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Schurter wins another battle with Absalon in Solothurn

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A view of the singletrack at the BMC Cup

A view of the singletrack at the BMC Cup (Image credit: Whole Athlete - Specialized Cycling Team)
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Conditions were muddy in Solothurn

Conditions were muddy in Solothurn (Image credit: Whole Athlete - Specialized Cycling Team)
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Kate Courtney (Whole Athlete-Specialized) at the BMC Swiss Cup

Kate Courtney (Whole Athlete-Specialized) at the BMC Swiss Cup (Image credit: Whole Athlete - Specialized Cycling Team)
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Kate Courtney (Whole Athlete-Specialized) after finishing 2nd in the junior women's race

Kate Courtney (Whole Athlete-Specialized) after finishing 2nd in the junior women's race (Image credit: Whole Athlete - Specialized Cycling Team)
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Kate Courtney (Whole Athlete-Specialized) made the second step of the junior women's podium

Kate Courtney (Whole Athlete-Specialized) made the second step of the junior women's podium (Image credit: Whole Athlete - Specialized Cycling Team)
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Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) outsprints Julien Absalon (BMC) at the BMC Cup in Solothurn

Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) outsprints Julien Absalon (BMC) at the BMC Cup in Solothurn (Image credit: Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing)
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Florian Vogel (Scott Swisspower) on his way to third

Florian Vogel (Scott Swisspower) on his way to third (Image credit: Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing)
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Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower)

Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) (Image credit: Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing)
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The start of the elite men's race in Solothurn

The start of the elite men's race in Solothurn (Image credit: Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing)

Nino Schurter (Scott Swisspower) and Esther Süss (Wheeler iXS) took their fourth and third respective wins of the 2013 season at the Bike Days cross country in Soloturn during round 3 of the BMC Racing Cup.


Schurter outsprinted Julien Absalon (BMC Racing Team) in the men's 38.5km race. He came around Absalon with about 150m to go. It was the third time that Schurter has beaten Absalon this season.

"I thought Absalon was better on the climbs than me, but in the last lap, he did not get away," said the current world champion Schurter. "After the eliminator yesterday, I was still feeling a little tired, but I had enough for today's final sprint. This is a good race in the lead-up to the World Cup.

Schurter's teammate Florian Vogel finished in third place with a strong ride. He had been with Christoph Sauser (Specialized Racing) and Absalon and Schurter as part of the race's lead quartet. But on the sixth lap of seven total, Sauser snapped his chain and as a result dropped out of the lead group.

Vogel later lost contact with Absalon and Schurter toward the end of the race and almost, but not quite got them back on the long flat, paved section of the course.

"It was not easy against the two Scott riders," said Absalon, who was outnumbered in the lead group. "I had to decide if I should make the tempo or wait. I decided for to make the pace. Therefore, I lacked some energy at the end."

"Today, that was good interval training. and for me the work for the World Cup in two weeks is more important than today's result."

Vogel finished third at 30 seconds. "On the climbs, I'm not as explosive, I was feeling good," said Vogel.

BMC racers Lukas Flückiger and Moritz Milatz completed the top five.


Süss dominated the women's race and celebrated her third victory in this year's BMC Cup. The 39-year-old got away on the second of five laps and eventually finished with an advantage of 1:17.

"On this course, it is difficult to go ahead alone. If the others are united behind you, then they can work together on the long paved section," said Süss. "But I had good legs, and I never went fully on the limit to still have reserves for when they were chasing me."

It was the fourth consecutive time Süss had won in Solothurn.

Kathrin Stirnemann (Sabine Spitz Haibike) finished in second, three seconds ahead of Katrin Leumann (Ghost Factory Racing). Stirnemann, who won the eliminator sprint the previous day, suffered from a lack of power on the second lap and lost contact to Leumann.

Together with junior world champion Andrea Waldi (Colnago-Alto Adige), the gap to Leumann was closed to 10-15 seconds and then eventually they were all back together.

"I tried to avoid them catching me. It may be that I have put out too much energy yesterday," said Leumann.

On the last lap, Stirnemann applied pressure on her rivals. She rode in for second place.

Waldi was happy with her fourth place in the elite field, just 1:43 behind the winner. The 18-year-old again showed her strength in her first year racing among the elite women..


Alessandra Keller (Strüby MTB Kader) dominated the junior women's race and won her three-lap race, 2:34 ahead of American Kate Courtney (Whole Athlete) and 2:42 ahead of Chrystelle Baumann (Prof Raiffeisen CCL).

Dominic Grab (Team Grab-Credo / VC Maur) won the five-lap junior men's race race in the morning. He finished 22 seconds ahead of Manuel Fasnacht (Scott-Swisspower) and 28 seconds ahead of Milan Vader (Dutch National Team). Grab thus took the overall lead from Simon Vitzthum (Bischibikes).

