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Fumic and Leumann win Marlene Sudtirol Sunshine Race

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Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing) riding in the lead group

Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing) riding in the lead group (Image credit: Dave McElwaine)
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Katrin Leumann (Switzerland)

Katrin Leumann (Switzerland) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)

Manuel Fumic and Katrin Leumann won the 14th annual Marlene Südtirol Sunshine Race in Nals, Italy. Fumic triumphed in spring temperatures ahead of his Cannondale teammate Marco Aurelio Fontana and Alexander Gehbauer from Austria. In the women's category, Katrin Leumann from Switzerland won for the first time ahead of Alexandra Engen and Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa. Eva Lechner, who holds the record for the most victories at the race, finished fourth as the first Italian woman.

The women had to complete five laps for 26.6km while the men did seven laps and 36.6km. The race is part of the Internazionali d'Italia Series and it drew a record 796 participants from 26 nations.


The men's cross country race could not have been any more thrilling. Right after completing the starting loop, a large group including Anton Cooper, Marco Aurelio Fontana, Karl Markt, Manuel Fumic, Andrea Tiberi, Alexander Gehbauer and Gerhard Kerschbaumer set a strong pace.

The two Cannondale riders, Fontana and Fumic, along with Gerhard Kerschbaumer from Team Bianchi managed to build up a significant lead, which they expanded upon in the second and third laps. In the lap after that, Fontana attacked on the uphill finishing the 5km-long circuit with a lead of 20 seconds ahead of Kerschbaumer and 23 seconds ahead of Fumic.

Fumic then attacked in the fifth lap, first overtaking Kerschbaumer and then also Fontana. Both Fontana and Kerschbaumer had to deal with flat tires. While Fontana repaired his pretty swiftly, Kerschbaumer had to finish the downhill section to the feed zone before being able to attend to his.

Fumic continued in strides while Fontana started to catch up and Gehbauer rode into third place with Kerschbaumer falling to sixth.

"Nobody is hiding one week before the World Cup kick-off. We were all on on the attack today and tried to play 'our games'," said Fumic. "Fontana has done most of the leading work, but then he had to deal with his flat. I could catch up with him and Kerschbaumer, and had more power to set things right in the last lap. This surely boosts my self confidence at the beginning of the season. I'm in great shape."

Fontana said, "I had a flat with two and a half laps to go and could not catch up with Manuel after that. But leading up to that point, I felt great and did a lot of the leading work. It was an important test with the World Cup starting in one week. It could have gone better, but I'm generally happy."

Along with Tiberi and Markt, the trio tried to get close to Gehbauer. The Austrian had enough of a lead and energy left, to hold on to his third place all through the finish. Fumic completed the race with a final time of 1:38:04. He distanced himself from Fontana by 40 seconds. Third place went to Gehbauer at 2:45. Kerschbaumer placed fourth.

Gehbauer said, "It was a very hard but great race with many spectators and a wonderful atmosphere. I completed the entire race on my own, which was very hard. Unfortunately, my teammate Kerschbaumer had a flat. I knew, that I was closely chased, but didn’t risk anything in the last downhill as I had a large lead."

Kerschbaumer said, "I fell from third to sixth place due to my flat. Nevertheless, I realized that I am in great shape. My preparation is usually not so far ahead at the beginning of the season. The course suits me, but Nals seems to be cursed: third time fourth place. I'd be pleased if things stayed like this next week in South Africa."


Four-time Swiss Champion Katrin Leumann won the women's cross country race. It was her first victory in Nals. The 32-year-old from Riehen in the canton of the city of Basel sent the eliminator world champion Alexandra Engen from Sweden to second place with a lead of 18 seconds Three-time Nals winner Gunn-Rita Dahle crossed the finish line in third place, 46 seconds behind the winner and 27 seconds ahead of record holder Eva Lechner, who was the one to set the rhythm from the start all the way through the fourth lap.

