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Grant and Dong win Park City Point to Point

The Park City Point 2 Point put up a $14,000 total cash purse, featuring equal payout to both women and men. The Utah race features the area's best singletrack, hitting Park City's three world-class resorts along the way.

According to Race Director Jay Burke, "This race challenges racers to big miles and lots of vertical both up and down, and it's not gentle!" The race course features 75+ miles and is composed of about 90% singletrack.


Four-time defending PCP2P champion Alex Grant (Sho-Air/Cannondale) made it five in a row completing the course in 6:24:37.

"Coming into this year I tried not to put too much pressure on myself, but I was confident that I could take a fifth win," said Grant. "I knew it wouldn't come easy with all the other great riders in the race. I know this streak can't go on forever and I've been happy to stretch it out for as long as I have."

Eight minutes later, Jay Henry (Tokyo Joe's) captured second in 6:32:22. Nine minutes behind Henry was Nathan Miller (Pivot Cycles) at 6:41:55. "At the bottom of the Deer Valley climb is where I saw Alex attack. Jay got on his wheel while Evan Plews and I followed closely behind. Half-way up the climb, I was able to get into third place and stay there for the remainder of the day."

Just seconds apart, Cary Smith (Team CF) took fourth place in 6:51:18 ahead of Sam Sweetser (Cole Sport Racing), who finished in 6:51:39. After admittedly missing a critical turn at high speed near the Park City aid station, before turning back and climbing up to where he missed the turn, Evan Plews (Ibis/Kenda/Reall) lost several spots yet still managed to finish sixth on the day.


In one of the largest women's fields this season with 28 women competing, Evelyn Dong (White Pine Racing/ crossed the line more than 20 minutes ahead of her nearest competitor to take the women's division in 7:18:09.

"I was a little disappointed that my all-time favorite trail TG's was taken out but at the end, I was glad we came down the new Corvair Trail instead, way more forgiving on the arms," said Dong.

"The only snafu in my race was accidentally detouring about five minutes past the turn at the top of Deer Valley. I ended up on the Guard road and realized I was in the wrong spot, so had to do a little backtracking. Gretchen caught me soon after that and kept me on my toes! I stayed on the gas after that and having the home trail advantage helped. Not to mention the hometown cheering squad, that boosted morale a lot."

Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joe's) took second in 7:39:27, one of just three women to finish sub eight on the day. "I was riding in a pack of guys and was pretty surprised to see Evelyn around the 40-mile mark. I rode up within striking distance hoping to follow her lines to the next feed zone. Unfortunately, I detonated shortly thereafter when I ran out of food and water and started to overheat. It took a while to bounce back and after taking a digger, I decided to play it safe and just enjoy the rest of the ride, which I did."

Seventeen minutes later, Marlee Dixon (Summit Velo) crossed the line at 7:56:35 with Rachel Hadley (Basalt Bike and Ski) in fourth in 8:06:03 and Sarah Kaufman (NoTubes Elite Women) taking the fifth podium spot in 8:23:42.


After finishing second in 2011 and getting the win in 2012, Cory Larrabee (Kuhl) repeated by edging out NUE Series contender, AJ Linnell, by just one minute finishing 7:03:47. Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Misfit Psycles), an NUE SS contender desperately needed this win to challenge four-time reigning champion Gerry Pflug (Team CF) for the NUE Series title at the Fool's Gold 100 Championship.

At the start of the race, Linnell mistakenly left with the men's open wave. He led the entire race and appeared to have won the race in front of cheering fans at the finish line in 7:04:49. That is until chip timing revealed that Larrabee, who had correctly left in a later wave, had bested him by one minute.

"I'm not really sure what to think about the race, still shocked by the outcome. I was way stoked to have held my lead and stayed in contention for the NUE Series SS championship, so it was crushing to check the results board an hour later and discover that because Corey started in a wave two minutes behind me, he had completed the course a minute faster and thus was the actual winner, brutal. It seemed like everybody was a little surprised by that outcome, an unexpected side-effect of chip-timing. I'm going to the Fool's Gold anyway to see how I can compete against the singlespeed field at the NUE championship event. Here's to riding fast and racing hard!"

Brent Cannon (Canyon Bicycles) finished third in 7:50:14. Seven minutes later, Darrell Roundy (Wild Child Cycles) rolled into fourth in 7:57:20, three minutes ahead of Jacob Whipple (Methow Cycle Sport/Blue Star Coffee) in 8:00:05.

