Genze & Kaess win stage 3 while Sauser and Stander retain overall lead

Stage three delivered new winners in both the men's and women's categories. Hannes Genze and Jochen Käss (Multivan Merida Biking) took the men's stage while Sally Bigham and Karien Van Jaarsveld (team USN). Bigham and Van Jaarsveld are also the new race leaders after the previous leaders received a time penalty and finished second today. Burry Stander and Christoph Sauser (36ONE Songo Specialized) continue to lead the men's race.

With the fast roads out of Tulbagh, riders covered 13km before the first climb. It was steep at times and very loose, requiring hard bursts of effort to gain momentum over the rockiest parts. If there was ever a theme of race week, it's "from effort comes reward". After the 4km climb, riders arrived at a plateau with a beautiful valley nestled between spectacular mountains that resemble the pictures found on the covers of fantasy novels.

There was little time to look around during the race though - the deeply rutted descent tested rider and equipment alike. After smooth farm roads and more rocky tracks, tyres were put to the test, with devil thorns lying in wait. A long drag upwards on a rough path lead to a remote hut at the foot of the cliff face of the bare rock of the mountainside. This area is a geologist's paradise. After the final water point, Absa Cape Epic veterans experienced déjà vu, with a similar run into the race village through some winding single-track.

Men's category

The German team of Hannes Genze and Jochen Käss (Multivan Merida Biking) beat the South African/Swiss team of Burry Stander and Christoph Sauser (36ONE Songo Specialized) in a sprint finish by 2.8 seconds, securing their first stage win in this year's Cape Epic. Stander and Sauser still lead overall by six minutes and 15 seconds, with three times winners Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm (Bulls team) in fourth place overall and eight minutes and 32 seconds behind the leaders.

With an overall time of 14 hours, 40 minutes and 29 seconds, the 36ONE Songo Specialized team will wear the yellow leader jersey for stage 4 tomorrow.

Genze and Käss of Multivan Merida Biking were the first to sprint across the finish line, securing their first stage win in this year's event in 5:06.33 (overall 14:40.29). They were closely followed by Sauser and Stander in 5:06.36 (overall 14:34.14). In third place, with their first podium finish this year, were Bart Brentjens and Jeroen Boelen of Milka-Trek in 5:06.49 (overall 15:11.26) with the Platt and Sahm in fourth (5:07.44; overall 14:42.46). Nicolas Vermeulen and Kevin van Hoovels (team Versluys-Evenza) again finished in fifth place in 5:10.10 (overall 15:00.03)

"About 20km from the finish, we broke away from the Bulls team and carried on riding with Sauser and Stander," said Käss."We're extremely happy with our stage win. I trained differently to previous winters and it obviously worked. We're in good shape. This stage win is excellent motivation for us to perhaps finish on the podium on Sunday and perhaps we can even finish in second place overall."

"Today was my best day so far and Jochen was also feeling strong," said Genze. "I wasn't feeling great on the uphill during the middle of the race, but near the end decided that I still had some energy left as I saved a bit yesterday which stood us in good stead today. Also, Susi (Christoph Sauser) and Stander didn't push for the stage win. Bart was riding very well today - his partner is a roadie (Jeroen Boelen) and roadies always want to attack to win stages. They attacked shortly before water point 2, but I think they spent too much energy alone on the tar, so we could close the gap again."

"We're happy with our overall result and weren't fighting for stage win," said Stander. "We're ahead of the Bulls overall. We stayed with the Multivan Merida Biking team and they broke away in the last 2km. We let them know if you want to win a stage, you have to earn it. This stage was very hard . I've never experienced something so tough. It was five hours of pain and at one point I couldn't feel my hands or feet. There were rocks everywhere and the first 50km felt like we'll be riding all day. Eventually we hit the tar. I take my hat off to anyone who finishes this stage!"

Brentjens of the Netherlands, the 2005 winner of the Cape Epic, two-time Olympic medallist and former World Champion and World Cup winner, finished in third place today with his team mate Boelen. "We attacked before water point 2, but we lost time as we took a wrong turn. We rode at a good speed and worked really hard. It was a long stage. This is my 6th Cape Epic, so I know the race, but Jeroen is a roadie and has never done the Cape Epic before. He's a new member of our team but I'm very happy with his performance. He's learning a lot - fast. Every day we plan for the next day and I really hope we can make it to the finish."

The reigning Belgian champion Vermeulen who was leading the front bunch and set the pace during the first kilometres of today's stage said his team had a great day. "I didn't have too much energy on the last climb. It was a hard day and one had to ride very carefully to avoid flats." Adds his teammate Kevin van Hoovels: "The first day was very hot, but I'm getting better every day - we still have four days to go and hope for a place on the podium."

José Hermida of the Multivan Merida Biking team says he is thrilled to keep one of their teams in front. "I'm really tired today, but we're fighting for our team in the race. I'm so pleased they won today. We enjoy helping where we can, but they still need to win it by themselves. I've had a headache for most of the day and it was really hard out there. But as they say, it takes many days to get to Paris."

African leaders' jerseys

Mannie Heymans and Adrien Niyonshuti (team Garmin adidas MTN) are the leaders in the African jerseys with an overall time of 15:34.01, followed by Paul Cordes and Charles Keey (MTN/Qhubeka) in 16:12.52. Brandon Stewart and Shan Wilson (Toyota DCM) in 16:15.10 are in third place

"The Cape Epic is a race of pacing and I think we're doing quite a good job," said Heymans. "We'll keep it consistent, and perhaps even finish in the top 10 of the elite group. It's not something we're aiming at but will be very good. I don't like time trials and today was a brutal day. The terrain was super tough and we rode alone for most of the stage. We'll go home, recover and come back fighting tomorrow. Consistency will definitely pay off!"

Women's category

Yesterday's leading team Eva Lechner and Nathalie Schneitter (team Colnago Arreghini Südtirol) received a time penalty of one hour. They were penalised for breaking rule 23.1 and 23.4 of the Cape Epic. Riders are not allowed any outside assistance with regards to spares, equipment and nutrition.

Sally Bigham and Karien Van Jaarsveld (team USN) were in the leaders jersey out of Tulbagh this morning and proved their competence by also winning stage 3 in a time of 6:43.36 (overall 19:25.15). They were followed by Hanlie Booyens and Ischen Stopforth of Absa aBreast in 6:48.41 (overall 19:47.21) with their first podium finish, ahead of Naomi Hansen and Jodie Willett of adidas who finished third in 6:55.45 (overall 20:22.01). Lechner and Schneitter lead by 22 minutes and six seconds.

"It was a really long stage, but even though we were in the leader jersey, we stayed within our strategy and were racing our own race," said van Jaarsveld. "We're both endurance riders and the other team's penalty didn't change anything for us. We just kept doing what we set out to do. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's shorter stage - the time trial. Our plan is to stay consistent. We've had immense support from everyone when we were told we'd be wearing the Leader jersey and we also behaved like leaders today. We're still riding quite conservatively, looking after ourselves and our equipment. We have a nice lead and don't need to take risks."