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nino Schurter (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing1:43:53
2Julien Absalon (Fra) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:00:05
3Florian Vogel (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing0:00:30
4Lukas Flückiger (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:01:17
5Moritz Milatz (Ger) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:02:11
6Mathias Flückiger (Swi) Stöckli Pro Team0:02:12
7Daniel Mcconnell (Aus) Trek Factory Racing Team0:02:21
8Kohei Yamamoto (Jpn) Specialized Racing Team0:03:14
9Sepp Freiburghaus (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:03:44
10Reto Indergand (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:04:22
11Martin Fanger (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:05:04
12Jürg Graf (Swi) bskGraf Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:05:09
13Marcel Wildhaber (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing0:05:16
14Martin Gujan (Swi) TX-Active Bianchi Team0:06:48
15Matthias Stirnemann (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:07:14
16Lucien Besançon (Swi) BH-Biketeam0:07:33
17Giancarlo Sax (Swi) BigFriends Racing Team0:08:46
18Marc Stutzmann (Swi) Free Mountain Racing Team0:09:24
19Julien Taramarcaz (Swi) BMC Mountainbike Racing Team0:09:38
20Michael Hutter (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team0:10:05
21Jonas Loretz (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:10:10
22Daniel Eymann (Swi) Imboden Bike Lauterbrunnen0:10:39
23Forian Chenaux (Swi) Zimmermann-BMC-New Work0:10:42
24Hansueli Stauffer (Swi) BiXS- & Wheeler-iXS Team0:10:56
25Paul Remy (Fra) Scott - La Clusaz0:12:08
26Norbert Wyss (Swi) BiXS-iXS Team0:12:30
27Severin Sägesser (Swi) Crazy Velo Shop0:13:35
28Mike Schuler (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader0:14:34
29Stefan Peter (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader0:15:14
30Philipp Gerber (Swi) BiXS-iXS Team0:15:48
31Sylvain Engelmann (Swi) Prof Raiffeisen CCL0:16:02
32Bryan Allemann (Swi) Zimmermann-BMC-New Work0:17:25
-1lapMichael Wildhaber (Swi) Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach
-2lapsClaude Koster (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team
-2lapsDaniel Kaufmann (Swi) RC Gränichen
-2lapsSandro Soncin (Swi) BH-Biketeam
-2lapsFlorian Thie (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team
-2lapsRoger Jenny (Swi) Cycling Project Bike4Fun
-2lapsOliver Schär (Swi) Team Schneiderbikes
-2lapsTom Evans (GBr) Ben Wyvis CC/ Dryburgh Cycles
-3lapsAlex Iordanidis (Gre) Club Chilia Dentra
-3lapsNick Albrecht (Swi)
-4lapsBen Comfort (Aus) Australian U23 Development Team
DNFJonas Baumann (Swi) Wheeler-IXS Team
DNFPatrick Tresch (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader
DNFChristoph Sauser (Swi) Specialized Factory Racing
DNFJulian Schelb (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team
DNFDumeni Vincenz (Swi) BigFriends Racing Team
DNFFabian Paumann (Swi) Greenhope MTB Team - biking against cancer
DNFJosé Antonio Hermida (Spa) Multivan Merida Biking Team
DNFSilvio Büsser (Swi) Wheeler-IXS Team
DNFMarcel Bartholet (Swi) Wheeler-IXS Team
DNFRonny Koller (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team
DNFMichael Stünzi (Swi) Orbea Suisse MTB Team
DNFPascal Meyer (Swi) JB Felt Team
DNFValentin Berset (Swi) team dom cycle - merida
DNFAndreas Moser (Swi) Zaunteam Mittelland

