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Sheppard blitzes to fastest time in prologue

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Catherin Pendrel is part of the mixed team that won the prologue.

Catherin Pendrel is part of the mixed team that won the prologue. (Image credit: Dave Silver)
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A Team DCM rider on some roots.

A Team DCM rider on some roots. (Image credit: Dave Silver)
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A Rocky Mountain Factory Team rider in the prologue

A Rocky Mountain Factory Team rider in the prologue (Image credit: Dave Silver)
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Racing on the Richard Juryn Trail

Racing on the Richard Juryn Trail (Image credit: Dave Silver)
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Team Kona's Barry Wicks in the prologue of the BC Bike Race

Team Kona's Barry Wicks in the prologue of the BC Bike Race (Image credit: Dave Silver)
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Gear sorting time

Gear sorting time (Image credit: Dave Silver)
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Riders wait to check in

Riders wait to check in (Image credit: Dave Silver)
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There is always something that needs tweaking after unpacking your bike.

There is always something that needs tweaking after unpacking your bike. (Image credit: Dave Silver)
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Racers get the pre-race spiel.

Racers get the pre-race spiel. (Image credit: Dave Silver)

500 participants from 21 countries around the globe fine tuned their bikes and shook out their legs Tour de France style, with a prologue.

The prologue course, a quick 2.1km loop incorporating the Richard Juryn trail, was a time trial format, which determined seeding for the next day's stage. It also offered a glimpse into what the next seven days may have in store.

If the day zero prologue is any indication, Rocky Mountain Factory racer Chris Sheppard, returning for a third year, is here to win. Sheppard posted the fastest time of the day - a blistering 7:22.

BCBR spectators may be served up some nail-biting excitement in the men's duo category. With a 7:55 finish, Team Kona's Kris Sneddon and Barry Wicks claimed the win. But only just. Barely a second off were Rocky Mountain Factory Team's Marty Lazarski and Stephan Widmer, in 7:56.

Other notables include Team Maxxis - Rocky Mountain' s Geoff Kabush and partner Catharine Pendrel of Team Luna Chix taking honours in the mixed category with an 8:55 mark.

A 9:35 posting put Team Specialized's Melanie McQuaid atop the solo women's category.

Stage 1

Next up is stage 1 in Nanaimo. A morning BC Ferries sailing will carry racers across the Georgia Strait to the unique Departure Bay ferry terminal start line. From there close to 70km of riding awaits the Epic racers, while the Challenge riders will see approximately half the distance.

