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Guarnier takes over in women's race

Megan Guarnier (Tibco-To the Top) won a bunch sprint to the line at stage two of the Joe Martin Stage Race. Lex Albrecht (Juvederm-Specialized) placed second in the sprint ahead of last year’s stage winner Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Colavita Forno D’Asolo).

"Our five riders executed brilliant teamwork today and I am really proud of them," said Tibco-To the Top DS Lisa Hunt. "It was a little hectic at the finish but the girls executed their lead-out perfectly. We were patient and then drove it going into the final turn. Megan passed Modesta in the sprint."

Guarnier won a 10-second time bonus for winning the stage and surpassed the previous day’s race leader and stage one winner Janel Holcomb (Colavita Forno D’Asolo) in the overall classification. She is now leading the race by 0.05 tenths of a second ahead of Holcomb heading into stage three’s challenging circuit race. Guarnier’s stage win also garnered 25 points and she is now leading the points classification.

"Megan started the stage in third place, 9.95 seconds back," Hunt said. "She won today and got the 10 seconds time bonus. Janel had a mishap and broke her chain inside the three kilometre to go and was given same time as the field. That is why Megan has a 0.05 tenths of a second lead."

"We want to defend the leader’s jersey tomorrow and we have strong sprinters in both Megan and Jo [Kiesanowski] and we have a strong team," she added. "We are confident that we can defend. We will look for opportunities but we definitely want to keep the jersey."

A small but quality women’s field took the start line in Cedarville for the start of the stage two 102kms road race that passed over Mount Gaylor before finishing in downtown Fayetteville.

"There was a pretty significant tailwind today and nothing was really getting away," Hunt said. "It was also mostly downhill. The speed was high and it was aggressive but everything stayed together over Mount Gaylor."

The field remained intact as the riders barreled down a rural highway heading into the semi-technical Fayetteville finish. Guarnier took advantage of her teammate's lead-out during the final kilometre of the race and sat on Vzesniauskaite wheel out of the final corner. Holcomb broke her chain in the last three kilometres and rolled to the finish line behind the field where race official granted her the same-time finish as the peloton.

Borrajo too fast for Van Uden

Anibal Borrajo (Jamis-Sutter Home) won the stage two bunch sprint at the Joe Martin Stage Race on Friday. The Argentine speedster out-paced Roman Van Uden (Pure Black Racing) and overall race leader Francisco "Paco" Mancebo (

"The sprint was complicated for us because we were torn between putting everything on Cole House for the stage sprint or protecting Paco’s overall lead," said DS Gord Fraser. "Paco’s jersey is the first priority and he sprinted pretty well. If any day’s sprint was going to suit Paco today did because it was a tough uphill drag to the line. I think it was close between him and Van Uden for second and third, but I think that Borrajo was fairly clear on his victory."

Mancebo took the overall race lead during the stage one Devil’s Den uphill time trial. He increased that lead after picking up a third place time bonus at the finish line. He is leading the race heading into stage three by three seconds ahead of Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell) and an additional two seconds ahead of his teammate Jeremy Vennell.

The men’s field lined up to the stage three 176kms point-to-point road race, ignited by aggressive attacks during the first third of the race. A breakaway of two riders emerge that included Jay Thompson (Bissell) and Guido Palma (Jamis-Sutter Home) who gained roughly three minutes on the field heading into the decisive climb over Mount Gaylor. The pair’s gap was reduced due to several attacks over the climb.

"It was a long day today," Fraser said. "The first two hours of the race was very aggressive and the course is lumpy and provides really good launch pads. Our team had to manage the numbers until a break went up the road that we could control. We could control two riders, even with the strength of Jay Thompson. With that climb on the way back it was tough and we lost three of our workers there with new aggression and bringing the gap down to those two riders."

A new breakaway of four riders formed over the top of the climb that included Andy Jacques-Maynes (Bissell), who was the highest placed rider in the overall classification, along with one rider from Pure Black Racing and two riders from Chipotle Development. The escapees time was slowly reduced on the run-in into Fayetteville, and they were reabsorbed into the field lead by teams with strong sprinters such as Bissell, V Australia and Jamis-Sutter Home.

