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Bergman pips Frank on the line

With his parents in the crowd, Frank Pipp (Bissell) was second to cross the line in the on stage four, during Father’s Day Sunday, keeping him in the yellow cow print jersey for the second straight day. Adam Bergman (Texas Roadhouse) took the top spot on the podium at the Manitowoc Maritime Bay Classic, with Steve Tilford (Tradewinds Energy/The Trek Stores) taking third. Tilford’s holding strong at second Overall with Chad Hartley (Team GEARGRINDER) rounding out the top overall three.

It was Davina Summers who took the top spot in the women’s professional race with Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci Breakaway Racing) and Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda) landing second and third. Overall Devon Haskell (BH USA) keeps her yellow and white cow print leader’s jersey, tied in points with Jessie Maclean.

The inaugural Tour of America’s Dairyland takes a rest on Monday before resuming in Fond du Lac, Wis. on Tuesday, June 23, for a road race followed by a criterium on Wednesday.

Pro men
1Adam Bergman (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)
2Frank Pipp (Bissell Pro Cycling)
3Stephen Tilford (Trek)
4Logan Garey (Team Rio Grande)
5Chad Hartley (Team Geargrinder)
6Gregg Brandt
7David Kay (Great Dane Velo Club)
8Ryan Knapp (Panther/RGF p/b Felt Bicycles)
9Derek Laan (Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles)
10Mike Sherer (Alderfer Bergen)
11Todd Hancock (ISCorp-Endeavour)
12Daniel Lionberg (Team Rio Grande)
13Robert White (Team Geargrinder)
14Dan Teaters (Team Beans & Barley)
15Jason Boynton (Team Beans & Barley)
16Ryan Parnes (Webcor/Alto Velo)
17Colton Barrett (Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.)
18Cole House (BMC Racing Team-USAC)
19Nicholas Clayville (Hagens Berman Cycling)
20Christopher Uberti (Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles)
21Ryan Baumann (Trek Livestrong)
22James Stemper (Team Geargrinder)
23Allen Krughoff (Team Rio Grande)
24Andy Moskal (Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles)
25Matthew Busche (ISCorp Cycling Team)
26Phillip Snodgrass (FCS Cycling Club)
27Clayton Feldman (Team WM)
28Sheldon Deeny
29Julio Padilla (Sideporte)
30Corey Carlson (Team Rio Grande Mountain Bike)
31Ryan White (Team Geargrinder)
32Jordan Roessingh (Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.)
33Daniel Campbell (Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles)
34Gregory Christian (Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles)
35Jesse Bartholomew
36Maxwell Anderson (Colavita Racing Inc.)
37Christopher Chartier (Alderfer Bergen)
38Delfino Parra (PYOC)
39Aaron Johnson (Hagens Berman)
41Michael Chauner (
42Steven Flurry (CZ Velo)
43Scott Wenzel (Team Rio Grande)
44Tim Farnham (Bissell Pro Cycling)
45Thomas Clark (Great Dane Velo Club)
46Joseph Shanahan (ISCorp Cycling Team)
47Vincent Roberge (Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles)
48Mark Hughes (CZ Velo)
49Tige Prickett (CZ Velo)
50Hans Higdon (Hampshire Cycle Club)
51Braden Bingham (Team Rio Grande)
52Timothy Campbell (Bikes To You / World of Bikes)
53Thomas Cox (Alderfer Bergen)
54Lang Reynolds (Berman)
55Luca Lenzi (Alderfer Bergen)
56Timothy Clark (Colavita Racing)
57Ryan DeWald (Battley Harley-Davidson)
58William Snodgrass (Infinity Cycling Club)
59Brian Schwaller
60Kyle Jacobson (Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.)
61Brett Stewart
62Pat Lemieux (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)
63Isaac Neff (Alderfer Bergen)

Pro Womens
1Davina Summers
2Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci Breakaway)
3Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda)
4Jessica Prinner (ABD Cycling Team)
5Louise Turner (Alderfer Bergen)
6Kate Ross (Lip Smacker)
7Patricia Black (Morgan Stanley/Team Spine/Specialized)
8Rachel Eichers Roessingh (ISCorp Cycling Team)
9Madeleine Puissant (BH USA)
10Jennifer Greenberg (Vanderkitten Racing)
11Krystal McNutt (Team Kenda)
12Jessie Maclean
13Devon Haskell (BH USA)
14Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda)
15Christi An Hansley (TriStar Cycling Team)
16Bianca Bergman (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
17Anne Meyer (BH USA)
18Meredith Peterson (ISCorp Cycling Team)
19Sarah Maguire (Priority Health Cycling Team)
20Pamela Loebig (Alderfer Bergen)
21Katharina Weber (Alderfer Bergen)
22Jennifer Perricone (ISCorp Cycling Team)
23Ashley James (Team Kenda)
24Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda)
25Rebecca Finley (Vanderkitten)

