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As it happened: Vingegaard survives back to back attacks from Pogačar on stage 9


Bonjour and welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage of stage 9 of the 2024 Tour de France!

A one-day Classic sandwiched into the middle of a Grand Tour, today's stage to Troyes has been hotly anticipated. It is also a relative unknown for the GC competition, where Pogačar spoke with trepidation yesterday:

Today's stage will start and finish in Troyes, taking in 14 gravel sections in the loo course.

Elsewhere in pro cycling, the tragic news of André Drege continues to make its impact on the sport.

The Tour de France is also arranging its own tribute to the Norwegian rider, as Norwegian team Uno-X Mobility is set to arrive at the start line five minutes ahead of the stage start in order to pay tribute to Drege.

Our Head of News Stephen Farrand spoke to numerous riders ahead of today's stage. “There will be a race within the race, which makes it even harder and more stressful," were the cautionary words from Alberto Bettiol.

We've made our first tyre visuals 👀 

Today will be interesting in a few ways. Will the break be allowed to get a good enough gap to win? Will there be any disaster moments in the GC fight? And will the likes of Wout Van Aert (TVL) and Tom Pidcock (IGD) be allowed off the leash and go for the stage win?

One big name that will surely give his all today is world champion, Mathieu van der Poel of Alpecin-Deceuninck. Whether that's from a break or a controlled peloton, we shall see. Jasper Philipsen (ADC) and Axel Laurance (ADC) could also be involved for the Belgian squad.

Remco Evenepoel (SOQ), who hasn't had the greatest gravel record, spoke to the media about his feelings going into today's stage: 

Today at sign on for both the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia women, the Movistar riders and staff wear red neckerchiefs as a nod to the controversial bull run in Pamplona, where bulls run through the streets of the city along with thousands of people. 

Could today be a day for this man? Alberto Bettiol of EF Education-EasyPost has been showing that he has great legs at this year's Tour de France. Maybe today he can get the stage he's been searching for. 

Just around 15 minutes until the neutral start. 

Today, the riders will tackle 14 sections of gravel. Plenty of wind out there as well. Gusts said to be around 30kph which, if they last for a while, could cause carnage. 

The riders have started the neutral zone. 

Several riders from Movistar and Arkea-B&B Hotels near the front of the peloton behind the lead car as they build towards the official start. 

Primož Roglič (RBH) is ready to give his all today...

199km to go

Jonas Abrahamsen (UXM), Alexander Kristoff (UXM), Victor Campenaerts (LTD), Krists Neilands (IPT), Rui Costa (EFE) and two others have a small gap. 

Uno-Xx Mobility are extremely keen to get riders in the break with Kristoff and Abrahamsen being the main riders involved.

Stefan Bissegger (EFE) has a small gap on the bunch, now. 

There was a special and emotional moment before the start as Uno-x Mobility led the moment of applause for the Norwegian Coop-Repsol rider, Andre Drege, who died yesterday at the Tour of Austria. 



Movistar lead the peloton at the moment as they seem keen to get a rider up the road. 

Very strong group has got up the road including Derek Gee (IPT) who is 14th in GC at just over five minutes from the race lead. 

Still so many moves trying to form the breakaway. This leading five still are working well together, but they only have nine seconds and Lapeira (DAT) has started sitting on. 

Interestingly, Arnaud De Lie (LTD) is following moves as the Belgian champion tries to get into the breakaway. A very dangerous rider on this sort of stage. 


Lotto-DSTNY have Drizners in the break but they don't seem to be happy with that as they are constantly launching riders off the front. Alpecin-Deceuninck are also getting involved for the first time. 

Maxim Van Gils (LTD) was the lastest Lotto-DSTNY rider to try but he doesn't get away. 


180km to go

More moves continue to fly out of the peloton including Cort (UXM), Costa (EFE), Pidcock (IGD) and Lazkano (MOV). 

The leading group still look good but Movistar return to chasing. Abrahamsen (UXM) also returns to the front after taking a bit of time at the back of the bunch to regather himself. 

Ion Izagirre (COF) now tries a move, but, he doesn't go all in and it was easily followed. 