Mancebo made one effort over the first of two small rollers inside the last kilometre, but the gap was closed before the final corner. He regrouped at the front of the field and hung on for third place in the bunch sprint behind stage winner Borrajo and second placed Van Uden. Frank Pipp (Bissell) placed fourth in the field sprint ahead of Bernie Sulzberger (V Australia) in fifth and Mike Northey (Pure Black Racing) in sixth.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anibal Borrajo (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita4:12:50
2Roman Van Uden (NZl) Pure Black Racing
3Francisco Mancebo (Spa)
4Frank Pipp (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling
5Bernard Sulzberger (Aus) V Australia
6Michael Northey (NZl) Pure Black Racing
7Danny Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team
8Ty Magner (USA) Team Type 1-Development
9Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis
10Benjam Jacques-Maynes (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling
11Joey Rosskopf (USA) Team Type 1-Development
12Jason Donald (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum
13Ian Holt (USA) Team Rio Grande
14Jeremy Vennell (NZl) BISSELL Pro Cycling
15Louis Crosby (NZl) Pure Black Racing
16Cole House (USA)
17Darren Rolfe (Aus) V Australia
18Andrei Krasilnikau (Blr) Chipotle Development Team
19Cesar Grajales (Col)
20Paul Mach (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling
21Jonathan Mumford (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum
22Stephen Leece (USA) NOW-MS Society
23Christopher Parrish (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling
24Alex Howes (USA) Chipotle Development Team
25Julian Kyer (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum
26Peter Hurst (USA) Snapple Cycling Team
27Chris Aten (USA) Landis/Trek
28Spencer Smithman (Can) Hagens Berman Cycling
29Chad Haga (USA) Team Rio Grande
30Max Durtschi (USA) Chipotle Development Team
31Christian Parrett (USA) Chemstar p/b UnitedHealthcare
32Aaron Kemps (Aus) V Australia
33Trevor Connor (Can) Team Rio Grande
34Erik Hamilton (USA) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis
35Coulton Hartrich (USA) Chemstar p/b UnitedHealthcare
36Alejandro Borrajo (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita
37Patrick Bevin (NZl) BISSELL Pro Cycling
38Marsh Cooper (Can) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum
39Shane Braley (USA) Chemstar p/b UnitedHealthcare
40Kirk Carlsen (USA) Chipotle Development Team
41Kyle Wamsley (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling0:00:14
42Joshua Berry (USA)
43Shem Rodger (NZl) Pure Black Racing
44Fernando Antogna (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita
45Jamie Riggs (Can) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis
46Scott Lyttle (NZl) Pure Black Racing
47Andrew Bajadali (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum0:00:22
48Drew Christopher (USA) Team Rio Grande0:00:23
49Michael Lanham (USA) Team Globalbike0:00:30
50Ian Burnett (USA) Realcyclist.com0:00:33
51Taylor Gunman (NZl) Pure Black Racing
52Scott Tietzel (USA) Team Rio Grande0:00:36
53Cameron Peterson (Aus) V Australia
54Thomas Hubbard (NZl) NOW-MS Society
55Thomas Jondall (USA) Landis/Trek0:00:38
56Lachlan Morton (Aus) Chipotle Development Team0:00:41
57Alfredo Cruz (USA) Chipotle Development Team
58Sean Sullivan (Aus) V Australia0:00:48
59Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling0:00:58
60Jay Thomson (RSA) BISSELL Pro Cycling
61Jonathan Cantwell (Aus) V Australia0:01:12
62David Sojo (Spa) Chipotle Development Team0:01:24
63Eric Schildge (USA) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita0:01:45
64Danny Heeley (USA) NOW-MS Society0:00:48
65Michael Sencenbaugh (USA) Landis/Trek0:02:55
66Ben Damhoff (USA) ABO Cycling Team0:05:32
67Mac Brennan (USA) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis0:05:45
68Kris French (USA) Snapple Cycling Team
69Mark Langlands (NZl) Pure Black Racing
70Kennett Peterson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling
71Boyd Johnson (USA) Team Globalbike
72Winston David (USA) Team Globalbike
73James Mccoy (NZl) Pure Black Racing
74Daniel Holt (USA) Team Type 1-Development0:05:56
75John Walker (Aus) V Australia0:06:17
76Nick Walker (Aus) V Australia0:06:45
77Brian Rach (USA) ABO Cycling Team0:09:44
78Daniel Bechtold (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling0:10:09
79Chris Hillier (Can) Team Rio Grande
80Thomas Soladay (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum
81Daniel Holloway (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum
82Guido Palma (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita
83Demis Aleman (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita
84Daniel Harm (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling0:17:43
85Andy Scarano (USA) Team Globalbike
86Tommy Nankervis (Aus)
87Stradford Helms (USA) Team Type 1-Development
88Josh Whitmore (USA) Team Globalbike
89Brice Jones (USA) Snapple Cycling Team
90Bryan Mcvey (USA) ABO Cycling Team
91Evan Hyde (USA)
92Noah Metzler (USA) Team Globalbike0:17:46
93Thomas Rabou (Ned)
94Andrew Barker (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:22:50
95Michael Dalterio (Can) Team Type 1-Development0:30:18
DNFSimon Bennett (USA) Team Globalbike

