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Clarke wins stage in bunch sprint

Defending Canberra Tour champion Will Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers) claimed the race’s final stage victory in a small bunch sprint. The victory offered both Clarke and his Tasmanian team some consolation after working hard throughout the event to live up to its pre-race favourites status, but failing to catch the Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans squad.

The Genesys Wealth Advisers team gave its all to close the gap between overnight leader Ben Dyball (Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans) and Clarke. The stage victory and its accompanying bonus seconds was everything Clarke could hope to achieve on the stage, however Dyball managed to stay with the lead group and maintain a 34 second lead.

Clarke held off round one winner Luke Durbridge (Jayco-Skins) and Adam Phelan (McDonagh Blake-Witness) in the sprint to the line. Dyball finished the stage in eighth place.

Originally 11 riders until shedding Harry Rassie (Race-Fenton Green & Co) in the final kilometres, the breakaway group put one minute into the chase group by race’s end. The pace was high enough to shatter the peloton, with nearly half the peloton finishing at least 15 minutes behind on the 130 kilometre stage.

Genesys Wealth Advisers also picked up the tour’s mountains classification victory, with Nathan Earle sealing his lead in the standings by increasing his tally to 26 points today. Clarke assisted with securing the jersey by accumulating 16 points on today’s stage, preventing a threat from Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans rider Cameron Peterson from materialising.

Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans sport director Pat Jonker was delighted with the work of his riders in Canberra. “I am very impressed by the team work displayed and the mateship of the guys,” said Jonker. “I couldn’t fault their performance all weekend. They did exactly as we planned and executed our plan perfectly each day.

“There were a number of times that things were in the balance and the guys not only absorbed significant pressure but did it with a steady hand and maturity beyond their years,” he added.

Dyball’s victory is the first overall win for Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans in a Cycling Australia National Road Series round. The squad made its debut at the season opening Mersey Valley Tour, having been formed by Pegasus Racing to replace the Fly V Australia team which is focusing its efforts abroad this year.

Macpherson, Hogan primed for victory

The Prime Estate squad had plenty to celebrate after the Canberra Tour’s final stage. Not only did Jenny Macpherson win the two-up sprint for the final stage, but overnight leader Joanne Hogan’s fifth place was enough to secure her the National Road Series round victory.

Macpherson was one of three riders to lead the race as it headed out of the Cotter valley on the way back to Stromlo. Macpherson was joined at the race’s head by Samantha Hemsley (ACTAS-NTID) and Jessie Maclean (Canberra Cycling Club) towards the end of the 85 kilometre stage.

Maclean was unable to stay with Hemsley and Macpherson on the return to Stromlo’s cycling park. The local rider dropped 54 seconds on the lead pair, while Macpherson only dropped Hemsley over the final metres during an uphill sprint for the finish line into a headwind.

While her team-mate was racing for the stage victory up the road, Hogan was marking her main overall rival Lisa Jacobs. The first stage winner crossed the line in fourth place, 1:27 minutes down on the leaders, with Hogan by her side.

Hogan, who is in her last race with the Prime Estate squad, also collected the mountains classification victory thanks to her unassailable lead in the category. Her round victory in Canberra adds to her second place at the Mersey Valley Tour to give Hogan the women’s NRS lead.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Will Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)3:37:58
2Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - Skins)
3Adam Phelan (McDonagh Blake-Witness)
4Michael Fitzgerald (Plan B Racing Team)
5Jason Spencer
6Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)
7Brett Tivers (Plan B Racing Team)
8Ben Dyball (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)
9Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
10Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)
11Harry Rassie (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)0:00:09
12Rene Kolbach0:01:00
13Tom Robinson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
14Ben Grieve-Johnson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
15Sam Rutherford
16Philip Grenfell (Bike Bug North Sydney)
17Michael Smith (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)
18John Freiberg (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:01:04
19Michael Freiberg (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)
20Aidan Mckenzie (GuitarGym-Orbea)
21Andrew Arundel
22Rowan Dever0:01:07
23Sam Davis (Plan B Racing Team)
24Dylan Newell (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:01:52
25Michael Hepburn (Team Jayco - Skins)0:02:40
26Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:02:42
27Benjamin Harvey
28Pat Shaw (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)0:02:44
29Brent Miller (Suzuki-ACTAS)0:03:36
30James Ibrahim (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)
31Anthony Giacoppo (Plan B Racing Team)0:06:40
32Michael Davis (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:12:54
33Andrew Crawley (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:16:31
34Kris Koke (Bike Bug North Sydney)
35James Mcdulling
36Ben Hill
37Stephen Bomball (Suzuki-ACTAS)
38David Deery
39David Hanson (GuitarGym-Orbea)
40Craig Hutton (Bike Bug North Sydney)
41Tim Elmer (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)
42Joel Stewart (Suzuki-ACTAS)
43Alex Malone (Bike Bug North Sydney)
44Joel Stearnes (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)
45Alex Wong (Bike Bug North Sydney)
46Luis Trueba
47Ben Manson (GuitarGym-Orbea)
48Mitch Pearson (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)
49Jason Rigg (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
50Kane Walker
51Andy Mcnab (search2retain-myteam2)
52Brodie Talbot (search2retain-myteam2)
53Sam Moorhouse (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:21:50
54Charles Howlett (search2retain-myteam2)
55Rhys Gillett (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)
56Chris Beeck (Plan B Racing Team)
57Daniel O'keefe
58Thomas Donald (search2retain-myteam2)0:41:08
59Steve Degallo (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)1:24:07
DSQRuan Benson

