University of Arizona and Fort Lewis win cross country races


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Division 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Forsman (University of Arizona)2:06:05
2Lizzy English (University of Nevada)0:00:25
3Carla Swart (Lees-McRae College)0:06:41
4Erin Alders (University of California)0:06:42
5Sage Wilderman (Fort Lewis College)0:07:50
6Teal Stetson-Lee (Fort Lewis College)0:08:13
7Tina Dominic (Fort Lewis College)0:15:36
8Kristin Markham (Lees-McRae College)0:17:36
9Erica Zaveta (Lees-McRae College)0:17:38
10Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming)0:18:20
11Larissa Fitchett (University of California)0:18:43
12Ally Stacher (Lees-McRae College)0:23:11
13Mia Wilhelm (University of Colorado)0:23:31
14Katie Sodergren (University of Colorado)0:25:11
15Deidre York (University of Colorado)0:25:38
16Ashley James (Lindsey Wilson College)0:26:16
17Rose Long (University of Vermont)0:26:30
18Marja Liisa Magnuson (University of California)0:27:33
19Elizabeth Reeder (University of Nevada)0:28:36
20Flora Duffy (University of Colorado)0:29:30
21Emily Kachorek (California State University)0:29:41
22Suzette Vandivier (Colorado State University)0:31:48
23Magen Long (Fort Lewis College)0:35:52
24Jenna Kowalski (California Polytechnic State University)0:36:15
25Rebecca Finley (Marian College)0:36:35
26Sarah Lukas (Lindsey Wilson College)0:40:14
27Sara Hanson (San Diego State University)0:40:40
28Claire Bensard (University of Colorado)0:40:41
29Jessica Kutz (Pennsylvania State University)0:41:51
30Anna Dvorak (University of California)0:42:25
31Monica Nelson (Colorado State University)0:43:21
32Jena Greaser (University of Connecticut)0:47:06
33Allie Scrivener (University of California)0:50:22
34Kendra Martinez (Colorado State University)0:52:09
35Kathleen Weber (Texas A & M University)0:53:55
36Ashley Nichols (University of Vermont)0:55:18
37Sarah Dixson (University of Wyoming)0:57:56
LappedSally Hermansen (California Polytechnic State University)Row 37 - Cell 2
LappedKathryn Hicks (California Polytechnic State University)Row 38 - Cell 2
LappedBrooke Crum (Lindsey Wilson College)Row 39 - Cell 2
LappedLuan Roberts (University of Houston)Row 40 - Cell 2
LappedMary Magee (University of Nevada)Row 41 - Cell 2
LappedBrenna Wozniak (Colorado State University)Row 42 - Cell 2
LappedSierra Siebenlist (Marian College)Row 43 - Cell 2
DNFLisette Arellano (University of California)Row 44 - Cell 2
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Division 1 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rotem Ishay (Fort Lewis College)2:18:46
2Mitchell Peterson (University of Utah)0:07:23
3Jon Vivolo (Colorado State University)0:09:38
4Bradford Perley (Lees-McRae College)0:11:34
5Menso De Jong (California Polytechnic State University)0:12:33
6Trevor Downing (Fort Lewis College)0:13:09
7Christopher Hamlin (University of Vermont)0:15:08
8Blake Harlan (University of Colorado)0:15:39
9Jean-Nicolas Enjalbert (Colorado State University)0:18:07
10Kevin Clegg (University of Arizona)0:19:50
11Eric Lau (Stanford University)0:20:02
12Kevin Kane (University of Colorado)0:20:17
13Peter Haile (Lees-McRae College)0:20:48
14Scott Stewart (Lees-McRae College)0:25:31
15Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College)0:27:38
16Caley Fretz (Colorado State University)0:27:52
17Philip Mooney (University of California)0:29:03
18Eric Thompson (Lees-McRae College)0:29:08
19Gregory Carpenter (Fort Lewis College)0:30:33
20Chris Jackson (California Polytechnic State University)0:31:35
21Scott Hoffner (Lindsey Wilson College)0:32:14
22Kyle Johnson (University of Texas)0:33:06
23Chris Peterson (University of Colorado)0:33:33
24Nils Johnson (University of California)0:34:38
25Chris Stehula (California Polytechnic State University)0:36:25
26Martin Kell (Pennsylvania State University)0:39:00
27Christopher Hall (Colorado State University)0:39:31
28Chad Haga (Texas A & M University)0:43:04
29John Bennett (California Polytechnic State University)0:50:19
30Adam Larochelle (Lindsey Wilson College)0:57:12
LAPPEDAustin Anliker (Northern Arizona University)Row 30 - Cell 2
LAPPEDMichael Sencenbaugh (University of Arizona)Row 31 - Cell 2
LAPPEDZachary Morrey (Virginia Tech)Row 32 - Cell 2
LAPPEDAnthony Santamaria (University of California)Row 33 - Cell 2
LAPPEDSteven Mitchell (Texas A & M University)Row 34 - Cell 2
LAPPEDBruno Pitton (University of California)Row 35 - Cell 2
LAPPEDDrew Hochstatter (Texas State University)Row 36 - Cell 2
LAPPEDWayne Smith (University of Nevada)Row 37 - Cell 2
LAPPEDJames Rose (University of New Hampshire)Row 38 - Cell 2
LAPPEDSean Berry (University of New Hampshire)Row 39 - Cell 2
LAPPEDAlexander Leonard (University of New Mexico)Row 40 - Cell 2
LAPPEDChristopher Bogedin (Lindenwood University)Row 41 - Cell 2
LAPPEDJeffrey Lukach (University of New Hampshire)Row 42 - Cell 2
LAPPEDBrian Hestetune (Utah State University)Row 43 - Cell 2
LAPPEDAdam Looney (University of Wyoming)Row 44 - Cell 2
LAPPEDShane Haga (Texas A & M University)Row 45 - Cell 2
LAPPEDIan Mcpherson (University of California)Row 46 - Cell 2
LAPPEDZachary Brehm (University of Pittsburgh)Row 47 - Cell 2
LAPPEDChris Stein (University of California)Row 48 - Cell 2
LAPPEDKevin Satterfield (Clemson University)Row 49 - Cell 2
LAPPEDDuncan Oliver (WV West Virginia University)Row 50 - Cell 2
LAPPEDWyles Vance (Stanford University)Row 51 - Cell 2
LAPPEDClay Chiles (Pennsylvania State University)Row 52 - Cell 2
LAPPEDMatthew Jones (University of Arizona)Row 53 - Cell 2
LAPPEDBryan Derstine (Florida State University)Row 54 - Cell 2
LAPPEDSteve Aliberti (Pennsylvania State University)Row 55 - Cell 2
LAPPEDDan Stine (University of Connecticut)Row 56 - Cell 2
DNFBryce Gordon (Fort Lewis College)Row 57 - Cell 2
DNFCharles Katerba (Northern Arizona University)Row 58 - Cell 2
DNFTodd Norwood (University of Southern California)Row 59 - Cell 2
DNFClayton Omer (Lindsey Wilson College)Row 60 - Cell 2
DNFKyle Shour (University of New Mexico)Row 61 - Cell 2
DNFAdam Switters (University of California)Row 62 - Cell 2
DNFMatt Wiebe (University of Colorado)Row 63 - Cell 2
DNFRobert Giannini (University of Georgia)Row 64 - Cell 2
DNSIan Beckner (West Virginia University)Row 65 - Cell 2
DNFDerek Harnden (University of Vermont)Row 66 - Cell 2
DNFJohn-Matthew Hattaway (Texas A & M University)Row 67 - Cell 2
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Division 2 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lydia Tanner (Montana State University)2:18:12
