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World champions Meyer and Howard claim Australian Madison crown

Two-time reigning madison world champions Leigh Howard and Cameron Meyer made a triumphant return to the track with a resounding victory in the 2012 Cycling Australia Madison National Championships at Melbourne's DISC Velodrome.

The pair last raced on a velodrome in the Netherlands in March this year where they claimed their second consecutive Madison world championship. However tonight Howard, 22, and Meyer, 23, showed no ill-effects of their extended lay off with a commanding performance throughout the 50-kilometre event.

The pair finished a lap clear of the field, while the South Australian pairing of Glenn O'Shea, 22, and Alexander Edmondson, 17, finished on 21 points and one lap in arrears ofthe world champions to take the silver medal. 2004 Olympic madison silver medallist Franco Marvulli and partner Marcello Barth claimed the bronze on 20 points.

"Since Leigh and I have donned the rainbow jersey, we haven't lost a Madison winning two world titles and two World Cups," said Meyer, who claimed his third consecutive Australian Madison crown after pairing with Jack Bobridge to win in 2010 and O'Shea in 2009.

"It is always an honour to wear the stripes and we don't get to perform in front of the Australian crowd very often, so we try and put on the best performance we can," he said.

The pace was on right from the start of the 200-lap event, with the pairing of Sean Finning and George Tansley immediately showing their intentions by taking a lap within the first few minutes.

Howard and Meyer drove the pace through the majority of the race with the first major move coming shortly before the half-way point.

With Marvulli and Barth, O'Shea and Edmondson, plus reigning junior world champions Caleb Ewan and Jackson Law, they took a lap to join Finning and Tansley on the leader's board.

Meyer and Howard continued to be the aggressors throughout the remainder of the race, targeting O'Shea's younger opponent in particular, with their decisive move coming with just over 70 laps remaining.

Despite desperate attempts by O'Shea and Ewan to match it with the world champions, the field was unable to respond to the pair who took the lap and control of the race, with the field left to fight it out for the minor medals.

Inside the final 50 laps, the junior world champion pairing of Ewan and Law were in a strong position to claim a medal, however a mechanical issue with Law's bike forced Ewan to ride solo for an extended period of time and as a result, the pair lost a lap and finished fourth.

For Howard and Meyer who are usually the marked riders, they turned the tables tonight with a calculated tactic towards their main rivals. "There was a little battle going on between us O'Shea and Edmondson," said Meyer before adding, "unfortunately for Alex, he was our target tonight, we kept laying into him a bit and eventually he broke and fortunately for us we took the lap we wanted."

Howard, who will join Meyer with Australia's GreenEdge team in 2012, echoed his teammate's sentiments, praising the 17-year-old Edmondson.

"We all know how well Glenn has been going at the World Cups and the six-dayers so we knew there was no chance we were going to drop him tonight," said Howard, who claimed his second Australian crown after pairing with O'Shea to win in 2008.

"We knew the only chance to get a gap was to attack when Edmondson was in the race, but having said that Alex rode an unbelievable race for someone that young, so hats off to both of them.

"We haven't lost a madison in almost three years now, so I guess we are a good combination," Howard said. "But of course, I am sure there is going to be a time where we make a mistake, where we are targetted and we don't win," he said.

O'Shea, is in his first full year back on the bike after two years racked by illness including bouts of chicken pox and glandular fever, was crowned Australian omnium champion less than 24 hours earlier. Last month, he teamed with Edmondson to win gold at the second leg of the 2011-2-12 UCI World Cup Series in Astana.

After the race, Edmondson was unfazed by the attentions of the world champion pairing.

"It's bike racing and we are not there to make friends on the track and they were the better riders today, but I would like to thank my partner Glenn O'Shea, I couldn't ask for a better partner," said Edmondson.

In other events during the night's racing, O'Shea won the prestigious Melbourne Cup on Wheels handicap race riding off scratch, while Isabella King claimed the women's handicap.

In the Victorian keirin championships, Jaron Gardiner claimed the men's event and Thomas Clarke the junior men's 19 title. Both women's championships will head north of the border after Queensland's Emily Rosemond snatched the senior title and Queensland's Taylah Jennings overcame a 40m deficit inside the final lap to win the junior 19 event.