However, the race was decided in the last round. Leumann attacked, passed the two leading riders Lechner and Dahle and took off. Engen pushed hard and caught up, too. She managed to pass Dahle Flesjaa and Lechner in the last downhill crossing the finish line as the second-fastest woman.

"I was able to catch up with the leading duo in the last lap. I expected them to attack or prepare for the finishing sprint. But then I realized, that they didn't have it in them to race any faster," said Leumann. "They let me push ahead, which gave me energy and motivation. I raced very carefully in the last downhill to make sure nothing bad happened."

Engen said, "I simply wanted to ride a good race and gave it my all to follow through on my strategy. I realized at some point, that I am getting closer to the leading riders. That is when I pushed even harder, catching up on the last downhill. Luckily, I am a good sprinter."

Dahle Flesjaa said, "We competed for every meter. I am pleased with my placing. I really needed this competition ahead of the World Cup kick-off. I lost little time on the downhill, but all uphills were very hard for me. A great race with many spectators. Katrin fully deserved to win here."

Lechner said, "I ran out of air at some point. I noticed, that I didn’t have a lot of energy left, particularly in the last round. Nevertheless, I still hope to be ready for the World Cup next week."

Engen and Federspiel win eliminator

On the eve of the cross country, racers contested an eliminator in the center of the town of Nals. Daniel Federspiel won this event for the fifth time in a row. Second place went to Italian National Champion Elia Silvestri and third to Sepp Freiburghaus from Switzerland.

A thrilling final in the women's race was dominated by the current World Champion and World Cup overall winner Alexandra Engen from Sweden ahead of Eva Lechner and Lisa Mitterbauer.

Full Results (for cross country)

