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Bobridge sets new world record

In a repeat of their 2010 duel, Jack Bobridge has again beaten Rohan Dennis to claim the Australian individual pursuit title for the third straight year.

Bobridge, fresh off his record-breaking ride in qualifying earlier in the afternoon where he dinted Chris Boardman's old mark with a 4.10.534, was feeling a little pressure heading into the final against his South Australian teammate.

"I definitely wanted to come out this afternoon and win after breaking the world record this morning," Bobridge said. "I would have been pretty disappointed if I didn't win. I'm happy I won but I'm pretty happy it's over now."

Dennis forced Bobridge into an arm-wrestle at the half-way mark, pushing ahead by 0.002 but that was as close as he would get with Bobridge stepping up to retain the lead for the remainder of the race in a time of 4.15.533.

"I had a feeling he was going to have a go at me somewhere early in the race," said Bobridge. "Unfortunately for him he made his move a bit too early at eight laps to go. It's pretty hard to kick and eight laps and hold it for eight laps. I stayed calm and just waited for the last four laps and luckily he got a bit tired and I was able to come home."

Bobridge, who will head to Qatar tomorrow to ride for Garmin-Cervelo, was firmly of the belief that his top form in the individual pursuit was due to his most-recent ride at the Tour Down Under mid-January.

"Every stage race I've ever come off has resulted in my best IP results with my fastest times coming off stage races on the road," he explained. "It's quite weird that you ride really quick individuals off road racing but it doesn't suit the team's pursuit stuff which requires more power."

Queensland's Michael Hepburn dominated the bronze medal contest against Western Australia's Luke Durbridge, taking the advantage from the first lap and maintaining it to take the prize.

In the women's individual pursuit, 18 year-old Tasmanian Amy Cure had fought her way into the final to face off against two-time national title holder Josephine Tomic, only to be bettered by experience.

Tomic from Western Australia, who was junior world champion and world record holder in the event in 2007, had a rushed preparation for this year's event due to some troublesome wisdom teeth but said that the extra pressure worked in her favour.

"I had two weeks of not doing anything but at the same time it forced me to rush things a bit in the last month and it seems to have worked out pretty well so I can't look back too much," said the 21 year-old.

Tomic's time of 3.35.829 was well ahead of that of Cure's 3.39.000 but the Western Australian said she had been expecting a bit of a fight given Cure had recently broken her 2007 mark.

"I'm lucky this was only really her second real one [at the longer distance] because otherwise I might have been in trouble," a relieved Tomic explained.

Adding to Tomic's joy was the fact that she reclaimed the national title after finishing third in the event last year.

For the bronze medal, Melissa Hoskins reversed her results in qualifying, topping Katherine Bates.

In other results the New South Wales pair Cassandra Kell and Kaarle McCulloch were fastest in the women's team sprint ahead of South Australia's Olympic and Commonwealth champion Anna Meares and Stephanie Morton. This is the first Australian titles where Meares has represented South Australia where she has lived for many years having previously ridden in Queensland colours.

Holly Williams and Allee Proud representing Western Australia were next best.

Commonwealth champion Shane Perkins broke the Australian championship record to qualify fastest for the men's sprint with a blistering time of 10.058 seconds. Finals in the event will be held tomorrow.

Full Results

Men's Sprint Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shane Perkins (VIC)0:00:10.058
2Matthew Glaetzer (SA)0:00:10.101
3Scott Sunderland (WA)0:00:10.201
4Mitchell Bullen (NSW)0:00:10.252
5Daniel Ellis (ACT)0:00:10.257
6Peter Lewis (NSW)0:00:10.271
7Andrew Taylor (NSW)0:00:10.278
8Jason Niblett (VIC)0:00:10.314
9Alex Bird (ACT)0:00:10.399
10James Glasspool (SA)0:00:10.509
11Gary Ryan (ACT)0:00:10.519
12Duane Johansen (WA)0:00:10.633
13Nathan Corrigan-Martella (SA)0:00:10.665
14Alexander Trumble (WA)0:00:10.959

Men 4000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Bobridge (SA)0:04:10.534
2Rohan Dennis (SA)0:04:13.400
3Michael Hepburn (QLD)0:04:18.900
4Luke Durbridge (WA)0:04:21.700
5Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT)0:04:26.600
6Mitchell Mulhern (QLD)0:04:27.200
7Aaron Donnelly (NSW)0:04:29.400
8Jordan Kerby (QLD)0:04:31.500
9Benjamin Harvey (NSW)0:04:31.700
10Damien Howson (SA)0:04:32.800
11Luke Davison (NSW)0:04:34.600
12Edward Bissaker (SA)0:04:35.200
13Peter Loft (TAS)0:04:36.500
14Brent Nelson (VIC)0:04:40.300

Women's 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josephine Tomic (WA)0:03:34.800
2Amy Cure (TAS)0:03:39.100
3Katherine Bates (NSW)0:03:42.100
4Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:03:42.700
5Shara Gillow (QLD)0:03:43.600
6Carly Light (SA)0:03:44.500
7Annette Edmondson (SA)0:03:45.200
8Isabella King (WA)0:03:45.500

