Bishop races to Cohutta 100 victory

What do four Costa Ricans from La Ruta de los Conquistadores, rigid hard-tailed women, The Pfluginator and a rodent, the SiMonster, a Wunderkid, a Ferrari, a refugee, and a US Olympic hopeful all have in common? The seventh annual Kenda National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series opener at the Trailhead Bicycle Company Cohutta 100, held at the Ocoee whitewater center near Ducktown, Tennessee, host of the 1996 Olympic whitewater competition.

The first of an expanded 12-race endurance mountain bike series this year, the Cohutta 100 drew nearly 400 racers to the start. Some were there to contend for the overall titles while others simply wanted to finish a challenging race boasting more than 13,000 feet of vertical elevation within the Cherokee National Forest.

Dry and mild temperatures greeted racers this year, although it became warm in the afternoon with temperatures reaching the mid-80s. Many racers seemed to agree that they liked the course changes this year, although most agreed it was also more difficult than previous years, thanks to miles of additional singletrack.


2008 NUE Series Champion Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) won the women's race in 8:31:21. After her win, she said, "Things worked for me today, particularly my body. I've had a great winter and spring of training, and it paid off. The race start was fast and got a little sketchy, however, Amanda (Carey) and I were able to stay on each other's wheel. It wasn't until the singletrack ended and we popped out onto the road that I was able to gap her."

Sornson was more efficient and faster on the climbs. "The rest of the race I worked hard to stay away. It was a much harder race than last year, and it was tough to stay focused and strong on the climbs, but I found the willpower."

After racing the Cohutta 100 three previous times and always finishing second, Sornson was pleased to take the victory. "I am super excited to start the NUE season with a win."

According to the two-time defending women's series champion Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt), who finished second in 8:44:50, "Cheryl and I battled back and forth for the first hour, but I immediately knew something was up. My heart rate was sky high, no power, and Cheryl was riding really, really well. She had a fantastic day. She dropped me like a hot potato about an hour and 20 minutes in on the first significant climb, and there was nothing I could do about it."

Kristin Gavin (Team Cystic Fibrosis) finished third in 8:59:30, "It hurt. This was my first 100-miler, so I eased into it and stuck to my priorities, monitoring my heart rate, keeping my pace, paying really close attention to my nutrition and my training paid off." Gavin is one of the athletes coached by former series winner Chris Eatough. In 2007, Eatough won each of the four NUE races he entered, earning a perfect score.

An interesting side note, four of the top five women's women's finishers hail from Pennsylvania. Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team) finished fourth in 9:05:13 and Nicole Thiemann was fifth in 9:09:36.

Sixth place Adriana Maria Rojas Cubero (La Ruta De Los Conquistadores) of San Jose, Costa Rica clocked 9:26:32, and Andrea Wilson (Outdoors, Inc.) was seventh 9:28:47 on a rigid singlespeed.


In the men's open division, US Olympic Long Team member Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) took a win over reigning NUE men's series champion Christian Tanguy (, who lives in Rochester, Michigan.

The 36-year-old Bishop blistered the newly designed course in 7:01:07. "That was an awesome, awesome race! I had a breakthrough ride making a break on a huge climb about a mile before aid station 5," said Bishop.

The lead trio consisted of Bishop, Tanguy and Michael Simonson (Trek/RBS), known by his friends and some competitors as the SiMonster, until just before aid station five, when Bishop put the hammer down.

Bishop claimed he would like to do more of the NUE races this year; however, he is maintaining his focus while awaiting a decision by the Olympic Selection Committee about who will be the two US Olympic male representatives.

Tanguy finished second, just over four minutes behind Bishop with Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing) from College Park, Maryland placing third in 7:27:35. "These guys are bulletproof. You can't make any mistakes!" said Carter. "I got a flat on one of the river crossings early in the race and had to stop and air it up a few times. Then I got to spend an hour and a half chasing the lead pack."

"Jeremiah was just drilling the pace, punishing them mercilessly, and killing me in the process because I was trying to get back with them. Simonson blew up first and I passed him," said Carter.

