Fraser (Primary SRAM/TREK)0:00:20.40
36Sidney Slotegraaf (Lapierre Canada)0:00:20.54
37Kyle Strait (Pivot/ODI/Dainese)0:00:21.08
38Timothy Pierce (Specialized/ GROM)0:00:21.44
39Ryan Gardner (Beacon Cycles/Kona)0:00:21.66
40Kyle Thomas (Diamondback)0:00:23.49
41Phillip Kmetz (FTW)0:00:25.20
42Taylor Rowlands (Lapierre)0:00:27.74
43Kevin Aiello (KHS Bicycles)0:00:28.17
44Mikey Haderer (Corsair/Atomlab/Fox/Bell/Oakley)0:00:28.20
45James Frost (Primary-Trek/Utopia Optics/Leatt)0:00:28.87
46Geoffrey Ulmer (Xprezo/Gravity/Formula)0:00:35.84
47Curtis Keene (Specialized Gravity)0:01:07.33
48Mick Hannah (GT Bicycles)0:02:48.43
DNFCharlie Sponsel (Transition Racing)Row 48 - Cell 2
DNFLars Sternberg (Transition Racing)Row 49 - Cell 2
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Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jay Fesperman (Specialized/ GROM Racing)0:02:35.89
2Austin Warren (DRD X-Fusion Intense)0:00:01.27
3Luca Shaw (Specialized GROM)0:00:03.74
4Sheldon Smith (Freeride Mountain Sports)0:00:06.90
5Nikolas Dudukovich (One Ghost Industries)0:00:07.16
6Craig Thompson (Adrenaline racer / To Wheels)0:00:09.47
7Michal Kramarz0:00:10.13
8Jordan Hodder (Freeride Mountain Sports)0:00:10.98
9Jimmy Leslie (Specialized/GROM Racing)0:00:13.29
10Shane Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:15.79
11David Renne (Mojo Wheels)0:00:16.57
12Philippe Ricard0:00:17.22
13Noah Fairburn (High Gear Racing)0:00:18.09
14Oliver Bourdeau0:00:18.38
15Luen Proft (Marzocchi Suspension/Killington)0:00:18.64
16Matthew Fitzgerald0:00:19.37
17Damon Morin (Highland Mtn/GT)0:00:20.48
18Walker Shaw (Specialized GROM)0:00:20.60
19Will O'brien (East Coast Gravity Pros)0:00:25.54
20Anthony Marino (Marzochi / ODI / Turner)0:00:27.86
21Richard Pedigo (Gravity Pirates Racing)0:00:28.00
22Matt Rush (Launch Bike Park/Royal Racing/Azonic)0:00:42.34
DNFAlex Gross (Spy Optics)Row 22 - Cell 2
DNFTravis Westkamp (Fast Line Racing)Row 23 - Cell 2
DSQAustin BengeRow 24 - Cell 2
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Amateur women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caitlyn Franciscovic (Real Treez Racing)0:04:11.87
2Elixandria Porru (mobilbici)0:00:14.07
3Jennel Santos (Team Marty's Racing)0:01:29.66
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Amateur men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Arthur Daley (The Chop Shop)0:02:42.51
2Eric Bercume (Kicker Audio)0:00:02.79
3Corey Mcmahon (J-Mac)0:00:03.96
4Anthony Santos (UVM)0:00:04.08
5Danny Cesare (Sycamore Cycles)0:00:05.56
6Dan Albert (Big T Racing Oneghost)0:00:05.87
7Matthew Cummings (Adrenalineracer / ToWheels)0:00:06.85
8Erik Gosselin (Gravity Project/High)0:00:07.97
9Dominic Roberts0:00:07.98
10Drew Dickson0:00:09.51
11Brendon Schweitzer (SpinCityCycles---RealTreezRacing)0:00:10.16
