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Knees scores Milram's second national title

Milram's Christian Knees winning his national championship.

Milram's Christian Knees winning his national championship. (Image credit: AFP Photo)

Christian Knees of Team Milram won the German national road title in a solo effort. He broke away on the final lap to finish 50 seconds ahead of escape companions Steffen Radochla (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse) and Andreas Schillinger of Team NetApp.

“This is a dream come true for me,” Knees said.  “I wouldn't have had a chance against Radochla in a sprint, so I attacked on the final climb and gave it my best.”

 “We made the race hard from the very start, were in every escape group, and had everything under control,” said Milram directeur sportif Ralf Grabsch.  “That is a well-deserved win.“

Milram had sent 15 riders into the race and controlled the whole race. The whole race was marked by attacks and escape groups. A nine-rider group was finally able to establish itself with 60 km to go. The final decision came in the last lap of the race. Knees attacked with nine km to go out of the three-man group, which had formed 20 km earlier.

The title was the second one for Milram on Sunday. Knees' teammates Niki Terpstra won the road title in the Netherlands as well.

Race organisers shortened the race by one lap and started it early, to avoid any overlap with the afternoon World Cup game between Germany and England.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christian Knees (Team Milram)4:37:36
2Steffen Radochla (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)0:00:50
3Andreas Schillinger (Team Netapp)0:00:51
4Tony Martin (Team HTC - Columbia)0:01:36
5Dominic Klemme (Saxo Bank)
6Markus Eichler (Team Milram)0:01:40
7Markus Fothen (Team Milram)0:01:44
8Fra Dreßler-Lehnhof0:01:52
9Christoph Pfingsten (Van Vliet EBH Elshof)0:02:04
10David Hesselbarth (Heizomat)0:04:24
11Danilo Hondo (Lampre-Farnese Vini)0:04:35
12Andreas Klier (Cervelo Test Team)
13Fabian Wegmann (Team Milram)
14Sebastian Forke (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
15Michael Schweizer (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
16Jacob Fiedler (KED Bianchi)
17Martin Gründer (KED Bianchi)
18Philipp Ries (Heizomat)
19Benjamin Sydlik (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
20Dirk Müller (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
21Frank Daniel Wagner (Seven Stones)
22Heinrich Berger (Harvestehuder R)0:04:37
23Eric Baumann (Team Netapp)
24Robert Förster (Team Milram)
25Michael Schwarzmann (Team Netapp)
26Christoph Springer (Team SP Tablewa)
27Dominik Nerz (Team Milram)
28Nils Plötner (Heizomat)
29Patrik Sinkewitz (ISD Neri-Cyclin)
30René Weissinger (RSG Nürnberg)
31Grischa Ja Niermann (Rabobank)
32Benjamin Edmüller (RSV Irschenberg)
33Martin Reimer (Cervelo Test Team)
34Grischa Janorschke (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
35Alexander Krieger (Heizomat)
36Florian Bissinger (RSV Irschenberg)0:04:43
37Robert Retschke (Continental Team Differdange)
38Nico Schneider (Continental Team Differdange)
39David Rösch (Team Atlas Pers)0:04:45
40Bert Grabsch (Team HTC - Columbia)
41Johannes Fröhlinger (Team Milram)0:04:47
42Florian Bodenschatz (KED Bianchi)
43Jonas Schmeiser (Heizomat)
44Helmut Trettwer (Team Baier Land)
45Alexander Nordhoff (Seven Stones)
46Florenz Knauer (Team Kuota - Indeland)
47Yannick Mayer (Heizomat)
48Fabian Schaar (Heizomat)0:04:50
49Philipp Mamos (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
50Holger Burkhardt (CKT TMIT - Champion System)
51Simon Geschke (Skil - Shimano)0:04:52
52Alexander Gottfried (Team Netapp)
53Björn Schröder (Team Milram)0:04:55
54Sergej Fuchs (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
55Tassilo Fricke (Team Netapp)
56Timon Seubert (Team Netapp)0:05:00
57Patrick Bercz (Seven Stones)
58Björn Glasner (Team Kuota - Indeland)
59Thomas Fothen (Team Milram)
60Matthias Bertling (Team Kuota - Indeland)
61Dani Westmattelmann (Team Kuota - Indeland)
62Frank Scherzinger (Team Atlas Pers)
63Jens Voigt (Team Saxo Bank)
64Dominik Roels (Team Milram)
65Kim Lachmann (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
66Andreas Stauff (Quick Step)
67René Obst (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)0:05:07
68André Greipel (Team HTC - Columbia)
69Paul Voß (Team Milram)0:05:08
70René Birkenfeld (Harvestehuder R)
71Artur Gajek (Team Milram)
72Tino Meier (LKT Team Brandenburg)
73Robert Wagner (Skil - Shimano)0:05:14
74Roger Kluge (Team Milram)
75Michael jun Hümbert (Seven Stones)
76Thomas Bontenackels (Seven Stones)0:05:19
77Leif Lampater (RSV Irschenberg)0:05:20
78André Schulze (PSK Whirlpool - Author)
79Florian Salzinger (Team Atlas Pers)0:05:23
80Marcel Sieberg (Team HTC - Columbia)
81Jan Deutschmann (SC Wiedenbrück)0:05:34
82Linus Gerdemann (Team Milram)0:05:37
83Patrick Gretsch (Team HTC - Columbia)0:07:08
84Sven Krauß (RSV Öschelbron)0:11:51
85Ralf Matzka (Heizomat)
DNFGerald Ciolek (Team Milram)
DNFMatthias Russ (Team Milram)
DNFMarcus Burghardt (BMC Racing Team)
DNFTim Barth (Heizomat)
DNFLars Wackernagel (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
DNFMarcel Meisen (Team Kuota - Indeland)
DNFFlorian Monreal
DNFChristopher Roth (Seven Stones)
DNFBenjamin Stauder
DNFPhilipp Walsleben (BKCP - Powerplus)
DNFPatrick Schubert (DHL - Author)
DNFTobias Erler
DNFVladi Riha
DNFSascha Wagner
DNFMichae Gannopolskij
DNFRoman Kuntschik
DNFTino Thömel
DNFDirk Vobbe
DNFRüdiger Selig
DNFErik Mohs (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)
DNFJesco Vietense
DNSMax Stahr (Team Nutrixxion Sparkasse)


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