2011 Master's Champion turned SS, Doug "The Hulk" Andrews ( blew in three minutes later, riding rigid and sporting a skinny "Furious Fred" tire lacking few signs of visible tread, bubbled out, and ready to blow. Interesting to note, had the 52-year-old Andrews been entered in the masters division, he would have handily won the division finishing 8:03.00.

Gary Gardiner (Bountiful Bikes) rolled into victory finishing in 8:14:52. Five minutes behind the lead, Marland Whaley (Red Barn Bicycles) finished second in 8:19:36.

"At approximately one hour into the race, I had a rock rip up my rear tire. Because it was so soon after the start and I spent too much time repairing it, I was caught and passed by the 8 and 9-hour seeds."

"I was stuck sometimes behind 10-20 riders in line and actually stopping on some of the many hairpin turns. It wasn't their fault, they were doing their best, but there was just nowhere to pass. I was able to find my way free at about 50 miles and had a really fun race to the finish with a fairly clean trail before me."

John Lauck (Bountiful Bikes p/b Threshold) finished third in 8:32:59. "After last year's slugfest through the rain, lightning and cold, I was looking forward to a rematch with better training and nice weather. Saturday didn't disappoint with sunny warm weather and better legs coming off of a good day and podium at Pierre's Hole."

Three minutes later, Steve Mower (3B Yoga) rolled into fourth at 8:34:49 with Andy Leifer (Willas Wheels) hot on his heels just two minutes back at 8:36:06.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alex Grant (Sho-Air/Cannondale)6:24:37
2Jay Henry (Tokyo Joes)0:07:45
3Nathan Miller (Pivot Cycles/Light & Motion/Honey Stinger)0:17:18
4Cary Smith (Team Cf)0:26:41
5Sam Sweetser (Cole Sport Racing)0:27:02
6Evan Plews (Ibis/Kenda/Reall)0:31:08
7Will Mcdonald (Cole Sport Racing)0:35:13
8Drew Free (Rev)0:36:57
9Chris Holley (Kuhl)0:37:08
10Matt Woodruff (Kuhl)0:38:23
11Brandon Firth (Rocky Mountain)0:39:08
12Aaron Phillips (Euclid)0:43:29
13Erik Harrington (Rmcc)0:47:54
14Hunter Keating (Vassago Cycles)0:49:54
15Stewart Gross (Griggs Ortho)0:50:11
16Jeff Higham (Kuhl/Rocky Mountain)0:52:11
17Travis Mullen (Team Mullen)0:56:39
18Jon Russell (Soel Boutique)0:57:19
19Quinten Bingham (Roosters Bikers Edge)1:02:09
20Wilhelm Curt (Curt Wilhelm)1:02:37
21Aaron Campbell (Bountiful Bicycle)1:08:32
22Tom Goth (Unattached)1:09:53
23Kyle Taylor (Henderson Tn)1:12:08
24Brian Tolbert (Kuhl)1:12:59
25Justin Doll (Bountiful Bicycle Racing Team)1:15:18
26Jonas Croft (Revolution)1:15:36
27Stewart Goodwin (Kuhl)1:17:50
28Brock Cannon (Cole Sport)1:18:12
29Gabe Klamer (Fitzgerald Bicycles)1:18:29
30Bart Flynn (The Bike Hub)1:20:26
31George Flynn (The Bike Hub)1:20:28
32Sam Young (Santa Cruz)1:20:34
33Shawn Hadley (Xessential Basalt Bike & Ski)1:22:41
34Ezekiel Hersh (Honey Stinger/Bontrager Off-Road)1:22:49
35Jesse Doll (Montanacyclocross.Com)1:24:55
36Ty Hansen (Revolution/Peak Fasteners)1:26:06
37Dennis Barrett (Bountiful Bicycle P/B Threshold Sports)1:26:36
38Mike Hileman (Eye Gear Optical)1:28:55
39Christopher Peters (Ecs/Snow Chicken)1:31:00
40Ross Toelcke (Great Northern Cycles)1:32:31
41Darren Lacy (Yetis Grind)1:32:48
42Christian Faatz (Kuhl/Rocky Mountain)1:32:51
43David Stockham (Experticity)1:33:15
44Michael Piker (Team Jackson Hole)1:33:36
45John Malloy (Etna Brewing Company/ De Salvo Custom Cycles)1:35:47
46Chris Pic (Scott Sports)1:38:26
47Connor Barrett (Bountiful Bicycle Pb Threshold)1:38:38
48Jake Hollander (Salt Cycles)1:42:02
49Karl Vizmeg (Revolution /Peak Fasteners)1:42:05
50Joseph Sipe (Bacon)1:43:35
51Matt Brown (Revolution)1:43:44
52Jeff Jarvie (Health Catalyst)1:44:18
53Paul Nash (Paul Nash)1:46:00
54Adam Cole (Cole Sport)1:48:09
55Justin Salvas (Batch 171)1:48:14
56Dominick Layfield (Competitive Cyclist)1:51:04
57Keith Collins (Bach Builders)1:52:18
58Craig Carlson (Rose Printing Co.)1:52:26
59Paul Davis (Top Gear)1:53:29
60Kevin Wilde (Specialized SLC)1:59:12
61Justin Healy (Plan 7/Brightface)1:59:26
62Dave Byers (Athlete360)2:00:41
63Kevin Winzeler (Kevin Winzeler Photography)2:02:41
64Joshua Carter (Tosh/Backcountry.Com)2:03:02
65Bill Watson (Utah Mountain Bike.Com)2:06:14
66Douglas Blackburn (Douglas Blackburn)2:12:02
67Brandon Smith (Wild Child Cycles)2:12:12
68Jason Mcgrew (Specialized Bicycles)2:15:40
69Ed Palmer (Fusion)2:16:19
70Joel Wilson (Jjj)2:16:35
71Jeremy Branch (Revolution Racing)2:16:53
72Ryan Thompson (Mad Dog Cycles)2:17:01
73Kevin Jacobsen (Gas/Intrinsik)2:17:10
74Rich Abbott (Revolution/Peak Fasteners)2:19:04
75Cameron Cook (Kuhl)2:20:44
76Danny Larisch (4Life Mad Dog)2:24:29
77Troy Michaud (Troy Michaud)2:25:30
78Matthew Peterson2:25:49
79Filip Wojcikowski Bountiful Bicycle)2:26:17
80Scott Allen (Young Riders)2:28:56
81Tim Rude (Porcupine)2:29:27
