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Moseley and Lau victorious in Enduro World Series round 2

The demanding trails of Britain's Tweed Valley took their toll on the Enduro World Series' top riders this weekend, while revealing a depth of technical prowess amongst local riders.

"I think both the physicality and the technicality of the trails here caught a lot of riders off guard," said Organiser of the TweedLove World Enduro, Neil Dagleish. "A lot of people told us they thought this was the hardest round of the EWS so far. The trails here are steep, technical and slippery which a lot of riders aren't used to but people who live round here have grown up on them - and that was evident in the results."

Great Britain saw four top 10 finishes in the men's race and six top 10 finishes in the women's, with Tracy Moseley dominating the women's race, Tweed Valley native Gary Forrest taking 10th, Scotsman and World Cup downhiller Ruaridh Cunningham winning stage 2, and Scotland's Joe Barnes enjoying his first EWS podium ever.

The second round of racing concluded on Sunday with an awards presentation to three podium newcomers and a rousing birthday serenade to the sling-wearing 2013 EWS World Champion Jérôme Clementz, who is recovering from shoulder surgery for an injury sustained racing the French Enduro World Cup. It's apparent that the battle for the 2014 Enduro World Series World Championship has opened up.

Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team) commanded the women's race, taking all eight stages ahead of rival and round 1 victor, Anne Caroline Chausson (Ibis Cycles), and Cecile Ravanel (GT Pulse), who finished in second and third place overall, respectively. Overall Series points now see Moseley and Chausson sharing the top spot with 750 points apiece. EWS organisers awarded Overall lead position to Moseley, as the more recent winner.

France's Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team), New Zealand's Justin Leov (Trek Factory Racing Enduro), and Scotland's Joe Barnes (Canyon Factory Enduro Team), finished in the top three spots in the men's race, marking first EWS podiums for all three, and entirely shaking up the overall rankings.

Lau now holds the series lead as the series goes into the third round. He is ahead of Leov, France's Florian Nicolai (Rocky Mountain Urge BP) who came fourth this weekend, and Australia's Jared Graves (Yeti/Fox Shox Factory Team), and Belgium's Martin Maes (GT Factory Racing), both of whom came back from difficult first days to finish in ninth and seventh position, respectively.

Says Enduro World Series Managing Director, Chris Ball, "The course involved massive distances and climbs, all human powered, and with no outside assistance permitted, riders really had to play a long game and be as tactically savvy as they were technically proficient. It was probably the biggest challenge any riders have faced to date."

Moseley's victory on home turf, Kiwi Justin Leov's first podium (second place), and Swiss Rene Wildhaber in 12th once again proved a powerful combination, keeping the Trek Factory Racing Enduro team at the top of the team leaderboard. Rocky Mountain Urge BP remain in second, thanks to the third place finish from Florian Nicolai, Isabeau Cordurier in 9th and Alex Cure in 11th.

"The local community was buzzing about the arrival of the EWS all week," said TweedLove's Neil Dagleish. "To see the likes of Tracy Moseley and Cedric Gracia riding on their home tracks really is a dream come true for many of them. I can't even begin to explain how amazing the community have been here - they have got behind both TweedLove and the Enduro World Series in a huge way and shown us nothing but support. That level of support seemed to be really appreciated by the riders, who in return embraced our community and helped out at kids events, signed autographs and maybe even picked up some riding tips along the way."