"I don't know how to feel about having the leader jersey because I'm not sure how it happened," said Bigham. "I'd want to be in the leader jersey because we're the strongest team, but I also firmly believe in sticking to rules. If it's true that they didn't stop at the water points, they saved a lot of time because it takes us at least two minutes at each water point, which adds up to six minutes per day in total.

"Having won today was really nice though and I'm really pleased. It was a tough stage and lived up to the Cape Epic's reputation. It definitely is the hardest race I've ever done and I've done quite a lot. We're halfway and I look forward to starting later tomorrow - we can rest, eat and recover a bit."

Stopforth said, "It was a lot longer and tougher than I expected with lots of sand, rocks and steep climbs. It was race, race, race form the word go for us."

"The back markers will definitely struggle today," said Booyens. "The route was extremely technical and will be very hard for the more inexperienced rider. I think it's the most technical stage ever in this race."

Willett noted that it was the roughest stage she has ever ridden in her life. "We worked well as a team today, but I must admit that my arms hurt more than my legs today. I'd definitely prefer the sand over the rocks and I'm really looking forward to a shorter day tomorrow."

"It was nice finishing in third place today and our third podium finish this year," said Hansen. "I raced with my boyfriend in 2009 and must say I much prefer having a girl as a partner. My boyfriend just put his music on and there he went and I had to do my best to keep up. Racing with a girl is a lot easier - riding with a guy is just hard - so I really prefer to race with girls!"

Mixed category

The Wheeler - BIXS team, Bärti Bucher and Esther Suss, again won the mixed category in 6:13.11 (overall 17:29.20), again followed by Erik Kleinhans and Ariane Lüthi (of Contego Giant Sludge) in 6:17.48 (overall 18:07.35). The Swiss/German team of Klaus Steinkeller and Kerstin Brachtendorf (FIAT Rotwild) achieved their first podium finish in 6:36.29 (overall 19:01.33). The Wheeler - Bixs team lead by 38 minutes and 15 seconds.

Reigning marathon world champion Süss, of team Wheeler - BIXS said, "I didn't enjoy today. It was only hard work and no fun. You couldn't ride really and we also had a mechanical, which took us about 10 minutes, but at least it gave us time to eat and drink as we were very thirsty. I also had a problem with my hand - it hurt this morning. Today was not my type of stage - I like riding fast."

"We couldn't go fast today. But we were lucky - we had a mechanical 6km before the water point and it could've been worse and further away," said Bucher. "We're really looking forward to the time trial."

Kleinhans said, "It was really difficult until the second water point. But after that we enjoyed it. It was nice mountain bike riding and not boring at all. Ariane struggled a bit at the beginning to find her rhythm."

"We pushed hard to catch up to the leaders after the second water point," said Lüthi. "Erik was pushing really hard and I was just trying to hold on. They're a very strong team. Tomorrow's stage will be more intense, so I'm not sure that I'm going to like it that much." Kleinhans and Lüthi are getting married a week after the Cape Epic. Erik looks after me like the biggest gentleman. I'm even surer I want to marry him."

Master's category

The Juwi team (Carsten Bresser and Udo Boelts) won the stage for the fourth consecutive day in 5:35.20 (overall 16:05.34). They were again followed by Robert Sim and Doug Brown of the Robert Daniel team in 5:50.14 (overall 16:47.23) with the Nandos team of Adrian Enthoven and Gerrie Beukes again in third place in 5:55.00 (overall 17:12.19). The Juwi team leads by 41 minutes and 49 seconds.

"It was a very tough stage but we found a good rhythm. We're very happy about tomorrow's time trial," said Bresser. "It gives us time to relax a bit. We're halfway and really tired, but so is everyone."

Brown reckoned it was a very difficult stage. "We were lucky with the weather. Today's stage seemed very long and it was really nice to get to the finish. I also enjoyed the school kids cheering us on. It's amazing how it gives you a lift. The leaders in our category are really fast and we're riding at our limit. We're going as hard as we can every day, but with this race anything can happen."

Enthoven said he had a puncture when they were 10km from the finish. "We rode easy from there and made sure we had no major other problems. It was a great day and we rode on our own, which means you can go at your own pace. It would've been hard to ride in a group today. The atmosphere at the finish line was fantastic with all the screaming and shouting kids. It makes the pain and suffering worthwhile."

Stage 4: Worcester to Worcester (23km; 800m of climbing)

It's a first for the Cape Epic - two time trials in the 2011 race. This is a 32km route through the foothills of Brandwacht. As in 2010, riders traverse the western side of Worcester in this semi-desert environment. Added to last year's route is an extra 5km loop along dual tracks past the local golf course. The route data reads 860m of climbing which may not seem like a lot, but over such a short distance, it still requires a hard effort.