The gap to the break has disappeared almost completely as Gaviria (MOV) fires up the gap to see if he can get to the leaders along with another Movistar rider. 

170km to go

Ineos Grenadiers have three riders around Carlos Rodriguez at the front of the peloton. Remco Evenepoel (SOQ) and Primož Roglič (RBH) currently isolated, but well placed. 

Astana Qazaqstan have a rider trying to bridge the gap. Looks like Cees Bol. He is in no-mans-land for the moment. 

Bol (AST) dragged back. Arkea-B&B Hotels now on the front of the bunch. Lots of UAE Team Emirates nowhere near the front of the peloton as Tadej Pogačar is almost looking after himself as Nils Politt sticks with him. 

Spanish national champion, Alex Aranburu (MOV), launches his move with four other riders but it is Jayco-AlUla who pulls that back. 

The leaders were caught but a very large group gets away including Richard Carapaz (EFE). 


And now the wind is playing a factor with the suggestion of echelons beginning. 

160km to go

Van der Poel (ADC) is becoming much more active now as a new group of about 15 riders get a tiny gap but the door is quickly slammed shut and it is back together again. 

The breakaway is caught and now the race has changed. UAE Team Emirates, Visma-Lease a Bike and Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe hit the front for their GC leaders. 

Evenepoel (SOQ) is very far down the peloton. Interesting that they have failed to position him. But the attacks go again as Alpecin-Deceuninck launch with another rider followed by about eight others. 


Cavendish (AST) getting involved with the attacks once again and it looks like he may well make the leaders in this new break. Pidcock (IGD) is also involved. But, as soon as it goes it comes back once again. 

Gravel sector one

Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe led onto the gravel in the peloton along with Ineos Grenadiers and Visma-Lease a Bike and they drop the speed after getting onto the gravel. 

150km to go

Remco Evenepoel (SOQ) missing from the front positions but could now be moving up. 


Another attack from the peloton. It is Arnaud De Lie (LTD) yet again. He is trying to bridge to Healy (EFE) and Pidcock (IGD) who are just ahead of him. 

Winner of stage one, Romain Bardet (DFP), has launched as he had to use the grass to get out of the bunch. 

Aranburu (MOV) and Zingle (COF) are not far off bridging to the leaders. 

Ballerini (AST) was caught and dropped by Pidcock (IGD) and Healy (EFE). He is now with De Lie (LTD) and Russo (GFC). This has been absolutely rapid. 50kph average speed. 

Another move goes in the peloton. Michael Matthews (JAY) and Hugo Page (IWA). 


Bizarrely, Movistar riders Romo and Lazkano were absolutely hammering the pace but Aranburu is just off the back. Very odd. But they have made it across now. 

Bardet (DFP) has been jpined by Cort (UXM) and Küng (GFC) in one of the other chase groups with more moves behind by DSM-Firmenich-PostNL. 

Gravel world champion, Matej Mohorič (TBV) and U23 world champion, Axel Laurance (ADC) are said to be in a group on the road as well. 


Jake Stewart (IPT) makes it to the De Lie (LTD) group. 

Quite the day we have ahead of us...

An absolutely bizarre desition by EF Eduction-EasyPost as they drop Neilson Powless (EFE) back to help Healy (EFE) and Pidcock (IGD). 

Onto the Côte de Baroville now. 

Jonas Abrahamsen (UXM) has just launched out of the peloton with 2'19" gap to bridge. That is a tough task. 

Another move in the peloton. This time, it is a Arrkea-B&B Hotels rider along with Abrahamsen (UXM) who had been caught briefly. 

Finally, UAE Team Emirates take control of the peloton. 

Pidcock (IGD), Healy (EFE) and Powless (EFE) make it into the lead group. 

1.2km of gravel on a tough climb and immediately Powless (EFE) is distanced. Romo and Lazkano of Movistar are setting a brutal pace. 

Visma-Lease a Bike and Ineos Grenadiers fighting UAE Team Emirates fight to lead onto the gravel and its a draw between Visma-Lease a BIke and UAE Team Emirates.

The race has come to a stand still with several riders having to run up the climb including Mikel Landa (SOQ) and Wout Van Aert (TVL). 