Results for both day 0 prologue and GC after day 0 prologue

Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Sheppard (USA)0:07:22
2Manuel Prado (USA)0:00:40
3Greg Day (Can)0:00:46
4Jason Sager (USA)
5Ben Thompson (USA)0:00:52
6Erik Tonkin (USA)
7Blake Harlan (USA)0:00:59
8Colin Kerr (Can)0:01:08
9Harlan Price (USA)0:01:18
10Andreas Hestler (Can)0:01:27
11Peter Butt (Aus)0:01:29
12Jon Firth (Can)0:01:30
13Warren Ellis (Can)0:01:39
14Ron Ellis (Can)0:01:40
15Evan Plews (USA)0:01:44
16Josh Ibbett (GBr)0:01:53
17Andy Rigel (USA)0:01:56
18Justen Winster (Can)0:01:57
19Gian Malaer (Swi)0:02:01
20Duncan Mackenzie (Can)0:02:02
21Erik Keniston (USA)0:02:06
22Werner Van Der Merwe (GBr)0:02:08
23Jonathan Kerr (Can)0:02:09
24Stuart King (GBr)0:02:18
25Jon Hayes (GBr)0:02:21
26Steve Mitchell (Can)
27Justin Claridge (Aus)0:02:28
28Simpson Colin (Can)0:02:31
29Mathieu Laberge (Can)0:02:36
30Elliot Long (Can)0:02:39
31Ryan Labar (USA)0:02:42
32Regan Pringle (Can)0:02:43
33David Scheer (Can)0:02:44
34Paul Spencer (USA)
35Rafael Negron (PRc)0:02:46
36Allister Darichuk (Can)0:02:48
37Ryan Wilkinson (Can)
38Richard Sawiris (USA)0:02:57
39Neil Gledhill (Aus)0:03:02
40Colby Weber (USA)0:03:05
41Drew Rohde (USA)0:03:07
42Tim O'Rourke (GBr)0:03:09
43Grant Hvizdos (Can)0:03:11
44Guillaume Dumas (Can)0:03:23
45Eric Mckeegan (USA)0:03:27
46Matthew Hale (USA)0:03:28
47Francis Le Brun (Aus)0:03:32
48Gareth Boyd (RSA)0:03:38
49Justin Mcpherson (Can)0:04:19
50David Mai (USA)0:04:31
51Trevor Nicholson (Can)0:04:33
52Dave Devisser (USA)0:04:51
53Jesse Smith (HKg)0:04:55
54Stephen Maher (USA)0:04:57
55Matthew Smart (Can)0:05:09
56Kevin Turner (GBr)0:05:24
57Cory Lanovaz (Can)0:05:33
58Chris Courtice (Can)0:05:41
59Ted Gabriel (GBr)0:05:51
60Dirk Kotze (Can)0:05:54
61David Rodriguez (PRc)0:06:37
62D'Arcy Lemay (Can)0:07:16
63Chris O'Grady (Can)0:07:28
64Andrew Armour (Can)0:08:09
65Jay Balabas (Can)0:09:10
66David Johnson (USA)0:11:21
67Akira Matsukawa (Jpn)
68Matthias Ruzek (Swi)0:11:49
69Erik Bakke (Can)0:11:56
DNFJake Hallon (Can)
DNFGreg Knight (USA)
DNFAyanwale Olabisi (Egy)
DNFRobbie Robinette (USA)

Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melanie Mcquaid (Can)0:09:35
2Jennifer Schulz (Can)0:00:44
3Katy Curtis (Can)0:00:52
4Shantel Koenig (Can)0:00:59
5Ingrid Rolles (USA)0:01:13
6Carena Dean (Can)0:01:25
7Heather King (Can)0:01:38
8Natalie Pronovost (Can)
9Angela Sucich (USA)0:01:42
10Karen Trueman (Can)0:02:05
11Elizabeth Doyle (GBr)0:02:29
12Kelly Wilcox (Can)0:02:47
13Claire Garcia-Webb (Aus)0:03:09
14Sarah O'Byrne (Can)0:03:38
15Debra Mucha (Can)0:03:50
16Kate Simmonds (GBr)0:04:34
17Melissa Dupke (USA)0:06:08
18Michelle Conklin (USA)0:06:17
19Marie Bursinger (Can)0:06:55
20Jessica Fewless (USA)0:07:59
21Suzanne Snookes (Can)0:10:42
22Liana Kruger (RSA)0:11:29
23Alex Robinette (USA)
24Les Tee (Can)