As usual, the top teams leave at one minute intervals, racing only against the clock, some looking for a stage win and others to consolidate. Riders should hold back on this stage and save themselves for the next half of the Cape Epic saga. With what's waiting for them in the coming days, they'll be glad they did.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hannes Genze (Ger) & Jochen Kaess (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking5:06:33
2Christoph Sauser (Swi) & Burry Stander (RSA) 36ONE-Songo-Specialized0:00:03
3Bart Brentjens (Ned) & Jeroen Boelen (Ned) Milka-Trek0:00:16
4Karl Platt (Ger) & Stefan Sahm (Ger) Bulls0:01:11
5Nicolas Vermeulen (Bel) & Kevin Van Hoovels (Bel) Versluys-Evenza0:03:37
6Thomas Dietsch (Fra) & Tim Boehme (Ger) Bulls 20:10:21
7Urs Huber (Swi) & Konny Looser (Swi) Stockli pro0:10:33
8Andreas Kugler (Swi) & Markus Kaufmann (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking 20:10:34
9Jose Hermida (Spa) & Ralph Naef (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking 30:18:28
10Lukas Flueckiger (Swi) & Mathias Flueckiger (Swi) Trek World Racing0:18:31
11Mannie Heymans (Nam) & Adrien Niyonshuti (RSA) Garmin adidas0:22:02
12Shaun Lewis (Aus) & Peter Hatton (Aus) Rockstar Racing0:28:41
13Alexandre Moos (Swi) & Balthasar Weber (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing0:28:44
14Johannes Sickmueller (Ger) & Axel Bult (Ned) Stevens - Vredestein Bike0:30:16
15Jason Sager (USA) & Benjamin Sonntag (USA) Jamis0:38:33
16Ben Melt Swanepoel (RSA) & Jock Green (RSA) Ghost/Specialized0:40:51
17Ramon Bianchi (Ita) & Mike Felderer (Ita) Team Full-Fynamix0:42:31
18Jelmer Pietersma (Ned) & Jukka Vastaranta (Fin) Milka-Trek 20:45:42
19Marc Bassingthwaigthe (Nam) & Philip Buys (RSA) Garmin adidas 20:45:59
20Hannes Hanekom (RSA) & Sakkie Hanekom (RSA) Tru-Cape0:48:33
21Paul Cordes (RSA) & Charles Keey (RSA) MTN/Qhubeka0:48:39
22Brandon Stewart (RSA) & Shan Wilson (RSA) Toyota DCM0:48:42
23Xavier Dafflon (Swi) & Nicolas Luethi (Swi) PRO Cycles Prof - Suisse Romande0:54:40
24Umberto Corti (Ita) & Fabio Ursi (Ita) CBE Merida0:54:43
25Lieuwe Boonstra (RSA) & Alastair Davies (RSA) Momentum Specialised Insurance0:55:47
26Cesar Moura (Bra) & Silvio Amorim (Bra) Brasil0:59:12
27Simon Zahnd (Swi) & Damian Perrin (Swi) Baumat / zaboobikes.com0:59:58
28Mathieu Alba (Reu) & Giovanni Gonthier (Reu) Cyclozone1:04:05
29Arnaud Grosjean (Fra) & Steven Garcin (Fra) BH SRSuntour1:05:56
30Dennis Du Toit (RSA) & Jandri Ferreira (RSA) VOX Telecom1:06:13
30Chuck Gibson (USA) & Gregy Gibson (USA) www.TruckerCo.comRow 30 - Cell 2
32Jean-francois Bossler (Fra) & Pierre-yves Facomprez (Fra) Look - KMC1:06:52
33Hennie Kriek (RSA) & Nico Bell (RSA) Mankele / Bells Cycling1:08:50
34Cobus Hendriksz (RSA) & Carel Le Roux (RSA) Vela VKE1:09:19
35Martin Saenz (Ecu) & Galo Tamayo (Ecu) Continental Nissan Ecuador1:09:42
36Michiel Van Aelbroeck (Bel) & Alexis Matthys (Bel) - Overbike1:10:17
37David Leiman (RSA) & Marco Pulvirenti (RSA) Thule-Safindit1:11:45
38James Rait (RSA) & Peter Foster (RSA) Fundhouse/Think Bike1:12:28
39Uros Breski (Slo) & Valerio Lutman (Slo) VENKO by DJAK1:17:21
40Jean Van Wyk (RSA) & Greg Goodall (RSA) Enjoy Fitness1:18:13
41Hans Ivar Festad (Nor) & Tor Atle Fuglerud (Nor) Raufoss & Gj?vik SK1:19:12
42Nicolas Durin (Fra) & Julien Saussac (Fra) Comit? Rhone Alpes1:19:30
43David Zimmermann (Swi) & Mike Fridelance (Swi) Jura Swiss1:19:35
44Willem Van Heerdt (Ned) & Jonathan Wallace (Ned) Campana 31:19:48
45Simon Lamond (RSA) & Nic Lamond (RSA) RSAWEB SwiftCarbon1:20:25
46Andrew Grobler (RSA) & Rowan Grobler (RSA) Adidas Groblers1:21:02
47Jose Luis Arce (Spa) & Blake Harlan (USA) Andalucia Bike Race / Jamis1:23:19
48Ferdie Potgieter (RSA) & Iain Don-Wauchope (RSA) Inter Africa1:24:08
49Greeff Moolman Jnr. (RSA) & Jozua de Kock (RSA) Thule Stellenbosch1:24:58
50Craig Boyes (RSA) & Stefan Ihenfeldt (RSA) Cape Town Market1:25:22
51Johan Wentzel (RSA) & rynard van hoven (RSA) REPARIL1:25:28
52Giuseppe Ribolzi (Swi) & Daniele Zucconi (Swi) ASSOS XC1:25:31
53Mike Blewitt (Aus) & William Hayter (GBr) MarathonMTB.com1:26:20
54Jannas Du plessis (RSA) & Charl Du Plessis (RSA) Mr. Metal1:26:26
55Mark Coram (RSA) & Hudson Chevallier (RSA) Davieslab1:27:40
56Vedran Mohorovicic (Cro) & DJani Simcic (Cro) Ghost Croatia1:28:40
57Ruben Wey (Swi) & J?rg Franke (Swi) bike4life.ch1:30:06
58Dreyer Van Huyssteen (RSA) & Ryan Hodierne (RSA) Ride Magazine1:35:14
59Orion Riggs (Aus) & Richard Enthoven (Aus) Cycle Nation1:36:05
60Jimmy Grade (Bel) & Raf de Bakker (Bel) Connection 31:36:56
61Darryl Grobbelaar (RSA) & David Ellis (RSA) ETS1:37:20
62Gunther Bauer (Aut) & Michael Weiss (Aut) Austria Wachau1:38:38
63Joao Mendes (RSA) & Ryan Binedell (RSA) GVK Racing1:39:01
64Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spa) & Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spa) Wildwolf Trek Pro Racing1:39:26
65Brent Russell (RSA) & Andrew Mazewski (GBr) PointBreak1:39:49
66Tom Janas (Ger) & Axel Mueller (Ger) men1:39:59
67Bruce Anderson (RSA) & Stuart Anderson (RSA) 19741:42:00
68Urs Walder (Swi) & Mario Pfister (Swi) Swiss Cowboys1:45:42
69Ico Schutte (RSA) & Jaco Ferreira (RSA) Old Fashioned Fish and Chips1:47:12
70Heinrich Tait (RSA) & Nicom Loubser (RSA) Barista Boys1:49:19
71Pieter Venter (RSA) & Dewald Scholtz (RSA) Pure Hope1:50:44
72Johan Venter (RSA) & Fanie Venter (RSA) Neef & Niggie Venter1:50:44
73Maarten Van Der Horst (Ned) & Kell Westfehling (RSA) Electric Spinach1:50:57
74Neill Marsilio (RSA) & Matt Osborne (RSA) Bemer South Africa1:51:14
75Paris Basson (RSA) & Roelof Burger (Aus) BOS ice tea1:51:15
76Francois Finlay (RSA) & Mark Pienaar (RSA) Big Ring Action1:51:44
77Sylvain Ecoffey (Swi) & Daniel Gremaud (Swi) Movement1:52:07
78Pedro Lourenco (Por) & Andre Pinto (Por) Aventura Gislotica/Sysmo/Rocky mnt1:54:29
79Kevin De baets (Bel) & David Osaer (Bel) Beachbikers L1:56:06
80joery vanderhulst (Bel) & Johan Frooninckx (Bel) Connections MTB 21:57:11
81Herman Keuler (RSA) & Jan Scannell (RSA) Attix5/SCAS1:57:33
82Dmitriy Surovtsev (Rus) & Vitaliy Skorobogatov (Rus) redBike - russian express1:57:55
83Patrick Van Schoor (RSA) & Benjamin Howard (RSA) Supersport1:58:38
84Bryce Munro (RSA) & Guylin van den Berg (RSA) SOAR1:58:39
85Johann Le Roux (RSA) & Willie Roux (RSA) Die Bosvarke1:58:49
86Duncan Vos (RSA) & Patrick Cruywagen (RSA) Toyota PD 442:00:11
87Shaun Michael Ellis (RSA) & Merlyn Jackson (RSA) Cadence Capital2:00:11
88Werner Joubert (RSA) & John Swanepoel (RSA) Kibwe Kids2:01:03
89Herbert Korblet (Ned) & Gert Korblet (Ned) Sportvoedingwebshop.com2:03:08
90Jordi Collell (Spa) & Josep Serra (Spa) CC Pedal Ter-Fanatik Sports2:04:01
91Kobus Venter (RSA) & Jaco Kamfer (RSA) Absa Capital2:04:36
92Zbigniew Mossoczy (Pol) & Jakub Sikorski (Pol) Sikorski bikeBoard Team2:04:36
93Gareth Rees (RSA) & Rory Wilson (RSA) Parks Cycling Club2:04:48
94Darol Howes (RSA) & Bruce Hughes (RSA) Diabetesadventure.com2:04:57
95Danny Bens (Ned) & Erno Van Dongen (Ned) Ernobubensi2:07:57
96Willem Coetzee (RSA) & Malan Wykerd (RSA) Team Distance 4 Difference2:08:16
97Nigel Adcock (Aus) & Mark Oliver (RSA) South Perth Rouleurs/Wembly Cycles2:08:39
98David De Lima (RSA) & Taygan Robson (RSA) 24/7 SECURITY2:11:09
99Christiaan Nel (RSA) & Karl Kielblock (RSA) Two Adders2:12:28
100Stamatis Kapsimalis (RSA) & Christos Paterimos (RSA) John Dorys2:12:40
101Christo Groenewald (RSA) & Lawrence Lindeque (RSA) Burn jOules2:14:26
102Simon Finch (Aus) & Nicholas Finch (GBr) Australian Mountain Bike Magazine2:17:07
103Tommie Van de Velde (Bel) & Yann Vandemeulebroecke (Bel) Ghent Speed Kings2:17:40
104Jonathan Odendaal (RSA) & Barend Daniel Pienaar (RSA) Bearing Man Group2:18:50
105Wilhelm De Beer (RSA) & Stephen Butler (NZl) PSC Consulting - Buycycle2:18:51
106Gary Sherriff (GBr) & Duane Vock (GBr) Continental Tyres LSA2:18:54
107Christopher Maughan (RSA) & Matthew Miller (RSA) GVK Siya Zama2:22:19
108Dirk Nel (RSA) & Cedric Jansen Van Vuuren (RSA) Neotrend Property Developers2:23:49
109Cedric Carreira (Fra) & Regis Lala (Fra) Rotorfrance.com2:24:06
110Jose Correia Pinto Filho (Bra) & Lourenco Bizarria (Bra) Abrame2:25:05
111Miguel Goncalves (Por) & Alexandre Gonzalves (Por) Barcelos - Portugal2:25:17
112Asaf Sametz (Isr) & Raz Shapira (Isr) City CYcling Club- CCC2:25:49
113Fabian Van Altena (Ned) & Wouter Lazet (Ned) Fiets.nl2:26:07
114Mark Everdij (RSA) & Jason Deane (RSA) Living the Dream2:27:31
115Jaco Erasmus (RSA) & Emiel Van Vuuren (RSA) Wasabi2:29:07
116Andrewe Procter (RSA) & Wesley Procter (RSA) ABSA 10ACITY2:32:27
117Mathew Browne (RSA) & Francois Louw (RSA) Proactive Fitness2:34:06
118Charl de Villiers (RSA) & Louis De Villiers (RSA) 2XU - Div Brothers2:34:41
119Almero Barnard (RSA) & Denver Knoetzen (RSA) Newco Tech Racing2:34:54
120Marco Bloem (Ned) & Jeroen Verbocht (Ned) Leertouwer.nl2:35:05
121David Griffiths (GBr) & Mark Griffiths (GBr) Mountain Ninjas2:35:17
122Greg Keers (GBr) & Conan Gibney (GBr) Ful-On Tri2:35:23
123John Spapens (Ned) & Marco Van Den Helm (Ned) BraBikers2:38:21
124Urs Pietsch (Ger) & Christian Scheiwe (Ger) Felt Oetzal X-Bionic2:39:14
125Renaud Schindelholz (Swi) & Rafael Ruiz del portal (Swi) Swiss Hornets2:40:05
126Tony Van Marken (RSA) & Christopher Chorley (RSA) Pragma Vox Telecom2:40:37
127Radek Tuma (Cze) & Pavel Brabec (Cze) Sensor CZ - TJ Rumburk2:41:30
128Jason Bailey (RSA) & Ben Mathewson (RSA) Choice2:42:31
129Gerhard van der merwe (RSA) & Mario Strydom (RSA) GRW22:43:23
130Dave Linder (RSA) & Scott Fraser (RSA) The Bicycle Company2:46:04
131Nuno Filipe Machado (Por) & Diogo Casado Vieira (Por) Bike Magazine - Move Free2:46:46