From the Chilean Andes to the pastures of Scotland, the third round of the Enduro World Series moves to the northern French Alps for round 3, Enduro Series Valloire on June 21-22.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nico Lau (Cube Action Team)0:43:11
2Justin Leov (Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team)0:00:12
3Joe Barnes (Canyon Factory Enduro Team)0:00:15
4Florian Nicolai (Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team)0:00:28
5Francois Bailly-Maitre (BMC Enduro Racing Team)0:00:34
6Damien Oton (Devinci/ Enduro Racing)0:00:49
7Martin Maes (GT Factory Racing)0:00:58
8Greg Callaghan (Nukeproof)0:01:09
9Jared Graves (Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Team)0:01:24
10Gary Forrest (WTB Enduro Team)0:01:24
11Alexandre Cure (Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team)0:01:25
12Rene Wildhaber (Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team)0:01:30
13Curtis Keene (Specialized Racing Team)0:01:38
14Aurelien Giordanengo (Polygon UR)0:01:42
15Remy Absalon (Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team)0:01:46
16Ruaridh Cunningham (Unior Tools)0:01:52
17Lukas Anrig (Norco Enduro World Team)0:01:55
18Mark Scott (Wideopen Magazine)0:01:58
19Thomas Lapeyrie (Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team)0:01:58
20Richie Rude (Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Team)0:02:02
21Jesse Melamed (Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team)0:02:05
22Yoann Barelli (Giant Factory Off Road)0:02:06
23Neil Donoghue (Santa Cruz)0:02:07
24Aaron Bradford (BMC Enduro Racing Team)0:02:10
25Cedric Gracia (Santa Cruz)0:02:12
26Benjamin Cruz (Cannondale Overmountain)0:02:19
27Bryan Regnier (YT industries, Troy Lee Design, SRAM)0:02:26
28Josh Carlson (Giant Factory Off Road)0:02:27
29Stuart Wilcox0:02:37
30Fabien Cousinie (Polygon UR)0:02:40
31Martyn Brookes (whyte SRAM enduro racing)0:02:41
32Theo Galy (Devinci/ Enduro Racing)0:02:55
33Daniel Wolfe (cycleways, specialized)0:02:58
34Ludovic May (Canyon Factory Enduro Team)0:03:03
35Michael Hannah (Polygon UR)0:03:07
36Alex Lupato (FRM Factory Racing Team)0:03:15
37Josh Lewis0:03:16
38Nico Quere (Commencal)0:03:25
39Steve Peat (Santa Cruz)0:03:25
40Nico Prudencio (Team Giant Chile, Giant Trance XC)0:03:27
41Matt Beer (Intense Go Pro)0:03:28
42Tobias Reiser (Focus Trail Team)0:03:28
43Joseph Nation0:03:31
44Fabian Scholz (Focus Trail Team)0:03:33
45Markus Reiser (Focus Trail Team)0:03:40
46Adam Craig (Giant Factory Off Road)0:03:40
47Chris Hutchens (ABZ MTB / The Cycle Jersey / Giant UK)0:03:40
48James Shirley (Radon Enduro Racing Team)0:03:41
49Jamie Nicoll (Polygon UR)0:03:43
50Edgar Carballo0:03:44
51Robert Williams0:03:50
52Sam Flanagan (Hope Technology Factory Racing)0:03:55
53Gavin Carroll ( Trek)0:04:00
54Jeremy Arnould (Irwego, Commencal, Shimano, Bos, Maxxi)0:04:06
55Yannick Pontal (Alltricks)0:04:08
56Dylan Wolsky (Santa Cruz)0:04:09
57Nick Geddes (Norco Enduro World Team)0:04:11
58Clement Benoit (URGE BIKE PRODUCT)0:04:22
59Iago Garay (Santa Cruz)0:04:25
60Kristjan Medvescek (Blackthorn GT)0:04:26
61Philip Shucksmith (Pro Ride Guides)0:04:32
62Keith Buchan (Ibis Cycles UK)0:04:34
63Yoann Paccard0:04:35
64Baptiste Gaillot (Rocky sports Alpe d'Huez)0:04:38
65James Hampton0:04:39
66Joe Flanagan (All Terrain Cycles)0:04:49
67Ludwig Dohl0:04:50
68Lee Kermode (Pioneer Scott Syncros)0:04:51
69Michael Gray (
70Alex Petitdemange (Yeti, Mavic, MRP)0:04:55
71Ed Roberts (Evolution Bikes)0:05:04
72Oliver Carter (CUBE RIDE:IO)0:05:05
73Matthias Stonig (MS Mondraker)0:05:08
74Peter Mlinar (Blackthorn GT)0:05:09
75Huw Oliver (Nevis Cycles)0:05:23
76Ben Price (Whyte Bikes/SRAM/TORQ)0:05:23
77Jonathon Maunsell (Kona/MBW)0:05:27
78Max Schumann (Carver, Sr Suntour, Ion, Evoc, Magura, Uv)0:05:29
79Fergus Lamb0:05:32
80Rich Norgate0:05:35
81Alasdair Maclennan (
82Andy Barlow (Dirt School)0:05:40
83Jacobo Santana (MS Mondraker)0:05:40
84Cedric Ravanel (GT Pulse)0:05:43
85James Knowles (Summit Down)0:05:49
86Paul Aston (Leisure Lakes Bikes)0:05:50
87Dan Greenwood0:05:52
88James Green (TheTrailhead/Cube)0:05:57
89Nash Masson0:06:07
90Mark West0:06:17
91Max Leitsberger ( SPECIALIZED)0:06:23
92Tobias Woggon (BMC Switzerland/ Lenzerheide/ SR Suntou)0:06:29
93James Swinden (This is Sheffield Racing)0:06:32
94Joe Young0:06:33
95Ian Coates (cycle inn)0:06:33
96Martin Astley0:06:34
97Arno Faucher (Rocky sport alpe d'Huez)0:06:36
