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Fellows and Wall earn Bike Buller overall titles

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A rider on day 2 of the Bike Buller MTB Festival

A rider on day 2 of the Bike Buller MTB Festival (Image credit: ChrisOrd / Rapid Ascent)
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A racer on some singletrack at the Bike Buller MTB Festival

A racer on some singletrack at the Bike Buller MTB Festival (Image credit: ChrisOrd / Rapid Ascent)

The blue sky and sunshine returned to Bike Buller Mountain Biking Festival on day two and with it over 300 riders ready to take on the pinnacle 50km cross country event, all champing at the pedal to take on the much lauded, spanking new Stonefly trail.

But riders had to grit through plenty of uphill under a searching sun before getting to snake their way at speed down Glen Jacob's already iconic trail.

At the pointy end, Andy Fellows, having taken out the 25km cross country yesterday, was looking strong before three punctures had him briefly sidelined. It was enough of a break for Tim Wynan to pass, extending enough of a lead to hold on all day, crossing in 2:50:00.

Only a few minutes back, Fellows had a battle on with Michael Crosbie, the 18-year-old hotshot who took third in the 25km yesterday. So close was the racing that the pair arrived at the chairlift section and had to find something to talk about while sharing the ride. Crosbie took the quick bullet out of the chair, looking good for second place until he overshot a corner, allowing Fellows to snatch second place (2:52:43). Crosbie was only one second back over the line.

The placing was enough for Fellows to claim the overall premier title for this year's Mount Buller MTB Festival in a cumulative time across three events (25 XC, Brake Burner and 50km XC) of 5:58:27.

Wynan's performance confirmed an overall second place (6:01:31) with Ashley Hayat taking overall third in 6:05:05.

The win is Fellow's second at the Bike Buller MTB Festival, made all the more impressive by the fact that he won the Mountains to Beach five-day stage race in NSW on Friday before driving the 12 hours from Narooma to compete in Bike Buller.

In the women's, it was Jo Wall's weekend all over, taking a clean sweep of the 25km XC, Brake Burner and 50km XC events, winning the overall Bike Buller MTB Festival title in a time of 6:58:48.

Jess Douglas took overall second place for the weekend (7:13:45) with a solidly consistent performance taking second in all three stoushes on the mountain.

Amity McSwan recovered from a puncture-induced DNF in Saturday's 25km XC to take third place in today's 50km XC mountain hit-out. But it wasn't enough to register in the overall standings, third place on the Bike Buller podium going to Josie Simpson (8:38:03).

For the remainder of the pack, the weekend proved one of mountain biking highlights, from participating in Australia’s first-ever Brake Burner event, characterised by a multi-loop track with a chairlift leg before a super fast drop down Mount Buller; to battling huge hill climbs and technical singletrack - trying to enjoy the spectacular high country mountain scenery along the way - to eventually make it to the descent section of Stonefly.


Stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Wynan (Male - Open)2:49:58
2Andy Fellows (Male - Open)0:02:45
3Michael Crosbie (Male - Open)0:02:46
4Ashley Hayat (Male - Open)0:06:13
5Duncan Murray (Male - Open)0:07:23
6Grant Lebbink (Male - Open)0:14:36
7Ben May (Male - Open)0:27:55
8Carl Maroney (Male - Veteran)0:28:01
9Dan Macmunn (Male - Open)0:30:21
10James Collins (Male - Open)0:30:48
11Mark Simpson (Male - Open)0:31:56
12Rodney Farrell (Male - Open)0:32:52
13Merlin Spranz (Male - Open)0:33:35
14Lucas Pitt (Male - Open)0:35:16
15Jo Wall (Female - Open)
16Michael Kerkllaan (Male - Open)0:35:31
17Brent Telford (Male - Veteran)0:36:05
18David Macdonald (Male - Open)0:39:22
19Adrian Whitworth (Male - Open)0:41:04
20Jessica Douglas (Female - Open)0:48:31
21Michael Brill (Male - Open)0:50:13
22Will Geor (Male - Open)0:50:17
23Greg Matthews (Male - Open)0:51:26
24Mathew Gray (Male - Open)0:56:01
25Damian Auton (Male - Veteran)0:57:40
26Richard Eisner (Male - Veteran)0:59:05
27Vaughan Sketcher (Male - Open)1:01:08
28Craig Baylis (Male - Open)1:02:04
29Trevor Duncan (Male - Open)1:06:19
30Peter Walker (Male - Veteran)1:06:59
31Mark Hester (Male - Open)1:17:19
32Stephen Fortuyn (Male - Veteran)1:22:24
33John Dawe (Male - Open)1:23:48
34Kate Heynes (Female - Open)1:24:57
35Samuel Warden (Male - Open)1:29:12
36Dean Cowling (Male - Open)1:36:01
37Simon Ross (Male - Open)1:37:16
38John Wright (Male - Veteran)1:37:23
39Kent Warby (Male - Open)1:37:42
40David Randabel (Male - Open)1:41:12
41Nigel Paroissien (Male - Open)1:44:36
42Adrian Giblett (Male - Open)1:47:20
43Grant Rieger (Male - Open)1:50:38
44Kylie Smyth (Female - Open)2:01:19
45Ben Wilson (Male - Open)2:05:52
46Phil Mathewson (Male - Vintage)2:06:13
47Mark Beech (Male - Open)2:08:37
48Robert Guseli (Male - Vintage)2:11:56
49Dylan Brezovec-Ryding (Male - Open)2:16:30
50Greg Thompson (Male - Veteran)2:51:23
-1lapSimon Easy (Male - Open)
-1lapChris Dimbill (Male - Open)
-1lapAdam Kelly (Male - Open)
-1lapAnthony Breen (Male - Veteran)
-1lapKennet Moore (Male - Open)
-1lapJason Reyntjes (Male - Open)
-1lapRob Davis (Male - Veteran)
-1lapJason Hatzimihail (Male - Open)
-1lapClinton Lemaitre (Male - Open)
-1lapScott Kramer (Male - Open)
-1lapBen English (Male - Open)
-1lapAndy Sinnett (Male - Veteran)
-1lapJosh Glover (Male - Junior)
-1lapErik Lock (Male - Veteran)
-1lapChris Herron (Male - Open)
-1lapLance Cupido (Male - Open)
-1lapLeigh George (Male - Open)
-1lapBill Diebert (Male - Veteran)
-1lapSteve Mccabe (Male - Veteran)
-1lapRichard Bruce (Male - Open)
-1lapAlan Carpenter (Male - Veteran)
-1lapMichael Tyrrell (Male - Vintage)
-1lapJosie Simpson (Female - Open)
-1lapClaire Stevens (Female - Open)
-1lapSimon Braunthal (Male - Veteran)
-1lapNick Gooding (Male - Open)
-1lapPaul Justus (Male - Open)
-1lapDylan Bowman (Male - Open)
-1lapAdam Fuller (Male - Open)
-1lapAdam Howell (Male - Open)
-1lapDarren Rubens (Male - Veteran)
-1lapBenjamin Culton (Male - Open)
-1lapRhys Collins (Male - Open)
-1lapDave Merritt (Male - Open)
-1lapCourtenay Lee Shoy (Male - Open)
-1lapRichard Smyth (Male - Open)
-1lapMary Fien (Female - Open)
-1lapNic Marton (Male - Open)
-1lapSteve Wright (Male - Veteran)
-1lapDavid Potts (Male - Open)
-1lapJamie Foale (Male - Open)
-1lapRowan Jennion (Male - Open)
-1lapPatrick O'reilly (Male - Open)
-1lapPeter Lorimer (Male - Veteran)
-1lapMike Stephens (Male - Veteran)
-1lapPhillip Timpano (Male - Veteran)
-1lapSue Tripney (Female - Veteran)
-1lapChris Schultz (Male - Veteran)
-1lapAdam Llewelyn (Male - Open)
-1lapAndrew Ferguson (Male - Open)
-1lapKriss Heimanis (Male - Open)
-1lapGerard Pike (Male - Open)
-1lapAdam Steer (Male - Open)
-1lapSu-Ann Burke (Female - Open)
-1lapCris Harris (Male - Vintage)
-1lapScott Smith (Male - Veteran)
-1lapRoss Marett (Male - Veteran)
-1lapAdrian House (Male - Veteran)
-1lapRyan Lindsay (Male - Veteran)
-1lapPaul Humphrey (Male - Veteran)
-1lapAdrian Thuell (Male - Open)
-1lapPeter Milne (Male - Veteran)
-1lapMichaela Powell (Female - Veteran)
-2lapsChris Southwood (Male - Open)
-2lapsAnton Nijhof (Male - Open)
-2lapsOliver Kristevic (Male - Open)
-2lapsDave Musgrove (Male - Open)
-2lapsDrew Hamilton (Male - Open)
-2lapsAndrew Browne (Male - Open)
-2lapsNicolas Baisin (Male - Open)
-2lapsMick Ross (Male - Open)
-2lapsRobby Williams (Male - Open)
-2lapsRichard Davies (Male - Open)
-2lapsLlewellyn Cameron (Male - Open)
-2lapsMick Beeson (Male - Veteran)
-2lapsJason Tod (Male - Veteran)
-2lapsNeil Sinclair (Male - Veteran)
-2lapsJason Edwards (Male - Open)
-2lapsJohn Macfarlane (Male - Open)

