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Pearce and Holloway win Burnaby men's classification

The American duo of Colby Pearce and Daniel Holloway won the men's classification at the Saputo Burnaby 4, comprised of 12 Madison and mass start events over the first three days of racing. Pearce and Holloway kept close tabs on their competition through the final day of GC racing and finished with 174 points to top the 11-team field.

Two teams entered the final day of racing one lap down on the leaders, Canada's Zach Bell and Svein Tuft plus American Madison champions Ian Moir and Danny Heeley, but neither team was able to close the deficit on Pearce and Holloway. Bell and Tuft finished second overall, one lap down with 146 points, while Moir and Heeley completed the podium in third place, one lap down with 88 points.

Unlike the men's competition which was comprised of two-man teams, the women raced individually over the opening three days of the Saputo Burnaby 4 to determine the overall classification. After winning five of six events on the opening two days, Sarah Hammer wrapped up the women's title by winning two of three events on the final day of competition. Hammer, the reigning pursuit world champion, won the 50 lap Scratch Race and the 100 lap Points race en route to accumulating 159 points to top the 12-woman field. Canada's Tara Whitten, the current points race and omnium world champion, finished second overall with 142 points, while Switzerland's Pascale Schnider retained her third place overall with 136 points.

In other competition, Mike Sidic leads the A Group classification and Brian Wong won the C Group title.

The fourth and final day of the Saputo Burnaby 4 will feature an Elite men's and women's omnium run on a modified Olympic format as well as the final events to determine the A Group and B Group winners.

Elite Women - 50 lap Scratch Race
1Sarah Hammer (USA) OUCH20pts
2Pascale Schnider (Swi) Switzerland17
3Joanne Keisanowski (NZl) TIBCO To the Top15
4Rachel Canning (Can) Local Ride14
5Tara Whitten (Can) Velocity Cycling Club13
6Morgan Cabot (Can) Glotman Simpson12
7Jeanann Mckirdy (Can) Locak Ride11
8Cari Higgins (USA) Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY1210
9Steph Roorda (Can) Incycle9
10Jasmin Glaesser (Ger) Cycling BC8-1lap
11Jennie Reed (USA) Fanatik Bike Co.2
12Jenny Lehmann (Can) Mighty Riders2
13Sara Coney (Can) Stevens Racing2

A Group - 40 lap Scratch Race
1Cid Martinez-Arr (Bol)20pts
2Kyle Buckosky (Can) Team Coastal17
3Jesse Reams (Can) Evolve Cycling Club15
4Mike Rothengatte (Can) Escape Velocity/DEVo14
5Mike Sidic (Can) H&R Block Norco13
6Rob Evans (USA) RHVilla/IAS12
7Erik Mulder (Can) Steed Cycles11-1lap
8Scott Inman (Can) Team Coastal10-2laps
9Keith Jones (Can) Garneau Evolution9-4laps
10David Gillam (Can) Glotman Simpson8-5laps
DNSGuy Tucker (USA)
DNSJoshua Simpson (USA) Recycled Cycles Racing
DNSDonald Gillmore (Can) Schwalbe Cycling Club

Elite Men Group 2 - 75 lap Scratch Race
1Ian Moir (USA) Trainer Mic20pts
2Jackie Simes (USA) Hayman17
3Svein Tuft (Can) Haywood15
4Colby Pearce (USA) Saputo14
5Christian Meier (Can) Garmin-Transitions13
6Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Pedal12
7Colt Peterson (USA) RTL11
8Mark MacDonald (Can) Continental10
9John Walsh (USA) Caps South Shore9
10Jason Allen (NZl) R&B8
DNSCam Mackinnon (Can) BCIT

Group C - 50% Elimination to 5 lap Scratch Race
1Julian Allen (GBr) Glotman Simpson20pts
2Brian Wong (Can) Glotman Simpson17
3Ian Fingler (Can) CVC/Burnaby Velodrome15
4Jennifer Gerth (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b V14
5Tristan Hughes (Can) Escape Velocity/DEVo13
6Ron Gordon (Can) RTL12
7George Mclaughlin (Can) Vancouver Velo Vets11
8Rob Mcmurtry (Can) Burnaby Velodrome Club10
9Paul Baker (Can) Trainer Mic9
10Ed Amdahl (USA) SCCA / Starbucks Cycling8
11Atilla Avsar (Can)2