Later on, Carter hit a rock in a creek crossing and the hole in his tired was too big to plug. "It was such a big hole that when I first tagged it and spun the wheel around to try to get the Stan's to fill it, it just pooped out all the Stan's onto the ground in a giant white puddle." Carter tried some CA Glue and a patch and eventually got it going again although the tire would only hold about 8psi for awhile.

"I was terrified I was going to get caught from behind but it was very frustrating, so I stopped a couple times to pump it up and it finally held."

Simonson finished fourth in 7:30:36.70. A well-known and accomplished racer from the east coast Justin Lindine (Redline) captured fifth in 7:35:14, Cary Smith (Team CF) took sixth in 7:38:59 and Alexander Sanchez (La Ruta De Los Conquistadores) of San Jose, Costa Rica was seventh in 7:51:50.

At age 17, the youngest rider was Dylan Johnson (Scott RC Mountain) from McLean, Virginia, who finished 21st 8:16:48. He returned to Cohutta following a brutal crash last year that earned him a trip to the ER.


Two-time NUE Singlespeed Champion Gerald Pflug (Salsa/SPK/PAO Bikes) continued his winning ways at the Cohutta.

"Early on, Matt Ferrari was riding with me. He was riding well and climbing really well!" said Pflug. "There was a group of maybe seven of us that went into check point 2. Matt stopped there but my stuff was at check point 3. Nobody else stopped, so I stayed with that fast group, and when I looked back he took a little bit longer break than he should have because then I never saw him again at that point. It was just a matter of riding with the geared guys and trying to keep my speed up."

"The Pluginator", who will be 44 this year, finished well enough on a 34/20 to take singlespeed and garner 14th overall among geared riders in 8:02:20. However, when asked whether it was all smooth sailin', Pflug recalled what he described as a "disgusting" story involving a small furry, bushy-tailed rodent. "This was the first time in my life that this has ever happened!"

"On this far singletrack, I was riding with this guy named Kyle (Taylor of Bikers Choice from Nashville, Tennessee) and we must have scared a squirrel or something, and he crapped and it landed right on my face! When it hit my face, I was like 'Wuh? What?' And then I started smelling it, and I thought, "That smells like*#*#!", as I was trying to wipe it off with my gloves. It was all over the place. It was the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me on a ride!"

Dwayne Goscinski finished second in 8:12:24 on a 32/17 in his first ever NUE race.  "I started pretty far back and didn't see the Pflug. I passed a lot of guys out there and asked a couple guys and they said there ain't a lot of people ahead. I ran into another singlespeeder (Matt Ferrari) at about mile 70 who said, "Only Gerry's ahead but you can't catch Gerry. I am hoping to do the series this year. I am registered for Syllamo's and Lumberjack and hoping to do Fools Gold."

When asked about his motivation out there, Goscinski, clearly emotional about discussing it, had this to say, "I just want to say that this ride was for my son Noah who passed away on July 7 of last year after spending 10 weeks at Children's hospital following heart surgery. One of them was about 10 hours long, and he survived 23 days in that mode which is a miracle. He is in heaven now, and so I am riding for the Noah Foundation." For more information visit under "Chasing Noah".

Matthew Ferrari (Hubcap-Freeze Thaw Cycles) took third in 8:23:84, Jason Pruitt (Peoples Brewing) was fourth 8:41:12, Robin Oscar (Motor Mile Racing) was fifth 8:43:43. Kelly Klett (Trips for Kids - Triangle/Grassroots Bikes) clocked a 8:48:51, and Watts Dixon (Revolution Cycles/Revolting Cogs) 8:52:42 rounded out seventh place.


In our race preview, 50-year-old Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing) was identified as the "one to watch", and he was just that capturing his first NUE Series victory in just 8:54:32.

Three minutes behind the leader and finishing second was 57-year-old Miroslav Novak (Alabama Masters Cyling/Ivan Leonard Chevrolet) in 8:57:12. "I was at the front but my chain got kind of jammed and I dropped from the lead. I was catching up (to Sanborn) on the final hill but I never caught him. He looked back and saw me, and later said, 'I looked at your number and I just ran like a rabbit from you.'"