Overall Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andy Fellows (Male - Open)5:58:25
2Tim Wynan (Male - Open)0:03:02
3Ashley Hayat (Male - Open)0:06:35
4Duncan Murray (Male - Open)0:09:16
5Michael Crosbie (Male - Open)0:13:43
6Grant Lebbink (Male - Open)0:18:39
7Merlin Spranz (Male - Open)0:34:11
8James Collins (Male - Open)0:35:48
9Ben May (Male - Open)0:41:46
10Carl Maroney (Male - Veteran)0:46:17
11Dan Macmunn (Male - Open)0:50:48
12Michael Kerkllaan (Male - Open)0:51:54
13Brent Telford (Male - Veteran)0:52:49
14Rodney Farrell (Male - Open)0:53:23
15Lucas Pitt (Male - Open)0:54:23
16David Macdonald (Male - Open)0:59:19
17Mark Simpson (Male - Open)1:00:00
18Jo Wall (Female - Open)1:00:18
19Simon Easy (Male - Open)1:03:36
20Chris Dimbill (Male - Open)1:05:59
21Will Geor (Male - Open)1:07:06
22Jason Reyntjes (Male - Open)1:09:09
23Michael Brill (Male - Open)1:09:13
24Adrian Whitworth (Male - Open)1:13:01
25Mathew Gray (Male - Open)1:13:57
26Jessica Douglas (Female - Open)1:15:13
27Damian Auton (Male - Veteran)1:15:31
28Adam Kelly (Male - Open)1:17:46
29Greg Matthews (Male - Open)1:20:15
30Richard Eisner (Male - Veteran)1:23:04
31Craig Baylis (Male - Open)1:30:11
32Kennet Moore (Male - Open)1:30:55
33Trevor Duncan (Male - Open)1:33:01
34Mark Hester (Male - Open)1:34:00
35Vaughan Sketcher (Male - Open)1:35:14
36Jason Hatzimihail (Male - Open)1:36:30
37Clinton Lemaitre (Male - Open)1:38:17
38Scott Kramer (Male - Open)1:40:44
39Peter Walker (Male - Veteran)1:41:01
40Anthony Breen (Male - Veteran)1:41:29
41Rob Davis (Male - Veteran)1:42:48
42Chris Herron (Male - Open)1:45:07
43Richard Bruce (Male - Open)1:49:59
44Leigh George (Male - Open)1:50:56
45Erik Lock (Male - Veteran)1:54:50
46Ben English (Male - Open)2:00:44
47Bill Diebert (Male - Veteran)2:01:29
48Stephen Fortuyn (Male - Veteran)2:01:40
49Alan Carpenter (Male - Veteran)2:04:15
50Dean Cowling (Male - Open)2:04:57
51Josh Glover (Male - Junior)2:07:19
52John Wright (Male - Veteran)2:09:57
53Samuel Warden (Male - Open)2:10:37
54Chris Southwood (Male - Open)2:14:01
55John Dawe (Male - Open)2:19:07
56David Randabel (Male - Open)2:19:13
57Simon Ross (Male - Open)2:19:57
58Kate Heynes (Female - Open)2:20:54
59Dave Merritt (Male - Open)2:24:03
60Kent Warby (Male - Open)2:26:17
61Paul Justus (Male - Open)2:27:47
62Nick Gooding (Male - Open)2:32:35
63Josie Simpson (Female - Open)2:33:07
64Michael Tyrrell (Male - Vintage)2:36:19
65Lance Cupido (Male - Open)2:37:03
66Simon Braunthal (Male - Veteran)2:38:19
