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Schalk races to victory in Wilderness 101

An amazingly cool July day greeted over 300 racers in the 10th Annual Wilderness 101 mountain bike race located in Coburn Park just outside of State College, Pennsylvania. During a summer that has seen extreme heat on the East Coast, the seasonally cool temperatures assisted racers posting personal bests throughout the field. The Wilderness 101 is the fifth stop on the eight-round Kenda National Ultra Endurance (NUE) 100-miler Series.

The men's race also did not disappoint with Australian road racer Nathan O'Neill (On the Rivet, LLC) joining Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing) and Nick Waite (GT/Kenda/ProTested) as last minute contenders for the victory. This didn't faze series leader Jeff Schalk (Trek Racing Co-op), as he had already marked Christian Tanguy as the one that could provide a threat on the climbs later in the race.

Pro roadies Waite and O'Neill caused the first separation on the opening climb. Their tempo split the race into a selection of 20 super fast riders hoping for a shot at the top 10. This group flew along the opening mellow 20 miles of forest roads into Aid Station #1 at Penn Roosevelt with Rob Spreng (Dirty Harry's) dangling off and on the back.

Mike Simonson (Trek/SRAM/NoTubes) moved to the front of the group on the climb up Thickhead Mountain. Simonson opened a sizeable gap, which was the demise of half the field. The acceleration that closed the gap shed half the followers including Brian Lariviere (Bulldog/Cycle Craft), Zack Morrey (Ice House Bikes), Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Racing), Greg Kuhn (Team Frazer), Andy Gorski, Dan LaRocque (Tiger Cycling Foundation/Wampold Racing), Ezra Mullen, Ian Spivak (DCMTB), Andy Freye (Trek 29'er Crew/Cycle Mania), Ray Adams (, Bradley Schmalzer (Team Magazine/Kenda USA), Drew Scharns (Boone Bike and Touring), Charlie Clarkson (Ellsworth Bikes) and Brian Wilson (Bikebarn Racing) who was stylin' the wheelie’s up the climb at the time of the devastating acceleration.

A lead group of 10 surfaced from the Detweiler downhill onto Bear Meadows Road, including Christian Tanguy (Team CF), Chris Beck (Trek/Gary Fisher Collection), John Burns (, Bishop, O'Neil, Waite, Schalk, Simonson and Rob Lichtenwalner (PA, with other top talent including teammates Brandon Draugelis and Michael Simonson (Trek/SRAM/NoTubes).

The ensuing pull up and over the hill into Bear Meadows popped Burns and Freye and put Lichtenwalner at the back pedaling squares after his early efforts towing the group along the flats. Simonson took the holeshot into Longberger Trail while Chris Beck stopped to re-affix his shoe buckle. Roadie O'Neil entered the singletrack in his biggest gear showing his lack of trail riding experience and was not to see the leaders again for the rest of the day. With a talented group like this at the front, one bobble is all it takes to lose contact.

A group of six exited the favorite singletrack spectating spot at Three Bridges onto Laurel Run Road and stayed together into Aid Station #2 at Whipple Dam. Tanguy had chain trouble on the run in and had to stop at the aid station for a chain replacement. The group sped along without him to the crux of the course, the Greenlee and Seegar climbs that would come back to back before the Aid Station #3 outside of Greenwood Furnace.

At the top of Greenlee, Schalk hit the Croyle Run singletrack first followed by Waite, Bishop and Draugelis. Simonson was dangling and Lichtenwalner had fallen off the back to be joined by a chasing Beck with Tanguy charging back into contention even though his chain continued to skip with no rhyme or reason because his derailleur spring was shot.

On the Croyle Run downhill Bishop had tire trouble and Draugelis slipped from the leaders. Simonson bridged up to him.

The Seeger climb was a view of carnage as Waite paced Schalk off the front, Draugelis pedaled into third, Simonson climbed solid in fourth, with Bishop recovering in fifth, Beck moved up into sixth for a short bit with Lichtenwalner being passed by Tanguy with John Burns and Will Baker riding strong just behind.

Schalk and Waite dropped into the Telephone Trail descent together and sped into the next aid station, where Schalk made his move on the Sassafras singletrack climb. Schalk throttled it hard and created a five-minute gap by the top and pushed on solo. Waite kept moving along in second with Draugelis in third. Christian Tanguy hit the gas in this section and blew past Simonson, Beck, Bishop, Draugelis, and then Waite appearing to threaten Schalk for the win.