Novak continued,"It was my first 100, and it was brutal!" He does a lot of road racing and long distance riding but had not raced his mountain bike for nearly 10 years after breaking his scapula. At that time, he claimed to have finished fifth at nationals in Colorado. "I live in Huntsville, Alabama now, but my family came here 23 years ago as refugees from Slovakia. I love this country!"

Novak plans to compete for the title. "I would like to go to Breckenridge, Oregon, Wyoming and maybe Fool's Gold in Georgia."

Finishing in third was 51-year-old Henry McCullough (POA Cycling) in 9:00:40. "It went better than I thought. I was really suffering about halfway through, so I just sort of set a very steady tempo so I wouldn't crack. This was only my second NUE race. I did Shenandoah last year in the men's open. I have been road cycling for 32 years¸ experienced all the drama of road racing and there is not really much drama here. Either you have it or you don't. It was really fun!"

The next NUE Series race will take place at Syllamo's Revenge in the Ozark Mountains of Mountain View, Arkansas, on Saturday, May 19.

Full Results for Big Cohutta 100 and 65-mile races

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Men 100
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale)7:01:08
2Christian Tanguy (Team CF)0:04:27
3Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing)0:26:27
4Michael Simonson (Trek/RBS)0:29:29
5Justin Lindine (Redline)0:34:06
6Cary Smith (team cf)0:37:52
7Alexander Sanchez (La Ruta De Los Conquistadores)0:50:42
8Zack Morrey (Blue Ridge Cyclery/NoTubes/Magura/Schwalbe)0:51:24
9Jonathan Davis (Trek Bike Store Racing - Boulder, CO)0:52:13
10Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles)0:55:22
11Jody Beasley (Santa Cruz)0:56:12
12Jorden Wakeley (Einstein Racing)0:58:16
13Nicolas Trujillo (Tru-Hammer)1:00:01
14Brandon Draugelis (Team CF)1:02:36
15Kyle Taylor (Bikers Choice)1:03:34
16Christopher Michaels (Cannondale)1:05:36
17Nathaniel Cornelius (Texas Roadhouse pb Motorex)1:07:20
18Andy Gorski (Pro Bikes)1:09:16
19David Hall (Piggly Wiggly p/b Bana Cycling Team)1:10:23
20Greg Kuhn (RBS MTB Team)1:15:20
21Dylan Johnson (Scott RC Mounta)1:15:41
22Sam Koerber (Geared exposure)1:17:30
23Garth Prosser (Specialized (yeah that's right) Factory Racing/Ashford Surgical)1:18:33
24Adam St. Germain (NBX / Narragansett Beer)1:23:28
25Jed Prentice (TeamCF)1:23:30
26Eddie Odea (Topeak Ergon)1:25:06
27Morgan Olsson (Revolting Cogs)1:25:11
28Karl Burk (Action prosthet)1:25:28
29Bradley Schmalzer (
30Ryan Krayer (Adventure212 /Specialized)1:33:01
31Theo Procopos (Keswick Cycle)1:37:29
32Mike Montalbano (Tomac Bikes/Gu Energy)1:39:39
33Bruce Stauffer (Trek Bicycle Store Charlotte)1:42:09
34Mark Douglass (Cycology Bicycles)1:45:32
35James Thompson (La Ruta / Epic)1:46:18
36Daniel Rapp (Fast Forward Racing/My Fam)1:47:30
37Joe Fish (Design Physics Racing)1:47:43
38Kevin Conerly (
39Brent Mayer (Trek Store Cincinnati)1:53:24