Full Results

Men's madison
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leigh Howard (Aus) & Cameron Meyer (Aus)20pts
-1lapGlenn O'shea (Aus) & Alexander Edmondson (Aus)21
-1lapFranco Marvulli (Swi) & Marcello Barth (Ger)2
-2lapsJackson Law (Aus) & Caleb Ewan (Aus)20
-2lapsLuke Ockerby (Aus) & Peter Loft (Aus)13
-2lapsJack Cummings (Aus) & Evan Hull (Aus)9
-2lapsTheodore Yates (Aus) & Bradley Robson (Aus)5
-2lapsSean Finning (Aus) & George Tansley (Aus)3
-3lapsSung Hoon Park (Kor) & Scott Law (Aus)9
-3lapsMiles Scotson (Aus) & Robert-Jon Mccarthy (Aus)5
-3lapsTirian Mcmanus (Aus) & Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (Aus)
-5lapsJason Allen (NZl) & Cameron Karwowski (NZl)
-10lapsJoshua Harrison (Aus) & Scott Mcphee (Aus)3
DNFTrent Derecourt (Aus) & Luke Vitler (Aus)

Elite men keirin heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Brent Nelson
2Jaron Gardiner
3Nathan Corrigan
4Ben Abels
5Nathan Hart

Elite men keirin heat 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Edrus Yunos0:00:11.39
2Ryan Worn
3Rick Sanders
4Neil Robinson

Elite women keirin heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephanie Morton0:00:12.10
2Ziggy Callan
3Adele Sylvester
4Shannon Mccurley
5Laine Hammond
6Thomay Michaltsis

Elite women keirin heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Rosemond0:00:12.35
2Isabella King
3Annette Edmondson
4Miranda Laidlaw
5Jessica Laws

Junior men U19 keirin heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emerson Harwood0:00:11.49
2Thomas Clarke
3Miles Scotson
4Joshua Harrison

Junior men U19 keirin heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jesse Kerrison0:00:11.67
2Hugo Tolliday
3Alistair Donohoe
4Alexander Morgan

Junior men U19 keirin heat 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert-Jon Mccarthy0:00:12.05
2Nathan Lyons
3Mitchell Barry
4Kyle Thompson
5Luke Vitler

Junior women U19 keirin heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Taylah Jennings0:00:12.13
2Ruby Greig-Hurtig
3Tian Beckett
4Hayley Jones
5Elissa Wundersitz
6Jessica Mundy

Junior women U19 keirin heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caitlin Ward0:00:12.62
2Linda Michelini
3Alexandra O'dea
4Kelsey Robson

Men D Grade 15-lap scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brett Rollinson0:04:35.21
2James Rendall
3Damian Harris
4Sam Crome
5Liam White
6Darryl Patzel
7Michael Thomas
8Marc Wilson
9Nicholas Katsonis
10Richard Wood
11David Mann
12Tyson Breen
13Dexter Chiew
14Gerard O'connell
15Cam Woolcock
16Jay Court
17Matthew Opperman

Men C Grade 15 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Abels0:04:22.21
2Alistair Donohoe
3Mitchell Barry
4Hugo Tolliday
5Kyle Thompson
6Matthew Nicholson
7Stuart Vaughan
8Jake Mcmahon
9Joshua Lind
10Andrew Natoli
11Dean Appleton
12Cameron Shaw
13Oliver Martin
14Daniel Nelson
15Chris Halley
16Nathan Hinkley
17Francis Ransley
18Chris Broeren

Men B Grade 15 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trent Derecourt0:04:13.57
2Theodore Yates
3Jesse Kerrison
4Peter Loft
5Luke Parker
6Nicholas Schultz
7Miles Scotson
8Nathan Lyons
9Tyler Spurrell
10Luke Vitler
11Sean Finning
12Owen Gillott
13Thomas Kaesler
14Alexander Morgan
15Bradley Robson
16Scott Mcphee
DNFNeil Robinson
DNFEdrus Yunos