67Adam Howell (Male - Open)2:38:44
68Jamie Foale (Male - Open)2:39:17
69Steve Mccabe (Male - Veteran)2:39:53
70Benjamin Culton (Male - Open)2:42:44
71David Potts (Male - Open)2:44:43
72Adrian Giblett (Male - Open)2:46:42
73Mark Beech (Male - Open)2:48:14
74Claire Stevens (Female - Open)2:51:04
75Oliver Kristevic (Male - Open)2:51:23
76Grant Rieger (Male - Open)2:52:54
77Ben Wilson (Male - Open)2:54:46
78Dave Musgrove (Male - Open)2:55:02
79Mary Fien (Female - Open)2:56:14
80Steve Wright (Male - Veteran)2:56:25
81Nigel Paroissien (Male - Open)2:56:33
82Richard Smyth (Male - Open)2:56:40
83Courtenay Lee Shoy (Male - Open)3:02:01
84Adam Fuller (Male - Open)3:05:05
85Nic Marton (Male - Open)3:05:39
86Phillip Timpano (Male - Veteran)3:05:52
87Andy Sinnett (Male - Veteran)3:05:59
88Darren Rubens (Male - Veteran)3:07:02
89Dylan Bowman (Male - Open)3:08:33
90Dylan Brezovec-Ryding (Male - Open)3:08:51
91Rowan Jennion (Male - Open)3:09:50
92Anton Nijhof (Male - Open)3:11:20
93Drew Hamilton (Male - Open)3:11:58
94Phil Mathewson (Male - Vintage)3:13:15
95Peter Lorimer (Male - Veteran)3:13:27
96Adam Llewelyn (Male - Open)3:18:19
97Kylie Smyth (Female - Open)3:19:00
98Mike Stephens (Male - Veteran)3:20:42
99Rhys Collins (Male - Open)3:21:34
100Patrick O'reilly (Male - Open)3:23:02
101Chris Schultz (Male - Veteran)3:29:41
102Nicolas Baisin (Male - Open)3:30:13
103Richard Davies (Male - Open)3:32:08
104Llewellyn Cameron (Male - Open)3:36:34
105Andrew Ferguson (Male - Open)3:37:33
106Robert Guseli (Male - Vintage)3:37:52
107Gerard Pike (Male - Open)3:37:58
108Andrew Browne (Male - Open)3:39:43
109Sue Tripney (Female - Veteran)3:41:41
110Mick Ross (Male - Open)3:43:21
111Adrian House (Male - Veteran)4:00:16
112Adam Steer (Male - Open)4:02:06
113Su-Ann Burke (Female - Open)4:02:59
114Ryan Lindsay (Male - Veteran)4:04:32
115Ross Marett (Male - Veteran)4:04:56
116Scott Smith (Male - Veteran)4:05:32
117Adrian Thuell (Male - Open)4:10:45
118Greg Thompson (Male - Veteran)4:13:01
119Paul Humphrey (Male - Veteran)4:15:21
120Kriss Heimanis (Male - Open)4:16:43
121Mick Beeson (Male - Veteran)4:20:44
122Cris Harris (Male - Vintage)4:21:30
123Jason Tod (Male - Veteran)4:31:11
124Neil Sinclair (Male - Veteran)4:51:09
125Jason Edwards (Male - Open)5:03:31
126Peter Milne (Male - Veteran)5:07:16
127Robby Williams (Male - Open)5:12:39
128Michaela Powell (Female - Veteran)6:00:28
129John Macfarlane (Male - Open)6:15:45

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