132Matthew Michael Heyns (RSA) & Hj Nel (RSA) No Sweat2:46:58
133Richard Mann (GBr) & Robin Card (UAE) Aecom2:47:07
134Stefan Van den Heever (RSA) & Koos Van Rooyen (RSA) Aircrew2:47:17
135Sirk Loots (RSA) & Maarten Van Dalsen (GBr) Yo-Yo2:49:06
136Tim Koek (Ned) & Martin Rijswijk (Ned) Bike Action Alkmaar2:49:19
137Francisco Nestor teixeira filho (Bra) & nilo chaves maia (Bra) Brazil Zona Alvo2:49:35
138Arnaud De Commarmond (Mri) & Christophe Lincoln (Mri) Mauritius Beach Riders2:50:13
139Alberto Santiago (USA) & Marcos Rosado (USA) A Victoria MTB Puerto Rico2:50:13
140David Egli (Swi) & Christoph N?tzi (Swi) Baspo2:51:22
141Lammert Oosthuizen (RSA) & Francois Jacobus Joubert (RSA) Rosette2:52:08
142Russell Crowder (GBr) & Robin Ovenden (GBr)
143Nelson Snyder (USA) & Brien Crothers (USA) Cyclepath Racing2:52:29
144Gustavo Garcia (RSA) & Andrew Westaway (RSA) Swazi gold2:53:26
145Leon Kohne (RSA) & Jonathan Cave (RSA) Highway Bakkie Hire2:54:10
146Julian Bryant (RSA) & David Knott (RSA) Megapro2:55:48
147Max Pelser (RSA) & De Villiers Groenewald (RSA) Epic Masochists2:56:33
148Garth Briggs (RSA) & Pieter Van Der Merwe (RSA) ABSA Private Bank2:56:33
149Corn? Klem (RSA) & Evert Meintjes (RSA) Qubeka2:57:06
150Hardus Blignaut (RSA) & Dirk Erasmus (RSA) Kakiebos2:59:52
151Minter Barnard (Aus) & Hannes Van Eeden (RSA) Super Kroes3:01:19
152Gert Leenstra (RSA) & HP Muller (RSA) Wrap-IT Zululand3:02:33
153Gordon Johnstone (RSA) & Panjo Van de Sande (RSA) 2 Pints Plz3:02:52
154Mattheus Lotter (RSA) & Gerhard Huiskens (RSA) TJOPPERS3:06:03
155Phillip Stuart-Hill (RSA) & Laurence Stuart-Hill (RSA) The Hills3:08:29
156Lander Torfs (Bel) & Bart Houben (Bel) Connections MTB3:08:41
157Gary James (RSA) & Anton De Waal (RSA) B-E-N3:09:59
158Danie Viljoen (RSA) & George De Kock (RSA) Delecta and Graaff-Fruit3:11:18
159Wynand Du Toit (RSA) & Louis Abram De Wilde (RSA) Overberg Water3:11:51
160Thomas Borst (Ger) & Dominik Borst (Ger) is des gefahrn3:12:50
161Cameron Adams (RSA) & Jonathan Vogel (RSA)3:13:49
162Chris Anderson (RSA) & Nico Van Zyl (RSA) Iron Fist3:14:23
163Anthony Jankovich-Besan (RSA) & Herman van der Werf (RSA) Arniston Guzzlers3:16:58
164Richard Fair (Moz) & Timothy Fair (RSA) Carpe Diem3:17:30
165Francois Theron (RSA) & Deon Kotze (RSA) The Legends3:18:09
166Barry Van Blerk (RSA) & Clark Gardner (RSA) Watch out Bulls3:18:13
167Rafael Sheffer (Isr) & Tal Shagan (Isr) ccc-33:19:01
168Robert Viljoen (RSA) & Con Blom (RSA) ZaPOP3:19:48
169Kevin Mc Pherson (RSA) & Wolfgang Von Loeper (RSA) Wedderwill3:20:32
170Gert van der Walt (RSA) & Johan Maartens (RSA) Doctors for Life3:21:17
171Jacobus Van Zyl (RSA) & Pieter Van Zyl (RSA) Ashwin3:24:03
172Sander Van den Born (Ned) & Cor Kraamwinkel (RSA) TwoCon3:24:04
173Jaco Du Plessis (RSA) & Louis Groenewald (RSA) JIP 4 Kleine Kuikens3:28:47
174Earl Van Zyl (RSA) & Adrian Smit (RSA) Cutoff Dodgers by Transition Risk3:29:00
175Lourens Van der Westhuizen (RSA) & Rowan Marais (RSA) Sinethemba3:29:29
176Gavin Richardson (RSA) & Darryl Fox (RSA) Fit Sports Lab3:29:39
177Freddie Bakkes (RSA) & John Dalton (RSA) Tru-Cape Legait3:30:53
178Brendan Williams (RSA) & Gavin Williams (RSA) Terason Tigers3:30:54
179Frederick Phillips (Ber) & Paul Slabber (RSA) Flying Dutchmen3:30:56
180Brett Pollock (RSA) & Andrew Barnes (RSA) Polyflex023:31:01
181Gunter Selleslagh (Bel) & Tom Op de Beeck (Bel) Roadracers3:31:24
182Adrian Garvey (RSA) & Brian Osborne (RSA) Toyota Tuff Butt's3:31:54
183Ockert Oosthuizen (RSA) & Francois Nel (RSA) Thule Clearwater and Cycles Online3:32:39
184Dirkie Van Der Merwe (RSA) & Francois Coetzer (RSA) Senkal Allen3:32:44
185Robert Ambler-smith (RSA) & Garreth Montano (RSA) Specialized Forces3:32:54
186Izak Du Plessis (RSA) & Theo Coetzee (RSA) Overberg Water Gladiators3:33:02
187Greig Jansen (Eth) & Andy Higginbotham (RSA) Twakkie and Corne'3:33:27
188Sean Wibberley (RSA) & Chris Dando (RSA) Judges Benevolent Fund3:34:21
189John Mohaud (RSA) & Brett Hess (RSA) JACKAL3:35:11
190Noel Droomer (RSA) & Louis Ferreira (RSA) Droomers3:36:52
191Jean Christophe Vassor (Reu) & Ludovic Vassor (Reu) VASSOR 9743:37:43
192Willem Jacobus Jacobs (RSA) & Roger Kear (RSA) On Top3:39:26
193Walter Rauch (RSA) & Roman Petr (Svk) JD3:39:56
194Peter Kneeshaw (GBr) & Robin Larcombe (GBr) Banchory Cycles3:39:59
195Jannie Louw (RSA) & Stian Dreyer (RSA) Super Subs3:41:35
196Sander Hartog (Ned) & Michel Robert (Ned) Van Diepen Van der Kroef3:43:14
197Ferdi Van Zyl (RSA) & Michael Dippenaar (RSA) Mega sore ass3:44:21
198Hendrik Steyn Prinsloo (RSA) & Bruce Mcqueen (RSA) Umsenga3:45:34
199Gerrie Olivier (RSA) & Heinrich (Hein) Wagner (RSA) Pragma3:45:35
200Alwyn De Kock (RSA) & Andr? Jordaan (RSA) Pragma 23:45:36
201Andy Walton (RSA) & Kevin Taljaard (RSA) The Coots3:50:13