Men A Grade 15 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Law0:04:05.61
2Luke Ockerby
3Jackson Law
4Cameron Meyer
5Leigh Howard
6Marcello Barth
7Caleb Ewan
8George Tansley
9Jackson-Leigh Rathbone
10Evan Hull
11Cameron Karwowski
12Jack Cummings
13Sung Hoon Park
14Joshua Harrison
15Brent Nelson
16Rick Sanders
17Alexander Edmondson
18Robert-Jon Mccarthy
19Franco Marvulli
20Jason Allen
21Glenn O'shea
DNFTirian Mcmanus

Women B Grade 10 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laine Hammond0:03:14.33
2Ruby Greig-Hurtig
3Linda Michelini
4Miranda Laidlaw
5Rebecca Doolan
6Jessica Laws
7Lauretta Hanson
8Alexandria Nicholls
9Vanessa Bof
10Thomay Michaltsis
11Michaela Tranby
12Megan Bagworth
13Maddy Marshall

Women A Grade 10 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elissa Wundersitz0:03:03.55
2Annette Edmondson
3Emily Rosemond
4Shannon Mccurley
5Taylah Jennings
6Jessica Mundy
7Hayley Jones
8Alexandra O'dea
9Kelsey Robson
10Isabella King
11Allison Rice
12Rebecca Wiasak
13Tian Beckett
14Georgia Baker
15Holly Heffernan
16Ailie Mcdonald
17Adele Sylvester

Melbourne Cup on Wheels Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tyler Spurrell0:02:05.45
2Nathan Hart
3Brett Rollinson
4Peter Loft
5Nicholas Schultz
6Stuart Vaughan
7Matthew Nicholson
8Hugo Tolliday
9Richard Wood
10Jay Court
11Dexter Chiew
12Darryl Patzel
13Matthew Opperman
14Alexander Morgan
15Jaron Gardiner
DNFEdrus Yunos

Melbourne Cup on Wheels Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Rendall0:02:05.58
2Jake Mcmahon
3Sam Crome
4Brent Nelson
5Evan Hull
6Luke Parker
7Emerson Harwood
8Theodore Yates
9Miles Scotson
10David Mann
11Marc Wilson
12Kyle Thompson
13George Tansley
14Dean Appleton
15Michael Thomas
16Gerard O'connell

Melbourne Cup on Wheels Heat 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Owen Gillott0:02:06.78
2Alistair Donohoe
3Trent Derecourt
4Nathan Hinkley
5Francis Ransley
6Tyson Breen
7Robert-Jon Mccarthy
8Liam White
9Scott Mcphee
10Cam Woolcock
11Oliver Martin
12Nicholas Katsonis
13Sung Hoon Park
14Luke Ockerby
15Rick Sanders
16Jason Allen

Melbourne Cup on Wheels Heat 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Ewan0:02:08.68
2Marcello Barth
3Glenn O'shea
4Jackson-Leigh Rathbone
5Cameron Karwowski
6Mitchell Barry
7Cameron Shaw
8Jack Cummings
9Neil Robinson
10Andrew Natoli
11Joshua Harrison
12Ryan Worn
13Chris Broeren
14Sean Finning
15Luke Vitler
16Thomas Kaesler

Melbourne Cup on Wheels Heat 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leigh Howard0:02:10.67
2Alexander Edmondson
3Scott Law
4Franco Marvulli
5Jackson Law
6Jesse Kerrison
7Ben Abels
8Tirian Mcmanus
9Nathan Lyons
10Daniel Nelson
11Bradley Robson
12Cameron Meyer
13Joshua Lind

Women's Melbourne Cup on Wheels Heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Isabella King0:02:23.87
2Elissa Wundersitz
3Taylah Jennings
4Shannon Mccurley
5Ruby Greig-Hurtig
6Alexandra O'dea
7Lauretta Hanson
8Laine Hammond
9Caitlin Ward
10Georgia Baker
11Alexandria Nicholls
12Linda Michelini
13Tian Beckett
14Jessica Laws
15Michaela Tranby
16Maddy Marshall