At the front of the peloton, UAE Team Emirates have almost been decimated and Visnma-Lease a Bike. No sign of Primož Roglič (RBH). He has missed the move and is just 100 metres behind the back of the group. 

Primož Roglič (RBH) has Sobrero to support him but it is only them and this is a massive gap to the other leaders. Vingegaard (TVL), Pogačar (UAD), Evenepoel (SOQ), Rodriguez (IGD) all in the GC group. 

De Lie (LTD) and Matthews (JAY) both caught by the peloton. 

UAE Team Emirates have regathered themselves as Pogačar has Yates, Almeida and Soler with him. 

Ben Turner (IGD) now moves up to help Visma-Lease a Bike as Rodriguez (IGD) can gain at least one place in GC now that Primož Roglič (RBH) is caught out. 

Gaps from the break...

120km to go

Just 20" between the GC group and the Primož Roglič (RBH) group that includes the green jersey of Biniam Girmay (IWA) as well as 8th place Mikel Landa (SOQ) and Wout Van Aert (TVL). 

Gianni Moscon (SOQ) is on the front working for Evenepoel (SOQ) along with Visma-Lease a Bike and Turner (IGD). 

Since Turner (IGD) and Moscon (SOQ) joined Kelderman (TVL), the gap to Primož Roglič (RBH) has gone out to 20" again. 

Bizarrely, Aleksandr Vlasov (RBH) is sat at the back of the peloton and not committing to work for Primož Roglič (RBH). Maybe he's waiting for bottles, but he is 10th in GC. 

The intermediate sprint happens now but no-one is interested in this and all the points will be taken by the break. Anthony Turgis (TEN) takes the 20 points. 

Primož Roglič (RBH) and co are now just 10" behind the main GC group. 

Primož Roglič (RBH) is chasing on the front himself! They have lost Sobrero and Vlasov who are dropped and he only has Hindley now as he makes it back again. 

Simon Yates (JAY), Felix Gall (DAT) and David Gaudu (GFC) are around a minute down from the regathered GC group. 

The Bardet (DFP) group are about to get dragged back again. 

Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe get Sobrero and Vlasov back along with Hindley to help their leader. 

110km to go

More new attacks coming out of the peloton with Van der Poel (ADC) and Abrahamsen (UXM) involved. 

The peloton calms down a bit now with no new moves. The break's advantage is slowly starting to grow again. 

UAE Team Emirates, Visma-Lease a Bike, Ineos Grenadiers, Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe as well as Uno-x Mobility now working on the front of the peloton. 

Hautes Forêts (Gravel sector three)

100km to go

Amazingly, Sam Bennett (DAT) has only now been dropped. Quite the ride from the Irishman. 

All the big names are better placed but Primož Roglič (RBH) could do with moving up again. 

UAE Team Emirates up the pace and the peloton splits and Primož Roglič (RBH) has just missed the split but the chase is rapid and closed down very quickly. 

Bike change

Vingegaard (TVL) having to move up himself all on his own despite having multiple teammates in the group. That is what caused the split in the peloton. 

UAE Team Emirates are really pushing the tempo now with Soler and Wellens giving their all for Pogačar. 

Bike change

Israel-Premier Tech, Ineos Grenadiers and Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe join UAE Team Emirates on the front of the peloton as Gee (IPT) leads the break onto one of the hardest sectors, the three star Côte de Val Frion.

Nils Politt (UAD) now takes over on the front of the bunch on the gravel and, finally, Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe have their man, Primož Roglič, well placed. 

Lazkano (MOV) has obviously had some issues as he has been dropped from the break and now is at the back of the peloton. 

The race is really on in the peloton now. 

Alexey Lutsenko (AST) takes the one point at the top of the climb. 


Arnaud De Lie (LTD) starting to really struggle to hold onto the peloton, maybe suffering from his earlier efforts up the road. Mistakes definitely made. 

The breakaway have now upped their gap to over a minute as they continue to work well together. They have given their all today. Israel-Premier Tech tell Gee to take it easy in the break. 

De Lie (LTD) makes it back in the peloton along with Bardet (DFP) but he is unlikely to be involved in the finale. 

Onto the next climb which is also gravelled. The Côte de Chacenay. Max gradient of 9% on the gravel. 