Elite Men Group 1 - Elimination
1Tyler Farrar (USA) Garmin-Transitions20pts
2Daniel Holloway (USA) Saputo17
3Bobby Lea (USA) Hayman15
4Kit Karzen (USA) RTL14
5Zach Bell (Can) Haywood13
6James Carney (USA) R&B12
7Cody Campbell (Can) Continental11
8Danny Heeley (USA) Trainer Mic10
9Collin Berry (USA) Caps South Shore9
10Alex Cataford (Can) Pedal8
DNSJacob Schwingboth (Can) BCIT2

C Group - 20 lap Scratch Race
1Brian Wong (Can) Glotman Simpson20pts
2Ian Fingler (Can) CVC/Burnaby Velodrome17
3Ed Amdahl (USA) SCCA / Starbucks Cycling15
4Julian Allen (GBr) Glotman Simpson14
5Jennifer Gerth (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b V13
6Paul Baker (Can) Trainer Mic12
7Tristan Hughes (Can) Escape Velocity/DEVo11
8George Mclaughlin (Can) Vancouver Velo Vets10
9Ron Gordon (Can) RTL9
10Atilla Avsar (Can)8
11Rob Mcmurtry (Can) Burnaby Velodrome Club2

Elite Women - Elimination
1Jasmin Glaesser (Ger) Cycling BC20pts
2Tara Whitten (Can) Velocity Cycling Club17
3Jennie Reed (USA) Fanatik Bike Co.15
4Steph Roorda (Can) Incycle14
5Jeanann Mckirdy (Can) Locak Ride13
6Sara Coney (Can) Stevens Racing12
7Pascale Schnider (Swi) Switzerland11
8Rachel Canning (Can) Local Ride10
9Joanne Keisanowski (NZl) TIBCO To the Top9
10Jenny Lehmann (Can) Mighty Riders8
11Sarah Hammer (USA) OUCH2
12Cari Higgins (USA) Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY122
13Morgan Cabot (Can) Glotman Simpson2

Elite Men - Elimination Madison
1Zach Bell / Svein Tuft (Can) Haywood20pts
2Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA) Saputo17
3Jason Allen (NZl) / James Carney (USA) R&B15
4Christian Meier (Can) / Tyler Farrar (USA) Garmin-Transitions14
5Colt Peterson / Kit Karzen (USA) RTL13
6Jackie Simes / Bobby Lea (USA) Hayman12
7Ian Moir / Danny Heeley (USA) Trainer Mic11
8Mark MacDonald / Cody Campbell (Can) Continental10
9Ryan Aitcheson / Alex Cataford (Can) Pedal9
10John Walsh / Collin Berry (USA) Caps South Shore8
DNSCam Mackinnon / Jacob Schwingboth (Can) BCIT

A Group - Elimination
1Mike Sidic (Can) H&R Block Norco20pts
2Kyle Buckosky (Can) Team Coastal17
3Keith Jones (Can) Garneau Evolution15
4Rob Evans (USA) RHVilla/IAS14
5Cid Martinez-Arr (Bol)13
6Jesse Reams (Can) Evolve Cycling Club12
7Erik Mulder (Can) Steed Cycles11
8David Gillam (Can) Glotman Simpson10
9Scott Inman (Can) Team Coastal9
10Mike Rothengatte (Can) Escape Velocity/DEVo8
DNSGuy Tucker (USA)
DNSJoshua Simpson (USA) Recycled Cycles Racing
DNSDonald Gillmore (Can) Schwalbe Cycling Club

Elite Women - 100 lap 10 x 10 Points Race
1Sarah Hammer (USA) OUCH20pts
2Pascale Schnider (Swi) Switzerland17
3Tara Whitten (Can) Velocity Cycling Club15
4Cari Higgins (USA) Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY1214
5Joanne Keisanowski (NZl) TIBCO To the Top13
6Jasmin Glaesser (Ger) Cycling BC12
7Jeanann Mckirdy (Can) Locak Ride11
8Sara Coney (Can) Stevens Racing10
9Rachel Canning (Can) Local Ride9
10Morgan Cabot (Can) Glotman Simpson8
11Steph Roorda (Can) Incycle2
12Jennie Reed (USA) Fanatik Bike Co.2
DNFJenny Lehmann (Can) Mighty Riders