2Kay Sherwood (Colorado College)0:03:43
3Julia Tellman (Brevard College)0:06:27
4Rachel Millsop (Union College-KY)0:10:52
5Johanne Tuttle (Brevard College)0:11:06
6Nina Otter (Warren Wilson College)0:21:46
7Amy West (Baylor University)0:25:20
8Elisa Otter (Warren Wilson College)0:26:48
9Tallulah Winquist (Warren Wilson College)0:29:58
10Caroline Decosimo (Brevard College)0:30:42
11Becca Parish (Warren Wilson College)0:30:55
12Sarah Duncan (Brevard College)0:41:48
13Courtney Steen (Colorado School of Mines)0:44:08
14Ileana Anderson (Warren Wilson College)0:53:56
15Tiffany Seering (Ripon College)1:12:34
LappedChristen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines)Row 15 - Cell 2
LappedAubrey Delone (Warren Wilson College)Row 16 - Cell 2
LappedWhitney Anderson (Western Washington University)Row 17 - Cell 2
LappedMaria Esswein (Union College-KY)Row 18 - Cell 2
DNFJosephine Nelson-Jones (New Mexico State University)Row 19 - Cell 2
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Division 2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Ettinger (Montana State University)2:32:06
2Zach Winn (Union College-KY)0:03:05
3Greg Gibson (Union College-KY)0:03:06
4Brent Steinberg (Mesa State College)0:04:30
5Tristan Cowie (Brevard College)0:05:25
6Dylan Stucki (Western State College)0:05:52
7Matt Schiff (Humboldt State University)0:06:46
8Zach Guy (Montana State University)0:09:09
9Wesley Lamberson (Union College-KY)0:11:14
10Joe Schneider (Colorado School of Mines)0:15:14
11Patrick Means (Western Washington University)0:16:21
12Luke Ramseth (Humboldt State University)0:17:25
13Linden Blaisus (Warren Wilson College)0:17:54
14Noah Tautfest (Vermont Technical College)0:18:05
15Kevin Mullervy (Mesa State College)0:18:43
16German Bermudez (Union College-KY)0:19:27
17Conor Mullervy (Mesa State College)0:20:36
18Travis Westcott (Mesa State College)0:22:22
19Alec Hamilton (Warren Wilson College)0:22:35
20Paul Webb (Mars Hill College)0:23:27
21Nathan Pepin (Clarkson University)0:23:39
22Cory Rimmer (Brevard College)0:24:22
23Matthew Jones (University of Arizona)0:24:44
24Winston Sauber (Humboldt State University)0:26:42
25Matt St Marie (Brevard College)0:27:27
26Joshua Hubing-Cooper (Warren Wilson College)0:29:42
27Thatcher Hurt (Appalachian State University)0:29:56
28Eric Smith (Ripon College)0:34:58
LAPPEDJeremy Chambers (Cumberland University)Row 28 - Cell 2
LAPPEDJames Combs (Murray State University)Row 29 - Cell 2
LAPPEDHenrique Furtado (Cumberland University)Row 30 - Cell 2
LAPPEDChristoph Hurley (Colorado School of Mines)Row 31 - Cell 2
LAPPEDLogan Ross (New Mexico State University)Row 32 - Cell 2
LAPPEDJohn Ferut (US Air Force Academy)Row 33 - Cell 2
LAPPEDMatt Wells (Brevard College)Row 34 - Cell 2
LAPPEDEric Dobberfuhl (Murray State University)Row 35 - Cell 2
LAPPEDDonald Feeley (US Air Force Academy)Row 36 - Cell 2
LAPPEDJustin Goodin (US Air Force Academy)Row 37 - Cell 2
DNFBrendan Meryman (Saint Michaels College)Row 38 - Cell 2
DNFDaniel Sapp (Appalachian State University)Row 39 - Cell 2
DNSKevin Bogard (Murray State University)Row 40 - Cell 2
DNSBrad Nelson (Union College-KY)Row 41 - Cell 2

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