12Beau Cormier0:00:11.78
13Vance Nonno (X-Fusion/Oakley/One Industries/Vans)0:00:12.31
14Juan Pablo Vazquez (Mobilebici)0:00:12.69
15Tylor Bowes0:00:13.08
16Gus Mustakas (Beacon Cycles)0:00:14.58
17Brandon Blakely (Mountain Khaki/Spy/Oneal/Azonic/Leatt)0:00:15.43
18Jordan Newth (True Wheels Killington)0:00:15.44
19Mark Ferioli (12cent)0:00:15.49
20Charles Morin (Highland Mountain)0:00:15.54
21Fernando Mota0:00:15.66
22Sam Winter (Tuf Rack)0:00:15.71
23Burke Saunders0:00:16.91
24Evan Choltco-Devlin (Contour)0:00:17.29
25Eric Allocco (Tryon Bike/MRP/Spy Optic)0:00:18.13
26Matthew Dahlmeyer (Action Sports/Giant)0:00:18.76
27Jeremy Fahey (Marzocchi/Kenda/Spy/Serfas)0:00:18.84
28Connor Sullivan (Granby Bicycle)0:00:19.27
29Gus Michaels (Edge Outdoors/Oakley)0:00:20.97
30Adam Gagne0:00:21.44
31Benjamin Elliott0:00:21.93
32Shawn Metcalf (Horns Hill/SRSuntour/Intense/ODI/661/)0:00:22.53
33Joseph Caramia0:00:22.83
34Matthew Scott0:00:23.08
35Jon Hanson (Ridetopia)0:00:24.32
36David Penn (Wachusett Racing)0:00:24.79
37Victor Valverde (MOBILEBICI)0:00:25.20
38Rob Digirolamo0:00:25.64
39Kevin Kindamo0:00:25.98
40Gus Zimmerman (Trail's End Cycling Company)0:00:27.64
41Justin Breault (One Ghost/Big T Racing)0:00:28.42
42Sam Wiggin (Highland Mountain Bike Park)0:00:28.99
43Justin Mchenry (Fast Line Racing)0:00:29.37
44Michael Ireton (Cutters/Supernaut)0:00:29.89
45James Chaput (Pisgah Area Cycling)0:00:30.53
46John Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:31.51
47Greg Karges (Adrenaline Racer)0:00:32.09
48Mike Gruener (Bootleg Ramp Riders)0:00:33.59
49Chris Kring (High Gear Racing/Santa Cruz/Maxxis/SD)0:00:34.19
50Ed Butler (HPV)0:00:34.85
51Brandon Hopkins (Kenda/Industry Nine/Gamut)0:00:34.92
52Jason Baker0:00:35.08
53Colby Barth (Launch Racing Team)0:00:35.42
54Jason Kors (Real Treez)0:00:35.60
55Adam West (dirt wurx)0:00:36.63
55Frank Bialobrzeski (cutters bike shop)Row 55 - Cell 2
57Derek Kranzel (Kranzel Bros. Racing)0:00:37.33
58Jonathan Kranzel (Kranzel Bros. Racing)0:00:38.86
59Richard Rude (Gravity Project)0:00:42.51
60Kevin Milazzo (Real Treez Racing)0:00:44.15
61Taylor Sullivan (organic systems bs)0:00:49.38
62Sean Royall0:00:50.70
63David Spory0:00:56.52
64William Anderson (Real Treez Racing)0:00:57.93
65Devin Ross (Division 26 Clothing)0:01:48.35
66Dave Eypper (Wachusett Brewing Co)0:03:05.69
67Rafael Ramos Iv (University of Maine/O'Neal)0:03:19.58
68Cody Wilkins (Gravity Project)0:03:20.08
DNSDaniel DickanRow 68 - Cell 2
DNSNathan RoyRow 69 - Cell 2
DNSDavid Klaver (Silent Norco Racing)Row 70 - Cell 2
DNSJarrod Bouchard (Holy Spokes Racing)Row 71 - Cell 2
DNSAlex Kliesh (knapps cyclery)Row 72 - Cell 2
DNFJoel Graves (Gravity Pirates/ revolution bike shop)Row 73 - Cell 2
DNFPeter Mcnulty (Gravity Project)Row 74 - Cell 2

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