98Andrew Shandro0:06:41
99Dave Henderson (Cannondale Racing)0:06:45
100Aidan Bishop (Cannondale/Mavic)0:06:46
101Scott Lindsay (Pedals Edinburgh - Eco Conscious Bike Car)0:06:57
102Mathew Prichard (Continental Enduro Team)0:06:57
103Cédric Carrez (Intense Vtopo Mavic - ACME)0:07:07
104Silas Hesterberg0:07:08
105Pearse Griffin (
106Thomas Mitchell (Kona Grassroots/ Harts Cyclery)0:07:11
107Denny Lupato (FRM Factory Racing)0:07:24
108Fraser Mcneil (Elevation Cycles / Flotec Suspension)0:07:32
109Joe Swann (hw)0:07:37
110Tom Maes (YETI Belgium - Urge bp Enduro Team)0:07:38
111Fraser Andrew0:07:40
112Lawrence Jones0:07:44
113Junya Nagata (AKI Factory)0:07:44
114Liam Moynihan (Canyon/MET/Bluegrass)0:07:46
115Andrew Devine (CGCC / CrossTrax /
116Glyn O'brien (NukeProof
117Ulysse Francoglio (Rocky Sports Alpe d'Huez)0:08:01
118Joe Winston (supernova cycles / J-Star Racewear)0:08:09
119Tim Breeze (Leisure Lakes Bikes)0:08:10
120Tom Dowie (Outsourcery, Giant Radlett, Chicksands Bik)0:08:14
121Gareth Montgomerie0:08:15
122Chay Granby (Cotic steel city media)0:08:25
123Daniel Taylor0:08:26
124Liam Little (Knox Armour, 4play Cycles)0:08:26
125Eoin Elliott (Team Icycles)0:08:28
126Aaron Tolley0:08:31
127Pierre Lehry0:08:34
128Sauli Hjerppe0:08:48
129Andrew Walker (Continental Saracen)0:08:49
130Kevin Lorenzato (Orbea Enduro Crew)0:08:55
131Chris Keeble-Smith (Marin Ritchey Stan's noTubes CNP)0:09:03
132Paul Newnham (Team Leslie Bike Shop)0:09:03
133Russell Turner (Rockets & Rascals)0:09:05
134Matthew Ineson0:09:06
135Peter Robinson0:09:23
136Stuart Villis (Bike Remedy)0:09:31
137Nicolas Legrand0:09:44
138Chris Breeze (Leisure Lakes Bikes)0:09:57
139Steve Larking0:09:58
140Damien Daly0:10:00
141Lee Hawden0:10:18
142Christopher Mccarthy0:10:31
143Florian Findeisen0:10:31
144Seb Lloyd (University of Plymouth Cycling)0:10:42
145David Griffith (The Bike Tree)0:10:58
146Stuart Nicholson (i-Cycles)0:11:02
147Neil Halcrow (WHYTE BIKES)0:11:02
148Michael Janney0:11:07
149Ronan Dugan0:11:09
150Daniel Lechado (VILADOMAT-BMC)0:11:17
151Gregor Murray0:11:20
152Simon Hartley0:11:21
153Jamie Vosper0:11:23
154Sebastian Esswein (ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS)0:11:31
155Phillip Mclaren (Fulford cycles)0:11:47
156Richard Lane (Singletrack Mag)0:12:00
157Oliver Young0:12:08
158Michael Clyne (dialled bikes/lo-rideers)0:12:15
159Allan Clark (Leslie Cycles)0:12:23
160Douglas Shearer (Innerleithen MTB Racing / i-Cycles)0:12:44
161Ricardo Parreirinha0:12:51
162James Macferran0:12:56
163Thibaut Poncet0:13:02
164Gary Drake0:13:04
165Aidan Burrill0:13:11
166Alistair Jamieson (trailAddiction)0:13:13
167Guy Bar (
168Felix Maddison0:13:19
169Klas Oberg (POC, GSC)0:13:27
170Graeme Forrest0:13:30
171Dmitri Repkin (HD-Trek)0:13:39
172Bjorn Petterson (POC, GSC)0:13:51
173Julien Bolota (Alltricks)0:13:53
174Kev Duckworth0:13:56
175Aled Kenneth Griffiths (Continental - Saracen)0:14:13
176Quentin Stepien (YETI Belgium - Urge bp Enduro Team)0:14:26
177Thomas Di Litta0:14:34
178Ross Lambie0:14:36
179David Ogden0:14:57
180Peter Oakley (GUCC)0:15:03
181Robert Ellison0:15:21
182Graham Rushworth0:15:21
183Georgy Grogger (Trail Solutions Racing)0:15:23
184Stephen Hardcastle0:15:25
185James Davidson (ABZMTB)0:15:26
186Chris Edwards0:15:38
187Michael Johnstone (Team CHR)0:15:39
188Ben Plenge0:15:50
189Peter McElroy (Club Giant Dublin)0:16:17
190David Mclean0:17:14
191Tom Campbell0:18:26
192Ross Grimmett0:18:46
193Simon Marshall0:18:48
194Ewan Bell (hw shred club)0:19:42
195Jez Westgarth0:19:49
196Simon Truelove (Black Canon Collective)0:20:01
197Matthew Mansell (Team ManBall Enduro Racing)0:20:31
198Martin Keys0:20:46
199Pierre Mommessin0:22:07
200Kenny Mclean0:22:16
201Richard Kawecki0:22:22
202Joey Stewart0:22:42
203Robert Rand0:23:01
204Chris Kimberley0:23:25
205Adam Taylor0:24:11
206Stuart Hibbert (enduroFactory:FalconLogistics)0:27:12
207Ben Raynor0:28:58
DNFDavid Duggan (Devinci / Haven)
DNFGuillaume Cauvin (Polygon UR)
DNFChristopher Buchan (Ibis Cycles UK)
DNFTobias Pantling (Orange bikes)
DNFMatthew Mcmillan
DNFGeorge Gore Browne
DNFScott Laughland (Cube Action Team)
DNFMason Bond (Devinci/ Enduro Racing)
DNFJoe Taylor (Mojo Suspension)
DNFCraig Letton
DNFJan Hansmann (IBC DIMB Racing Team/ Bingo Bongo Raci)
DNFDick Hamilton
DNFRobert Scullion (Eontinental - Saracen)
DNFAndy Nelson (Bionicon Bikes)
DNFPol Guixe Jove (UNIC Cycles)
DNFRod Elliot

