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Biolo bolts to stage win

Full Results
1Gianpaolo Biolo (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva3:27:12
2Andrea Magrin (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli
3Rino Zampilli (Ita) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
4Andrea Pinos (Ita) Tusnad Cycling Team
5Ioannis Tamouridis (Gre) SP Tablewere
6Victor Mironov (Mda) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct
7Alex Buttazzoni (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva
8Christoph Taeubel (Aut) Profiline
9Andriy Vasylyuk (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team
10Zoltan Sipos (Rom) Romania U23 National Team
11Sergiu Cioban (Mda) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct
12Razvan Juganaru (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze
13Hristomir Angelov (Bul) SK Dobrich 1905
14Anatoliy Sosnitskyy (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team
15Oleksandr Surutkovych (Aze) Athlet
16Alexandru Ciocan (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze
17Mikhaylo Kononeko (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team
18Artur Tsvietkov (Ukr) Athlet
19Serghei Tvetcov (Mda) Tusnad Cycling Team
20Sayar Mustafa (Tur) Konya Ekerspor
21M. Eyup Karagobek (Tur) Konya Ekerspor
22Balint Szeghalmi (Hun) Tusnad Cycling Team
23Alexandr Braico (Mda) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct
24Pavel Shumanov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
25Dmytro Zaiets (Ukr) Athlet
26Oleksandr Prevar (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team
27Berger Henrich (Ger) CS Mazicon
28Yovcho Yovchev (Bul) Cycling Team Friuli
29Krasimir Vasilev (Bul) SK Dobrich 1905
30Georgios Karatzios (Gre) SP Tablewere
31Christoph Springer (Ger) SP Tablewere
32Viacheslav Zabava (Ukr) Athlet
33Guler Mustafa (Tur) Konya Ekerspor
34Anastasios Kourmpetis (Gre) SP Tablewere
35Zini Aldo (Ita) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct
36Svetoslav Chanliev (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
37Angelo Ciccone (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva
38Bogdan Coman (Rom) CS Mazicon
39Alessandro Calderan (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli
40Mattia Bernardi (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva
41Walter Fernando Pedraza Morales (Col) SP Tablewere
42Elchin Asadov (Aze) Athlet
43Sergii Umnov (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team
44Marian Frunzeanu (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze
45Stefan Morcov (Rom) CS Mazicon
46Marco Fusaz (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli
47Daniel Petrov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
48Sert Serhat (Tur) Konya Ekerspor
49Bruno Rizzi (Ita) Tusnad Cycling Team
50Piergiacomo Marcolina (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli
51Jiri Jezek (Cze) Tusnad Cycling Team
52Vladimir Koev (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
53Albert Filon Serban (Rom) Romania U23 National Team
54George Daniel Anghelache (Rom) CS Mazicon
55Guillaume Pont (Fra) SP Tablewere
56Nicolae Tintea (Rom) Romania U23 National Team
57Evgeni Gerganov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
58Alessandro De Marchi (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli
59Mihai Varabiev (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze
60Marcel Moebus (Ger) Profiline
61Daniel Crista (Rom) Romania U23 National Team
62Christian Miessen (Ger) Profiline
63Oleksii Shepilov (Ukr) Athlet
64Ferry Brukner (Aut) Profiline
65Fabio Masotti (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva0:00:15
66Csicsaky Tamas (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:01:10
67Eduard Novak (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team
68Petar Evstatiev (Bul) SK Dobrich 19050:16:01
69Mihail Rusu (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze
70Kal Mirac (Tur) Konya Ekerspor
DNFLucian Voinea (Rom) Romania U23 National Team
DNFAlexandru Valentin Badoiu (Rom) Romania U23 National Team
DNFWolters George (Rom) CS Mazicon
DNFIvan Satulov (Mda) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct

1San Marco Concrete10:21:26
2Cycling Team Friuli0:00:04
3Hemus 1896 - Vivelo0:00:06
4Kolss Cycling Team0:00:10
5Olimpic Team Autoconstruct
6Tusnad Cycling Team
8SP Tablewere
9CS Dinamo Scorseze
10Konya Ekerspor
11CS Mazicon
12Romania U23 National Team
14SK Dobrich 19050:16:11