202Sean Dupont (RSA) & Wayne Champion (RSA) Spring Forest Eco-Wash3:50:32
203Matthias Boufessile (Bel) & Mohammed Boufessile (Bel) Boufessile3:50:54
204Stamatis Balidis (RSA) & Denzil Nightingale (RSA) Working Class3:52:06
205Gilberto Ambrogi (Bra) & Vinicius Silva (Bra) GibaVini3:52:15
206Antonie De Klerk (RSA) & Con Viljoen (RSA) Impact Adventure3:52:16
207Azukile Simayile (RSA) & Sivuyile Kepelele (RSA) Songo-23:53:09
208Werner Gerntholtz (Can) & Jake Crowther (RSA) The Outeniqua Rockies3:53:10
209Rudi Pieterse (RSA) & Willem Du Toit (RSA) RUFCO3:53:27
210Philip Steyn (Nam) & Pierre van Rensburg (Nam) Black Mambas3:54:54
211Rodrigo Vasconcellos (Bra) & Gus Albuquerque (Bra) Mangho3:55:03
212Craig Moyes (RSA) & Gerhard Bester (RSA) Fat Fish3:55:31
213Jacques Du Sautoy (RSA) & Cole Stanton (RSA) Milton vs Granton3:56:56
214Lionel Chantren (RSA) & Fran?ois de Crawhez (Bel) General Sherman3:56:58
215Jacques Claassen (RSA) & Chris Viljoen (RSA) Mountain Schmountain3:58:10
216Benoit de Backer (Bel) & Vincent Baert (Bel) Dickies Xtreme3:58:41
217Nicholas Renecle (RSA) & Hennie Botha (RSA) Stortech3:58:44
218Jordi Garcia (Spa) & Joan Garcia Batlle (Spa) Initzia Renovables4:00:04
219Russell Mawson (GBr) & Simon Neuhoff (GBr) Kiss My Granny Ring4:00:15
220Dirk Lourens (RSA) & Adriaan De Beer (RSA) eXXaro-eXXplore4:00:31
222Sintu Vives (And) & Alex Rebes (Spa) sintuvives.com4:01:17
223Niel Muller (RSA) & Marius Van Zyl (RSA) Scared Shiftless4:01:17
224Luca Zat (Ita) & Sandro Marcorin (Ita) BPT Racing4:02:30
225Shawn Mitchley (RSA) & Marc Arenhold (RSA) Avis Rent a Car4:03:04
226Luke Ferris (Can) & Adam Ferris (Can) Serenity Now4:03:20
227Jared Gottschalk (RSA) & Bruce Darne (RSA) Auction Alliance4:06:07
228Matthaeus Meier (Swi) & Christoph Egger (Swi) MC Swiss4:06:10
229Werner Botha (RSA) & Pieter Theron (RSA) Saronsberg4:06:41
230Andr? Ross (RSA) & Garth Humphries (RSA) Absa Capital CYCO4:07:17
231Yves Claeys (Bel) & Christophe De Clercq (Bel) Beachbikers M4:07:50
232Frederic Nicolin (Mri) & Lawrence Wong (Mri) S-Works Mauritius4:09:31
233Willie Mouton (RSA) & Clive Silva (RSA) Absa Dynamics4:11:15
234Steven Torrington (RSA) & Trevor Rolfe (RSA) Urban Warriors4:11:15
235Thembisile Mtintsilana (RSA) & Masixole Matini (RSA) VisionK4:11:17
236Johannes Van Zyl (RSA) & Michael Van Zyl (RSA) Hex Diagnostics4:12:17
237Anton Bekker (RSA) & Frans De Beer (RSA) LCS Property Finance4:13:29
238Selwin Young (RSA) & Pieter Le Roux (RSA) AFRI-CAN4:14:40
239Johan Jacobs (RSA) & Eric Starke (RSA) Lucky Valley Douglas4:15:47
240Emile Rossouw (RSA) & Leroux Van Wyk (Nam) DR JS Rossouw Medical Practice4:16:11
241Attie Visser (RSA) & Marais Steyn (RSA) Spartans4:17:23
242Marc Copeland (RSA) & Paul Close (RSA) Investec4:18:06
243George Taljaard (RSA) & Kobus Nell (RSA) 4EVER4WARD4:19:40
244Werner Pienaar (RSA) & Niel Gerryts (RSA) Late-comers4:24:03
245Coen De Kock (RSA) & Clayton Hindle (RSA) Dimsiss Assist4:25:56
246John Woodrow (GBr) & David Tibbs (GBr) Nae Brakes Nae Brains4:26:38
247Josias Barbosa (Bra) & Thiago Menezes Fernandes (Bra) Palito e Pelota4:27:15
248Gavin Ritchie (RSA) & Paul Goodsell (RSA) Easy Riders4:28:22
249Werner Du Toit (RSA) & John-William Awbrey (RSA) Mountain Bike Assassin's4:29:11
250Nico Smit (RSA) & Stefan du Toit (RSA) Shaft Old Boys4:30:09
251Andrew Steytler (RSA) & Wesley Botha (RSA) Geeronimo4:32:16
252Michael Nell Wiid (RSA) & Jo Lambinon (RSA) Safe Eggs4:33:31
253Stuart Hamilton (GBr) & Graeme Hamilton (RSA) Cyclesphere/Squirt Lube/Propsat 24:34:52
254Graham Beyers (RSA) & Mark Pringle (RSA) Easylife Kitchens4:35:47
255Andrew Britz (GBr) & Zane Smith (GBr) Cyclesphere/Squirt Lube/Propsat 14:38:48
256Mike van Niekerk (RSA) & Ruan Retief (RSA) Kona Big Tree Foundation4:39:28
257Simon Turner (RSA) & Andy Wright (RSA) Ride For Recovery4:41:54
258Mike Robertson (GBr) & Angus Simpson (GBr) Ama Jongosi4:42:51
259Bertie van Zyl (RSA) & Anton Lume (RSA) JAG ZZ24:43:41
260Jean De Jager (RSA) & Casper De bruin (RSA) CAT4:44:07
261Victor Mcloughlin (RSA) & David Hudson (RSA) The Dirty Beezers4:45:03
262Craig Sterling (RSA) & Jan Du Toit (RSA) Biogen ? Guts2glory4:45:42
263Humberto Cardoso (RSA) & Mauritz Walters (RSA) Wimpy Ceres4:48:00
264Heinrich Putter (GBr) & Jean Botes (RSA) Merriman Men4:49:59
265Greg James (RSA) & Gerhardi Odendaal (RSA) JAG Riders4:50:53
266Merryck Griffiths (RSA) & Ryan Paterson (RSA) Maitland4:50:53
267Gerhardt Johannes Breytenbach (RSA) & Gerrit Pieterse (RSA) cranknuts4:53:21
268Willie Esterhuizen (RSA) & Kenneth Cockcroft (RSA) Sticks & Stones4:56:56
269Lucas Stevens (Ned) & Emiel Stevens (Ned) StevenS4:57:08
270Martin Ciolkosz (Pol) & Garth Flanders (RSA) Merida 3 - The Slow One4:58:08
271Rob Gilmour (RSA) & Mark Slingsby (RSA) RSAWEB SwiftCarbon 24:59:22
272John Low (RSA) & Norman Van Rooyen (RSA) Spitting Llamas5:00:13