82Marc-Francois Bradley (Sophrona)2:30:02
83Zak Brown (Unsponsored)2:30:48
84Enrico Cecala (Sekis Cycles)2:31:49
85Lance Anderson (Revolution/Caf Rio)2:32:10
86Solon Linton (Team Linton)2:35:23
87Greg Roberts2:35:47
88Andrew Davis Bountiful Bicycle Pb Threshold)2:36:33
89James Crawford (Bountiful Bicycle P/B Threshold Sports)2:37:08
90Jeff Martinez (SLC Grassroots)2:39:22
91Garrett Fletcher (Wacky Apple)2:39:59
92Mark Draper (Team Wheels 4 Life)2:40:03
93Rene Herrera (Herrera Rene)2:41:40
94Gary Wekluk (Utahmountainbiking.Com)2:42:49
95Darren Balls (Sbr Utah)2:44:28
96Ted Cheeseman (Team Sea Level)2:44:34
97Rich Caramadre (Rich)2:44:35
98Shawn Frye (Salt Lake City Grassroots)2:45:16
99Nathan Collier (Pedal Pushers)2:46:00
100Mark Gullett (Kuat Racks)2:46:47
101Jared Cieslewicz (Jared C)2:47:21
102Brian Potempa (Team Rambo)2:47:46
103David Updike (Art Herrmann)2:49:02
104Chad Leblanc (Chad Leblanc)2:50:00
105Eric Coomer (Corvus Velo)2:54:33
106Justin Edwards (Oracle Cycling)2:54:42
107Timothy Waddell (Adobe)2:55:00
108Pablo Tokarz (SLC Grassroots)2:55:25
109Chris Glomb (North Ogden Ut)2:56:42
110Steven Doolan (Cole Sport)2:57:14
111Lance Gay (Lance)2:57:22
112Dan Johnson (Muskrats)3:05:05
113Cole Anderson (N/A)3:05:45
114Keith Payne (4Life-Mad Dog Cycles)3:06:46
115Michael Johnson (Muskrats)3:07:07
116Andy Cessna (Salty Nuts)3:09:41
117Mark Holmstrom (Epic Sport)3:09:51
118Mike Sherman (Broken Spoke Cycling)3:10:27
119Tony Karwowski (Karwowski Racing)3:12:13
120Chris Cochella (Salt Lake City Ut)3:13:21
121Jeremy Larsen (Rose Bike)3:14:17
122James Mchugh (Gen & Jim)3:14:58
123Zachary Ovard (Me)3:15:21
124Greg Larson (Revolution)3:16:22
125Tony Zentil (Wheels 4 Life)3:17:27
126Mike Hadley (Contender)3:19:13
127Drew Van (Tosh)3:19:37
128Jesse Sorenson (Wild Child Cycles)3:24:12
129Frank Montague (Wild Child Cyclery)3:24:13
130Eric Ault (Wild Child Cycles)
131Carey Pierce (Wildchild)3:25:58
132Kevin Larkin (Self)3:31:33
133Arthur Herrmann3:31:37
134Robert Discher (Austinbikes)3:33:22
135Jamen Bennion (Scheels)3:33:58
136Jared Meyer (Sbc)3:34:08
137Jason Savage (Bountiful Bicycle Racing/ Threshold Sports)3:37:04
138Eric Landon (Roosters Bikers Edge)3:39:00
139John Gill (Team Intermountain P/B Bountiful Bicycle)3:39:57
140Eddy Nils (Team Eddy)3:43:51
141Brad Johnson (Aps, Magna Dental)3:43:52
142Moises Romero (Pc Tri Club)3:45:04
143John Librett (Kuhl & Crossfitgsl)3:46:18
144Ben Renard-Wiart (Na)3:47:26
145Doug Schultz (Doug Schultz)3:48:18
146Matthew Parsons3:48:35
147Victor Ream (Gear Rush)3:49:13
148Keith Beard3:51:55
149Doug Ovard (Contender)3:52:38
150Greg Perry (4 Life/Mad Dog Cycles)3:53:53
151Riley Frazier3:54:25
152Benjamin Nesler (Nerd)3:55:28
153Pat Costin (Purple Monkey Dishwasher)3:56:20
154Paul Solomon (Wls Cc)3:56:48
155Chad Chenoweth (Bloomington Cycle & Fitness)3:58:46
156Tim Nelson (St. Lukes Internal Medicine)3:59:06
157Russ Mcbriode (Social Ontology)4:02:20
158James Wright (Powerseal Usa/Clockwork Ktm)4:04:04
159Robert Becker (Solo)4:05:58
160Mike Tobin (Ride 2 Recovery)4:06:16
161Jason Scarbrough (Bountiful Bicycle Threashold Sports)4:06:39
162Perry Brown (Revolution /Peak Fasteners)4:07:13
163Brian Oliver (Millcreek)4:07:16
164Max Wo (Wood)4:07:44
165Ryan Clayton (Wls Cc)4:11:01
166Mike Sutton (Sutdog)4:12:12
167Ed Fryatt (Las Vegas Cyclery)4:12:54
168Brett Fidler (Team Intermountain Live Well)4:16:16
169Russell Page (Fifty Studio)4:16:28
170Andy Damman (Moots)4:17:02
171Richard Costin (Purple Monkey Dishwasher)4:18:00
172Michael Kavanaugh (Sekis Cycles)4:19:03
173Nathan Smith (Team 4923 Cycling)4:24:04
174Steve Ellis (Oracle Cycling)4:24:36
175Jd Jeppson (Oracle Cycling)4:24:48
176Jay Harnden (Team Harnden)4:28:26
177Dragan Filipovic (Ski Utah)4:28:54
178Jeremy Casey (Gu Energy Labs)4:31:00
179Espen Kateraas (Team Wheels 4 Life)4:32:03
180Ryan Debenham4:35:35
181Jacob Allen4:36:57
182John Chynoweth (Jchow)4:42:29
183Brandon Peterson4:44:15
184Walter Anyan Jia And Karen!)4:44:38
185Rick Henriksen (Ski Utah)4:50:28
186Bob Arrivillaga (Mdv)4:54:10
187Mark Fluchel (Pedros)4:56:42
188Leonard Graham (Lgraham)4:57:55
189Jay Miles (Park City Sailing)4:58:49
190Jeff Lambert (Revolution/Peak Fastener)5:02:57
191Andy Costin (Elk Ridge Ut)5:05:25
192Gerrit Wesseling (Rio Strada Racing)5:06:30
193Kevin Vaughan (Park City Ut)5:07:48
194Jim Rosing (Velo 605)5:11:53
195Larry Chapa (Chapa)5:14:24
196Bill Ewer (SLC Grassroots)5:18:42
197Doug Peterson (SLC Grassroots Cycling Team)5:20:31
198Brandon Banks (Revolution)5:26:04
199David Fields (Snowbird)5:26:40
200Michael Machos (Me)5:42:15
201Joshua Frick (DC Velo)5:44:27
202Matt Wiscombe (Team 4923)5:51:17
203David Shirzad (The Btis)5:52:57
204Faryar Shirzad (The Btis)5:52:58
205Brad Perry (D3Spoiler)6:17:26
206Derek Anderson (Revolution)6:17:27
207David Hirasawa (Tapirs)6:18:39