General classification after stage 3
1Vladimir Koev (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo10:20:41
2Bruno Rizzi (Ita) Tusnad Cycling Team0:04:07
3Ioannis Tamouridis (Gre) SP Tablewere0:04:45
4Alessandro De Marchi (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli0:04:54
5Yovcho Yovchev (Bul) Cycling Team Friuli0:08:08
6Artur Tsvietkov (Ukr) Athlet0:08:20
7Anatoliy Sosnitskyy (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team0:08:36
8Mattia Bernardi (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva0:08:40
9Walter Fernando Pedraza Morales (Col) SP Tablewere0:08:48
10Alexandru Ciocan (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:08:55
11Zoltan Sipos (Rom) Romania U23 National Team0:09:13
12Sergiu Cioban (Mda) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct
13George Daniel Anghelache (Rom) CS Mazicon0:09:16
14Serghei Tvetcov (Mda) Tusnad Cycling Team0:09:17
15Svetoslav Chanliev (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
16Rino Zampilli (Ita) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo0:09:18
17Pavel Shumanov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
18Andrea Magrin (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli0:09:19
19Evgeni Gerganov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
20Christoph Springer (Ger) SP Tablewere0:09:21
21Alexandr Braico (Mda) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct
22Daniel Petrov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo
23Razvan Juganaru (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:09:22
24Jiri Jezek (Cze) Tusnad Cycling Team0:09:23
25Oleksandr Surutkovych (Aze) Athlet0:09:24
26Alessandro Calderan (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli
27Marian Frunzeanu (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:09:27
28Sayar Mustafa (Tur) Konya Ekerspor0:09:28
29Berger Henrich (Ger) CS Mazicon0:09:32
30M. Eyup Karagobek (Tur) Konya Ekerspor0:09:33
31Christoph Taeubel (Aut) Profiline0:09:35
32Oleksandr Prevar (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team
33Andriy Vasylyuk (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team0:09:36
34Anastasios Kourmpetis (Gre) SP Tablewere0:09:37
35Guillaume Pont (Fra) SP Tablewere
36Sert Serhat (Tur) Konya Ekerspor0:09:39
37Fabio Masotti (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva0:13:20
38Gianpaolo Biolo (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva0:13:35
39Angelo Ciccone (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva0:13:39
40Krasimir Vasilev (Bul) SK Dobrich 19050:13:49
41Victor Mironov (Mda) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct0:13:50
42Mikhaylo Kononeko (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team
43Andrea Pinos (Ita) Tusnad Cycling Team0:13:52
44Piergiacomo Marcolina (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli
45Georgios Karatzios (Gre) SP Tablewere0:13:53
46Elchin Asadov (Aze) Athlet0:13:55
47Oleksii Shepilov (Ukr) Athlet0:13:57
48Sergii Umnov (Ukr) Kolss Cycling Team
49Bogdan Coman (Rom) CS Mazicon0:13:58
50Alex Buttazzoni (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva0:13:59
51Daniel Crista (Rom) Romania U23 National Team
52Albert Filon Serban (Rom) Romania U23 National Team0:14:02
53Marcel Moebus (Ger) Profiline
54Stefan Morcov (Rom) CS Mazicon0:14:03
55Viacheslav Zabava (Ukr) Athlet0:14:04
56Marco Fusaz (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli0:14:05
57Guler Mustafa (Tur) Konya Ekerspor0:14:09
58Christian Miessen (Ger) Profiline
59Ferry Brukner (Aut) Profiline0:14:22
60Csicsaky Tamas (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:15:07
61Balint Szeghalmi (Hun) Tusnad Cycling Team0:16:44
62Eduard Novak (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team0:18:47
63Mihai Varabiev (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:20:57
64Dmytro Zaiets (Ukr) Athlet0:20:58
65Zini Aldo (Ita) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct
66Hristomir Angelov (Bul) SK Dobrich 19050:24:25
67Nicolae Tintea (Rom) Romania U23 National Team0:25:00
68Kal Mirac (Tur) Konya Ekerspor0:30:06
69Mihail Rusu (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:36:56
70Petar Evstatiev (Bul) SK Dobrich 19050:40:56

Points classification
1Ioannis Tamouridis (Gre) SP Tablewere36pts
2Gianpaolo Biolo (Ita) GS San Marco - Concrete Imet Caneva31
3Andrea Magrin (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli29
4Bruno Rizzi (Ita) Tusnad Cycling Team28
5Rino Zampilli (Ita) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo26

Mountains classification
1Bruno Rizzi (Ita) Tusnad Cycling Team25pts
2Vladimir Koev (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo17
3Ioannis Tamouridis (Gre) SP Tablewere16
4Alessandro De Marchi (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli7
5Evgeni Gerganov (Bul) Hemus 1896 - Vivelo6

Sprint classification
1Piergiacomo Marcolina (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli17pts
2Andrea Pinos (Ita) Tusnad Cycling Team13
3Victor Mironov (Mda) Olimpic Team Autoconstruct10
4Alessandro De Marchi (Ita) Cycling Team Friuli5
5Eduard Novak (Rom) Tusnad Cycling Team5

Romanian rider classification
1Alexandru Ciocan (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze10:29:36
2Zoltan Sipos (Rom) Romania U23 National Team0:00:18
3George Daniel Anghelache (Rom) CS Mazicon0:00:21
4Razvan Juganaru (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:00:27
5Marian Frunzeanu (Rom) CS Dinamo Scorseze0:00:32

Teams classification
1Hemus 1896 - Vivelo31:20:34
2Tusnad Cycling Team0:03:18
3Cycling Team Friuli0:03:48
4SP Tablewere0:04:08
5Kolss Cycling Team0:08:54
6CS Dinamo Scorseze0:09:13
7Konya Ekerspor0:10:06
9Olimpic Team Autoconstruct0:13:53
10CS Mazicon0:14:15
11San Marco Concrete0:16:17
12Romania U23 National Team0:17:42
14SK Dobrich 19051:00:36

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