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Costa claims Portuguese title

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Rui Costa (Caisse d'Epargne) claimed the ITT title at just 23.

Rui Costa (Caisse d'Epargne) claimed the ITT title at just 23. (Image credit:
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Rui Costa (Caisse d'Epargne) didn't give 100 percent, yet still won the title.

Rui Costa (Caisse d'Epargne) didn't give 100 percent, yet still won the title. (Image credit:

Rui Costa might not have ridden at his maximum, but it was still enough to win the rider the Portuguese time trial champion jersey. Costa averaged 46.9 km/h over the 40.5 kilometre course to set a time 33 seconds quicker than second placed Sérgio Sousa (Madeinox Boavista).

“I know that I am strong at this moment of the season, but I don’t want to surprise everyone,” he said. “That’s why I started very concentrated on riding with good legs, but not at my maximum.

“I prefer to wait because it was an individual time trial of more than 50 minutes and I really do the maximum only in the last kilometres,” he added.

Mário Costa (Barbot Siper) claimed third place, 35 seconds behind Costa.

Vanessa Fernandes (Clube Triatlo Perosinho) won the women’s title by 17 seconds over Moniz Anais (Acd Milharado/Intermarché/Mafra). Nelson Oliveira (Xacobeo Galicia) took the Under 23 men’s championship win by 51 seconds over Fábio Silvestre (Liberty Seguros-Stª Maria Feira).


Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rui Costa (Caisse d'Epargne)0:51:44
2Sérgio Sousa (Madeinox Boavista)0:00:33
3Mário Costa (Barbot Siper)0:00:35
4José Mendes (La - Rota Dos Moveis)0:00:43
5Hernani Broco (La - Rota Dos Moveis)0:01:06
6Joaquim Sampaio (Madeinox Boavista)0:01:23
7Helder Oliveira (Barbot Siper)0:01:35
8Luis Silva (Palmeiras Resort - Prio - Tavira)0:02:00
9Bruno Pires (Barbot Siper)0:02:29
10Vitor Rodrigues (Caja Rural)0:02:31
11Helder Leal (Aluvia Valongo)0:02:37
12Tiago Silva (Loulé Aquashow)0:03:19
13Bruno Pinto (Loulé Aquashow)0:03:19
14André Cardoso (Palmeiras Resort - Prio - Tavira)0:04:24
15Edgar Tavares (Ca Castelsarrasin)0:05:31
16Marco Cunha (Madeinox Boavista)0:07:51

U23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nelson Oliveira (Xacobeo Galicia)0:40:30
2Fábio Silvestre (Liberty Seguros-Stª Maria Feira)0:00:51
3Pedro Paulinho (Mortágua - Basi)0:01:45
4Bruno Silva (Aluvia Valongo)0:01:48
5Diogo Nunes (C.C. Tavira)0:01:59
6Amaro Antunes (Liberty Seguros-Stª Maria Feira)0:02:20
7André Mourato (Asc Vitoria Rtl)0:02:46
8Vasco Pereira (Asc Vitoria Rtl)0:02:48
9Joel Lucas (Aluvia Valongo)0:03:14
10Valter Coutinho (Crédito Agricola)0:03:56
11Sergio Rodrigues (C.C. Tavira)0:04:05
12Fábio Palma (Maia Bike Team)0:04:24
13Sandro Pinto (Maia Bike Team)0:05:13
14Nuno Almeida (Crédito Agricola)0:05:19
15Fabio Costa (Mortágua - Basi)0:07:18
16Tiago Neves (Asc Vitoria Rtl)0:07:31

Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Vanessa Fernandes (Clube Triatlo Perosinho)0:24:07
2Moniz Anais (Acd Milharado/Intermarché/Mafra)0:00:17
3Caetano Isabel (Csn Epinay)0:01:08
4Celina Carpinteiro (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:01:56
5Ana Valido (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:02:01
6Filipa Queirós (Csn Epinay)0:02:07
7Angela Fernandes (Csn Epinay)0:02:19
8Rita Vigário (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:02:27
9Andreia Ponte (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:03:00
10Monica Magro (Maxigym - Medida Única)0:03:21
11Coelho Irina (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:03:30
12Andreia Lopes (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:03:37
13Joana Patricio (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:03:41
14Ana Gonçalves (Asc Vila Do Conde)0:03:44
15Carolina Gregório (Acd Milharado/Intermarché/Mafra)0:04:41
16Ferreira Ana (Silva E Vinha/Adr Ases De Penafiel)0:05:06
17Rute Costa (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:05:38
18Rosa Moreira (Silva E Vinha/Adr Ases De Penafiel)0:05:54

Junior Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniela Reis (Acd Milharado / Intermaché Mafra)0:12:40
2Ana Silva (Silva & Vinha / Adr Ases De Penafiel)0:00:27
3Ana Azenha (Ouriquebike - Cc Ouriquense)0:00:37
4Susana Conceição (Acd Milharado / Intermaché Mafra)0:00:40
5Ana Rita Silva (Team Bike Zone Quintagense)0:01:33
6Tatiana Borralho (Munditubo/Sgr Ambiente/Cca Paio Pires)0:02:19

Novice Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ana Rita Reis (Núcleo Ciclismo Baixa Da Banheira)0:13:55
4Ana Paula Reis (Núcleo Ciclismo Baixa Da Banheira)0:14:06
2Sara Carneira (Silva & Vinha / Adr Ases De Penafiel)0:00:15
5Joana Ferreira (Silva & Vinha / Adr Ases De Penafiel)0:00:41
3Catarina Ferreira (Cc Barcelos - Aff - Orbea)0:01:06


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