Solo Master Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Bleeker (Aus)0:08:35
2Elias Van Hoeydonck (Bel)0:00:14
3Simon Pulfrey (Can)0:00:16
4Ted Russo (Can)0:00:23
5Paul Thomasberg (USA)0:00:41
6Craig Bartlett (Can)0:00:57
7Matthew Handford (Can)0:00:59
8Craig Gillett (Can)0:01:07
9Pieter Vuylsteke (Bel)0:01:09
10Rod Dagneau (Can)0:01:11
11Philippe Meylemans (Bel)0:01:16
12Greg Heyes (Can)0:01:19
13Erik Cramer (Can)0:01:23
14Jeff Odom (USA)
15Doug Richards (Can)
16Ian Daffern (Can)0:01:30
17Greig Gjerdalen (Can)
18Derek Milne (NZl)0:01:32
19David Moody (USA)0:01:34
20Matthew Blunn (Aus)0:01:36
21Brig Seidl (USA)0:01:37
22Urs Guentensperger (Swi)0:01:39
23Marc Cousineau (Can)0:01:40
24Chris Mckillican (Can)0:01:42
25Howie Hall (Can)0:01:43
26Gordon Ruder (Can)
27Angus Nesbitt (USA)0:01:44
28John Ramsden (Can)
29Scott Rolles (USA)0:01:46
30Tom Ebbern (Can)0:01:52
31Craig Marshall (Can)0:01:55
32Marcus Waterreus (Can)0:01:59
33Bill Glore (USA)0:02:01
34Greg Burghardt (Aus)0:02:09
35Mark Husken (Can)
36Graeme Tuck (Can)0:02:12
37Joel Johnston (Can)0:02:15
38Richard Dustan (Can)0:02:21
39Reed Melton (USA)0:02:29
40Jan Beliën (Bel)0:02:33
41Andy Mckean (Can)0:02:39
42Dan Swanson (Can)0:02:42
43Beat Zimmermann (Swi)0:02:46
44Bruce Johnson (Can)0:02:49
45Thomas Tetz (Can)0:02:50
46Craig Mclaren (Can)0:02:52
47Ross Phillips (Can)0:02:57
48Darren Leslie (NZl)0:03:00
49Andrew Caputo (USA)0:03:02
50Juan Benitez (Can)0:03:04
51Steve Swenson (Can)0:03:10
52Rick Metzger (Can)0:03:19
53Bruce Nash (Can)0:03:22
54Michael Hersey (USA)0:03:24
55Glen Pendry (HKg)0:03:25
56Jose Diaz (PRc)0:03:28
57Leo Vinckx (Bel)0:03:32
58Paul Labissonniere (Can)0:03:34
59Dan Wray (Can)0:03:38
60Joseph Krznaric (Can)0:03:51
61Michael Kehler (Can)0:03:52
62Ben Tice (Can)0:03:54
63David Hope (Can)0:03:57
64David Price (Can)
65Jeffrey Frank (USA)0:03:59
66Benjamin Kauffmann (PRc)0:04:02
67Ken Fallaver (Aus)0:04:05
68Anthony Ocana (Can)0:04:12
69David Meban (Can)0:04:16
70Kerry Richards (Aus)0:04:19
71Patrick Leary (RSA)0:04:30
72Reginald Jager (RSA)0:04:34
73Jeff Mcpherson (Can)0:04:36
74Ramon Vega (PRc)
75Alejandro Barrios Gomez (Mex)0:04:43
76Jan Vissers (Bel)0:04:52
77Henry Yau (Can)0:04:53
78Jan Zwijsen (Bel)0:04:54
79Paul Godman (Can)0:04:57
80Greg Vannucci (USA)0:05:03
81Colin Cole (Aus)0:05:19
82Michael Mccloud (USA)0:05:26
83Eric Cheung (USA)0:05:35
84Ian Van Der Walt (RSA)0:05:38
85Ian Sandover (Aus)0:05:56
86Terry Amyott (Can)0:06:49
87Jorge R Schiller Azcona (Mex)0:06:52
88Michael Brewster (Can)0:06:59
89Christopher Barclay (USA)0:07:43
90Bart Viaene (Bel)0:08:48
91Charlie Rosado (PRc)0:10:31
92Jose Ramirez (USA)0:11:43
93Nick Williams-Howes (GBr)0:15:15
94Marco Ovalles (Mex)0:23:06
95Dj Brooks (USA)1:12:18
96Isaac Stokes (USA)

Solo Master Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lisa Le Poole (Can)0:11:04
2Penny Cameron (Can)0:00:41
3Brenda Morawa (USA)0:00:56
4Laureen Coffelt (USA)0:01:28
5Carthy Chan (Can)0:01:59
6Nicky Phear (USA)0:02:19
7Denise Roman (Can)0:02:31
8Laura Knight (USA)0:03:08
9Mary Mark (Can)0:03:30
10Jennifer Joy (USA)0:04:27
11Anne Mikse (Bel)0:05:49
12Jacquelynn Jadin (USA)0:09:27
13Ginger Hagood (USA)0:10:56