Women's Melbourne Cup on Wheels Heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Rosemond0:02:26.19
2Annette Edmondson
3Rebecca Doolan
4Hayley Jones
5Jessica Mundy
6Allison Rice
7Kelsey Robson
8Rebecca Wiasak
9Miranda Laidlaw
10Thomay Michaltsis
11Vanessa Bof
12Ailie Mcdonald
13Holly Heffernan
14Megan Bagworth

Melbourne Cup on Wheels Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Glenn O'shea0:02:03.02
2Alexander Edmondson
3Leigh Howard
4Jackson-Leigh Rathbone
5Brent Nelson
6Sam Crome
7James Rendall
8Tyler Spurrell
9Scott Law
10Jake Mcmahon
11Brett Rollinson
12Nathan Hart
13Owen Gillott
DNFAlistair Donohoe
DNFTrent Derecourt
DNFNathan Hinkley
DNFFranco Marvulli
DNFCaleb Ewan
DNFPeter Loft
DNFMarcello Barth

Women's Melbourne Cup on Wheels Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Isabella King0:02:24.56
2Annette Edmondson
3Taylah Jennings
4Shannon Mccurley
5Hayley Jones
6Laine Hammond
7Ruby Greig-Hurtig
8Rebecca Doolan
9Jessica Mundy
10Elissa Wundersitz
11Rebecca Wiasak
12Alexandra O'dea
13Allison Rice
14Emily Rosemond
15Lauretta Hanson
16Kelsey Robson

EliteM Keirin Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jaron Gardiner0:00:10.93
2Edrus Yunos
3Rick Sanders
4Nathan Corrigan
5Brent Nelson
6Ryan Worn

JM19 Keirin Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Clarke0:00:11.37
2Jesse Kerrison
3Hugo Tolliday
4Robert-Jon Mccarthy
5Emerson Harwood
6Nathan Lyons

EliteW Keirin Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Rosemond0:00:12.05
2Annette Edmondson
3Ziggy Callan
4Stephanie Morton
5Adele Sylvester
6Isabella King

JW19 Keirin Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Taylah Jennings0:00:12.18
2Tian Beckett
3Caitlin Ward
4Linda Michelini
5Ruby Greig-Hurtig
6Alexandra O'dea

Men A/B Grade 15 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jesse Kerrison0:04:24.57
2Nicholas Schultz
3Luke Parker
4Brent Nelson
5Alexander Morgan
6Nathan Lyons
7Owen Gillott
8Thomas Kaesler
DNFNathan Hart
DNFTyler Spurrell
DNFRick Sanders
DNFEdrus Yunos

Men C Grade 15 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitchell Barry0:04:22.79
2Hugo Tolliday
3Alistair Donohoe
4Matthew Nicholson
5Stuart Vaughan
6Thomas Clarke
7Nathan Hinkley
8Kyle Thompson
9Andrew Natoli
10Daniel Nelson
11Ben Abels
12Jake Mcmahon
DNFFrancis Ransley
DNFOliver Martin
DNFJoshua Lind
DNFCameron Shaw
DNFChris Broeren
DNFChris Halley

Men D Grade 15 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Rendall0:04:34.65
2Tyson Breen
3Sam Crome
4Darryl Patzel
5Brett Rollinson
6Nicholas Katsonis
7Michael Thomas
8David Mann
9Marc Wilson
10Cam Woolcock
11Richard Wood
12Liam White
13Gerard O'connell
14Matthew Opperman
DNFJay Court

Women A Grade 10 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annette Edmondson0:03:12.76
2Isabella King
3Shannon Mccurley
4Emily Rosemond
5Jessica Mundy
6Alexandra O'dea
7Hayley Jones
8Taylah Jennings
9Georgia Baker
10Holly Heffernan
11Elissa Wundersitz
12Allison Rice
13Ailie Mcdonald
14Kelsey Robson
DNFZiggy Callan
DNFRebecca Wiasak

Women B Grade 10 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Linda Michelini0:03:25.37
2Laine Hammond
3Lauretta Hanson
4Rebecca Doolan
5Ruby Greig-Hurtig
6Miranda Laidlaw
7Maddy Marshall
8Vanessa Bof
9Megan Bagworth
10Alexandria Nicholls
DNFMichaela Tranby