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anibal Borrajo (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita15pts
2Roman Van Uden (NZl) Pure Black Racing12
3Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Realcyclist.com10
4Frank Pipp (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling7
5Bernard Sulzberger (Aus) V Australia6
6Michael Northey (NZl) Pure Black Racing5
7Danny Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team4
8Ty Magner (USA) Team Type 1-Development3
9Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis2
10Benjam Jacques-Maynes (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling1

Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jay Thomson (RSA) BISSELL Pro Cycling5pts
2Guido Palma (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita3
3Danny Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team1

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pure Black Racing12:38:30
2BISSELL Pro Cycling Pro Cycli
4Chipotle Development Team
5Kelly Benefit Strategies-
6Team Rio Grande
7Chemstar p/b UnitedHealth
8James Sutter Home p/b Col0:00:14
9Panther p/b Competitive C
10V Australia0:00:20
11NOW-MS Society0:01:24
13Hagens Berman Cycling0:05:45
14Team Type 1-Development0:05:56
15Team Globalbike0:12:00
16Snapple Cycling Team0:23:28
17ABD Cycling Team0:32:59

General classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Realcyclist.com4:20:46
2Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling0:00:07
3Jeremy Vennell (NZl) BISSELL Pro Cycling0:00:09
4Paul Mach (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling0:00:10
5Roman Van Uden (NZl) Pure Black Racing0:00:12
6Cesar Grajales (Col) Realcyclist.com0:00:23
7Frank Pipp (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling
8Christopher Parrish (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling0:00:26
9Darren Rolfe (Aus) V Australia
10Michael Northey (NZl) Pure Black Racing0:00:29
11Jason Donald (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum0:00:30
12Joey Rosskopf (USA) Team Type 1-Development0:00:31
13Marsh Cooper (Can) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum0:00:32
14Christian Parrett (USA) Chemstar p/b UnitedHealthcare0:00:33
15Andrei Krasilnikau (Blr) Chipotle Development Team0:00:35
16Peter Hurst (USA) Snapple Cycling Team
17Louis Crosby (NZl) Pure Black Racing
18Alex Howes (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:00:36
19Chad Haga (USA) Team Rio Grande0:00:41
20Max Durtschi (USA) Chipotle Development Team
21Danny Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team
22Coulton Hartrich (USA) Chemstar p/b UnitedHealthcare
23Anibal Borrajo (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita0:00:42
24Joshua Berry (USA) Realcyclist.com0:00:44
25Fernando Antogna (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita0:00:45
26Scott Lyttle (NZl) Pure Black Racing0:00:49
27Julian Kyer (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum0:00:50
28Erik Hamilton (USA) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis0:00:51
29Trevor Connor (Can) Team Rio Grande
30Jonathan Mumford (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum0:00:53
31Bernard Sulzberger (Aus) V Australia0:00:54
32Shane Braley (USA) Chemstar p/b UnitedHealthcare0:00:55
33Stephen Leece (USA) NOW-MS Society0:00:58