Men duo
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kona - Kris Sneddon (Can) & Barry Wicks (USA)0:07:55
2Rocky Mountain Factory Team - Marty Lazarski (Can) & Stefan Widmer (Can)0:00:01
3Dcm 1 - Branden Stewart (RSA) & Max Knox (RSA)0:00:20
4Team Squamish - Kelly Servinski (Can) & Dwayne Kress (Can)0:00:44
5Team Osprey Hydraulics - Simon Williams (Can) & Mark Williams (Swi)0:01:13
6Andrew Robinson - Andrew Robinson (Can) & Wai-Ben Wong (USA)0:01:16
7Simson - Drew Simson (Can) & Hugh Simson (Can)0:01:28
8Swi - Sergio Biggemann (Swi) & Torben Jensen (Can)0:01:40
9Ryders Eyewear - Mike Traslin (Can) & Andy Traslin (Can)0:02:04
10Matthew Hillhouse - Matthew Hillhouse (Can) & Peter Macphie (Can)0:02:43
11Golden Gears - Morgan Rosvold (Can) & Greg Long (Can)0:02:49
12Allen - Trevor Allen (Can) & Jason Baty (Can)0:02:55
13Moneybuttons Racing - Daniel Gifford (USA) & Eric Comeau (USA)0:03:01
14Firefly - Pieter Smith (RSA) & Francois Millard (USA)0:03:02
15Verticale De La Terre - Graham Christensen (USA) & Randy Opp (USA)0:03:07
16Team Rager - Neil Van Geest (GBr) & Jeremy Thom (GBr)0:03:09
17Your Mileage May Vary - Jason Shewchuk (Can) & Gary Tosh (Can)0:03:19
18Slow Up Speed Down - James Beresford-Lambert (GBr) & Ewan Nicholson (Can)0:03:27
19Team Active Inn - Roderick Proudfoot (GBr) & Les Ross (GBr)0:03:29
20Team Sch.Long. - Ivan Schwendt (USA) & Richard Long (USA)0:03:32
21Myles - Luke Myles (Can) & Ian Myles (Can)0:03:34
22Rodeo Circus 2 - Makoto Yokoyama (Jpn) & Mitsuru Watashi (Jpn)
23Scumbags - Stuart Taylor (USA) & Scott Guillaudeu (USA)
24Spun Studios - Jonathan Matlock (Can) & Jeff Chandler (Can)0:03:37
25Gravel - Chris Gravel (Can) & J-R Bouchard (Can)0:03:38
26Natural High - Ryan Krauss (Can) & Dan Giberson (Can)0:03:46
27Fulkerson - Mike Fulkerson (USA) & Robert Gaffney (USA)0:04:03
28Team Funboy - David Petrik (Can) & Chris Petrik (Can)0:04:07
29Bromance - Lars Andrews (Can) & Sean Staniforth (Can)0:04:08
30Izlakar - David Izlakar (Can) & Joe Czempoyesh (Can)0:04:18
31Macdonald - Andre Macdonald (USA) & Rob Conklin (USA)0:04:22
32Pie Fridays - Ian Probert (GBr) & Geroge Tziros (GBr)0:04:58
33Tal - Erez Tal (Isr) & Gilad Zelniker (Isr)0:05:03
34Marcus & The Mounty - Marcus Henry (Can) & Russ Mounty (Can)0:05:37
35Simoneau - Greg Simoneau (USA) & John Macy (USA)0:05:43
36On The Rivet - Troy Meives (USA) & Jim Chapman (USA)0:06:10
37Murderous Velocity - Paul Robertson (Can) & Faizan Dhanani (Can)0:06:17
38Jansen - Brad Jansen (Can) & Scott Cornelius (Can)0:06:21
39Ramble On - Paul Maurer (Can) & Zachary Maurer (Can)0:08:31
40Bean Town Speed Shop - Roger Ivey (USA) & Sam Ivey (USA)0:08:36
41Maryniuk / Becker - Wayne Maryniuk (Can) & Nolan Becker (Can)0:12:33