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team)0:49:01
2Anne Caroline ChaussoWOMEN (Ibis)0:00:46
3Cecile Ravanel (GT Pulse)0:01:13
4Anneke Beerten (Specialized Racing Team)0:02:47
5Ines Thoma (Canyon Factory Enduro Team)0:04:36
6Rosara Joseph (Yeti / Fox Shox Factory)0:05:13
7Meggie Bichard0:05:18
8Lorraine Truong (Leysin, Norco, Fox, Sunringlé, Answer)0:05:39
9Isabeau Courdurier (Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team)0:05:49
10Katy Winton (Pivot Morvelo, Sweet Protection, Hope)0:06:29
11Helen Gaskell (scott Uk)0:06:52
12Anita Gehrig (Specialized, SRAM, Zimtstern, Mavic, Red)0:07:12
13Carrie Poole (The Bike Tree)0:07:31
14Emma Guy (Team Ibis Uk)0:08:02
15Kelli Emmett (Giant Factory Off Road)0:08:16
16Tracey Hannah (Polygon UR)0:08:21
17Julia Hofmann (Marin Bikes, ION, SR Suntour, DIRTY, SRA)0:09:16
18Sarah Newman0:10:35
19Valentina Macheda (Ibis)0:11:10
20Pauline Dieffenthaler (Cannondale OverMountain)0:11:42
21Sophie Buckingham (Elevation Cycles, Flotec Suspension)0:11:55
22Fiona Beattie0:12:20
23Lesley Ingram (Team Ibis UK)0:12:51
24Cheri Mills (Twelve50 Bikes Race Team)0:13:29
25Rebecca Baraona (GravityBikes Racing)0:13:43
26Kerstin Koegler (BMC Enduro Racing Team)0:14:00
27Michelle Muldoon0:14:07
28Angela Coates (Berghaus / the Development)0:14:24
29Jaime Hill (Santa Cruz, TLD, Smith, CCN, Summit)0:14:48
30Diana Marggraff0:14:58
31Claire Bennett0:15:12
32Hannah Barnes (Silverfish/Yeti)0:15:52
33Cait Elliott (Velo Elsener)0:16:54
34Hannah Roether0:17:18
35Hanna Jonsson0:17:34
36Joanna Petterson (BMC Project Dirt Presented by KMC)0:17:48
37Emily Horridge (Transition Bikes)0:18:22
38Cat Topham0:24:00
Fay Jordan (Royal Air Force)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team2260pts
2Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team2060
3Canyon Factory Enduro Team1615
4Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Team1440
5Polygon UR1355
6Giant Factory Off Road1330
7Cannondale OverMountain1305
8BMC Enduro Racing Team1275
11Santa Cruz1033
12Specialized Racing Team1015
13Cube Action Team1007
14Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team900
15GT Factory Racing770
16GT Pulse654
17Norco Enduro World Team642
18YETI Belgium - Urge bp Team415
19Unior Tool280
20FRM Factory Racing Team250
21Focus Trail Team230
22Intense-Go Pro90
23MS Mondraker42
Orbea Enduro Crew
Lapierre Gravity Republic

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