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Will Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)16pts
2Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)12
3Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)6
4Michael Fitzgerald (Plan B Racing Team)4
5Brett Tivers (Plan B Racing Team)3
6Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - Skins)3

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenny Macpherson (Prime Estate)2:41:52
2Samantha Hemsley (ACTAS-NTID)
3Jessie Maclean0:00:54
4Lisa Jacobs0:01:27
5Joanne Hogan (Prime Estate)
6Bron Ryan (ACTAS-NTID)0:01:46
7Myra Moller (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)
8Kendelle Hodges (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)0:02:13
9Sue Forsyth
10Rebecca Halliday
11Gracie Elvin
12Imogen Vize
13Laura Luxford
14Zoe Watters (MB Cycles)
15Simon Grounds (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)0:02:16
16Rebecca Werner0:03:12
17Rebecca Domange (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)
18Alex Carle (ACTAS-NTID)
19Nikolina Orlic (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)0:04:31
20India Mclean
21Jane Gordon
22Laura Meadley (ACTAS-NTID)
23Sally Robbins (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)0:06:10
24Amy Bradley (Degani)0:06:16
25Lisa Antill
26Libby Adamson0:06:18
27Yvette Amaral0:06:20
28Caitlin Turner0:06:24
29Davina Summers0:06:38
30Nicole Whitburn (Prime Estate)0:08:17
31Brielle Carlton (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)0:09:52
32Ingrid Trotter (Degani)0:14:12
33Justyna Lubkowski0:17:16
34Anna Kauffmann0:30:31

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenny Macpherson (Prime Estate)13pts
2Samantha Hemsley (ACTAS-NTID)11
3Jessie Maclean6
4Lisa Jacobs1
5Joanne Hogan (Prime Estate)1
6Kendelle Hodges (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)1