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evelyn Dong (White Pine Racing P/B Jans.Com)7:18:09
2Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joes)0:21:18
3Marlee Dixon (Summit Velo)0:38:26
4Rachel Hadley (Basalt Bike And Ski)0:47:54
5Sarah Kaufmann (Notubes Elite Women)1:05:33
6Rose Grant (Sportsman & Ski Haus)1:09:28
7Karen Tremaine (Cogma Bike Wear)1:18:12
8Genevieve Evans (Luna Chix)1:35:26
9Alice Drobna (Webcyclery, Cyclesoles)1:42:09
10Lauren Egan1:50:45
11Carrie Porter (Parkcitydog.Com)2:05:52
12Niki Milleson (Rose Bike)2:20:46
13Christie Johnson (White Pine Touring Powered By Jans.Com)2:22:49
14Melanie Smith (Revolution)2:31:37
15Heather Unger (Heather)2:35:44
16Parker Tyler (West Hill)2:36:09
17Karen Holmes (HH)2:45:18
18Jeanette Pierce (Downhill Cyclery)2:53:51
19Sarah Jackson (Team Firestorm)3:02:02
20Dawn Vogeler (Yetis Grind)3:09:08
21Laura Furtado (Scott Sports / Mud Honey Cycling)3:09:44
22Carla Hammer (Willas Wheels)3:14:29
23Jill Damman (Moots)3:23:28
24Lyna Saffell (Revolution Peak Fasteners)3:28:18
25Meghan Newlin (Team Small Batch)3:30:26
26Julie Urlaub (Taiga Company)3:41:22
27Angela Mart (Webcyclery.Com)3:45:14
28Malinda Frick (DC Velo)4:50:52

