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Cory creams Cavalier in men's downhill

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The medallists from the men's elite downhill on the final day of racing in Glenorchy, Tasmania.

The medallists from the men's elite downhill on the final day of racing in Glenorchy, Tasmania. (Image credit: Shane Goss)
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Brad Oien in action during the men's elite downhill.

Brad Oien in action during the men's elite downhill. (Image credit: Shane Goss)
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A rider completes the downhill.

A rider completes the downhill. (Image credit: Shane Goss)
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Leigh Douglas flies to a gold medal in the elite women's downhill.

Leigh Douglas flies to a gold medal in the elite women's downhill. (Image credit: Shane Goss)

Ben Cory (Commencal) won the men's downhill race ahead of Amiel Cavalier (Giant Bicycles) and Rick Boyer (Ogio). Cory said that he didn't feel like his ride was anything special but was delighted with the win and now that he leads the downhill category of the Australian Mountain Bike series, he intends to contest the remaining three rounds in an effort to defend his lead.

In the women's race, defending champion Leigh Douglas (Tassal) won with a commanding lead. Racing on home soil, Douglas, the Canadian-born Kingston resident, was a staggering 31 seconds faster than second place finisher Emma Lewis (Cyclingo) and has cemented herself once again as the women to beat in the 2009-10 series. Third place in the women's downhill race went to Sarah Booth (Kona).


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Cory (Commencal, Fox Suspension, Troy Lee Designs)0:03:13.55
2Amiel Cavalier (Giant Bicycles, Spearman Cycles, Fox Clothing )0:00:00.58
3Rick Boyer (ogio, gopro, orange)0:00:01.41
4Will Rischbieth (Giant, Lifestyle Excessive, Troy Lee Designs)0:00:01.54
5Shaun O'Connor (Specialized)0:00:02.07
6Rhys Atkinson (Specialized)0:00:02.69
7Kaine Cannan0:00:03.18
8Dave West0:00:04.56
9Tim Eaton (Onyabike Civic ACT)0:00:05.22
10Josh Button (Kona Bikes, Mavic, SRAM)0:00:07.39
11Brad Oien (ODI, Intense, Oakley)0:00:07.57
12Grant Jones0:00:07.69
13Simon French (Dirt Art, Ride Bllerive)0:00:07.94
14Harrison Armstrong0:00:08.10
15Tamryn Murrell (Sloth Industries)0:00:09.45
16Cillian Kennedy0:00:09.74
17Lindsay Klein (Santa Cruz Bicycles,
18Cody Eichhorn (ogio, Giant, Smith)0:00:10.40
19Tom Patton0:00:11.21
20Laurie Dinham (Suspension Center Swift Strength and Conditioning)0:00:11.47
21Berend Boer0:00:11.57
22James Hall (Bike Addiction)0:00:11.89
23Jesse Beare (Berends Credit Card)0:00:12.13
24Karl Peel0:00:12.45
25Craig Yates (Giant Australia, Pinstripe)0:00:12.70
26Darcy Murrell (Supersports Tomac, Kwt Maxxis)0:00:14.77
27Josh McDonald0:00:15.60
28Robert Armstrong0:00:16.60
29Ricky Lee0:00:17.27
30Daniel Hallam0:00:19.09
31Lucas Kuncewicz0:00:19.10
32Benjamin Ayling (99 Bikes, KWT Maxxis)0:00:20.52
33Steven Gebert (Kona factory team, Australia Zone health and fitness)0:00:20.96
34Alex Swann0:00:21.05
35Ryan Meader0:00:21.06
36Dean Davies0:00:21.87
37Ryan Delarue (Tekin Suspension, Fox Racing Shox, Swift Strength and Conditioning)0:00:22.29
38Rowan Saunders0:00:22.63
39Ryan Hunt0:00:22.64
40Adam Smithson (Specialized)0:00:23.53
41Josh Johnston (Cylingo)0:00:23.54
42Michael Manning (99 Bikes)0:00:24.31
43Nicholas Shields (
44Jarrah Davies0:00:26.50
45Kevin King (Dunbar Cycles)0:00:26.83
46Ben Sullivan0:00:27.90
47Daniel Paine0:00:28.49
48Matt Swann0:00:31.17
49Hayden Lester (Ashgrove cycles)0:00:36.57
50Geoff Grennan0:00:43.25
51Nicholas Bailly (Morewood Brothers Deity 26)0:00:57.38
52Ben Goff (Santa Cruz Bikes,, Tekin)0:00:59.83
53Matt Wise0:15:56.75
54Jeremy Powell (OnyaBike Belconnen & Civic)
55Benjamin Fairbanks
56Keiran Volk

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leigh Douglas (Tassal, Lester Franks, 4 Shaw Agencies-Treadlies)0:04:01.65
2Emma Lewis (Cyclingo)0:00:30.88
3Sarah Booth (Kona, Adidas Eyewear, Crime Cycles)0:00:31.51
4Leonie Picton0:00:32.20
5Sarsha Huntington (Tomac, for the riders, Maxxis)0:00:35.05
6Joanne Fox0:00:39.00
7Shannon Chugg0:00:47.87

Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aden Wyber (Tekin Suspension, Fox Racing Shox, Swift Strength and Conditioning)0:03:20.05
2Brandon Yrttiaho0:00:00.12
3Ben L Barrett0:00:00.55
4Antony Moore (venture cycles, fitness plus)0:00:04.47
5Ben Power0:00:05.57
6Jake Newell0:00:06.88
7James Shepherd (Crime Cycles)0:00:07.95
8Phillip Piazza (Mal Ajusted, Commencal Bikes, VZ, TLD)0:00:08.42
9Lewis Winton (Dad)0:00:09.14
10Selby Press0:00:09.50
11James Green0:00:09.70
12Daniel Lavis0:00:11.43
13Aaron Oates0:00:16.40
14Troy Brosnan (Adidas eyewear/Lotek Shoes/SRAM Rock Shox)0:00:17.72
15Marcus Fairbanks0:00:19.17
16Dean Evans0:00:19.38
17Grant Womersley0:00:22.11
18Graeme Mudd0:00:22.32
19Samuel Jones0:00:22.99
20Michael Bourne0:00:23.93
21Justin Gray0:00:25.81
22Sean Heywood-smith (Cue Power Billiards/Mitcham Bikes)0:00:26.25
23Flinders Johnston0:00:26.69
24Adam Flower0:00:29.46
25Ryan Humphris0:00:38.84
26Stephen Matthews (Bike Ride)0:00:39.46
27Angus Maddern0:00:42.55
28James Wilson0:00:50.56
29Kyle Coutts0:00:54.43
30Ben Hefferan0:01:03.91
31Zacherad Lewis (Torquay Cycling, Fox, Amazon Power, Taheodd Protein)0:01:18.38
32Andrew Meagher0:02:44.09
33Blake Nielson0:06:52.89
34Ben Matthews
DNFKevin Backhouse
DNFBenjamin Leslie
DNFKieran Reinboth

Under 19 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Hockey (Bicycle Express. Sombiro, Cove)0:04:31.62
2Holly Baarspul (Kalamunda Cycles)0:00:00.90
3Christie Batt0:00:35.01
4Katelyn Humphris0:00:39.40

Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Fearon (Cove Bikes JT Cycles Sombrio Clothing)0:03:20.84
2David McMillan0:00:05.68
3Thomas Crimmins (The Sacred Ride, Rouler Imports, SERAS)0:00:05.92
4Henry Blake0:00:16.75
5Conor Bullard0:00:19.71
6Brent Capel0:00:21.41
7Max Hughes0:00:22.71
8Dean Lucas0:00:24.35
9Andrew Weatherhead0:00:27.60
10Kaine Trevor0:00:28.81
11Liam Towers0:00:29.42
12Nelson Kreilis0:00:29.58
13Nicolas Bohle0:00:29.96
14Matthew Smith0:00:30.64
15Luke Ellison0:00:32.70
16Wade Budden (Drift Bikes)0:00:39.78
17Mac West - Moore0:00:40.24
18Mathew Dwyer (Rock'n'Road Cycles Testel)0:00:40.78
19Jarrod Saville (Ulverstone bikes)0:00:42.99
20Max Nielsen0:00:44.11
21Angus Jackson (Bike Barn)0:00:44.92
22Jordan Higgs0:00:47.64
23Angus McCarthy0:00:49.93
24Ilijah Mariner0:00:51.51
25Eugene Smith0:00:53.26
26Tom Rogers0:00:57.12
27Kyle Pfitzner0:00:59.99
28Josef Neubauer0:01:11.09
29Bryce Wing0:01:16.63
30Josh Mitchell (Dad)0:01:28.79
31Jake Sandes0:01:59.16
32Alexander McKinlay0:02:12.76
DNFJustin Backhouse
DNFJacques De Vries

Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Crimmins (The Sacred Ride, Rouler Imports)0:03:49.64
2Ben Hill (Sprung)0:00:12.54
3Jack McCosker0:00:18.05
4Dan Booker0:00:23.03
5Joel Willis (Insane Cycles Santa Cruz)0:00:24.47
6David Maggs0:00:27.40
7Remy Morton0:00:28.74
8Alistair Wood0:00:43.14
9David Crisp (Mum and Dad)0:00:50.54
10Tom Gibson0:01:11.30
11Matthew McCorkell0:01:15.63
12Jack Lynch0:01:41.22
13Trent Ellison0:03:37.48

Expert men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tyson Schmidt0:03:44.68
2Aaron Cairns0:00:09.14
3Steven Charnock0:00:10.99
4James Pauly0:00:24.47
5Callum McCartney (Crime Cycles, RT Health & Fitness)0:07:11.16
DNFNigel Reeve

Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darren Hobby (Inatstar)0:03:51.98
2John Peterson (Borsari Cycles)0:00:04.11
3Andrew Peterson0:00:23.27
4Gus Coombe (Bicycle Express Adelaide)0:00:40.12
5Jason Stalker0:01:33.26

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Badman0:04:17.55
2Kym Boxall0:00:00.63
3Darren Willis (Insane Cycles)0:00:04.99
4Steven Bullard0:00:10.49

Master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jillian Brady0:10:09.15

Super master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geoff Lovie0:04:16.87

Senior Hardtail
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Leutton0:04:31.43

Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joshua Lycett0:03:48.44
2Mykel Porter0:00:10.07
3James Holmstrom0:00:16.83
4Aaron Atkinson0:00:26.07
5Cale Anderson0:00:55.26

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