A Group - 100 lap 10 x 10 Points Race
1Rob Evans (USA) RHVilla/IAS20pts
2Jesse Reams (Can) Evolve Cycling Club17
3Mike Sidic (Can) H&R Block Norco15
4Kyle Buckosky (Can) Team Coastal14
5Cid Martinez-Arr (Bol)13
6Keith Jones (Can) Garneau Evolution12
7David Gillam (Can) Glotman Simpson11
8Erik Mulder (Can) Steed Cycles10
DNFMike Rothengatte (Can) Escape Velocity/DEVo
DNSScott Inman (Can) Team Coastal
DNSGuy Tucker (USA)
DNSJoshua Simpson (USA) Recycled Cycles Racing
DNSDonald Gillmore (Can) Schwalbe Cycling Club

Elite Men - 125 lap 5 x 25 Madison
1Zach Bell / Svein Tuft (Can) Haywood15pts
2Jackie Simes / Bobby Lea (USA) Hayman14
3Christian Meier (Can) / Tyler Farrar (USA) Garmin-Transitions10
4Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA) Saputo8
5Ian Moir / Danny Heeley (USA) Trainer Mic3
6Colt Peterson / Kit Karzen (USA) RTL
7Jason Allen (NZl) / James Carney (USA) R&B5-2laps
8Mark MacDonald / Cody Campbell (Can) Continental
9Ryan Aitcheson / Alex Cataford (Can) Pedal-6laps
10John Walsh / Collin Berry (USA) Caps South Shore
DNSCam Mackinnon / Jacob Schwingboth (Can) BCIT

Elite Men - Final classification
1Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA) Saputo174pts
2Zach Bell / Svein Tuft (Can) Haywood146-1lap
3Ian Moir / Danny Heeley (USA) Trainer Mic88
4Jackie Simes / Bobby Lea (USA) Hayman155-2laps
5Christian Meier (Can) / Tyler Farrar (USA) Garmin-Transitions148
6Colt Peterson / Kit Karzen (USA) RTL80
7Jason Allen (NZl) / James Carney (USA) R&B125-5laps
8Mark MacDonald / Cody Campbell (Can) Continental76-10laps
9Ryan Aitcheson / Alex Cataford (Can) Pedal58-28laps
10John Walsh / Collin Berry (USA) Caps South Shore52-36laps
DNFCam Mackinnon / Jacob Schwingboth (Can) BCIT

Elite Women - Final classification
1Sarah Hammer (USA) OUCH159pts
2Tara Whitten (Can) Velocity Cycling Club142
3Pascale Schnider (Swi) Switzerland136
4Joanne Keisanowski (NZl) TIBCO To the Top117
5Jasmin Glaesser (Ger) Cycling BC109
6Cari Higgins (USA) Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12100
7Jennie Reed (USA) Fanatik Bike Co.78
8Steph Roorda (Can) Incycle75
9Jeanann Mckirdy (Can) Locak Ride83
10Sara Coney (Can) Stevens Racing73
11Rachel Canning (Can) Local Ride59
11Jenny Lehmann (Can) Mighty Riders40
12Morgan Cabot (Can) Glotman Simpson30

A Group - Standings after day 3
1Mike Sidic (Can) H&R Block Norco110pts
2Cid Martinez-Arr (Bol)104
3Jesse Reams (Can) Evolve Cycling Club104
4Kyle Buckosky (Can) Team Coastal103
5Rob Evans (USA) RHVilla/IAS97
6Erik Mulder (Can) Steed Cycles87
7Mike Rothengatte (Can) Escape Velocity/DEVo76
8Keith Jones (Can) Garneau Evolution75
9David Gillam (Can) Glotman Simpson57
10Scott Inman (Can) Team Coastal51
11Joshua Simpson (USA) Recycled Cycles Racing19
12Donald Gillmore (Can) Schwalbe Cycling Club2
13Guy Tucker (USA) IJM.org2

C Group - Final classification
1Brian Wong (Can) Glotman Simpson54pts
2Ian Fingler (Can) CVC/Burnaby Velodrome52
3Julian Allen (GBr) Glotman Simpson48
4Ed Amdahl (USA) SCCA / Starbucks Cycling36
5Paul Baker (Can) Trainer Mic36
6Jennifer Gerth (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b V35
7Tristan Hughes (Can) Escape Velocity/DEVo34
8George Mclaughlin (Can) Vancouver Velo Vets30
9Ron Gordon (Can) RTL23
10Rob Mcmurtry (Can) Burnaby Velodrome Club23
11Atilla Avsar (Can)22

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