40Jason Murrell (
41David Lansden (BBC p/b WheelWorx)1:54:33
42Alex Kurland (Blue Ridge Bud)1:57:51
43Ryan Heerschap (Cycle Craft/Bulldogs)1:58:04
44John Maines (SVMIC)1:58:08
45Eric Smith (Zone 5 Coffee & Bikes)1:59:13
46Scott Cole (Adventure212 / Specialized)2:00:09
47Dan Kotwicki2:01:39
48Charlie Storm (Storm Racing Team)2:03:43
49Michael Humphries2:04:41
50Scott Smith (TVB Race/Tomato Head)2:09:52
51Daniel Atkins (Race Pace Bicycle)2:11:37
52David Reid (Design Physics Racing)2:11:58
53Andrew Sorey (Indian Cycle Racing)2:12:14
54Bill Crank (Commonwealth Eye Surgery/Pedal the Planet)2:15:52
55James Prentice (Red Mountain Wh)2:15:52
56Joseph Bosemer (Texas Roadhouse)2:16:03
57Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)2:18:03
58David Wagoner (Aldefer Bergan)2:18:20
59Art Degraw (
60Jonathan Woody (Harpeth Bicycles Racing)2:24:41
61Patrick Wallace (Ellicottville B)2:25:08
62Brian Mountjoy (CES)2:25:26
63Edilson Cremonese (team big wheel)2:28:41
64Lee Carmichael (Motor Mile Racing)2:29:14
65Travis Fowler (First Victory/ Cycle South)2:33:52
66Cooper Fowler2:36:18
67Scott Morman (Stark Velo)2:42:24
68Jose Mendez (Trek/Cycleworks/Rudy Project)2:44:49
69Andrew McKinney (Asheville Bike Race Club)2:46:40
70James Burris (Black Dog Bikes)2:49:08
71Leonard Moon (Team Momentum)2:49:23
72John Dove2:57:21
73Scott Schlapman (Bicycles Etc.)2:57:48
74Anthony Patterson2:59:05
75Van Mixon (Big Ring Racing)2:59:23
76Jeff Rupnow3:08:01
77Jeff Plassman (Design Physics Racing)3:10:06
78Christopher Laplante3:10:52
79Sean Wallace (Team Bikers Choice)3:12:43
80Tim Smith (Motor Mile Racing)3:12:57
81Jim Rivers3:14:48
82Matt Kretchmar (Athens Bicycle)3:17:04
83Bryan Derstine (Great Bicycle Shop)3:22:37
84Kevin Bogard (Gear-Up Cycles)3:24:05
85Christopher Lane (Veloworks-Spoke Etc.)3:25:46
86Bradley Smith (Orrville Cycling Team)3:26:31
87Tom Swallow (Swallow Bicycle Works)3:26:34
88Bryan Wright (Black Dog Bikes)3:36:59
89Jimm McElroy (VeloSports Racing)3:39:02
90Chad Wamack (Motor Mile Racing)3:40:26
91David Bell (CAMBr)3:42:55
92Gregory Bryant (Doulos Cycling)3:43:43
93Patrick Duffy (Duff's Racing Inc.)3:44:20
94Paul Brannon (Relentless)3:46:51
95Frank Diaz3:47:31
96John Millon3:51:15
97Asa M. Marshall IV (OMBA - Macon, GA)3:51:21
98Jim Singleton (Zone 5 Coffee & Bikes/Bikechain)3:51:27
99Pete Green (Adventures for the Cure)3:55:09
100Joseph Hoskins (Hash House Mashers)3:56:03
101Michael Goff (Revolution Cycles, NC)3:56:53
102Nick Perrow (PAMBA)3:57:13
103Marty Smith (Commonwealth Eye Surgery/Pedal the Planet)3:57:28
104Jeffrey Yeager (Scott's Bikes)3:58:54
105Chris Torrance (Racing Greyhorn)4:02:39
106Rodney Reber (Gator Cycle)4:06:02
107Eric Chandler (Murray State Univeristy Cycling Team)4:06:47
108David Cook (Cook Appraisal, INC)4:07:54
109Mike Pace (Pace's Cog Farm/ReVelotion)4:09:31
110David Moore (Cycletherapy-Specialized Racing)4:10:28
111Joe Downs (Team Do Work)4:10:31
112Rob Mitzel (Team rJr)4:12:12
