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Giger races to victory ahead of teammate Lindgren

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Tereza Hurikova (Sabine Spitz Haibike) on her way to winning in Austria

Tereza Hurikova (Sabine Spitz Haibike) on her way to winning in Austria (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Sabine Spitz (Sabine Spitz Haibike)

Sabine Spitz (Sabine Spitz Haibike) (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)
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Karl Markt (Felt Otztal Bionic) raced to fourth place in his home race.

Karl Markt (Felt Otztal Bionic) raced to fourth place in his home race. (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück)

Fabien Giger and Tereza Hurikova won the category HC Otztaler Mountain Bike Festival race on Sunday in Austria. It was a wet day on a slippery 4.7km course.

Giger crossed the line in 1:42:27, 11 seconds ahead of his Rabobank-Giant teammate Emil Lindgren and 40 seconds ahead of third placed finisher Jukka Vastaranta.

In the women's race, Tereza Hurikova (Sabine Spitz Haibike) finished in 1:25:41. Elisabeth Osl crossed the line alone in second at 1:16 while Ekaterina Anoshina finished third at 3:13.

After the first of five laps, Hurikova was off the front with Osl and Blaza Klemencic. The Czech leader only extended her lead from then onward.

"It is fantastic after my World Cup frustration of last weekend. This is an important confirmation that my form is right. Conditions were demanding and the course and cold weahter too.

Olympic champion Sabine Spitz had been near the front on lap 1, but a crash after hitting a slippery root and sliding into a tree set her back on what proved to be a tough day. "It took two laps to find my rhythmn, she said. "I'm just glad nothing worse happened to me and I got a few points I can take home with me."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fabian Giger (Swi)1:42:27
2Emil Lindgren (Swe)0:00:11
3Jukka Vastaranta (Fin)0:00:40
4Karl Markt (Aut)0:01:26
5Uwe Hochenwarter (Aut)0:01:33
6Michal Lami (Svk)0:03:00
7Daniel Mcconnell (Aus)0:03:18
8Severin Disch (Swi)0:03:42
9Pierre-Geoffroy Plantet (Fra)0:04:12
10Alban Lakata (Aut)0:04:30
11Sepp Freiburghaus (Swi)0:05:13
12Adam Craig (USA)0:05:28
13Klaus Nielsen (Den)0:05:35
14Daniel Eymann (Swi)0:05:39
15Chris Jongewaard (Aus)0:05:59
16Giancarlo Sax (Swi)0:07:04
17Benjamin Wittrup Justesen (Den)0:07:23
18Daniel Geismayr (Aut)0:07:35
19Paul Van Der Ploeg (Aus)0:07:55
20Hans Becking (Ned)0:08:08
21Simon Scheiber (Aut)0:08:23
22Michael Broderick (USA)0:09:00
23Gilles Sarrazin (Fra)0:09:14
24Benjamin Sonntag (Ger)0:12:25
25Paul Remy (Fra)0:13:36
26Tim Wynants (Bel)
27Simon Seehofer (Aut)
28Christian Moitzi (Aut)
29Martin Foger (Aut)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tereza Hurikova (Cze)1:25:41
2Elisabeth Osl (Aut)0:01:16
3Ekaterina Anoshina (Rus)0:03:13
4Blaza Klemencic (Slo)0:03:39
5Sabine Spitz (Ger)0:04:41
6Rosara Joseph (NZl)0:05:28
7Mary Mcconneloug (USA)0:05:59
8Lisa Mitterbauer (Aut)0:08:24
9Rebecca Henderson (Aus)0:14:00
10Aurélia Perry (Fra)0:15:50
11Inbar Ronen (Isr)0:18:01
12Marion Azam (Fra)0:18:53
13Johanne Brustad (Nor)
14Tina Kindlhofer (Aut)
15Viktoria Zeller (Aut)

U23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Timofei Ivanov (Rus)1:32:19
2Matthias Stirnemann (Swi)0:01:00
3Lukas Loretz (Swi)0:01:30
4Fabien Doubey (Fra)0:04:07
5Sondre Kristiansen (Nor)0:04:43
6Pieter Geluykens (Bel)0:05:00
7Markus Preiss (Aut)0:05:33
8Loic Doubey (Fra)0:06:01
9Titouan Perrin Ganier (Fra)0:06:23
10Mark Kuyan (Rus)0:06:51
11Ivan Smirnov (Rus)0:07:29
12Robi Sujevic (Cro)0:09:08
13Sturla Aune (Nor)0:09:25
14Anton Liyubuy (Ukr)0:09:40
15Jonas Loretz (Swi)0:10:37
16Hermann Pernsteiner (Aut)0:11:24
17Rico Von Burg (Swi)0:12:02
18Truls Engen Korsaeth (Nor)0:12:12
19Christoph Mick (Aut)0:12:27
20Sanjin Sirotic (Cro)0:13:32
21Urban Ferencak (Slo)0:14:24
22Rok Korosec (Slo)0:14:53
23Frantisek Lami (Svk)0:15:13
24Matthias Grick (Aut)0:16:24
25Charly Sibille (Fra)0:17:22
26Andreas Fuchs (Aut)
27Matteo Olivotto (Ita)
28Mykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukr)
29Vitus Wagenbauer (Ger)
30Vadim Arko (Aut)
31Eric Polansek (Aut)
32Roland Gantner (Aut)
33Johannes Ernst (Aut)
34Philipp Heigl (Aut)
35Simon Plakolb (Aut)


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