This time, the peloton is led onto the climb by Visma-Lease a Bike with UAE Team Emirates following in the wheels. De Lie (LTD) immediately dropped. 

80km to go

Vingegaard (TVL), Pogačar (UAD), Evenepoel (SOQ) and Roglič (RBH) all at the front of the peloton this time.

Van Aert (TVL) is giving his all for Vingegaard now with Jorgenson and Laporte ready and waiting too. 

The gravel is now done for this climb but the slopes are now 18.5%! Pidcock (IGD) takes the one point. 



The brief break of gravel didn't last long with Evenepoel (SOQ) going just before it restarted again. Now they are back on the asphalt and Pogačar (UAD) drags Vingegaard (TVL) up to Evenepoel (SOQ). 

Vingegaard (TVL) is doing no work unlike Evenepoel (SOQ) and Pogačar (UAD). They are about to catch the breakaway. 

Pogačar (UAD), Evenepoel (SOQ) and Vingegaard (TVL) catch the breakaway! Red Bull-Bora-Hansgrohe lead the chase behind. 

Attack in break

And the chasing group are back with the top three men. Evenepoel (SOQ) is furious with Vingegaard (TVL). 

The GC group is about to swell with the Girmay (IWA) group working their way back onto the UAE Team Emirates led bunch with Wellens, Almeida and Ayuso tapping out a rhythm. 

70km to go

Plateau de la côte des Bar (Gravel sector six)

Laporte (TVL) and Wellens (TVL) leading but now Van Aert (TVL) and Jorgenson (TVL) also move up. 

Wellens now joined by Yates for UAE Team Emirates on the front of whats left of the peloton. 

60km to go

Jonas Vingegaard (TVL) is still on teammate, Jan Tratnik's bike. They basically have the same set up but it'll be a bit uncomfortable for him. 

Thieffrain à Magnant (seventh gravel sector)

Visma-Lease a Bike win the fight to lead onto the sector but Wellens (UAD) jumps in there. 

Problems for Remco Evenepoel (SOQ)! He was caught out at the back of the GC group and is now well off the back with Mas (MOV) and Gall (DAT). 

Evenepoel (SOQ), Mas (MOV) and Gall (DAT) isare almost back on as Van Aert (TVL) continues to set the pace for Vingegaard (TVL). 

Evenepoel (SOQ) makes it back on and can try to relax for a moment. 

Attack in break

Van Aert (TVL) is now off the back after some monster turns for Vingegaard. Vlasov (RBH), Gall (DAT) and Zingle (COF) in his group. 

Stuyven (LTK) was dragged back by the rest of the breakaway. 

The peloton's pace stalls and Van Aert (TVL) returns. Evenepoel (SOQ) has moved up once again with Landa (SOQ) looking after him. 


50km to go

Briel-sur-Barse (Eighth sector of gravel)

The TV cameras show Vlasov and the side he fell on and he is covered in blood with lots of rips in his kit. 

Javier Romo (MOV) almost binning it as they exit the latest sector. The former triathlete has been superb today. 

Jonas Vinegegaard (TVL) went quite wide on one of the bends but just ran onto the grass and was fine. Van der Poel (ADC) moving closer and closer to the front of the peloton with each gravel sector. 

Incredible visuals today. 


Costa (EFE) is now sitting on in the chase group as he, of course, has Healy in the lead group. They are just over a minute behind the leaders and a minute ahead of the peloton. 

The 'Big Four' teams lead the peloton along with Ineos Grenadiers also there. They are just keeping safe for he moment and not pushing too hard. 

Bahrain Victorious now come up to the front along with Lidl-Trek interstingly. Maybe for Bilbao (TBV) and Ciccone (LTK). 

Ru de Paradis (Ninth gravel sector)

Politt (UAD) has reappeared in the peloton and is giving his all on the front now as they hit the gravel. 

30km to go

Fresnoy-Le-Château à Clérey (10th Gravel Sector)

Once again, Wellens (UAD) comes to the front. He has Pogačar (UAD) on his wheel with Vingegaard (TVL) glued to the yellow jersey's back wheel. 