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Manuel Fumic (Ger)1:38:04
2Marco Aurelio Fontana (Ita)0:00:40
3Alexander Gehbauer (Aut)0:02:46
4Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Ita)0:02:47
5Andrea Tiberi (Ita)0:02:48
6Karl Markt (Aut)0:02:52
7Luca Braidot (Ita)0:04:38
8Johannes Schweiggl (Ita)0:04:47
9Fabian Rabensteiner (Ita)0:05:02
10Anton Cooper (NZl)0:05:15
11Christoph Soukup (Aut)0:05:44
12Anton Sintsov (Rus)0:06:15
13Cristian Cominelli (Ita)0:06:18
14Martino Fruet (Ita)0:06:21
15Gioele Bertolini (Ita)
16Simon Scheiber (Aut)0:06:58
17Umberto Corti (Ita)0:07:47
18Gregor Raggl (Aut)
19Sebastian Carstensen Fini (Den)0:08:09
20Miguel Martinez (Fra)0:08:18
21Christian Helmig (Lux)0:08:38
22Andrea Righettini (Ita)0:09:26
23Keegan Swenson (USA)0:10:10
24Jacopo Billi (Ita)0:10:18
25Hermann Pernsteiner (Aut)0:10:51
26Matiss Preimanis (Lat)0:12:06
27Giuseppe Lamastra (Ita)0:12:39
28Lorenzo Samparisi (Ita)0:12:59
29Robbert De Nijs (Ned)
30Markus Preiss (Aut)
31Maximilian Maier (Ger)
32Krystof Bogar (Cze)
33Jan Vastl (Cze)
34Federico Barri (Ita)
35Philipp Wetzelberger (Aut)
36Michael Mayer (Aut)
37Philipp Bertsch (Ger)
38Elias Hagspiel (Aut)
39Mattia Setti (Ita)
40Andrea Cina (Ita)
41Marian Pablo Burkhardt (Ger)
42Luca Gandola (Ita)
43Tommaso Caneva (Ita)
44Georg Egger (Ger)
45Bart De Vocht (Bel)
46Lorenzo Pellegrini (Ita)
47Zdenek Vobecky (Cze)
48Denis Fumarola (Ita)
49Michael Spoegler (Ita)
50Edoardo Bonetto (Ita)
51Maximilian Vieider (Ita)
52Matthias Grick (Aut)
53Kristofers Racenajs (Lat)
54Matteo Olivotto (Ita)
55Alberto Rossi (Ita)
56Daniel Voitl (Ger)
57Marco Bui (Ita)
58Niels Rasmussen (Den)
59Mattia Penna (Ita)
60Thomas Paccagnella (Ita)
61Jeroen Van Eck (Ned)
62Jakob Hartmann (Ger)
63Sven Strähle (Ger)
64Fabian Costa (Aut)
65Franco Nicolas Adaos Alvarez (Chi)
66Jonas Müller (Ger)
67Davide Clerici (Ita)
68Simone Vecchia (Ita)
69Stefano Bollardini (Ita)
70Max Foidl (Aut)
71Davide Simone Ferrero (Ita)
72Davide Nardei (Ita)
73Marco Ticco (Ita)
74Petr Koudelka (Cze)
75Florian Gruber (Aut)
76Matteo Mandatori (Ita)
77Thomas Forer (Ita)
78Emanuele Crisi (Ita)
79Simone Piccoli (Ita)
80Louis Wolf (Ger)
81Davide Finetto (Ita)
82Elia Silvestri (Ita)
83Milan Damek (Cze)
84Philipp Heigl (Aut)
85Giulio Valfre (Ita)
86Jodok Salzmann (Aut)
87Eros Capati (Ita)
88Lukas Kaufmann (Aut)
89Elia Mazzurega (Ita)
90Sascha Pollak (Aut)
91Filip Kubin (Cze)
92Simone Moletta (Ita)
93Christoph Hochmüller (Aut)
94Eric Polansek (Aut)
95Michele Gaeta (Ita)
96Lukasz Szymczuk (Pol)
97Alessio Forgnoli (Ita)
98Stephan Hochmüller (Aut)
99Antonio Fusco (Ita)
100Reinis Andrijanovs (Lat)
101Mattia Chesi (Ita)
102Jure Onesti (Ita)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katrin Leumann (Swi)1:26:04
2Alexandra Engen (Swe)0:00:18
3Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Nor)0:00:20
4Eva Lechner (Ita)0:00:47
5Elisabeth Osl (Aut)0:01:04
6Tereza Hurikova (Cze)0:01:54
7Lisa Rabensteiner (Ita)0:02:54
8Serena Calvetti (Ita)0:05:01
9Lisa Mitterbauer (Aut)0:05:38
10Karla Stepanova (Cze)0:06:42
11Emilie Collomb (Ita)0:08:24
12Anne Terpstra (Ned)0:09:13
13Lucie Vesela (Cze)0:09:57
14Barbora Machulkova (Cze)0:11:43
15Alessia Bulleri (Ita)0:14:27
16Giulia Gaspardino (Ita)0:17:10
17Marta Turobos (Pol)
18Jitka Skarnitzlova (Cze)
19Serena Tasca (Ita)
20Viktoria Zeller (Aut)
21Jenny Fontana (Ita)
22Karolina Cierluk (Pol)
23Alessandra Signo (Ita)
24Arianna Cusini (Ita)