273Peter De Schipper (Ned) & Jeroen Swildens (Ned) Hellas Triathlon5:02:00
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Bigham (GBr) & Karien van Jaarsveld (RSA) USN6:43:36
2Hanlie Booyens (RSA) & Ischen Stopforth (RSA) ABSA aBreast0:05:05
3Naomi Hansen (Aus) & Jodie Willett (Aus) Adidas0:12:09
4Catherine Townshend (RSA) & Julia Skea (RSA) RSAWeb Ladies0:26:11
5Eva Lechner (Ita) & Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Colnago Arreghini Sudtirol0:32:03
6Cathryn Zeglinski (Can) & Sabina Compassi (Swi) Northlands Medical Clinic0:42:49
7Selene Yeager (USA) & Cheryl Sornson (USA) CF0:49:20
8Katja Cauwenbergh (Bel) & Sara Mertens (Bel) O2BIKERS ladies0:52:14
9Robyn Adendorff (RSA) & Sarah Van Heerden (RSA) ASPEN0:54:34
10Hannele Steyn (RSA) & Leana De Jager (RSA) Attix5 Ladies0:59:05
11Niki Fisher (Aus) & Jenni King (Aus) Swell/Giant1:07:17
12Ann Harrison (RSA) & Nikki Haywood (RSA) Dawn Wing1:24:32
13Desiree Loubser (RSA) & Marleen Lourens (RSA) Fairest Cape1:35:36
14Bonny Swanepoel (RSA) & Linda Davidson (Zim) Adidasmaidens1:44:11
15Michelle Harris (RSA) & Charlize Wiederkehr (RSA) Mal Kwaggas1:47:57
16Anka Martin (USA) & Tracy Moseley (GBr) Downhillers for World Bicycle Relief1:51:37
17Andrea Huser (Swi) & Christine Wyss (Swi) Bl?emlisalp1:52:10
18Dawn Herbert (RSA) & Caren Mills (RSA) Rugged Roses2:25:58
19M?lanie Leveau (Fra) & Andrea Marcellini (Bra) Hora do blush2:57:44
20Eulogy Du Plessis (RSA) & Naomi Rothmann (RSA) JAG Ladies 'fuelled? by Woolworths3:01:57
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Berti Bucher (Swi) & Esther Suss (Swi) Wheeler - BiXS6:13:11
2Erik Kleinhans (RSA) & Ariane L?thi (RSA) Contego/Giant/Sludge0:04:37
3Kerstin Brachtendorf (Ita) & Klaus Steinkeller (Aut) FIAT Rotwild0:23:10
4Daniel Annaheim (Swi) & Renata Bucher (Swi) Baumat/zaboobikes.com0:29:51
5Inne Gantois (Bel) & Klaas Vanmoortel (Bel) BAiK - Peak Performance Brugge0:33:53
6Ivonne Kraft (Ger) & Peter Vesel (Slo) Raedisch Race0:38:50
7Gerhard Ebersohn (RSA) & Christine Jansen Van Rensburg (RSA) PeptoSport0:40:15
8Gal Tsachor (Isr) & Idit Shub (Isr) CCC Trek israel0:40:53
9Carel Bosman (RSA) & Catherine Williamson (GBr) Bizhub Peptopro0:42:16
10Beat Schaffner (Swi) & Christine Schaffner (Swi) Thoemus Racing0:42:38
11Jane Seggie (RSA) & Henning Van Wyk (RSA) Meridasa-Mixed1:08:34
12Tamara Goeppel (Can) & Thomas Tetz (Can) Yukon Travel1:19:46
13Andrea Meier (Ger) & Sven Meier (Ger) - Speedzone1:31:16
14Craig Beech (RSA) & Liz Ward (RSA) Life is still a beech1:46:22
15Wessel Van Der Merwe (RSA) & Petruschka Constancon (RSA) JAG's Incredible's2:00:19
16Christiane Brenzel (RSA) & Andre Boshoff (RSA) Merlin2:04:00
17Regula Batt (Swi) & Andreas Lenz (Swi) two for one2:07:56
18Yvette Roberts (RSA) & Gavin Wilkinson (RSA) Fish & Chips2:14:02
19Jon Oosthuyse (RSA) & Tanja Oosthuyse (RSA) Totally Stoked2:14:10
20Rodney Stroud (GBr) & Kirsten Kingma (RSA) Clent Hills / Softek Ltd2:21:48
21Phil Kelly (USA) & Gina Virzi-kelly (USA) We're too sexy for this ride2:23:01
22Katerina Slegrova (RSA) & Antonie Basson (RSA) Virgin Active2:24:48
23Toni Van Heerden (Aus) & Henry Van Heerden (Aus) Where's Marley?2:26:43
24Gillian Marnewick (RSA) & Rowland Visser (RSA) Faster than Chuck2:27:01
25Raquel Gontijo (Bra) & helder carvalho (Por) Mountain Bike BH2:28:18
26Megan Simpson (RSA) & Carl Esterhuysen (RSA) Rubel Racing2:28:39
27Riaan Maree (RSA) & Miriam Stronkhorst (RSA) Tasol Solar2:29:55
28Jan-hendrik Hofmeyr (RSA) & Elsabe Hofmeyr (RSA) Generaal Bosvark2:38:55
29Andrew Koen (RSA) & Janet Lightley (RSA) Nativa Miracle Kidz2:44:46
30Colleen Jacobs (RSA) & Michael Jacobs (RSA) Lucky Valley Big Tree2:45:00
31Carmen Muller (RSA) & Martin Hendriksen (RSA) Petal Powah2:45:00
32Verena Noller (RSA) & Guido Holz (Ger) Sportograf Rehidrat2:48:26
33Idielle Walters (RSA) & Stewie Walters (RSA) Altitude2:55:42
34Ernst Viljoen (RSA) & Catherine Labuschagne (RSA) Absalute Mud Movers2:56:53
35Tony Bosman (RSA) & Sandy Bosman (RSA) BUSHPIGS2:56:55
36Danie Louw (RSA) & Jozanne Louw (RSA) LouwGear RE Foundation2:58:34
37Harry Scheepers (RSA) & Doret Van Wyk (RSA) Twenty Ten Revenge3:03:04
38Claudia Tollendal (Bra) & Michel Fernandez (Cub) claudia3:04:48
39Iris Kraemer (Ger) & Georg Schellhaas (Ger) Univega Pro Cycling3:06:56
40Max Richner (Swi) & Birgit Richner (Swi) Methusalem 1113:10:37
41Belinda Marais (RSA) & William Marais (RSA) SunScan3:11:37
42Dorothea K?ppe (Swi) & Patrick K?ppe (Swi) Alpine Sunshine3:11:40
43Nicolette Wulfsohn (RSA) & Brett Simpson (RSA) TTFU3:14:37
44Ian Martin (RSA) & Sam Moss (RSA) MAD Coach One Tandem3:15:34
45Irina Kukueva (Rus) & Valery Evgrafov (Rus) Valira3:20:18
46Annie Labuscagne (RSA) & Ross Douglas (RSA) As good as it gets3:28:07
47Emma Clyde (RSA) & David Snyders (RSA) Blur3:28:11
48David Labuschagne (RSA) & Petro Labuschagne (RSA) Cycle Lab Centurion3:28:32