34Ian Burnett (USA) Realcyclist.com0:00:59
35Andrew Bajadali (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum0:01:04
36Ian Holt (USA) Team Rio Grande0:01:05
37Shem Rodger (NZl) Pure Black Racing0:01:07
38Patrick Bevin (NZl) BISSELL Pro Cycling
39Cameron Peterson (Aus) V Australia0:01:09
40Kyle Wamsley (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling0:01:14
41Alejandro Borrajo (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita
42Spencer Smithman (Can) Hagens Berman Cycling
43Ty Magner (USA) Team Type 1-Development0:01:18
44Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis
45Alfredo Cruz (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:01:20
46Jamie Riggs (Can) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis0:01:21
47Chris Aten (USA) Landis/Trek
48Taylor Gunman (NZl) Pure Black Racing0:01:22
49Kirk Carlsen (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:01:25
50Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling
51Aaron Kemps (Aus) V Australia0:01:29
52Lachlan Morton (Aus) Chipotle Development Team
53Cole House (USA) Realcyclist.com0:01:31
54Jay Thomson (RSA) BISSELL Pro Cycling0:01:43
55Sean Sullivan (Aus) V Australia0:01:44
56Drew Christopher (USA) Team Rio Grande0:01:56
57Scott Tietzel (USA) Team Rio Grande0:02:05
58Danny Heeley (USA) NOW-MS Society0:02:06
59Thomas Hubbard (NZl) NOW-MS Society0:02:13
60Michael Lanham (USA) Team Globalbike0:02:16
61Jonathan Cantwell (Aus) V Australia0:02:18
62Thomas Jondall (USA) Landis/Trek0:02:30
63David Sojo (Spa) Chipotle Development Team0:03:13
64Eric Schildge (USA) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita0:03:28
65Michael Sencenbaugh (USA) Landis/Trek0:04:14
66Kennett Peterson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling0:06:48
67Mark Langlands (NZl) Pure Black Racing0:06:53
68James Mccoy (NZl) Pure Black Racing0:06:54
69Ben Damhoff (USA) ABO Cycling Team0:06:55
70Boyd Johnson (USA) Team Globalbike0:06:58
71Daniel Holt (USA) Team Type 1-Development0:07:19
72Kris French (USA) Snapple Cycling Team0:07:25
73Mac Brennan (USA) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis0:07:26
74Winston David (USA) Team Globalbike0:07:27
75John Walker (Aus) V Australia0:07:33
76Nick Walker (Aus) V Australia0:08:02
77Guido Palma (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita0:11:06
78Demis Aleman (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita0:11:27
79Brian Rach (USA) ABO Cycling Team0:11:31
80Chris Hillier (Can) Team Rio Grande0:11:46
81Thomas Soladay (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum0:11:58
82Daniel Bechtold (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling0:12:24
83Daniel Holloway (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum0:12:31
84Evan Hyde (USA) Realcyclist.com0:18:29
85Thomas Rabou (Ned) Realcyclist.com0:18:32
86Daniel Harm (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling0:18:57
87Noah Metzler (USA) Team Globalbike0:19:06
88Stradford Helms (USA) Team Type 1-Development0:19:19
89Tommy Nankervis (Aus) Realcyclist.com0:19:28
90Bryan Mcvey (USA) ABO Cycling Team0:19:43
91Andy Scarano (USA) Team Globalbike0:20:05
92Josh Whitmore (USA) Team Globalbike0:20:10
93Brice Jones (USA) Snapple Cycling Team0:20:35
94Andrew Barker (USA) Chipotle Development Team0:24:06
95Michael Dalterio (Can) Team Type 1-Development0:32:40

Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anibal Borrajo (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita15pts
2Roman Van Uden (NZl) Pure Black Racing12
3Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Realcyclist.com10
4Frank Pipp (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling7
5Bernard Sulzberger (Aus) V Australia6
6Jay Thomson (RSA) BISSELL Pro Cycling5
7Michael Northey (NZl) Pure Black Racing5
8Danny Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team5
9Ty Magner (USA) Team Type 1-Development3
10Guido Palma (Arg) James Sutter Home p/b Colavita3
11Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Panther p/b Competitive Cyclis2
12Benjam Jacques-Maynes (USA) BISSELL Pro Cycling1

Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1BISSELL Pro Cycling13:02:44 Pro Cycli0:00:27
3Pure Black Racing0:00:56
4Kelly Benefit Strategies-0:01:18
5Chipotle Development Team0:01:34
6Chemstar p/b UnitedHealth0:01:43
7V Australia0:01:47
8James Sutter Home p/b Col0:02:08
9Team Rio Grande0:02:11
10Panther p/b Competitive C0:03:04
11NOW-MS Society0:04:51
13Hagens Berman Cycling0:08:02
14Team Type 1-Development0:08:42
15Team Globalbike0:15:49
16Snapple Cycling Team0:28:09
17ABD Cycling Team0:37:43

Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan Guarnier (USA) Team TIBCO/To The Top2:45:22
2Lex Albrecht (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized
3Modest Vzesniauskaite (Ltu) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light
4Courteney Lowe (NZl) FCS Cycling Team
5Kate Chilcott (NZl) FCS Cycling Team
6Kristen Lasasso (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing
7Meredith Miller (USA) Team TIBCO/To The Top
8Emily Kachorek (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing
9Kristin Sanders (USA) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light
10Melissa Ross (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder
11Jill Kislia (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder
12Hilary Billington (USA) Danbury Audi
13Serena Sheridan (NZl) Team TIBCO/To The Top
14Debbie Milne (USA)
15Kathleen Billington (USA) Danbury Audi
16Ruth Clemence (USA) SC Velo - Empower Coaching
17Veronique Labonte (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized0:00:07
18Kathryn Donovan (USA) SC Velo - Empower Coaching
19Kasey Clark (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing
20Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Team TIBCO/To The Top0:00:12
21Carlee Taylor (Aus) Team TIBCO/To The Top0:00:15
22Whitney Schultz (USA) CheckMark p/b Veloforma0:00:18
23Kat Carr (USA) Vanderkitten0:00:22
24Lauren Robertson (USA) FCS Cycling Team0:00:23
25Anne Guzman (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized0:00:25
26Moriah Macgregor (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized
27Julie Emmerman (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing0:00:28
28Megan Baab (USA) FCS Cycling Team0:00:33
29Janel Holcomb (USA) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light
30Rebecca Blatt (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:00:39
31Patricia Black (USA) Red Racing0:00:42
32Michelle Melka (USA) Red Racing0:00:45
33Juliette Olson (USA) Red Racing0:00:52
34Colleen Paine (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:02:33
35Cindy Reese (USA) Bicycles of Tulsa0:13:16
36Sigrid Ziegler (Can) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:18:33

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan Guarnier (USA) Team TIBCO/To The Top15pts
2Lex Albrecht (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized12
3Modest Vzesniauskaite (Ltu) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light10
4Courteney Lowe (NZl) FCS Cycling Team7
5Kate Chilcott (NZl) FCS Cycling Team6
6Kristen Lasasso (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing5
7Meredith Miller (USA) Team TIBCO/To The Top4
8Emily Kachorek (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing3
9Kristin Sanders (USA) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light2
10Melissa Ross (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder1

Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Team TIBCO/To The Top5pts
2Kate Chilcott (NZl) FCS Cycling Team3
3Debbie Milne (USA)1