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Esther Süss (Swi) Wheeler-IXS Team1:26:45
2Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:01:18
3Katrin Leumann (Swi) Ghost Factory Racing Team0:01:21
4Andrea Waldis (Swi) Colnago Südtirol0:01:44
5Adelheid Morath (Ger) Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:03:36
6Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Colnago Südtirol0:04:24
7Linda Indergand (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader0:05:04
8Rebecca Henderson (Aus) Trek Factory Racing Team0:06:59
9Nina Wrobel (Ger) FujiBikes Rockets0:07:30
10Hielke Elferink (Ned) Wheeler-iXS-Team0:08:46
11Helen Grobert (Ger) Focus XC Team0:09:19
12Michelle Hediger (Swi) Fischer - BMC0:09:20
13Florence Darbellay (Swi) Prof Raiffeisen CCL0:09:26
14Sarah Koba (Swi) JB Felt Team0:09:39
15Marine Groccia (Swi) C.C.Moutier0:11:59
16Sabrina Baumgartner (Swi) Raiffeisen Bikeshop Studer Raceteam0:13:00
17Deborah Inauen (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team0:13:28
18Eliane Müggler (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team0:14:32
19Franziska Brun (Swi) Bergamont Swiss Team0:14:56
20Franziska Ebinger (Swi) Bergamont - Radsport Lafranchi Madiswil0:15:06
21Stephanie Metille (Swi) Giant Team Neuchatel0:15:07
22Céline Farner (Swi) JB Felt Team0:15:24
23Ramona Forchini (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader0:16:13
24Michèle Wittlin (Swi) Stöckli 29er Team0:16:39
25Janina Wüst (Swi) Schmid-Velosport0:17:22
26Jennifer Kupferschmied (Swi) Wheeler-IXS Team0:19:02
27Romaine Wenger (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:19:24
28Virginie Pointet (Swi) JB Felt Team0:20:17
-1lapTanja Starkermann (Swi) BH-Biketeam
DNFNoga Korem (Isr) Team Misgav Giant
DNFViviane Furrer (Swi) Bike Windlin
DNFAleksandra Dawidowicz (Pol) Bi&esse Carrera

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dominic Grab (Swi) Team Grab-Credo / VC Maur1:20:08
2Manuel Fasnacht (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing0:00:22
3Milan Vader (Ned) National Team Holland0:00:28
4Simon Vitzthum (Swi) bischibikes / kopierpapier.ch0:00:40
5Nicolas Fischer (Swi) Tropical Solothurn0:00:55
6Mike Hermann (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:00:56
7Andrin Beeli (Swi) bskGraf Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:01:39
8Rémy Dénervaud (Swi) Team Dom Cycle Merida0:02:21
9Benjamin Inauen (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team0:03:05
10Sandro Trevisani (Swi) Dom Cycle Merida0:03:21
11Robin Gemperle (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing0:03:21
12Lars Hubacher (Swi) bskGraf Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:04:20
13Timothy Mazzuchelli (Swi) Greenhope MTB Team - biking against cancer0:04:26
14Valentin Kiser (Swi) JB Felt Team0:05:00
15Wiebe Scholten (Ned) National Team Holland0:05:29
16Guillaume Conus (Swi) VC.Echallens0:05:50
17Oliver Herzig (Ger) Tropical Solothurn0:06:08
18Gordian Banzer (Lie) kbike.ch0:06:14
19Timon Rüegg (Swi) Sortimo Fahrzeugeinrichtung / VC Steinmaur0:06:30
20Marvin Bovendorp (Ned) National Team Holland0:06:33
21Raphael Krähemann (Swi) VC Meilen/Team Atzmännig-M.F. Hügler Wetzikon0:06:36
22Fabio Franz (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB Team0:09:02
23Ivan Filatov (Rus) Kalinka Racing Team0:09:09
24Lionel Fasel (Swi) Vélo club Echallens0:09:22
25Remo Müggler (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team0:09:34
26Rocco Ferretti (Swi) Velo Club Monte Tamaro0:10:29
27Fabain Strittmatter (Swi) Specialized Racing0:10:40
28Bruno Silva (Por) biketeam.gr0:11:15
29Riccardo Lourenco (Swi) Zeta Cycling Club0:12:59
30Jean Villermaulaz (Swi) Dupasquier Sports Stöckli0:13:17
31Léo L'homme (Swi) Team BikePark.ch0:14:19
32Zachary Ducret (Swi) ACBroye Pro-cycles0:15:40
33Ludovic Porras (Swi) ACB-ProCycles0:16:02
34Cedric Gauch (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB Team0:16:21
35Lars Stillhart (Swi) / RV Buchs0:16:48
36Jeremy Fleurot (Fra)0:18:10
37Dominic Burkard (Swi) fehr-velos.ch0:19:04
-1lapDiego Schneuwly (Swi) Zeta
-1lapJohann Sansonnens (Swi) Zeta Cycling club
DNFRomain Soldati (Swi) vélo club fribourg/cycle pache
DNFRoger Aeberli (Swi) velo-reichmuth/ rrc amt

Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alessandra Keller (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader0:56:16
2Kate Courtney (USA) Whole Athlete-Specialized0:02:34
3Chrystelle Baumann (Swi) Prof Raiffeisen CCL0:02:42
4Pierina Beeli (Swi) bskGraf Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:03:46
5Mallory Barth (Swi) JB Felt Team0:04:59
6Rebecca Rudolf Von Rohr (Swi) Tropical Solothurn0:05:23
7Chantal Eheim (Swi) Tropical Solothurn0:07:25
8Charlène Bérard (Swi)0:08:20
9Joana Schönthal (Swi) Velo-Shop Vonäsch Zollikon/VC Meilen0:09:48
10Sabrina Sägesser (Swi) Fischer Junior MTB Team0:12:37
11Milena Waldis (Swi) Focus X-Bionic Team0:16:06