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simon Andreassen (Den)1:16:13
2Luca Schwarzbauer (Ger)0:00:13
3Hugo Pigeon (Fra)0:00:31
4Moreno Pellizzon (Ita)0:02:21
5Filippo Colombo (Swi)0:02:25
6Alessandro Saravalle (Ita)
7Jan Rajchart (Cze)0:02:29
8Robin Hofmann (Ger)0:02:45
9David Horwarth (Ger)0:02:46
10Kenneth Coomans (Bel)0:03:05
11Maximilian Brandl (Ger)0:03:19
12Alessandro Naspi (Ita)0:03:39
13Anders Bregnhoj (Den)0:03:46
14Milan Vader (Ned)0:04:29
15Wout Alleman (Bel)0:04:38
16Tobias Eise (Ger)0:04:41
17Pierre De Froidmont (Bel)0:04:51
18Felix Ritzinger (Aut)0:04:58
19Dario Thoma (Swi)0:05:07
20Robin Gemperle (Swi)0:05:27
21Lars Koch (Ger)0:05:32
22Lukasz Winiarski (Pol)0:05:36
23Roel Van Der Stegen (Ned)
24Michele Marescutti (Ita)0:05:56
25Niels Derveaux (Bel)0:06:01
26Matej Prudek (Cze)0:06:02
27Léo L'homme (Swi)0:06:06
28Juri Cerqui (Ita)0:06:20
29Lukas Kobes (Cze)0:06:21
30Marton Dina (Hun)0:07:04
31Moritz Zoister (Aut)0:07:05
32Daniel Tassetti (Ita)0:07:06
33Filip Srovnalik (Cze)0:07:22
34Andries Baert (Bel)0:07:24
35Marceli Boguslawski (Pol)0:07:34
36Rob Vanden Haesevelde (Bel)0:08:06
37Rudy Molinari (Ita)0:08:08
38Dominique Sitta (Ita)0:08:27
39Mike Hermann (Swi)0:08:29
40Simon Schneller (Ger)0:08:44
41Wiebe Scholten (Ned)0:08:51
42Stefano Sala (Ita)0:08:52
43Filip Helta (Pol)0:09:00
44Paul Oberrauch (Ita)0:09:08
45Benjamin Inauen (Swi)0:09:10
46Dominik Gschnell (Ita)0:09:11
47Moritz Bscherer (Aut)0:09:33
48Toni Partheymüller (Ger)0:09:51
49Louis Jamin (Bel)0:09:58
50Alessandro Monni (Ita)0:09:59
51Mikkel Juhler (Den)0:10:09
52Marco Liporace (Ita)0:10:11
53Davide Pinato (Ita)0:10:14
54Oscar Vairetti (Ita)0:10:23
55Emil Toudal (Den)0:10:53
56Robin Wendelen (Bel)0:11:02
57Lorenzo Dal Piva (Ita)0:11:03
58Alberto Lenzi (Ita)0:11:07
59Nehuen Truc (Ita)0:11:08
60Gabriele Guerri (Ita)0:11:19
61Peter Zupancic (Slo)0:11:26
62Andrea Dori (Ita)
63Perry Van Den Bos (Ned)0:11:27
64Attila Erdelyi (Hun)0:11:52
65Filippo Innocenti (Ita)0:11:54
66Alessandro Di Santo (Ita)0:11:55
67Daniel Schemmel (Aut)0:11:58
68Matyas Krumphanzl (Cze)0:12:03
69Armin Embacher (Aut)0:12:05
70Jonas Lindberg (Den)0:12:06
71Kasper Seiersen (Den)0:12:09
72Maximilian Ribarich (Aut)0:12:11
73Jaroslav Vojir (Cze)
74Emil Falck Giraldi (Den)0:12:28
75Philip Handl (Aut)0:12:47
76Sergio Costa (Ita)0:12:54
77Luis Blattner (Ger)0:12:56
78Mateusz Banas (Pol)0:12:57
79Luca Maurici (Ita)0:13:13
80Simone Strazzacappa (Ita)0:13:20
81Roberto Faustini (Ita)
82Moritz Plaikner (Ita)0:13:21
83Michele Cappelli (Ita)0:13:22
84Tiziano Cicuzza (Ita)0:13:23
85Alessandro Zoppelli (Ita)0:13:30
86Cristian Perico (Ita)0:13:35
87Kevin Maderegger (Aut)0:13:38
88Vaclav Dolezal (Cze)0:14:00
89Andreas Egger (Ger)0:14:04
90Stefano Cerisara (Ita)0:14:37
91Giuseppe Ardizzone (Ita)
92Luca Garino (Ita)
93Riccardo Gobbo (Ita)
94Alessio Agostinelli (Ita)
95Robin Bianchetti (Ita)
96Zdenek Jilek (Cze)
97Max Ruckriegel (Ger)
98Štepán Schubert (Cze)
99Michele Cucchi (Ita)
100Davide Pozzi (Ita)
101Mainardo Forcella (Ita)
102Armin Gamper (Ita)
103Marco Pozzo (Ita)
104Anton Albrecht (Ger)
105Davide Barbero (Ita)
106Michele Mazzieri (Ita)
107Eddy Zordan (Ita)
108Damiano Ferrigno (Ita)
109Tommaso Patrucco (Ita)
110Andrea Roccon (Ita)
111Felix Haller (Ita)
112Nicolo Zoccarato (Ita)
113Marco Thalhofer (Ger)
114Niccolo Vacchina (Ita)
115Lukas Kunt (Cze)
116Gregorio Cerutti (Ita)
117Maximilian Pettinger (Aut)
118Kevin Leidi (Ita)
119Niels Van Pol (Bel)
120Roman Gufler (Ita)
121Giovanni Beltrami (Ita)
122Davide Zambelli (Ita)
123Mauro Caneva (Ita)
124Marco Carozzo (Ita)
125Herman Larsson (Swe)
126Enrico Bressan (Ita)
127Alessandro Cattaneo (Ita)
128Mario Rainoldi Daniele (Ita)
129Luca Cerri (Ita)
130Federico Alimi (Ita)
131Nicola Pizzigoni (Ita)
132Nadir Venturi (Ita)
133Julian Biedermann (Ger)
134Luca Cina (Ita)
135Simone Tarchini (Ita)
136Kevin Rasera (Ita)
137Matteo Tagliapietra (Ita)
138Andrea Moro (Ita)
139Federico Mazza (Ita)
140Alberto Dagro (Ita)
141Andrea Almonti (Ita)
142Dominik Weiss (Ita)
143Stefano Bertamini (Ita)
144Giovanni Quaini (Ita)
145Matteo Abate (Ita)
146Giacomo Omati Corbellini (Ita)
147Michael Affini (Ita)
148Daniele Lievore (Ita)
149Giovanni Calgaro (Ita)
150Krzysztof Bujalski (Pol)
151Matteo Zanon (Ita)
152Dominik Gamperl (Aut)
153Daniele Capati (Ita)
154Mirco Cioni (Ita)

Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greta Weithaler (Ita)1:14:48
2Barbora Prudkova (Cze)0:02:17
3Isla Short (GBr)0:02:58
4Chiara Teocchi (Ita)0:03:33
5Antonia Daubermann (Ger)0:04:22
6Bianca Haw (RSA)0:05:44
7Jana Czeczinkarova (Cze)0:05:55
8Frances Du Toit (RSA)0:06:06
9Lisa Neumüller (Ger)0:06:26
10Nadja Heigl (Aut)0:07:03
11Sarah Bauer (Ger)0:07:36
12Rebecca Gariboldi (Ita)0:07:54
13Felicitas Geiger (Ger)0:08:56
14Hannah Grobert (Ger)0:09:31
15Coline Goedert (Fra)0:09:49
16Denisa Bartizalova (Cze)0:10:47
17Anna Jakobs (Ger)0:11:23
18Anna Madsen (Den)0:11:43
19Mirjam Kuhn (Ger)0:12:34
20Elena Torcianti (Ita)0:13:48
21Julia Zeininger (Aut)0:14:08
22Lilla Megyaszai (Hun)0:15:25
23Silvia De Piaz (Ita)0:15:52
24Gabriela Wojtyla (Pol)0:16:58
25Beatrice Prataviera (Ita)0:19:18
26Julia Wieltschnig (Aut)0:20:37
27Daniela Brezinova (Cze)0:21:00
28Rita Meda (Ita)0:22:14
29Vittoria Spada (Ita)
30Greta Bruguier (Ita)
31Agnieszka Jastrzebska (Pol)
32Giorgia Novero (Ita)
33Dorotea Gilioli Viola (Ita)


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