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Mulally cruises to win in Gravity East Series finale

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Gravity East Series elite men's podium after final round

Gravity East Series elite men's podium after final round (Image credit: Matt DeLorme)
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Ritchie Rude, Junior competing in the downhill

Ritchie Rude, Junior competing in the downhill (Image credit: Matt DeLorme)

On a stellar fall weekend, the Gravity East Series made its final stop of the 2010 season at Vertical Earth Gravity Park at Blue Mountain in eastern Pennsylvania to crown its champions. It all came down to the last race in an extremely competitive series.

In the elite men's series, Gavin Vaughan (Giant/HBG/Smith) held a five-point advantage over "The Dominator" Geritt Beytagh (Morewood Bikes USA) prior to the final weekend. In the final race of the season, World Cup racer Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing) made a re-appearance to take the first place position with a blazing fast time of 2:29.97. Beytagh came in second, and Vaughan was third, to give the edge to Beytagh for the elite men's series by a mere five points.

In the elite women's category, consistency was the word, especially with the dominance of its winner Dawn Bourque. Karen Eagan (Highland Mtn./Sinister) finished second although she was heard discussing retirement after a very successful career of racing to focus on continuing teaching at Highland Mtn. Bike Park in New Hampshire.

It was a tight finish in the under 18 cat. 1 junior men's series. Going into the finale, Logan Mulally (Troy Lee Designs) held a 30 -point advantage over Damon Morin (Highland Mtn.). In the race, Morin dominated to get the win and Mulally ended in a disappointing fourth place finish, creating a statistical tie for the championship. But the edge went to Morin for the win of the final race.

The Gravity East Series will return in 2011 with a yet-to-be-announced calendar that is expected to include some new venues.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing)0:02:29.97
2Geritt Beytagh (Morewood Bikes USA)0:00:01.22
3Gavin Vaughan (Giant/HBG/Smith/Five Ten/KMC/E13)0:00:02.90
4Tim White (Voncooper/GT/HBG)0:00:06.07
5Chris Higgerson (TLD/Smith)0:00:06.28
6Richard J. Rude (Specialized Allride Academy)0:00:06.53
7Adam Morse (Voncooper/GT/Smith)0:00:06.65
8George Ryan (Jamis/Protec/Vans)0:00:07.04
9Phillip Kmetz (FTW Industries)0:00:07.73
10Robin Klinkert (My Right Pocket)0:00:09.16
11Leland Oconnor (SLO to the Bone)0:00:09.54
12Jason Memmelaar ( Giant/HBG/Sten/Smith)0:00:09.92
13Christophe Talotta (Cutters Bike Shop)0:00:11.28
14Leif Lorensen0:00:11.31
15Oliver Levick (Drummer Racing)0:00:14.03
15Anthony Coneski (Beacon Bombers)
17Conor Rowan (Vans/Protec/Royal Ra)0:00:14.10
18Alex Moschitti (Team Giant/ HBG)0:00:15.36
19Alejandro Ortiz (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:17.27
20Christopher Mari (Zeal Optics Champion Chips)0:00:17.81
21Brian Yannuzzi (Lowe Riders)0:00:19.98
22Erik Gosselin (Gravity Project/High)0:00:24.81
23Marvin Setnland0:00:26.98
24Treglia Bj (FoxShox/661/EVS)0:00:33.04
25Jason Beckley (Kenda USA/Fox)0:00:45.90

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dawn Bourque0:03:00.92
2Karen Eagan (Highland Mtn/Siniste)0:00:19.31
3Hillary Elgert (Racers Edge)0:00:46.93

Cat. 1 Junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damon Morin (Highland Mtn)0:02:46.94
2William Castle (IdeRide/Kingdomtrail)0:00:01.72
3Nikolas Dudukovich (Leatt/Gamut USA)0:00:02.00
4Logan Mulally (Troylee Design)0:00:02.32
5Dylan Conte (Team I-Ride)0:00:04.11
6Alex Coutune (Giant Mt Bike Team)0:00:04.37
7Michael Barron (Hayes 661 Down Hill From Here)0:00:04.79
8Ray Syron (Sinister/United Free)0:00:15.42
9Ace Savarese (KOVACHI WHEELS/NEMA/YETI)0:00:21.81
10Robert Lewis (7Springs/Transition)0:00:34.59

Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Chipkin (Drummer Racing)0:02:49.35
2Arthur Babcock (Advance Cyclery/ Go Huck Yourself.Fulton)0:00:00.51
3Cody Gray0:00:01.75
4Willem Cooper (Voncooper/Smith)0:00:02.04
5Ryan Gardner (Beacon Bombers)0:00:02.08
6Max Syron (Sinister/United Free)0:00:03.15
7Jason Bourgeois (Wachusett Brewing Co./Gear Works)0:00:07.02
8Geoffry Ayr (FTW Industries)0:00:07.25
9Steven Czaplicki (Knapp's Cyclery)0:00:20.18
10Eric Allocco (Intense Grass Roots)0:00:22.31
11Kevin Cockerham (Sinical Racing)0:00:47.34
DNFRichard Patty (Oliver Racing/Wayfar)

Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Scheiding (Fast Line Racing)0:02:48.85
2Neil Snyder (
3John Ronca0:00:07.17
4Donnie Roberts (FTW Factory Racing)0:00:09.96
5Dave Mee (JRA Cycles)0:00:10.29
6James Boyer (Bike Stop/Nema)0:00:16.73
7Mike Hummel (RacersEdge/GT)0:00:17.02
8Luke Wenschhof0:00:19.07
9Leif Erickson0:00:22.67
10Darren Savage (SDG/ODI/SpyOptic/661)0:00:23.96
11Jason Rudy (Rudy Racing)0:00:34.32
12Mike Hartlove (Racers Edge/GT)0:00:39.77

Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charles Morin (Highland Mtn)0:02:53.00
2Jacob Dallegio (Sinical Racing)0:00:04.01
4Dennis Laclair (Wachusett Brew Racing)0:00:06.18
5Ian Starr (Rudy Racing)0:00:23.35
6Reid Kiniry (Sugarbush/661)0:00:26.29
7John Pallotto (Kenda/Royal/Smith/66)0:00:30.75
8Richard Rude (Gravity Project)0:00:31.10
9Frank Enderson (Knapps Cyclery)0:00:31.12
10Steve Cilylik0:00:56.22
11Michael Ruthenbeck0:01:22.88
12Thomas Shomper (FC Fitness Closet Athletico)0:03:23.48

Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katelyn Parhiala (Wachusett Brew/Leatt/Azonic)0:03:38.58
2Hannah Trimble (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:06.13
3Rebecca Gardner (BeaconBombers/Nema)0:00:07.21
4Rebecca Bagley (FTW/Azonic/661)0:00:08.11
5Leslie Litton (

Cat. 2 Junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dan Albert (Big T Racing)0:02:50.19
2Alex Gross (PerformanceMotorspor)0:00:08.83
3Shane Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:12.37
4Ryan Smithers (The Loft)0:00:13.04
5Noah Fairburn0:00:15.77
6Santo Christo (TrevBig T Racing / Subway)0:00:15.83
7Matt Rush (Hayes/Azonic)0:00:17.19
8Nicholas Richer (Oliver Racing)0:00:19.28
9Cameron Nyguist (Gretnabikes)0:00:24.11
10Callum Mcewen (PMBA/Wheel wright bike shop/ O'NeaPhiladelphiaPA)0:00:31.01
11Sam Skidmore0:00:35.90
12Adam Delonais0:00:39.65
13Ben Bodycoat (Cutting Edge Cycles / KONA grass rBurlington CT)0:01:35.99
DNFSam Cookson (RideDC)

Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brendon Schweitzer0:02:50.49
2Matt Hofherr (
3Denni Throckmorton (Design Physics / Rowletts)0:00:05.11
4Ryan Wolstenholme0:00:08.71
5Daniel Ertel0:00:08.86
6Andrew Slowey0:00:12.32
7William Czaja (Big T Racing)0:00:18.37
8Brandon Sbordone (RIT Cycling)0:00:18.69
9Tom Nieri (Knolly Bikes)0:00:21.89
10Marc Schneider (Big T Racing Subway Nema Leatt BraSouth WindsoCT)0:00:23.32
11Michael Mclennan (JRA Cycles)0:00:25.21
12Jeffrey Nelson0:00:25.75
13Joseph Burkell (RideDC/GoPro/Fox)0:00:26.38
14Ryan Mauser0:00:29.14
15Scott Bureau (OLIVER RACING - DEVILS GEAR)0:00:29.33
16Justin Mchenry (Fast Line Racing)0:00:30.39
17Jonathan Howlette (Ride DC)0:00:31.99
18Michael Oliver (OLIVER RACING)0:00:36.45
19Adam Cain (
20Fran Bialobrzerski (Cutters Bike Shop)0:00:38.48
21Anthony Coluccio (Knapps Cyclery)0:00:39.62
22Alan Tarwater0:00:43.42
23Sam Slivinski (Big T Racing)0:00:47.14

Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeff Stofanak (Cutters Bike Shop)0:03:02.55
2Chad Hanicak0:00:21.24
3Joseph Orsini (Mason Dixon Velco)0:00:21.89
4Justin Breault (Big T Racing/Subway)0:00:22.06
5Ben Weaver (Bunny Hop Bikes)0:00:24.84
6Neil Lee (Gravity Alliance)0:00:32.73
7Ritch Ricker (The Racers Edge)0:00:40.49
8Michael Rossi (TEAM MARTY'S)0:00:56.26
9Seiberling Ck (Evil Bikes/Lehigh Cy)0:03:03.11

Cat. 2/3 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ed Hartman (Cutters Bike Shop)0:03:00.75
2Mike Ireton0:00:17.67
3Erik Johnson (Wachusett Brew Racing)0:00:31.72
4Timo Santo Christo (Big T Racing/Subway Advance CyclerAmston)0:00:34.94
5Don Hampton (DH Promotions/GT)0:00:36.71
6Ed Mcdaniel (Old Guys Rock /
7David Gray0:00:44.60
8George Bodycoat0:01:02.34
9John Shomper (Downhill from Here)0:01:04.74
10Anthony Carafa (Ant Dog Downhill Rac)0:01:10.65
11Alan Daum (
12Joe Olivas (Morpheus Cycles)0:01:55.13

Cat. 2/3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stteam Ksl Levesque Sowles0:03:31.00
2Christie Allebach (Saucon Valley Bikes Nema)0:00:24.57
3Taylor Allison0:00:29.13
4Christine Deihl (The Loft)0:01:04.44
5Elixandria Porru (Oneal/
6Rachel Powers0:01:45.68
7Jennel Ortiz (Team Marty's)0:02:08.25
Olivia Allison (FTW 10)

Cat. 3 Junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Derek Stauffer0:03:19.86
2Evan Nyguist0:00:10.56
3Connor Gorman (Racers Edge)0:00:33.86
4Brian Anthony0:00:38.42
5Thomas Nevins (Big T Racing)0:00:41.80
6Christophe Dehaven0:00:56.62
7Grayson Morin (Highland Mtn)0:00:57.99
8Santo Christo (BrenBig T Racing/Subway Advance CyclerAmston)0:01:22.22
9Nick Gray (Bike line of newark)0:01:22.94

Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trek Vandecar (Denny's Racing)0:03:09.37
2Mike Gruener (Bootleg Ramp Riders)0:00:02.16
3Corey Zell0:00:05.14
4Blanton Unger0:00:06.05
5Korey Szapacs0:00:18.81
6Ryan Davis0:00:18.94
7Travis Serfass (Friders Bike Club)0:00:26.16
8Shaun Tetzner (RideDC)0:00:29.06
9Andrew Donchez (Beacon Cycles)0:00:31.92
10Robert Slaw0:00:36.60
11Brett Cullen0:00:36.67
12Tim Weaver (661/ODI/Azonic)0:00:41.17

Cat. 3 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Phelps (Chuck's Bikes)0:03:26.64
2Keith Obrien0:00:07.93
3Joe Mcgroarty0:00:11.35
4David Huff (Mongoose Tribe/Horns Hill CollectiWilder)0:00:18.40
5Carl Radio0:00:19.01
6Ed Preece (Skip Bodycoat Racing)0:00:20.43
7Todd Boucher0:00:21.87
8Bernie Mcgroarty0:00:24.74