113Chris Isenberg (Reality Bikes)4:13:49
114Craig Brimer (Hub Endurance Race Team)4:14:39
115Roman Urbina (La Ruta De Los)4:15:46
116Jay Walsh (Specialized/Dumonde Tech)4:16:09
117Jim Havey (Commonwealth Eye Surgery/Pedal the Planet)4:20:20
118Mark Russell (Independent Fabrication)4:21:02
119Cole Jacobsen (Titletown Flyer)4:24:56
120Christopher Davis (Stanky Creek Cycling)4:27:09
121Jim Phyfer (Herring Gas)4:27:24
122Joshua Lewis (Team Biker's Choice)4:27:51
123Greg Witt (RBS MTB Team)4:28:37
124Brian Falloon (Team Nebo Ridge)4:29:32
125Trey Schwalb4:30:45
126Jose Fallas (Indian Cycle)4:31:40
127Yuri Cook (Raintree Pediatrics)4:31:58
128Jamie Jeffries (Ethos racing)4:32:30
129Will Seidel (Cyclist Against Cancer)4:36:28
130Michael Powell4:36:29
131Russell Petts (Racing Greyhounds)4:37:18
132Michael Bonsby (MBHVAC)4:38:06
133John Tenwalde4:39:56
134Jarom Thomas4:52:03
135Stephen Huddle (Rogue Racing Project 513)5:05:45
136Don Davis (Higher Ground)5:09:35
137Rodney Reed5:09:46
138Randy Larrison (Cadre Racing)5:11:49
139Steve Huter (Giving Tree Cabinets)5:13:38
140Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing)5:16:14
141Tim House (C'ville Hash House Mashers)5:16:49
142Nathan Taylor (Harpeth Bicycles Racing)5:18:01
143Mark Stover (CatUp Coaching)5:19:35
144Owen Workman5:22:56
145Joseph Delaney (Black Dog Bikes)5:28:17
146Jason Sparks (Racing Greyhounds)5:28:47
147Michael Weisgerber (Queen City Wheels)5:31:50
148Tony Barrett (Smith&Nephew Memphis Velo)5:33:55
149Kelsey Oliver (Team Metro Reprographics)5:34:25
150John Oakes (Bikes Plus)5:39:06
151Jeff Barber (
152Chadd Biehler5:42:40
153Robert Lucia (RBS Cycling Team)5:43:48
154Gavin Shipley (Bicycle Outfitters Indy)5:47:07
155Jason Thomas5:47:40
156Dan Searle5:48:41
157Michael Vlamis5:59:21
158Paul Lewis (PowerFun)6:04:50
159Bain Carpenter (Harpeth Bikes)6:04:57
160Peter Rajcani6:08:32
161Shannon Donovan6:09:24
162Scott Pavao (Bicycles Etc/Pavao Construction)6:09:44
163Jason Ottinger (
164Robert Ern (Brick City Bicycles)6:17:57
165Jody M. Mazur (Cadre Racing)6:25:59
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Women 100
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cheryl Sornson (Team CF)8:31:22
2Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt)0:13:28
3Kristin Gavin (Team Cystic Fibrosis)0:28:09
4Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team)0:33:52
5Nicole Thiemann (Team CF)0:38:14
6Adriana Maria Rojas Cubero (La Ruta De Los Conquistadores)0:55:10
7Andrea Wilson (Outdoors, Inc.)0:57:26
8Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:11:03
9Jennifer Moos ( Big Wheel Cycles)1:32:38
10Brenda Herrington (FCA Endurance)1:59:23
11Jane Pearson (Yorktowncycles- Raw Revolution - GW Bike)2:11:17
12Molly Wolf (Gore Bike Wear/Wheel Werks)2:24:53
13Melissa Petty (SCO/Micro Metals)2:40:29
14Hope Ann Walsh (Specialized/Dumonde Tech)2:45:54
15Stacey Davis (Cahaba Cycles)3:00:34
16Debbie Gillespie (Team Headstrong)3:00:44
17Shannon Tenwalde (COMBO)3:09:43