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Dyball (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)8:27:42
2Will Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:34
3Michael Fitzgerald (Plan B Racing Team)0:00:50
4Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:01:02
5Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)0:01:04
6Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - Skins)0:01:08
7Brett Tivers (Plan B Racing Team)0:01:47
8Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:02:21
9Harry Rassie (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)0:02:58
10Adam Phelan (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:03:11
11Jason Spencer0:03:21
12Andrew Arundel0:03:31
13Ben Grieve-Johnson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:03:49
14Sam Davis (Plan B Racing Team)0:03:55
15Sam Rutherford0:04:38
16Michael Smith (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)0:04:39
17Philip Grenfell (Bike Bug North Sydney)0:04:45
18Ben Grenda (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:05:31
19Rene Kolbach0:05:33
20John Freiberg (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:05:55
21Rowan Dever0:06:11
22Aidan Mckenzie (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:06:58
23James Ibrahim (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)0:07:25
24Michael Freiberg (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)0:07:50
25Michael Hepburn (Team Jayco - Skins)0:08:17
26Benjamin Harvey0:08:42
27Anthony Giacoppo (Plan B Racing Team)0:09:14
28Brent Miller (Suzuki-ACTAS)0:09:36
29Pat Shaw (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)0:09:46
30Tom Robinson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:13:36
31Brodie Talbot (search2retain-myteam2)0:17:37
32Dylan Newell (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:20:08
33Ben Hill0:21:02
34Joel Stearnes (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)0:21:35
35Kris Koke (Bike Bug North Sydney)0:22:25
36Craig Hutton (Bike Bug North Sydney)
37Kane Walker0:22:29
38Stephen Bomball (Suzuki-ACTAS)0:23:08
39James Mcdulling0:23:11
40Jason Rigg (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
41Alex Malone (Bike Bug North Sydney)0:24:51
42Andy Mcnab (search2retain-myteam2)0:25:19
43Charles Howlett (search2retain-myteam2)0:27:20
44Sam Moorhouse (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:28:38
45Ben Manson (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:28:57
46Luis Trueba0:29:10
47Tim Elmer (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)
48Alex Wong (Bike Bug North Sydney)0:29:51
49David Deery0:30:43
50Andrew Crawley (McDonagh Blake-Witness)0:32:27
51Michael Davis (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:33:42
52Rhys Gillett (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)0:33:51
53Chris Beeck (Plan B Racing Team)0:35:45
54David Hanson (GuitarGym-Orbea)0:48:23
55Mitch Pearson (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)0:50:42
56Daniel O'keefe0:53:12
57Thomas Donald (search2retain-myteam2)0:55:20
58Joel Stewart (Suzuki-ACTAS)1:06:02
59Steve Degallo (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)2:10:26

Mountain classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)26pts
2Will Clarke (Genesys Wealth Advisers)19
3Cameron Peterson (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)17
4Adam Phelan (McDonagh Blake-Witness)8
5Michael Fitzgerald (Plan B Racing Team)6
6Ben Dyball (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)5
7Andrew Crawley (McDonagh Blake-Witness)5
8Luke Durbridge (Team Jayco - Skins)5
=Alastair Loutit (McDonagh Blake-Witness)5
10Brett Tivers (Plan B Racing Team)3
11Sam Davis (Plan B Racing Team)3
12Dylan Newell (Genesys Wealth Advisers)3
13Alex Malone (Bike Bug North Sydney)3
14Michael Hepburn (Team Jayco - Skins)1
15Rhys Gillett (Virgin Blue - RBS Morgans)1

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joanne Hogan (Prime Estate)7:15:37
2Lisa Jacobs0:00:55
3Bron Ryan (ACTAS-NTID)0:01:50
4Jenny Macpherson (Prime Estate)0:02:57
5Samantha Hemsley (ACTAS-NTID)0:04:16
6Myra Moller (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)0:04:25
7Kendelle Hodges (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)0:05:09
8Simon Grounds (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)0:05:23
9Sue Forsyth0:05:38
10Imogen Vize0:05:41
11Zoe Watters (MB Cycles)0:06:10
12Laura Luxford0:06:38
13Alex Carle (ACTAS-NTID)0:06:43
14Rebecca Halliday0:07:09
15Rebecca Domange (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)0:07:45
16Gracie Elvin0:08:04
17Jessie Maclean0:08:07
18India Mclean0:08:14
19Rebecca Werner0:08:28
20Nikolina Orlic (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)0:09:03
21Caitlin Turner0:10:29
22Davina Summers0:10:36
23Amy Bradley (Degani)0:10:49
24Jane Gordon0:12:41
25Nicole Whitburn (Prime Estate)0:15:41
26Laura Meadley (ACTAS-NTID)0:16:09
27Sally Robbins (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)0:16:13
28Libby Adamson0:18:36
29Yvette Amaral0:19:19
30Brielle Carlton (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)0:20:13
31Lisa Antill0:23:14
32Justyna Lubkowski0:41:53
33Anna Kauffmann0:55:53

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joanne Hogan (Prime Estate)22pts
2Jenny Macpherson (Prime Estate)14
3Simon Grounds (Bundaberg Sugar Sweet As)13
4Samantha Hemsley (ACTAS-NTID)11
5Lisa Jacobs8
6Jessie Maclean7
7Bron Ryan (ACTAS-NTID)7
8Myra Moller (Lawson Homes Cycling Team)4
9Kendelle Hodges (RACE - Fenton Green & Co)1
10Alex Carle (ACTAS-NTID)1


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