Schalk left Aid Station #4 with a five-minute gap. Tanguy was pushing on behind with Harrisonburg, Virginia pals Waite and Bishop, riding together in third and fourth, and Draugelis was in fifth. Bishop appeared to be fading a bit on the climb up Stillhouse Hollow as Waite gapped him slightly.

Aid Station #5 was set and ready to go for the leaders in Poe Paddy State Park. They were all surprised when Schalk just rode past taking no support. They began to question whether he would fade and be caught by a charging Tanguy on the last climb of the day.

It was not to happen as Schalk broke the course record with a 6:34:37 saying, "I haven't felt this good since I took my first major win at the Shenandoah Mountain 100 over Floyd Landis. It really feels good to be able to go hard and feel great like this."

He might have had to dig deeper because Chrstian Tanguy's ride time was 6:31. After hearing that, promoter Chris Scott said he is really looking forward to seeing the winner of the 2011 event break 6:30.


Former NUE champ and Wilderness winner Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) distanced herself from the women's competition once the event took to the trails after an opening road section. Karen Potter (, always a strong finisher, nailed down second place. Brenda Simril (Motormile Racing) finished in third after riding some of the race with her husband. Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles) made the locals proud with her fourth place finish followed by another Team CF rider, Selene Yeager, in fifth.


The race amongst the singlespeeders was fast as usual. What wasn't usual was the winner. Justin Pokrivka (ProBikes/Cohen Associates), who kept his head in the game which allowed him to take advantage of a mishap by Gerry Pflug and claim the victory.

"The 101 is one of my favorite courses. There is a good mix of trails, tons of climbing and some awesome downhills. The volunteers and aid stations at the 101 are some of the best of the series," said singlespeeder Pflug (Salsa/SPK/Pro Bikes). Matthew Ferrari's (Freeze Thaw/Hubcap Cycles) third place ride gave him the top local honors and bragging rights for a whole year. Montana Miler (Speedgoat/Wilderness Voyagers) showed huge potential with his sixth place ride.