18Stephanie Smith (Vantaggio/Trek)3:16:55
19Genisis Dancer (Revolution Cycles, NC)3:25:48
20Jocelyn Linscott- Ss (Dark Horse Cycles)4:18:34
21Jeni Roosen (Rogue Racing Project 513)4:39:29
22Esther Schaftel (Adventures for the Cure)5:12:22
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Singlespeed men 100
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gerry Pflug (Salsa/ Notubes/Top Gear)8:02:20
2Dwayne Goscinski0:10:04
3Matthew Ferrari (Hubcap-Freeze Thaw Cycles)0:21:28
4Jason Pruitt (Peoples Brewing, LAS, Hodson Bay)0:38:52
5Robin Oscar (Motor Mile Racing)0:41:22
6Kelly Klett (Trips for Kids - Triangle/Grassroots Bikes)0:46:31
7Watts Dixon (Revolution Cycles/Revolting Cogs)0:50:22
8Sean Smith (CCN Cycling Team)1:02:38
9Dennis Baldwin (Ellicottville Bike Shop)1:04:15
10Mark Sackett1:17:03
11Gary Chambers (Team Ed Racing/Bike Zoo)1:19:38
12Rich Kidd (TVB Race/ Tomato Head)1:32:37
13Richard Long (Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team)1:38:50
14Peat Henry (Free Awsome)1:45:02
15Doug Frederick (Morning Sunshine)1:50:17
16Cliff Hatchett (Moonstomper)2:05:24
17Clay Chiles (Faster Mustache/Trans-Sylvania Epic)2:16:43
18Shane Schreihart (
19David Wilson (Ethos Racing)2:24:53
20Jeffrey Bushong (Chicken Ranch Crew/Hodson's Bay)2:25:02
21Hunter Orvis (Darn Tough/ Buff)2:40:20
22Brian Gillies (
23Neil Reitzel (Revolution Cycles)2:51:09
24Matt Carroll (Trailhead Bicycle Company)2:56:02
25Doug Smith (Gator Cycle)3:04:52
26Scott Rath (Cadre Racing)3:40:03
27Brent Frounfelker (Cysco Cycles)3:54:02
28David Wall4:11:29
29Mike Pierce (
30Zach Davis (Bici Coop)5:03:26
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Masters men 100
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing)8:54:33
2Miroslav Novak (Alabama Masters Cyling/ Ivan Leonard Chevrolet)0:02:40
3Henry McCullough (POA Cycling)0:06:07
4Richard Labombard (Joe's Garage)0:24:16
5Monte Hewett0:35:36
6Mark Drogalis (Team CF)0:40:28
7Roger Sutton (Brick City Bicyles)0:48:42
8Chris Irving (Los Locos)0:55:22
9Keith Clark1:12:52
10John Wyrick (Team Brad)1:24:35
11Ken Burst (Team Momentum)1:46:50
12Mark Johnson (Northstar Bicycles/ESI Grips)2:01:38
13James Wilson (Team CF)2:02:08
14Ed McCalley (teamed/bike zoo)2:17:39
15Andrew Riess (Self Motivated/Funded)2:39:06
16Allen Gracey (self)2:41:38
17Mitch Moses (Cahaba Cycles Racing)3:05:42
18Vick Dyer (Micro Metals/Bike Zoo)3:16:11
19Fraser Cunningham (Zephyr Wheel Sports)3:16:42
20John Stephens (Cycleworks/Trek)3:53:44
21Bill Holden (Holden Brothers)4:12:22
22Gary Law (Revolution Cycles)4:33:47
23Brent Eichen Mac Dodge (Get Out of My Way)5:05:28
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Men 65
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Schworm (Pedal Power)4:25:47
2Jeff Clayton (Georgia Neurosurgical Institute)0:00:12
3Bryan Frazier (Wildside Velo)0:00:58
4Bob Wright (Chainheart cycling studio)0:00:59
5Chris Patterson (D2 Racing)0:01:23
6Paul Ruhling0:02:18
7Bradley Cobb (motor mile racing)0:02:23