Kwiatkowski is doing a wonderful job of keeeping Rodriguez and Bernal right up to the front for Ineos Grenadiers with another one of their riders sat in the wheels too. 

Verrières (11th gravel sector)


Van Aert (TVL) and Politt (UAD) battling for the lead of the peloton as they head to the next gravel sector. 

Tiller (UXM) almost losing control in the chase group with Girmay (IWA) also losing contact. 


Laporte and Jorgenson have dropped Vingegaard for the moment but they could repair this as Laporte waints for the Visma-Lease a Bike leader. 

Tadej Pogačar (UAD) has Jorgenson (TVL) on his wheel then its Laporte (TVL) and Vingegaard (TVL) and then the rest. 

Daudes (12th gravel sector)

Evenepoel (SOQ) in a group of four. Unfortunately for him, they are Ayuso (UAD), Almeida (UAD) and Laporte (TVL). 

Jorgenson (TVL) drags Vingegaard (TVL) back to Pogačar (UAD). 

Pogačar (UAD) flicks the elbow but Jorgenson (TVL) and Vingegaard (TVL) do not come through. The yellow jersey continues to push, though. He could be getting key time on Evenepoel (SOQ) and Roglič (RBH) who are in the group together now with Bilbao (TBV) and rodriguez (IGD) who have also rejoined. 

Pogačar (UAD) sits up and they wait for the chasers. 

Montaulin à Rouilly-Saint-Loup (13th gravel sector)

Attack in break

Attack in peloton

Attack in break

Attack in break

10km to go

Saint-Parres-aux-Tertres (Final gravel sector)



Pogačar (UAD) accelerates yet again and makes a small gap with Vingegaard (TVL) and Ackermann (IPT) as Abrahamson (UXM) caught. 

The gravel is done for Stuyven (LTK). The chase is led by Pidcock (IGD). 

5km to go

Stuyven (LTK) still has a gap of just 8" gap on the chasers. A minute back to the Van der Poel (ADC) group and then 1'15" to the GC group. 

Matthews attacks the Van der Poel (ADC) group with the world champion dragging himself and the rest of that group back to the Australian rider. 

3km to go for Jasper Stuyven (LTK) and he has just over a handful of sectors on the chase. He hasn't won since he took Milano-Sanremo in 2021. 

2km to go, now. 9" is the gap given. 

Attack in chase

Flamme Rouge

Attack with 700m to go

Anthony Turgis of TotalEnergies wins stage nine of the Tour de France 2024! 

Girmay (IWA) leads in the chase group and adds more green jersey points to his name. 

Ackermann (IPT) leads in the peloton. 

Stage 9 top 10

GC after week one

Jerseys going into the first rest day

While it was for the minor placings, it was great to see some battling between the green jersey, Biniam Girmay (IWA), Michael Matthews (JAY) and world champion, Mathieu van der Poel (ADC). They weren't quite able to get to the leaders. 

It is Turgis's (TEN) biggest win of his career and only his seventh in all. A massive moment for TotalEnergies too as they have struggled with results at the top tier. 

Tadej Pogačar (UAD) holds onto yellow going into the rest day with some lumpy stages incoming before bringing the second week to a close in the Pyrenees, there is still everything to play for. 

Makes sure you have a look at our post race report for all the reaction from Turgis (TEN), Pogačar (UAD) and more after this bonkers gravel stage...

That brings our coverage of stage nine at the 2024 Tour de France to a close. Keep an eye on our website for more reactions from riders and team members as the race heads into its first rest day. We will be back with more live updates on Tuesday for stage 10. Until then, thanks for following and goodbye.

Jonas Vingegaard has explained that his lack of interest in collaborating with Tadej Pogačar during the Tour de France gravel stage 9 on Sunday, when the two managed to drop the rest of the GC rivals, was based on a team strategy of always remaining with his teammates for as long as possible.

'Tadej was the strongest' - Jonas Vingegaard unfazed by Pogačar onslaught and double puncture in Tour de France gravel stage

Despite spending his afternoon launching several searing attacks on the gravel sectors around Troyes on stage 9 of the Tour de France, Tadej Pogačar closes out his Sunday without an extended GC lead heading into the race's first rest day.

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