None could touch master Bill Nagel (Guy's Bicycle Racing) as he cruised to a clear victory and claimed his Stans No Tubes Wheelset. First time Wilderness 101 riders David Belknap (Cycle Lodge) and Bill Simms (Cycle Lodge) rolled across the line together for second and third. John Williams (Bike Lane of Newark, Delaware) was a solid fourth. Locals Jim Matthews (MBR) and Erik Lenzing (Freeze Thaw Cycles) gave it their best shot with Lenzig finishing up on the podium in fifth place.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeff Schalk (Trek Mountain Co-Op)6:34:37
2Christian Tanguy (
3Nick Waite (GT/Kenda/ProTested)0:18:08
4Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:19:03
5Brandon Draugelis (PAValley'
6Christopher Beck (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)0:24:20
7John Burns (
8Robert Lichtenwalner (
9Nathan O'Neill (On the rivet LLC)0:51:43
10Will Baker (Touring Gear Bike Shop)0:54:33
11Andy Gorski0:59:03
12Ezra Mullen (None)0:59:37
13Brian Lariviere (Bulldog/Cycle Craft)0:59:53
14Zack Morrey (Ice House Bikes)1:03:03
15Bob Goldman (Wissahickon)1:07:09
16Drew Scharns (Boone Bike and Touring)1:07:11
17Ray Adams (Visit PA)1:08:20
18Andrew Carney (Big Wheel Racing)1:10:02
19Bradley Schmalzer (Team Magazine/Kenda USA)1:10:52
20Rob Spreng (Dirty Harry's)1:10:55
21Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Racing)1:11:01
22Greg Kuhn (Team Fraser)1:14:48
23Daniel LaRocque (Tiger Cycling Foundation/Wampold Racing)1:15:44
24Michael Simonson (Gary Fisher/SRAM/Notubes)1:17:23
25Thom Parsons (
26Rich Straub (Freeze Thaw Cycles/Bike
27Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:23:55
28Kyle Lawrence (Trek 29er Crew)1:30:23
29Andrew Freye (Trek 29'er Crew/Cycle Mania)1:30:28
30James Kelly1:30:53
31Jason Murrell (Larry Hill Ford/ Scotts Bikes)1:31:08
32Daniel Atkins (Adventures for the Cure)1:31:38
33Brian Wilson (
34Steven Blackman (The Caffeinated Cyclist)1:35:38
35Ian Spivack (dcmtb)1:38:38
36Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)1:38:39
37Daniel Rapp (MYFAM)1:44:57
38Chip Kogelmann (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:45:43
39Les Leach1:45:56
40Adam Naish (Rochester Bike Shop, Michigan)1:46:03
41Peter Schildt (Engin Cycles)1:46:33
42Jeffrey Gilman (Bike Barn)1:49:33
43Lee Simril (Motormile Racing)1:49:43
44Dustin Manotti (Earl's Bicycle Store)1:54:13
45Jeffrey Gilman (Bike Barn)1:55:53
46Lee Simril (Motormile Racing)1:55:54
47Madison Matthews (MBR)1:50:25
48Stu Blunt (Bushtukah)1:54:13
49Jeffrey Eckert (Sicklers Racing)1:56:23
50David Penney1:56:28
51Charlie Clarkson (Ellsworth Bikes)1:56:38
52Mark Jackson (Just Riding Along)1:57:00
53Chris Coulston (Team 53x11)1:57:25
54Claude Laberge (Team Marty's)2:02:16
55Jason Boekmann2:05:29
56Doug Milliken (ABRT/Bike Doctor of Frederick)2:07:23
57Dave Tevendale (BikeFactory Racing)2:10:07
58Greg Montello (BBW/Independent Fabrication)2:10:23
59Brett Mckay (Hollyloft)2:10:53
60Calvin Cheung (College Park Bicycles)2:15:02
61Matt Williams (
62Ken Overk (The Caffeinated Cyclist)2:17:03
63Jared Janowiak (Unattached)2:17:18
64Marco Mora (sidsbikes NYC)2:21:23
65Kevin Campbell (Spokes-N-Skis / LHORBA)2:22:39
66Scott Frison (Devil's Gear Bike Shop)2:23:07
67Martin Kozera (
68Mark Ritchey (38 Special)2:24:53
69Joel Kahney (Bike Line)2:27:44
70Mike Stevens (Bike Line)2:27:45
71Doug Trojan2:38:29
72Stephen Rombach (Secret Henry's Team)2:40:08
73Matt Lough (Gripped Racing)2:40:23
74David Olsen (Rock Creek Bike Club)2:40:24
75David Wagoner (Alderfer Bergan Racing)2:41:46
76Tom Little (Cupcakes)2:41:51
77Harper Forbes (Running Free)2:45:51
78Stu Hess (MBR)2:47:28
79William Dooley2:49:03
80Jake Brown (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)2:49:17
81Blair Fraley (Trek Stores Columbus)2:51:39
82Malcolm Itter (Myself)2:53:23
83Thomas Dominick (Big Earl's Bike Shop)2:54:50