U19 Women 2000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying
1Emily Roper (QLD)0:02:28.391
2Letitia Custance (SA)0:02:28.593
3Georgia Baker (TAS)0:02:28.660
4Taylah Jennings (QLD)0:02:29.044
5Alexandra O'Dea (QLD)0:02:29.141
6Allison Rice (ACT)0:02:29.902
7Jessica Mundy (SA)0:02:32.164
8Jessica Allen (WA)0:02:33.186
9Stephanie Hansen (VIC)0:02:33.237
10Lauretta Hanson (VIC)0:02:36.762
11Kayla Salopek (NSW)0:02:37.306
12Kirsty Mills (NSW)0:02:39.491

U19 Men 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying
1Jackson Law (NSW)0:03:16.948
2Alexander Morgan (VIC)0:03:17.826
3Jack Cummings (VIC)0:03:18.682
4Tirian McManus (NSW)0:03:19.859
5Alexander Edmondson (SA)0:03:19.970
6Rick Sanders (VIC)0:03:20.083
7Mitchell Benson (WA)0:03:20.735
8Nicholas Schultz (QLD)0:03:21.334
9Evan Hull (VIC)0:03:21.905
10Jack Beckinsale (NSW)0:03:22.199
11Trent Derecourt (WA)0:03:23.199
12Alex Clements (TAS)0:03:26.426
13Robert-Jon McCarthy (SA)0:03:26.943
14Miles Scotson (SA)0:03:27.251
15Bradley Linfield (WA)0:03:27.763
16Jake Mcmahon (TAS)0:03:29.822
17Phillip Mundy (SA)0:03:30.372
18Nicholas Graham-Dawson (WA)0:03:30.484
19Jesse Kerrison (QLD)0:03:30.735
20Jack McCulloch (NSW)0:03:30.736
21David Edwards (QLD)0:03:30.763

U19 Women 2000m Individual Pursuit Final - Gold Medal Round
1Emily Roper (QLD)0:02:28.721
2Letitia Custance (SA)0:02:31.836

U19 Women 2000m Individual Pursuit Final - Bronze Medal Round
3Taylah Jennings (QLD)0:02:30.348
4Georgia Baker (TAS)0:02:31.116

Women 3000m Individual Pursuit Final - Gold Medal Round
1Josephine Tomic (WA)0:03:35.829
2Amy Cure (TAS)0:03:39.000

Women 3000m Individual Pursuit Final - Bronze Medal Round
3Melissa Hoskins (WA)0:03:41.065
4Katherine Bates (NSW)0:03:44.214

U19 Men 3000m Individual Pursuit Final - Gold Medal Round
1Jackson Law (NSW)0:03:17.913
2Alexander Morgan (VIC)0:03:20.062

U19 Men 3000m Individual Pursuit Final - Bronze Medal Round
3Jack Cummings (VIC)0:03:19.698
4Tirian McManus (NSW)0:03:21.821

Men 4000m Individual Pursuit Final - Gold Medal Round
1Jack Bobridge (SA)0:04:15.533
2Rohan Dennis (SA)0:04:17.482

Men 4000m Individual Pursuit Final - Bronze Medal Round
3Michael Hepburn (QLD)0:04:18.048
4Luke Durbridge (WA)0:04:23.870

Women Team Sprint Qualifying
1Cassandra Kell (NSW)0:00:34.257
Kaarle McCulloch (NSW)
2Anna Meares (SA)0:00:34.833
Stephanie Morton (SA)
3Holly Williams (WA)0:00:35.979
Allee Proud (WA)
4Adele Sylvester (VIC)0:00:36.704
Caitlin Ward (VIC)
5Micaela Hogan (NSW)0:00:38.399
Madison Law (NSW)

Men 1000m Time Trial Final
1Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)0:01:03.335
2Scott Law (NSW)0:01:03.360
3James Glasspool (SA)0:01:03.664
4Paul Fellows (ACT)0:01:05.521
5Luke Ockerby (TAS)0:01:06.192
6Alexander Trumble (WA)0:01:06.436

Women Team Sprint Final - Gold Medal Round
1Cassandra Kell (NSW)0:00:34.132
Kaarle McCulloch (NSW)
2Anna Meares (SA)0:00:34.735
Stephanie Morton (SA)

Women Team Sprint Final - Bronze Medal Round
3Holly Williams (WA)0:00:36.159
Allee Proud (WA)
4Adele Sylvester (VIC)0:00:36.708
Caitlin Ward (VIC)

U19 Men 10km Scratch Race Final
1Rick Sanders (VIC)0:12:00.000
2Tirian McManus (NSW)
3Caleb Ewan (NSW)
4Jesse Kerrison (QLD)
5Mitchell Benson (WA)
6George Tansley (SA)
7Alex Clements (TAS)
8Bradley Linfield (WA)
9Jack Cummings (VIC)
10Nicholas Graham-Dawson (WA)
11Jake Mcmahon (TAS)
12Brendan Hill (QLD)
13Jordan Toyne (QLD)
14Jack Beckinsale (NSW)
15Phillip Mundy (SA)
16Robert-Jon McCarthy (SA)
DNFMichael Astell (TAS)
DNFEvan Hull (VIC)

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