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team TIBCO/To The Top8:16:06
2Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/
3Primal/MapMyRide Womens R0:00:07
4FCS Cycling Team0:00:23
5Team Juvederm-Specialized0:00:32
6Team Kenda p/b Geargrinde0:00:39
7Red Racing0:02:19

General classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan Guarnier (USA) Team TIBCO/To The Top2:55:03
2Janel Holcomb (USA) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light
3Lex Albrecht (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized0:00:09
4Ruth Clemence (USA) SC Velo - Empower Coaching0:00:13
5Kathryn Donovan (USA) SC Velo - Empower Coaching0:00:17
6Courteney Lowe (NZl) FCS Cycling Team0:00:24
7Modest Vzesniauskaite (Ltu) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light0:00:28
8Kristen Lasasso (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing0:00:29
9Kristin Sanders (USA) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light
10Meredith Miller (USA) Team TIBCO/To The Top0:00:35
11Emily Kachorek (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing0:00:41
12Kasey Clark (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing0:00:42
13Veronique Labonte (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized
14Serena Sheridan (NZl) Team TIBCO/To The Top0:00:50
15Kathleen Billington (USA) Danbury Audi0:00:54
16Kate Chilcott (NZl) FCS Cycling Team0:00:55
17Debbie Milne (USA)0:01:08
18Lauren Robertson (USA) FCS Cycling Team0:01:14
19Whitney Schultz (USA) CheckMark p/b Veloforma0:01:16
20Anne Guzman (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized
21Hilary Billington (USA) Danbury Audi0:01:26
22Julie Emmerman (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing0:01:35
23Moriah Macgregor (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized0:01:40
24Melissa Ross (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:01:42
25Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Team TIBCO/To The Top0:01:58
26Jill Kislia (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:02:07
27Rebecca Blatt (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:02:10
28Carlee Taylor (Aus) Team TIBCO/To The Top0:02:13
29Michelle Melka (USA) Red Racing0:02:57
30Megan Baab (USA) FCS Cycling Team0:02:58
31Kat Carr (USA) Vanderkitten0:03:14
32Juliette Olson (USA) Red Racing
33Patricia Black (USA) Red Racing0:03:45
34Colleen Paine (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:04:33
35Cindy Reese (USA) Bicycles of Tulsa0:16:02
36Sigrid Ziegler (Can) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder0:20:47

Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan Guarnier (USA) Team TIBCO/To The Top15pts
2Lex Albrecht (Can) Team Juvederm-Specialized12
3Modest Vzesniauskaite (Ltu) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light10
4Kate Chilcott (NZl) FCS Cycling Team9
5Courteney Lowe (NZl) FCS Cycling Team7
6Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Team TIBCO/To The Top5
7Kristen Lasasso (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing5
8Meredith Miller (USA) Team TIBCO/To The Top4
9Emily Kachorek (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Womens Racing3
10Kristin Sanders (USA) Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/b Cooking Light2
11Debbie Milne (USA)1
12Melissa Ross (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder1

Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Colavita/Forno d'Asolo p/8:46:10
2Team TIBCO/To The Top0:00:34
3Primal/MapMyRide Womens R0:00:51
4Team Juvederm-Specialized0:01:12
5FCS Cycling Team0:01:32
6Team Kenda p/b Geargrinde0:04:51
7Red Racing0:08:55


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Kirsten Frattini is an honours graduate of Kinesiology and Health Science from York University in Toronto, Canada. She has been involved in cycling from the community and grassroots level to professional cycling's WorldTour. She has worked in both print and digital publishing, and started with Cyclingnews as a North American Correspondent in 2006. Moving into a Production Editor's role in 2014, she produces and publishes international race coverage for all men's and women's races including Spring Classics, Grand Tours, World Championships and Olympic Games, and writes and edits news and features. As the Women's Editor at Cyclingnews, Kirsten also coordinates and oversees the global coverage of races, news, features and podcasts about women's professional cycling.

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