84Jake Davidson3:02:13
85Peter Kotses (Athens Bicycle/Gary Fisher 29er Crew)3:02:53
86Eric Durante3:03:38
87Jody Bailey (HPC/Spokes)3:04:15
88Sam Albarano (Nittany Mountain Biking Association)3:04:31
89Mike Abraham (Tall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles)3:06:33
90Justin Meyer3:07:02
91Andrew Christman (Caffiene Racing)3:07:07
92Jeff Zimmerman (
93Christian Jende (Self)3:14:15
94Chris Salway (no sponsor)3:15:14
95Lee Salway (no sponsor)3:15:15
96Brian Younkin (Stackin' Cheddah)3:17:03
97Jeff Plassman (Design Physics/Rowletts)3:17:43
98John Salus (InGearCycling)3:18:44
99Kevin Pickett (
100Jordyn Drayton (Freeze Thaw Cycles)3:23:15
101Peri Garite (Team Little P)3:23:25
102Michael Bonsby (MBHVAC)3:23:32
103Andrew Palmgren (Landry's and my girlfriend)3:23:43
104Shai Shtub3:25:45
105Paul Barsom (Team SAE)3:27:18
106Jerry Jackson (BRCC Ghostriders)3:28:01
107Jay Cullen (Endorphin Fitness)3:30:48
108Jake Colvin (IRSMEDIC)3:31:19
109Aaron Hofelt (Nittany Mountain Biking Association)3:31:58
110Matt Kretchmar3:32:58
111Daniel Healy (lisa's farm)3:33:27
112Thomas Hurley (Colavita Racing)3:33:28
113Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing)3:33:38
114Steve Godlewski (North American Velo/
115Joe Fotia (MVC)3:38:08
116Jason Stephens (Team ED)3:42:56
117Robert May (Performance Bike Shop)3:44:04
118Daniel McDermott (Bike Line)3:45:11
119Charles Buki (GRIPPED RACING)3:48:45
120Charles O'Donnell (Baby Jo & Dean Chase)3:48:52
121Jason Harris (Contes Bikes)3:54:37
122Otto Herr (The Herr-Haus.)3:55:17
123Shawn Krehel3:58:23
124Jamie Myers (Bicycle Depot New Paltz NY)3:58:28
125Hans Schmidl (Baltimore Bush Doctors)3:58:35
126Jay Thomas (J & R Racing)4:04:25
127Michael Lukowiak (Bulldog/Cycle Craft)4:04:32
128Dean Rogers (Self)4:06:44
129Nicholas Morrell4:10:25
130Howie Beattie (Hub Bicycle Shop)4:18:55
131Taylor Valentine (Bacon Lap Racing/Devils Gear Bike Shop)4:20:16
132Gerrerd Abrams (Half Acre Cycling)4:21:07
133Matthew Hotts (Macomb Bike and Fitness)4:21:10
134Kenneth Timm4:22:43
135Andrew Riess (Self)4:22:54
136John Mullen (Lost Dutchman)4:24:59
137Steve Kelly (Terry's Cycle)4:27:37
138Bill Smith (See Jane Ride)4:31:44
139Jonathan Stoshick4:33:14
140Jim Malta (Genuine Innovations)4:33:26
141John Lehmann (Brick Brewery)4:38:53
142Buddy Hardesty (Ride Avalon)4:43:46
143Myles McPartland (
144Donald Gabrielson (US Navy)4:45:47
145Bryan Vahjen (missing link racing)4:45:50
146Rob Alexander (Wife & Kids)4:48:17
147Stephen Simmons (Gripped Racing)4:48:47
148Ryan Knight4:48:49
149Randy Larrison (Cadre Racing)4:50:10
150Hobie Smith (
151Simon Testa4:53:16
152Keith White (Cadet Investments)4:55:44
153Phillip Haun (HE Consulting, Inc. )4:55:45
154Joseph Johnston (Dark Horse Cycles)4:56:22
155Joseph Monga4:56:29
156Brent Beauseigneur5:00:17
157Rob Flannery5:07:18
158Christopher Russell (NDO)5:12:03
159Brian Hann (Team ED)5:17:43
160Matthew Fusco (Asheville on Bikes Pisgah Brew Crew)5:18:19
161Nathan Hutchinson (Team Hutch)5:19:25
162Patrick Mccarthy (Boston Wall Beds)5:30:02
163Rick Webb (Baltimore Bush Doctors)5:38:48
164Ron Shealer (Apple Snitch Records)5:42:24
165Shane Reed (Reed's Sheetmetal)5:42:27
166David Walrath (Riding for the Ronald McDonald House)5:52:34
167Ricardo Tenorio (Spokes, Etc.)5:54:37
168Carlos Mollinedo (Spokes, Etc.)5:54:40
169Ian Graves5:56:04
170Royal Huberto (
171Jeffrey Carlson (Freeze Thaw Cycles)6:13:29
172Jason Dent (Speedgoat)6:13:33
173Mark Dent (Speedgoat Bicycles)6:13:35
174Eric Vorwald (Stackin' Cheddah)6:15:00
175Florian Lungu6:32:18
176Jay Aument6:40:12
177Ken Keister6:40:17
178John Little (Yellow Mustard)6:47:33
179Luis Vega (Haamba)7:07:11
180Jody Mazur (Cadre Racing)7:33:17
181Jeff Minnerick (Wife)7:35:50
182Mike Bolen (Speedgoat Bicycles)7:46:18
183Jim Bolen (Speedgoat Bicycles)7:46:21
184Anthony Cottone (Tony No Bologna)8:26:44