General Classification after Stage 4
1Frank Pipp (Bissell)78pts
2Steve Tilford (Trek )73
3Chad Hartley (Gear Grinder)54
4Adam Bergman (Texas Roadhouse )51
5Logan Garey (Team Rio Grande)49
6Matthew Busche (IS Corp)46
7Cheyne Hoag (Kelly Benefit Strategies)45
8Nick Clayville (Hagens Berman Cycling)37
9Andrew Bajadali (Kelly Benefit Strategies)36
10Guy East (Trek-LIVESTRONG U23)32
11Mike Sherer (Alderfer Bergen)28
12Sheldon Deeny (VMG/Felt)28
13Gregory Christian (Panther)26
14Lange Reynolds (Trek-LIVESTRONG U23)26
15Cole House (BMC Racing Team)26
16Ryan Parnes (Webcor/Alto Velo)24
17Ryan Baumann (Trek-LIVESTRONG U23)24
18James Stemper (Team GEARGRINDER)23
19David Kay (Great Dane Velo Club)22
20Robert White (Gear Grinder)21
21Jake Keough (Kelly Benefit Strategies)20
22Vince Roberge (Panther/RGF)20
23Steve Scholzen (IS Corp)19
24Aldo Ilesic19
25Ben King (Trek Livestrong)18
26Will Nowak (Alderfer Bergen)18
27Dan Holt (Team Type 1)17
28Gregg Brandt15
29Nick Frey (Ciclismo Cycling)14
30Derek Laan (Panther/RGF)13
31Ryan Knapp (Panther/RGF)13
32Brett Stewart (Alderfer Bergen)12
33Ken Hanson (Team Type 1)11
34Jordan Roessingh (Nova IS Corp)10
35Todd Hancock (Nova IS Corp)10
36Thacker Reeves (Matrix/RBM)9
37Daniel Lionberg (Team Rio Grande)9
38Frankie Dierking8
39Dan Teaters (Beans & Barley)7
40Ben Renkema (Kenda Pro)6
41Allen Krughoff (Team Rio Grande)6
42Marc Moeller (Northbranch Cycling Club)6
43Jason Boynton (Beans & Barley)6
44Ryan Freund (ABD Cycling)4
45Colton Barrett (MNJRC)4
46Chris Uberti3
47Daniel Campbell (Panther/RGF)2
48Braden Bingham (Team Rio Grande)2

Pro women
1Jessie Maclean79pts
2Devon Haskell (BH USA)79
3Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda)77
4Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci/Breakaway Racing)77
5Jessica Prinner (ABD Cycling)65
6Sarah Maquire (Priority Health)59
7Amanda Miller (Team Lipsmacker)52
8Rebecca Domange (CBD/Degani/Chatermason (Australia))50
9Davina Summers45
10Rachel Eichers Roessingh (Nova Cycle Sport)35
11Kate Ross (Team Lipsmacker)34
12Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda)33
13Jeanine Kuhajek33
14Trish Black (Morgan Stanley/Team Spine/Specialized)31
15Jennifer Greenberg (Vanderkitten Racing)27
16Kristen Meshberg (BH USA)26
17Louise Turner (Alderfer Bergen)25
18Jackie Kurth (Team Kenda)24
19Krystal McNutt (Team Kenda)24
20Toni Bradshaw (Team Lipsmacker)22
21Monica McDonald (Chiropractic Partners)20
22Jennifer Perricone (IS Corp)19
23Rebecca Finley (Vanderkitten Racing)18
24Samantha Schneider (Team Type 1)18
25Bianca Bergman (Bianchi / Grand Performance)17
26Madeleine Puissant (BH USA)12
27Christi-An Hansley (Team MedPlan)11
28Meredith Peterson11
29Whitney Gaggioli10
30Anne Meyer (BH USA)7
31Erin Hetzel (Alderfer Bergen)6
32Francine Haas (Albertos)2
33Alison Brooks (Mad City Velo)1
34Pam Loebig (Alderfer Bergen)1

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