Women teams of two
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dakine Girls - Susie Harris (USA) & Jennifer Bisset (USA)0:09:42
2Northlands Medical Clinic - Brandi Heisterman (Can) & Cathy Zeglinski (Can)0:01:14
3Terrascape-Hardcore Racing - Alana Heise (Can) & Kate Aardal (Can)0:01:26
4Little/Shaughnessy - Colleen Little (Can) & Mary Shaughnessy (Can)0:01:29
5Two Wild Mommas - Kathleen Negraeff (Can) & Moira-Ann Handford (Can)0:01:50
6Momentary Lapse Of Reason - Martine Long (Can) & Julia Balkwill (Can)0:02:13
7The Dirt Sista's - Heide Saunders (Can) & Robyn Pickering (Can)0:02:29
8Yeti Beti - Amy Thomas (USA) & Chelsea Mcgowan (USA)0:02:35
9Sturdy Bitch Racing 2 - Katie Jackson (USA) & Virginia Matthys (USA)0:03:07
10Parnell - Jill Parnell (Can) & Tami Thicke (Can)0:03:21
11Sturdy Bitch Racing - Susan Clementson (USA) & Kathy Malvern (USA)0:06:33
12Team Elite Sports - Unknown Rider (USA) & Dee Holzman (USA)0:09:12

Mixed Teams of 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Maxxis-Rocky Mountain/Luna Pro - Geoff Kabush (Can) & Catharine Pendrel (Can)0:08:55
2Team Neilson - Jeff Neilson (Can) & Mical Dyck (Can)0:00:13
3Kona - Frontrunners - Wendy Simms (Can) & Normon Thibault (Can)0:00:57
4Kelowna Cycle - Trent Marshall (Can) & Rene Unser (Can)0:02:34
5Nelson - Monica Nelson (Can) & David Nelson (Can)0:02:55
6Nowra Physiotherapy - Julien Wicks (Aus) & Sheridan Wicks (Aus)0:03:02
7Stand Alone Surf - Scott Edmunds (Can) & Tannis Forrest (Can)0:03:26
8Roos - Martin Roos (Can) & Frances Vice (Can)0:03:33
9Rodeo Circus - Kosuke Oki (Jpn) & Kanako Kobayashi (Jpn)0:03:37
10Eleventh Hour Racing - Susan Caskey (USA) & Randell Meier (USA)0:03:48
11Team Ws - Rachael Stow (GBr) & Andy Whitlum (GBr)0:05:06
12American Interbanc - Mike Dannelley (USA) & Mary Dannelley (USA)0:05:50
13Bike Shop Sigriswil - Christian Jenny (Swi) & Nicole Wenger (Swi)0:08:22