Amateurs and masters
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andri Frischknecht (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing1:16:52
2Enea Vetsch (Swi) bskGraf Rollmat-Koba MTB Team0:02:22
3Romain Bannwart (Swi) Prof Raiffeisen CCL0:02:57
4Marcel Guerrini (Swi) Focus XC Eliteteam0:03:01
5Philipp Hediger (Swi) Fischer - BMC0:03:13
6Mathias Alig (Swi) Calanda Racing Team0:03:47
7Roli Mischler (Swi) Fischli Bike Team0:03:53
8Tobias Hollenstein (Swi) bischibikes / kopierpapier.ch0:04:06
9Erich Kuster (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team0:04:30
10Joel Graf (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team0:04:38
11Lukas Bucher (Swi) Tropical Solothurn0:04:40
12Joel Koller (Swi) Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach0:05:25
13Florian Meyer (Swi) Stöckli0:05:29
14Thomas Schmid (Swi) bsk-Graf Rollmat MTB Team0:05:31
15Patrick Lüthi (Swi) Prof Raiffeisen CCL0:06:01
16Bruno Vitali (Swi) VTT Club Jura0:06:11
17Ulisse Fieschi (Swi) JB Felt Team0:06:15
18Ueli Schädler (Swi) Focus X-Bionic Team0:06:19
19Andreas Zünd (Swi) Pink Gili Swiss Racing Team0:07:10
20Fabian Obrist (Swi) Stevens/zweiradsport.ch0:07:37
21Yannik Brischle (Ger) racextract. Werksteam0:07:39
22Maurus Dürr (Swi) Merida Liechtsnstein RV Buchs VC Ruggell0:07:53
23Michael Wicki (Swi) bischibikes / kopierpapier.ch0:07:59
24Sandro Kessler (Swi) Cycling Project Bike4Fun0:08:06
25Sebastian Egger (Swi) Orbea Suisse MTB Team0:08:33
26Federer Ralph (Swi) MTB-Team Frifag/Gaetzi0:09:00
27Matthias Lauk (Swi) Focus X-Bionic Team0:09:17
28Manuel Boog (Swi) Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach0:09:45
29Henrik Grobert (Ger) Lexware Rothaus Team0:09:59
30Jan Schär (Swi) Thömus Racing Team0:10:01
31Yves Ketterer (Ger) Wheeler-iXS-Team0:10:13
32David Gysling (Swi) Greenhillbikers0:10:13
33Jan Gafner (Swi) Prof Raiffeisen CCL0:10:16
34Joël Haubensak (Swi) fehr-velos.ch0:10:46
35Benno Heussi (Swi) credo-bikes race team0:10:46
36Tobias Schraner (Swi) Fischer - BMC0:10:49
37Thomas Weber (Swi) biketeam.gr0:10:51
38Pirmin Kuß (Ger) SC-Urach / Wheeler-iXS-Team0:10:56
39Claudio Andenmatten (Swi) Greenhope MTB Team - biking against cancer0:12:38
40Luca Formoso (Swi) dapp-putzi-team.ch0:13:06
41Jérémy Gadomski (Swi) Team GIANT Neuchatel0:13:35
42Pascal Nay (Swi) Thömus Bike Team GR0:14:19
43Marcus Derungs (Swi) Imholz bike racing0:14:50
44Nico Tambarikas (Swi) K-Bike0:15:17
45Sébastien Angiolini (Swi) Team MSC Swiss0:17:24
46Stefan Vögeli (Swi) Ski+Velo-CenterRacingTeam/BC Spiez0:17:39
-1lapJonas Harlacher (Swi)
-1lapMarcel Bader (Swi) Orbea Suisse Team
-1lapFlorian Wenger (Swi) ACB Procycles
-1lapCédric L'eplattenier (Swi) VTT Balcon du Jura/ Cycles Pache
-1lapFabian Bucher (Swi) Merida Riders / VMC Bürglen
-1lapSilvan Casutt (Swi)
DNFJeremias Marti (Swi) Strüby MTB Kader
DNFManuel Pfaff (Ger) SC Urach / Wheeler-iXS-Team
DNFKilian Oertli (Swi) MTB Team Frifag / Gätzi
DNFBastian Juillerat (Swi)
DNFKilian Badrutt (Swi)


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