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cheryl Sornson (Team CF)8:06:00
2Karen Potter (
3Brenda Simril (Motormile Racing)0:14:38
4Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles)0:16:15
5Selene Yeager (Team CF)0:36:32
6Cissy Fowler (Sycamore Cycles/Flat Rock Village Bakery)1:27:23
7Laureen Coffelt (Velosoul/The Natural Way)1:42:50
8Jessica Kutz (Freeze Thaw Cycles/Hubcap Cycles)2:07:07
9Ruth Cunningham (ProBikes)2:08:48
10Misty Tilson (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)2:29:19
11Pam Frentzel-Beyme2:35:51
12Lisa Vible (Secret Henry's Team)2:54:48
13Christine Guarino (bicycle depot, New Paltz, New York)3:37:39
14Julie Abrams (Half Acre Cycling)5:03:51
15Kristie Miller6:09:52
16Taresa Spitler (Me)6:29:36

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Pokrivka (ProBikes/Cohen Associates)7:30:41
2Gerry Pflug (Salsa/SPK/Pro Bikes)0:04:15
3Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw Cycles/Hubcap Cycles)0:11:06
4Evan Ellicott (Bike Doctor)0:21:42
5Mark Tressler (Rad Racing)0:23:36
6Montana Miller (Speedgoat/Wilderness Voyagers)0:28:57
7Nikolas Obriecht (RacePaceBicycles)0:40:19
8Michael Tressler (Rad Racing)0:43:31
9Peter Buckland (Freeze Thaw Cycles)0:47:15
10Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes)0:49:25
11Chad Miller (Independent Fabrication Roots)0:59:49
12Roger Masse (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)0:59:50
13Jason Maddocks1:07:00
14Mike Ramponi (Independent Fabrication)1:07:59
15Will Crissman (Back Bay Bicycles)1:14:32
16Donald Powers (Pro Bikes / Twin Six)1:18:16
17Daniel Ingerdal (NYCMTB - Peak Bikes)1:20:07
18Eric Nord (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:20:29
19Allen Runkle (Nittany Mountain Biking Association)1:22:49
20Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop - State College)1:34:05
21Clay Chiles (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:48:09
22Tim Burton (CVC/Subaru of New England)1:48:39
23Virgil Cook (Team Fraser/Argyle Army)1:55:17
24Scott Green (Spud Racing)1:58:04
25Richard Brown1:59:04
26Eddie Velasquez (Team Martys)1:59:49
27Jonathan Wheaton (DCMTB/Continuum Solar)2:22:04
28Josh Lincoln (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:22:56
29Nathan Kearns (
30Watts Dixon (Revolting Cogs)2:38:13
31Greg Bell (Revolution Cycles, NC)2:38:14
32Scott Rath (Rude Boy Patrol)2:38:24
33Brad Clarke (D & Q racing)2:42:29
34Tom Gagliardi (
35Jan Faller (Bikebarn)2:58:04
36Geoffrey Lenat (Team Marty's)2:59:09
37David Nembhard (Wife)3:06:05
38Tom Klein (none)3:10:04
39Marc Mazzalupo3:29:17
40Max Kellog (East End Massive)3:33:37
41Jonathan Kersting (East End Massive)3:33:46
42Lee Hutchinson (Bitchin Single Speed)4:23:23
43James Bennetch (Wengers of Myerstown)4:58:16

Master men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bill Nagel (Guy's Bicycle Racing)8:38:49
2David Belknap (Cycle Lodge)0:21:58
3William Simms (Cycle Lodge)0:21:59
4John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE)0:29:12
5Erik Lenzing (Freeze Thaw Cycles)0:32:29
6Gary Musgrove (
7Jim Matthews (MBR)0:52:56
8Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication)0:53:28
9James Miller (Ghostriders)1:05:14
10James Wilson (Team CF)1:15:50
11David Hall (VeloSports Racing)2:03:04
12Mark Bettinger (North American velo/Blue Sky bicycles)2:16:52
13Dennis Murphy (Founders Alger Racing)3:25:56
14Dave Jussel (Cranford Bike/CTS)3:54:19
15Gregory Finch (Emu Racing)5:15:12

Clydesdale men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Cook (Sycamore Cycles/Flat Rock Village Bakery)9:21:45
2Douglas Pepelko (Applied Security Inc.)0:16:50
3Denis Chazelle (Z-Adventures)0:29:04
4Mike Cusato (ZAMA Racing)0:47:35
5Mark Sinkovits (Sinkovits)1:14:26
6Peter Muench (Park Ave Bike / Specialized)1:43:55
7Rodney Reed (Self)1:45:12
8Andy Green (Team Satori Adventure Racing)1:50:03
9Tad Fallon (whupass)1:53:49
10Phillip Esempio (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)2:06:41
11Luis Rivera (NYCMTB-Peak Bikes)2:10:45
12Gerard Arantowicz (
13Gregory Finch (Emu Racing)4:32:16
14Tim Milan (Determination)4:36:11
15Roberto Galindo (Team Galindo!)5:41:25


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