49Joyce Benade (RSA) & Anton Buter (GBr) Island Tribe Chick & Haggis3:33:30
50Leentie Mouton (RSA) & Dawie Griesel (RSA) Momentum Specialised Insurance 33:35:53
51Calvyn Ferreira (RSA) & Sandra Ferreira (RSA) SJW Civils3:39:46
52Denise Shakeshaft (Ger) & Hugh Shakeshaft (Ger) Lambs Tail3:42:14
53Jessica Knight (RSA) & John Knight (RSA) Knight Riders3:48:03
54Nicky Webb (RSA) & Cecil Munch (RSA) Newbridge Mixed3:51:59
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carsten Bresser (Ger) & Udo Boelts (Ger) juwi5:35:20
2Robert Sim (RSA) & Doug Brown (RSA) Robert Daniel0:14:54
3Adrian Enthoven (RSA) & Gerrie Beukes (RSA) Nandos0:19:40
4Thomas Frischknecht (Swi) & Urs Gerig (Swi) Scott-Swisspower equiped by ODLO0:25:52
5Gary Marescia (RSA) & Bruce Diesel (RSA) Toyota/Cyclelab0:25:55
6Alec Petro (USA) & Kevin Hines (USA) Bay Hill Capital/Corner Cycle/Big Tree0:37:52
7Wim Tollenaere (Bel) & Franky Taelman (Bel) De Fietser - Ridley0:43:17
8Ollie Klein (Aus) & Andrew Field (Aus) scaerdyk@t racing0:44:10
9Steve Van Der Merwe (RSA) & Nicolas Gaudard (RSA) RAW0:51:21
10David Roqueta (Spa) & Fran Lopez Costoya (Spa) buff thermocool0:54:49
11Paul Furbank (RSA) & Andrew Mclean (RSA) Cycle Lab Toyota0:56:09
12Markus Pielenz (Ger) & Christoph Pielenz (Ger) Adidas Medsport0:57:04
13Shane Thomson (RSA) & Wayne Collin (RSA)
14Roy Mcgladdery (RSA) & Gert Muller (RSA) Underwater farmers1:06:37
15Michel B?gli (Bra) & Eduardo Soares (Bra) Epic Brasil1:07:52
16Brett Burton (NZl) & David Stachon (Can) Olympic Cycles1:11:45
17David Walsh (RSA) & Dirk Maarsingh (RSA) ABSA Outspokin'1:12:26
18Michael Opper (Ger) & Ralf Kropp (Ger) Rohloff Endorfin BSN1:18:38
19Michael Charlewood (RSA) & Graham Taylor (RSA) Coega1:19:42
20Nicholas Miller (Ken) & Peter Viljoen (Ken) North Kenya1:19:55
21Trevor Seinen (RSA) & Lawrence Van Lingen (RSA) Virgin Active Health Clubs1:20:18
22Marius Nel (RSA) & Guy Pike (RSA) Diakin GU 21:20:42
23Christiaan Van Zyl (RSA) & Riaan Boshoff (RSA) Merlin 21:21:15
24Jaap Van Dijk (Ned) & Dale Mclean (RSA) YOLO1:22:58
25Deon Wilkins (RSA) & Francois Malherbe (RSA) Doringdraad1:22:59
26Laurent Sillon (Spa) & Christophe Desimpeleare (Den) club la santa1:29:12
27Rory Mapstone (RSA) & Craig De Wet (RSA) Gravity Sux1:29:29
28Landon la Grange (RSA) & Richard Lurie (RSA) N-Level1:32:47
29Olivier Vernaton (Reu) & Daniel Chane Foc (Reu) Cyclozone 21:34:35
30Alain Schroeven (Bel) & Erwin Renders (Bel) ODTeam1:36:45
31Frank Beelen (Ned) & Roger Stienen (Ned) BEST1:37:12
32Andries Duminy (RSA) & Cd Du Toit (RSA) Suid Kaap1:38:09
33Oran Uzrad (Isr) & Amos Gery (Isr) c.c.c.11:38:47
34Raul Navarro (Ven) & Ernesto Navarro (Ven) Irdesir Venezuela1:39:10
35Thomas Dooley (USA) & Mike Hogan (USA)'s Nut Butter1:39:18
36Ivar Tollefsen (Nor) & Trond Hilde (Nor) Gutta Boyz1:40:17
37Rob Hamlyn (RSA) & Kim Phillips (RSA) 29ers1:42:00
38Philip Faure (RSA) & Colin Anderson (RSA) Wilde II1:44:39
39Robert Thooft (GBr) & Michael Gardner (GBr) Midlife Crises1:46:27
40Richard Muller (RSA) & Pieter Breytenbach (RSA) NMMU Saasveld1:46:47
41Dirk Rossignol (Bel) & Michel Wynsberghe (Bel) Versluys-Evenza/S-Bikes1:49:24
42Graham Taylor (RSA) & Gary Taylor (RSA) GT X 21:50:01
43Robert Watts (RSA) & Shane Schreiber (RSA) 2 Snakes Racing1:50:06
44Andrew Kenny (RSA) & Dave Buckingham (RSA) Mr Price Tops@Spar1:51:10
45Morgan Zbinden (Swi) & Denis Glardon (Swi) Rochat Cycles, Aubonne1:52:31
46Christian Orlowski (Ger) & Gerd Sowa (Ger) Focus Cape Epic1:54:45
47John Gale (RSA) & George Evans (RSA) Fat Bob1:54:59
48Benoit Bernard (Reu) & marcel boillon (Fra) CYCLOZONE 31:55:19
49Bob Malfliet (Bel) & Eddy Feliers (Bel) 2Xtreme Masters 21:55:35
50John Thomson (RSA) & Duncan Bowman (RSA) Toyota Mates1:56:12
51Koen Thijssen (Bel) & Jo Stragier (Bel) TTHZ Cycling1:56:38
52Matthias Klug (Ger) & Michael Tessmer (Ger) MTBC Wehrheim1:56:44
53Mike Nixon (RSA) & William Simpson (RSA) William Simpson Addidas1:57:37
54Koos Klopper (RSA) & Danie Marais (RSA) Cycle Lab ETA Solutions1:59:50
55Clinton Bunch (RSA) & Scott Thorburn (RSA) Psycho Gump2:01:37
56Richard Hawkins (RSA) & Geoff Pinnock (RSA) Best Mates2:05:19
57Ralf Gaedicke (Ger) & Michael Otto (Ger) Die Schlammpeitschen2:05:39
58Gavin Watchurst (RSA) & Craig Lindeque (RSA) Nutty 22:13:48
59Marcel Joubert (RSA) & Noel Wright (RSA) Aca Joe2:22:42
60Wolfgang Renner (Ger) & Reimund Dietzen (Spa) Centurion2:25:05
61Andrew Murray (RSA) & Dan Owens (RSA) RG Group-Robsteel-Goldenmarc2:25:22
62Cedric Jakobsen (RSA) & Johan Engelbrecht (RSA) WE Bike2:26:51
63Pierre Loubser (RSA) & Joel Stransky (RSA) Absa Ghost Riders2:27:43
64Graeme Brien (RSA) & Douw Steyn (RSA) RBS Vets2:27:47
65Leigh Durham (RSA) & Gerald Holland (RSA) Leigh Cycle Centre2:27:48
66Pep Terradellas (Spa) & Jaume Palau (Spa) Fitness VIC -RCB Specialized2:28:54