8Ray Smith (McDonald's Cycling Team)0:02:25
9Nathanael Wyatt (Carolina Fatz pb Industry Nine)0:25:09
10Perry Thomas (New Leaf Adventures)0:33:32
11Brent Scarabin (Wednesday Chaires)0:41:11
12Scott Borne (NoMambo/EastBa)0:44:57
13Jon Stang (Liberty Bicycles)0:47:02
14Steven Wells (Los Locos)0:48:28
15Eric Patterson (D2 Racing)0:50:34
16Don Austin (River City Racing)0:58:26
17Nick Mohn (FreeflightBikes)1:02:24
18Adam Naish (RBS MTB Team)1:04:01
19Marios Georgiou (Ashville Bicycle Racing Club)1:04:42
20Andrew Williamson1:05:44
21Dustin Gill (Fairhope Cycling Project)1:06:22
22Joseph Bolton (Pro Cycle and Triathlon)1:09:36
23Mike Brown (SORBA/OMBA)1:10:51
24Tim Loughlin1:12:19
25Matt Rouse1:13:37
26Butch Farrell (Rogue Racing PrOJECT 513)1:18:21
27Sam Thompson (Cartecay Bike Shop/ Palmeri Bicycles)1:19:48
28Justin Dansby1:23:10
29Zach Ballard1:23:23
30Chris Joice1:28:00
31Darrin Grosch (Rogue Racing Project 513)1:29:24
32Chris Ready (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club)1:32:08
33Jeff Mrachek1:35:45
34Drew Bogner (Rogue Racing PrOJECT 513)1:36:15
35Mark Cole (Adventure212 /Specialized)1:37:50
36Sam Preston (Adventures Recreation & Gear)1:38:03
37Grant Blankenship (Ocmulgee Mountain Bike Association (SORBA/OMBA))1:38:22
38Danny Drogula1:40:43
39Kirk Denning1:42:21
40Adam Swann (D2 Racing)1:43:42
41Adam Elser (MVC)1:45:27
42Dominic Couturier (D2 Racing)1:46:01
43Gregory Mazzaferro (Los Locos)1:47:06
44Chris Von Ins1:47:14
45Glenn Mason1:53:26
46John Matthews (Bicycle Outfitters Indy)1:55:10
47Keith White (Cadet Investments)1:55:12
48Eric Cheung (Fairhope Cycling Project)1:59:18
49Mark Woods2:03:28
50Steve Seaborn (owens cyclery/cisco cycles)2:04:19
51Gary Terrell2:05:48
52Shawn Cooper (Bicycle Outfitters Indy)2:07:04
53Ryan Jones2:11:02
54Rowan Jones (Wood-N-Wave)2:11:24
55Trevor Stith (Scheller's Racing)2:13:42
56Michael Atherton2:16:06
57Steve Noiret (Cycle-Smart)2:16:55
58Terrence Gleason (Giordana Clif Bar)2:19:23
59Kevin Scoggins (Scotts Bike Shop)2:20:37
60David Primm (Bicycle Outfitt)2:22:38
61Kevin Bohanon (Wood-N-Wave)2:22:41
62Kaj Engberg2:24:48
63Eddie Garcia2:26:51
64Scott Pegram (Team Dancing Bear Lodge)2:29:13
65Chuck Smith2:32:14
66David Morgan (Boardtown Bikes)2:40:11
67Jerry Hauck2:41:51
68Brian Debuty2:45:25
69Larry Simmons (TVB)2:46:23
70Michael Okelley (41 Flyers)2:48:06
71Ivan Alicot2:53:45
72Gregory Carlton (Wood-n-Wave)2:53:46
73Jason D'Arcy3:07:43
74Michael Mueller (Team Bear Bait)3:11:40
75Jon Timmons (Rogue Racing Project 513)3:12:54
76Jeff Minnerick3:13:43
77Brent Sparkman (Epic Race)3:15:15
78Troy McClendon (Biker's Choice)3:23:21
79David Zamsky3:23:41
80Brandon Phillips (team bear bait)3:33:47
81Steve Paternostro3:36:33
82Mark Sauer3:41:24
83Steven Guerry (Team Guerry)3:41:49
84Carl Sheffield (SCV)3:42:06
85Chris Paterson3:47:40
86Doug Turner4:49:15
87Russell Hill (WMBC Bike Club)5:01:08
88Scott Brumbelow (Memphis Velo)5:05:36
89Kenneth Pulley5:06:32
90Jerry Wilson (MOAB)5:28:17