Singlespeed Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Corey Larrabee (Kuhl)7:03:47
2Aj Linnell (Fitzgeralds Bicycles/Pivot Cycles)0:01:02
3Brent Cannon (Canyon Bicycles)0:46:27
4Darrell Roundy (Wild Child Cycles)0:53:33
5Jacob Whipple (Methow Cycle Sport/Blue Star Coffee)0:56:18
6Doug Andrews0:59:13
7Wes Hutchinson1:07:04
8Timothy Zediker (Competitive Cyclist)1:09:14
9Jason Brown (CBS Team)1:23:13
10Loren Gard (Cascade Couriers/Bend Velo)1:26:32
11Scott Schaefer (Heber City Ut)1:34:18
12Steve White (Revolution)1:40:23
13Joshua Vanjura1:45:27
14Hans Hjelde (HH)2:05:57
15John Pougiales (Raymond James Financial)2:17:27
16Trevor Bain (Derby)2:18:21
17Warner Smith (Salty Nuts)2:29:58
18Terry Oconnor2:43:03
19George Forbes3:37:51
20Matt Mravetz (Wasatch Adventure Guides)4:00:01
21Sean Doherty (Teton Sports Club)4:28:47

Masters Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gary Gardiner (Bountiful Bikes P/B Threshold)8:14:52
2Marland Whaley (Red Barn Bicycles)0:04:44
3John Lauck (Bountiful Bikes P/B Threshold)0:18:07
4Steve Mower (3B Yoga)0:19:57
5Andy Leifer (Willas Wheels)0:21:14
6David Kelsey (Eye Gear Sport Optics)0:29:17
7David Saurman (Fitzgeralds Bicycles)0:31:16
8Gene Smith (Utah Mountain Biking)0:32:25
9Tod Thornton (Freedom)0:35:41
10Jeff Sumsion (Park City Orthodontics)0:44:54
11John Bliss (Kappius)0:48:43
12Sten Kramer (Wheels4Life)0:49:50
13David Caplan (Webcyclery.Com)1:03:12
14Brad Sneed (Las Vegas Cyclery)1:04:48
15Tom Quinn (Independent)1:13:48
16Miguel Payan (Bountiful Bikes P/B Threshold)1:22:58
17John Werdel1:33:00
18Lance Levy (Scott Sports)1:35:50
19J Battaglia (Bingham Cyclery)1:46:01
20Tim Fisher (Alpine Ut)1:52:11
21Kurt Wagner (Individual)2:08:36
22Brad Mullen (4Life/Maddog)2:14:53
23Mark Del Vecchio (Millcreek Cacao Roasters)2:16:08
24Stan Larrabee (Revolution/Peak Fasteners)2:34:25
25Robert Kronkhyte (Watch 4 Net Cycling Team)2:46:24
26Dave Piotrowski (Durango Wheel Club)3:08:47
27Greg Paul (ODC)4:28:16


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