Final Series Standings

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geritt Beytagh (Morewood Bikes USA )1535pts
2Gavin Vaughan (Giant/HBG/Smith/Five Ten/KMC/E13 )1530
3Jason Memmelaar (Giant/HBG/Sten/Smith )1385
4Adam Morse (Voncooper/GT/Smith )1370
5Richard Rude Jr (Specialized Allride Academy )1170
6Tim White (Voncooper/GT/HBG )1150
7Oliver Levick (Drummer Racing )1045
8Christopher Mari (Zeal Optics Champion Chips )960
9Alex Moschitti (Team Giant/ HBG )880
10Phillip Kmetz (FTW Industries )850
11Chris Higgerson (TLD/Smith )760
12Conor Rowan (Vans/Protec/Royal Ra )685
13Brian Yannuzzi (Lowe Riders )660
14Erik Gosselin (Gravity Project/High )565
15Bj Treglia (FoxShox/661/EVS )500
16Leif Lorenzen795
17Ben Hulse760
18Ben Moody710
19Robin Klinkert (My Right Pocket )695
20Ethan Quehl670
21Steve Avery615
22Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing )590
23Zach Faulkner575
24Chris Heath570
25David Flynn560
26Jason Beckley (Kenda USA/Fox )490
27Tim Howland480
28Josh Clark445
29Justin Gregory400
30George Ryan (Jamis/Protec/Vans )390
31Anthony Coneski (Beacon Bombers )350
32Leland O'connor (SLO to the Bone )310
33Trevyn Newpher300
34Christopher Talotta (Cutters Bike Shop )280
35Bert Boyce255
36David Haas240
37Justin Leov200
38Andrew Neethling195
39Paul Adams190
40John Heino180
41Kyle Sangers180
42Waylon Smith180
43Alejandro Ortiz170
44James Ford165
45James Jeannet165
46Jared Ranbo165
47Geoffrey Ulmer155
48Kevin Green155
49Dylan Morley155
50Kieran Bennett155
51Heikki Hall145
52Will Collins140
53John Leslie140
54Marvin Scanland140
55Tim Price135
56Logan Binggel130
57Patricio Pereira125
58Ramilo Sanchez125
59Sammuel Thibault120
60Anderw Bressem110
61Dave Trumpore110
62Mike Hermanovsky80
63Chuck Pitts70
64Justin Beers70
65Dennis Yuroshek60
66Greg Nelson40
67Matty Komar20
68Evan Mallory5
69Jeff Faulds5
70Nicolas Konow5
71Dante Harmony5
72Quinton Spaulding

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dawn Bourque1595pts
2Karen Eagan (Highland Mtn/Siniste )1355
3Hillary Elgert (Racers Edge )755
4Joanna Petterson390
5Lauren Daney373
6Tracy Moseley200
7Sue Haywood195
8Rae Gandolf195
9Jill Kintner195
10Jacqueline Harmony190
11Jess Stone185
12Margaret Gregory170

Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damon Morin (Highland Mtn )1560pts
2Logan Mulally (Troylee Design )1560
3Ray Syron (Sinister/United Free )1360
4Alex Couture (Giant Mt Bike Team )1270
5Dylan Conte (Team I-Ride )1260
6William Castle (IdeRide/Kingdomtrail )958
7Peter Mcnulty860
8Nikolas Dudukovich (Leatt/Gamut USA )740
9David Milkiewicz690
10Michael Barron (Hayes 661 Down Hill From Here )665
11Max Hautaniemi605
12Sam Pensler500
13Robert Levis (7Springs/Transition )475
14Max Morgan385
15Matt Lareau385
16Luen Proft345
17Ace Savarese (Kovachi Wheels/NEMA/YETI )320
18Cody Wilkins310
19Hunter Budd300
20Benjamin Calhoun185
21Jay Fesperman180
22Alex Bowdish180
23Luca Shaw170
24Andrew Schumer165
25William O'brien155
26Nick Gragtmans150
27Cody Wilkins
28Deroit Bresalt

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