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Bishop wins Pisgah overall, completes sweep of stages

Elite men
1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory)3:51:37
2Drew Edsall (Yeti-Sunflower Markets Pro Mtb Team)0:07:15
3Robert Marion (American Classic/Kenda/Tomac)0:08:43
4Peter Butt0:13:51
5Drew Scharns (Boone Bike & Touring)0:19:24
6Colby Pearce (BigSharkP/B THF)0:21:46
7Thom Parsons0:24:40
8Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru)0:33:40
9Chris Strout (WBR-Siren Bicycles)0:58:29
10Chris Michaels1:33:40

Elite women
1Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt)4:22:16
2Susan Haywood (TBD)0:13:17
3Carey Lowery (OutdoorStore/Specialized)0:35:29

Elite master men 40+
1Andy Johnston (
2Glenn Poupore0:22:09
3Ronald Glowczynski ( Plus)0:25:47
4Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory)0:26:38
5Ross Delaplane (Vision)0:32:36
6Morgan Olsson (Cycles de Oro)0:32:37
7Perry Thomas (Cycle South)1:25:47

Singlespeed men
1Jason Morgan (Industry Nine)4:25:45
2Brad Welch (Jazzercise)0:02:05
3Russel Henderson (NCCX, industry nine)0:30:37
4Scott Sidener2:07:10
5Michael Blankenship (Ken's Bike Shop)2:15:58
6Craig Hoyt3:44:02

Men open
1Jeremy Edge (Caffeine Racing)4:29:24
2Gerald Sven Rothenhofer0:06:07
3Jason Murrell (Larry Hill Ford/Scott's Bikes)0:13:45
4David Cook (Sycamore/Flat R)0:26:30
5Charlie Tejada (Guatemala MTB)0:40:23
6Stephen Janes (Siren/WBR)1:08:08
7Matthew White (Haymarket Bicycles)1:14:13
8Rob Keener (Flat Rock Village Bakery)2:07:43
9John Clasen (Shamrock Cycles)3:07:43
10Christopher Mays (Vero Velo)

Women open
1Claire Garcia-Webb6:42:46

Men 40+
1Alex Hawkins4:30:18
2Patrick McMahon (
3Zeke Lilly (Cycle South)2:22:03
4Eric Purdue (APB/Bikeways Tucker)1:22:03

1Wes Dickson (Sycamore Cycles)4:33:22
1Derek Gentry (Sycamore Cycles)4:33:24
2Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)0:32:40
2Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)
3Ryan O'Connor (Harpers Bike Shop)0:05:45
3Jheremy Zetans (Harpers Bike Shop)
4Warner Smith (Salty Nuts)0:44:29
4Andy Cessna (Salty Nuts)
5Christopher M Danz (Performance GT)1:36:39
5David Swan (Performance GT)
6Karen Ruth Rowe (Phoenix)2:04:16
6Tom Rowe (Phoenix)2:04:18

Elite men - final general classification
1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory)16:21:39
2Drew Edsall (Yeti-Sunflower Markets Pro Mtb Team)0:21:27
3Robert Marion (American Classic/Kenda/Tomac)0:57:11
4Colby Pearce (BigSharkP/B THF)1:25:49
5Drew Scharns (Boone Bike & Touring)1:34:13
6Peter Butt2:31:58
7Thom Parsons2:37:57
8Chris Strout (WBR-Siren Bicycles)3:53:07
9Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru)4:34:00
10Chris Michaels2:52:57

Elite women - final general classification
1Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt)18:59:43
2Susan Haywood (TBD)0:21:55
3Carey Lowery (OutdoorStore/Specialized)1:56:06

Elite master men 40+ - final general classification
1Andy Johnston (
2Ross Delaplane (Vision)1:20:03
3Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory)1:53:43
4Morgan Olsson (Cycles de Oro)2:15:28
5Glenn Poupore2:18:36
6Ronald Glowczynski ( Plus)2:35:06
7Perry Thomas (Cycle South)4:45:33

Singlespeed men - final general classification
1Jason Morgan (Industry Nine)19:17:26
2Brad Welch (Jazzercise)0:12:44
3Russel Henderson (NCCX, industry nine)0:44:59
4Scott Sidener8:27:03
5Michael Blankenship (Ken's Bike Shop)10:48:45
6Craig Hoyt15:25:42

Men open - final general classification
1Jeremy Edge (Caffeine Racing)19:18:18
2Gerald Sven Rothenhofer1:59:49
3Charlie Tejada (Guatemala MTB)2:25:40
4Jason Murrell (Larry Hill Ford/Scott's Bikes)2:49:02
5David Cook (Sycamore/Flat R)3:19:08
6Matthew White (Haymarket Bicycles)4:43:30
7Stephen Janes (Siren/WBR)5:26:55
8Rob Keener (Flat Rock Village Bakery)7:41:08
9John Clasen (Shamrock Cycles)9:01:51
10Christopher Mays (Vero Velo)12:20:25

Women open - final general classification
1Claire Garcia-Webb28:52:25

Men 40+ - final general classification
1Alex Hawkins20:13:25
2Patrick McMahon (
3Eric Purdue (APB/Bikeways Tucker)3:45:55
4Zeke Lilly (Cycle South)7:09:12

Teams - final general classification
1Wes Dickson (Sycamore Cycles)19:55:25
1Derek Gentry (Sycamore Cycles)19:55:52
2Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:33:36
2Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)0:00:06
3Ryan O'Connor (Harpers Bike Shop)1:34:31
3Jheremy Zetans (Harpers Bike Shop)1:50:11
4Warner Smith (Salty Nuts)2:29:24
4Andy Cessna (Salty Nuts)2:29:30
5Christopher M Danz (Performance GT)6:39:21
5David Swan (Performance GT)6:39:22
6Karen Ruth Rowe (Phoenix)8:26:01
6Tom Rowe (Phoenix)8:26:20

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