91Thomas Kostolansky6:05:29
92Sam Stallings (Hrothgar)6:09:35
93John Stallings (Hrothgar)6:09:37
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Women 65
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paula Burks (US Stove / Vanataggio Fitness)5:13:01
2Sarah Agena-Wright (Adventure212 / Specialized)0:07:32
3Paula Johnson, Masters0:22:01
4Lisa Randall (Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear)0:22:33
5Michelle Peariso (Adventure212 /Specialized)0:28:58
6Mary Fowler (First Victory/Cycle South)0:29:00
7Ginger Jones (Velo Vixens)0:32:44
8Laura Gleason (Giordana Clif Bar)0:59:58
9Jennifer Nichols1:00:47
10Mary Penta (VO2 Multisport)1:08:40
11Danielle Marrero (Gulf Coast Velo)1:19:02
12Star Affolter1:20:32
13Dreama Campbell (VeloVixens Cyling Club)1:32:03
14Hailey Kell (Wood-N-Wave)1:35:25
15Cathi Cannon (SCV)1:39:35
16Kim Owens (Village Bike Shop/Liv Giant)1:47:31
17Doreen Whitmore (Team Big Wheel)2:39:43
18Mary Paternostro2:49:18
19Denita Hadziabdic (Team Guerry)2:54:34
20Christina Barrett (Memphis Velo Smith & Nephew Cycling Club)3:08:52
21Angela Paterna (Quantico Mountain Bike Club)3:10:53
22Christi Hale (Epic Race)3:41:45
23Lisa Weis4:45:30
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Singlespeed 65
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Reardon (Motor Mile Racing)4:54:56
2Jason Betz ((W)reck.less Racing)0:00:00
3Greg Brannon (Cysco Cycles)0:24:32
4Edward Chapman0:26:55
5Nick Erhard0:34:28
6Tab Tollett (Motor Mile Racing)0:34:37
7Tim Winters (Team IMBA-SORBA)0:36:45
8Aaron Smith (Cysco/Owens)0:39:47
9Richie Daigle (Suck Creek Cycle)0:43:01
10Jeremy Larson (Cyclist Connect)0:44:27
11Jeremy Smith (Scenic City Velo)0:49:10
12David Greenwell (Team IMBA-SORBA)1:14:26
13Jason Rodwell1:36:21
14Ryan Smith1:41:42
15Darryl Clark (Team IMBA - SORBA)2:13:33
16Phillip Burgess (TVB Race/Tomato Head)2:17:36
17Michelle Minnerick2:44:35
18Steve Giancola3:17:58
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Masters 65
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul Vankooten (Motor Mile / SCV)4:49:55
2Randy Guymer (FullSpeed ~ Rock'n road)0:43:30
3Jerome Rossetti (DeLany Rossetti Construction)0:43:39
4Bryan Miller (TeamRockNRoad)0:51:35
5Robert Gaddis (616 bicycle fabrications)0:56:56
6Martin Ruhl (Chicken Ranch Crew)1:12:15
7Delynn Burkhalter (Burkhalter-Boar)1:17:50
8Steve Nichols1:23:51
9Chip Ellison (Pearl izumi/Shimano)1:34:13
10Scott Gross (JRC/Jamis)1:39:07
11Grace Ragland, Female (Team Capaxone)1:43:37
12Bob Seitz (Team IMBA/SORBA)1:49:48
13Dennis O'Neil (O'Neil Construction)1:55:56
14Scott Nichols (QCW)2:19:09
15Martin Conner (wood n wave)2:29:42
16Bryan Holden (Holden Brothers)2:34:44
17Tim Bonifant (Orrville cycling club)2:40:00
18Richard Taylor2:45:18
19Rick Moran3:00:57
20Michael Miller (Team Lard Butt)3:12:47
21Danny Claiborne3:14:09
22Jan Andrews Alan Grubb (MTB tandems)3:30:29
23Vincent Garcia III5:04:23

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