J11/J13 6 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Bof0:02:34.47
2Campbell Gray
3Jett Attard
4Jack Opperman
5Alana Humphreys-Grey
6Sarah Gigante
7Lilianne Mcclimont
8Shanelle Freeman

JW15/17 8 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Baggs0:02:45.93
2Nina Greig-Towers
3Emma Bilston
4Ruby Roseman-Gannon
5Courtney Mannix

JM15 8 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Mcfarlane0:02:42.32
2Riley Hart
3James Tickner
4Godfrey Slattery
5Kallum Parlevliet
6Tom Benton
7Kyle Muir
8Conor Rowley
9Thomas Mcdonald
10Trey Freeman
11Harrison Mcclimont
12Isaac Pane
13Zack Gilmore
DNFJack Patzel

JM17 B Grade 8 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Pane0:02:37.25
2Angus Flood
3David Randall
4Hamish Haynes
5Jack Walk
6Tomarsh Loki
7Dylan Thompson
8Nicholas White
9Nicolas Abels

JM17 A Grade 8 Lap Scratch
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Hickey0:02:25.76
2Braeden Dean
3John Cochrane
4Callum Scotson
5Thomas Verleys-Donk
6Kurt Santagada
7Pierce Connor
8Mathew Ross
9Lucas Hamilton
10Michael Stringer
11Jerome Bechaz
12Thomas Preston
13Angus Lyons

J11/J13 2 Lap Handicap
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Opperman0:00:42.49
2Alana Humphreys-Grey
3Sarah Gigante
4Nathan Bof
5Campbell Gray
6Jett Attard
7Shanelle Freeman
8Lilianne Mcclimont

JW15/17 4 Lap Handicap
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruby Roseman-Gannon0:01:15.63
2Courtney Mannix
3Chloe Baggs
4Nina Greig-Towers

JM15 4 Lap Handicap
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kyle Muir0:01:15.50
2Riley Hart
3Godfrey Slattery
4Thomas Mcdonald
5James Tickner
6Kallum Parlevliet
7Trey Freeman
8Zack Gilmore
9Harrison Mcclimont
10Thomas Mcfarlane
11Isaac Pane
12Conor Rowley
13Tom Benton
14Jack Patzel

JM17 6 Lap Handicap
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Braeden Dean0:01:42.26
2Mathew Ross
3Jack Hickey
4James Pane
5Jerome Bechaz
6Thomas Verleys-Donk
7Callum Scotson
8Thomas Preston
9Jack Walk
10Lucas Hamilton
11Pierce Connor
12Dylan Thompson
13Kurt Santagada
14John Cochrane
15Angus Lyons
16Michael Stringer
17Tomarsh Loki
DNFAngus Flood
DNFNicholas White
DNFDavid Randall
DNFNicolas Abels
DNFHamish Haynes

J11/13 8 Lap Points
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Bof8pts
2Sarah Gigante8
3Campbell Gray4
4Jett Attard2
5Lilianne Mcclimont
6Shanelle Freeman
7Jack Opperman
8Alana Humphreys-Grey
9Jiah Polidano

JW15/17 10 Lap Progressive
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Baggs21pts
2Ruby Roseman-Gannon21
3Nina Greig-Towers13
4Courtney Mannix

JM15 10 Lap Progressive
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Mcfarlane19pts
2James Tickner10
3Kyle Muir8
4Riley Hart8
5Kallum Parlevliet7
6Thomas Mcdonald3
7Isaac Pane
8Conor Rowley
8Tom Benton
8Trey Freeman
8Godfrey Slattery
8Zack Gilmore
8Harrison Mcclimont
DNFJack Patzel

JM17 B Grade 15 Lap Points
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Angus Flood12pts
2James Pane9
3David Randall6
4Dylan Thompson4
5Tomarsh Loki2
6Nicolas Abels
7Jack Walk
DNFHamish Haynes
DNFNicholas White

JM17 15 Lap Points
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mathew Ross9pts
2Callum Scotson9
3Jack Hickey6
4Thomas Verleys-Donk3
5Lucas Hamilton3
6Angus Lyons2
7Jerome Bechaz1
8Pierce Connor
9Thomas Preston
10Michael Stringer
DNFKurt Santagada
DNFJohn Cochrane

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