Veteran teams of 2 80+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Vertical Earth - Doug Krumpelman (USA) & Mike Gaertner (USA)0:09:03
2Different Bikes Deadgoat - Andrew Handford (Can) & Pat Doyle (Can)0:00:27
3Crewe/Taylor - Shaun Taylor (Can) & Dave Crewe (Can)0:00:30
4Lillehammer Ck 29Er Team - Knut-Erik Kristiansen (Nor) & Per Martin Gundersen (Nor)0:00:41
5Smith - Miles Smith (Can) & Glenn Dorey (Can)0:00:43
6Horak - Stuart Horak (Can) & Ted Lawson (Can)0:00:47
7Pivot Cycles Can - Robin Dutton (Can) & Ron Hewitson (Can)0:00:48
870'S Crop - Oscar Balsalobre (Swi) & Enrique Lopez (Spa)0:00:55
9Team Clover - Mark Henry (USA) & Matt White (USA)0:01:14
10Experienced Freight-Train - Dave Chamberlain (Can) & Roy Mcbeth (Can)0:01:20
11Moreadith - Edward Moreadith (USA) & Jeff Moreadith (USA)0:01:28
12Team Habanero - Steven Fitzgerald (Can) & Rick Martin (Can)0:01:33
13Bragg-Stevens - Ken Bragg (Can) & Kyle Stevens (Can)0:01:38
14Bomb - Tim Dunn (Can) & Trevor Wallace (Can)0:01:42
15We Do Rip - Joest Hoekstra (Swi) & Simon Picthall (Swi)0:01:45
16Grange - Tim Grange (USA) & Steve Copeland (USA)0:01:47
17Cutters - Dwayne Brown (Can) & Joe Boers (Can)0:01:57
18Day - Gerry Day (Can) & Trevor Williams (Can)0:01:59
19Bourbon Sommeliers - Jaegan Smith (Can) & Brent Prokop (Can)0:02:05
202 Power - Peter Vanschoenbeek (Bel) & Theo Vandevoorde (Bel)0:02:06
21Doherty - Mark Doherty (USA) & Norm Collard (USA)0:02:08
22Aussie Mojo - Alan Vogt (Aus) & Garrett Mcdonald (Aus)0:02:26
23Team Sanchez - Jay Isaacson (USA) & David Mai (USA)0:02:37
24Stadium Dogs - Joey Roa (Can) & Jonathan Webb (Can)0:02:42
25Team 403 Mb - Brent Arnholtz (Can) & Matt Lunny (Can)0:02:50
26George's Cycles - Dean Hastriter (USA) & Dan Henderson (USA)0:02:52
27Patrick - Simon Dudley (GBr) & Jeff Patrick (USA)
28Bald And The Beautiful - Les Van Der Roest (Can) & Mitch Davy (Can)0:02:54
29Cutters - David Henderson (USA) & Dave Brown (USA)0:03:11
30Lanternes Rouges - Dan Lockwood (USA) & Chris Summers (USA)0:03:18
31Higgins - Derek Higgins (Can) & Jack Bryson (Can)0:03:24
32Berimbau - Homero Lopez (Mex) & Jose Maria Alonso (Mex)0:03:34
33Wilco - Wilco Tymensen (Can) & Lisa Kalischuk-Tymensen (Can)0:03:38
34K2 - Sam Adams (Can) & Chris Sullivan (Can)0:03:39
35Davos Bikers - Markus Portmann (Swi) & Hille Lindegger (Swi)0:03:40
36Grumpy Old Men - Richard Seel (USA) & Joe Campbell (GBr)0:03:43
37Mannen - Rhys Mannen (Can) & Ken Burnell (Can)0:04:00
38Timberline Construction Of Bend - Kristian Willman (USA) & James Fagan (USA)0:04:50

Veterans Teams of 2 100+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Bc Ferries:Coastal Class - Bill Mcmillan (Can) & Barry Beck (Can)0:09:50
2Woodruff - Glenn Woodruff (Can) & Al Saunders (Can)0:00:40
3Trent And Brian - Brian Culbert (Can) & Trent Winstone (Can)0:00:51
4Thomson - Scott Thomson (Can) & Ian Miller (Can)0:01:21
5Olympia/Kal Tire - Peter Dorey (Can) & Rob Foord (Can)0:01:34
6Team Harbour Air - Greg Mcdougall (Can) & Graeme Fitch (Can)0:01:35
7Metropolitan Fine Printers - Bob Faulkner (Can) & Alex Blodgett (Can)0:02:13
8Unknown Riders - Steve Cole (USA) & Marshall Reeves (USA)0:02:31
9Road Rash - Robert Wurm (USA) & John Dunn (USA)0:02:52
10Team Mcmahon - Peter Parker (USA) & Daniel Mcmahon (USA)0:07:30

Teams of three or more
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Casselman - Charles Casselman (Can) & Jon Chaney (Can) &Peter Chong (Can)0:11:33
2Swooth - Isabel Van De Voorde (Bel) & Rob Bruyndonckx (Bel) &Jef Wouters (Bel) & Gunter Braem (Bel)0:00:47
3Family Reach Foundation - Richard Blair (USA) & Matthew Juros (USA) &Joseph Stein (USA) & Lorin Alusic (USA)0:01:08
4The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Bart Verschueren (Bel) & Hans Huysmans (Bel) &Rudi Schroeven (Bel)0:01:18
5Km10 - Michel Thuy (Bel) & Arno Thuy (Bel) &Daniel Thuy (Bel)0:01:30
6Silverman - Mark Silverman (USA) & Jim Nigh (USA) &Carl Brady (USA) & Paul Millwood (USA)0:02:20
7The Potbellied Pigs - Jean-Pierre Swinnen (Bel) & Reinout De Sadeleer (Bel) &Karl Verbruggen (Bel)0:02:22

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